Firefox for Android won't install on HTC Explorer

My HTC Explorer seems to have all the requirements for Firefox to be installed.
The screen resolution is 320 x 480 - more than the minimum spec.
The Android version is 2.3.5. - higher than the version quoted.
HTC Sense version 3.5
But when I try to install from Play Store, I get the message
"Your device isn't compatible with this version".
Why not? Is there a version that IS compatible? And if so, where can I find it,
and what, precisely, is it called?

hello CambridgeChris, even if it's not available through the google play store, you can download all versions of firefox for android dirctly from mozilla's FTP server. details are available at:
however, since you device is rather low-spec and firefox on android is a full-fledged browser with its own rendering engine, it will require quite a lot of system resources - so you might not get the best experience out of it at your current setup...

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  • Firefox for Android will not install on my Sansung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.

    An error message, "-24" is displayed,

    This is the result of the Android OS corrupting the install of Firefox for Android. You can try opening the Android OS settings > selecting Apps > selecting Firefox > select uninstall > then try reinstalling via the Play Store.

  • The web page says firefox for android can be installed by clicking the link on the site but the only link that shows up is for googleplay.

    I do not use googleplay. I choose firefox specifically to avoid google. How can i download directly, since the app is not available on amazon?

    Hi laSirena,
    Good question!
    You can always download the latest version of Firefox from here: pick locale
    Once installed, Firefox will check for and download updates automatically - you can control this behaviour by going to the menu - > Settings -> Customise -> Download updates automatically.
    You can also check for updates manually by going to the menu -> Mozilla -> About Firefox -> Check for updates
    Best of luck with your principled stance against Google. Keep it up!

  • Firefox for Android won't remember menu setting for "load desktop version" ("Last ned desktop-sider"n norwegian)

    Have tried this on both release, beta and nightly versions.
    Also have problem with AdBlock Plus and AdBlock Edge settings.
    Some settings are not saved, and there is no way to edit filter list or add an image/ad from right-click menu
    (but I guess that question is better asked in the AdBlock groups :-)

    But why doesn't Firefox remember this setting?
    Most pads have similar resolution to desktop PCs.
    And then one would want desktop-pages all the time.
    A bit unnecessary to have to install a plug-in for that.

  • How do I get Firefox for Android to download and install?

    I had Firefox installed on my Android tablet, an Asus TF300T. I was notified there was an update so I clicked to let in install. I avoid auto updates as I need to use a website that is always a couple of versions behind in compatibility. Well, the update would not download and I tried several times. It just seems to time out (error 495 is reported). I tried uninstalling Firefox to attempt a fresh install. This has worked with other apps that were being difficult when installing updates. Now I still can't get Firefox for Android to complete a download in order to get it installed. What's the deal with this latest version? I'd like to get Firefox back on my tablet but the options are extremely limited and frankly the amount of help on the website is also extremely limited. Any help would be appreciated.

    From where you try to download Firefox for Android?
    Download it from [ here]

  • Why can't I install Firefox for Android on my Motorola Defy Mini? According to Antutu Benchmark system info, it has a ARM v7 CPU, so it should be compatible...

    When I try to install Firefox for Android on my Motorola Defy Mini (XT320), Google Play Store tells me that my device is not compatible with Firefox for Android,so I cannot install it; according to Antutu Benchmark system info, the Motorola Defy Mini has an Arm v7 CPU installed, so it should be compatible with Firefox for Android...

    Turns out it was a permissions issue, the files created by the certutil in the defaults folder got root only permissions given to them. I opened them up and it's working fine.

  • Why won't Firefox for Android on my Kindle Fire HD play YouTube videos?

    The default browser (Silk) on the Kindle Fire HD plays YouTube videos. Both Firefox for Android and Silk obviously use the same operating system and hardware. What needs to be done to/with the Firefox for Android browser so that it will play YouTube videos. Firefox on my desktop machine plays YouTube videos.

    There is the old insecure Flash 11.1 Plugin that Adobe (and Google Play) has not supported since Android 4.0. As long as you have Android 4.3 or older then you can get the Flash plugin to work in manual install though Android 4.4 has made it so Flash will not work.
    However Mozilla has made a workaround for Flash can still work in Firefox on Android 4.4 in as early as Firefox 27.0 if I recall.
    There is this thread on getting Flash installed however the poster mentions Dolphin and not Firefox instead.
    Not that some sites (News sites are among some I encountered) have since lately been requiring users using Flash 11.1 on Android, PlayBook and Flash 11.2.x on Linux to upgrade to more current (not possible) to view their Flash videos.

  • How to install a certificate on firefox for android?

    Hello, I have a few certificates that are required in my sign in from my bank. The only browsers supported are Firefox and IE. On android there is no option for installing or choosing a certificate during the sign in or before that. How can I fix that?

    Thank you for the reply and the link given. Unfortunately, in terms of security i´m not sure that adding this will fix my problem, having in mind that is preliminary reviewed, i doubt that might create a new problems for me. Speaking of high security the things are a bit more complicated. I hope that in the future versions of Firefox for Android, such problems wont occur. Thank you once again for the support.

  • Install Firefox for android and Firefox OS on virtualbox.

    # How can I install Firefox for Android on my virtualbox, just for testing, it installs but doesnt run, it just says "FIrefox is not responding, it will now close".
    # Is there a virtualbox image or File to install Firefox OS onto a VM?
    I just need these to help users on the fourms with these devices.

    Gonna check on IRC, thanks.

  • I can not install the firefox for android from the android market. It is showing me that the app is incompatible with my device. Mine is LG P500 with version Froto 2.2.2. Any help ?

    I can not install the firefox for android from the android market. It is showing me that the app is incompatible with my device and no other information is provided. I am not sure whats the problem with that ! Is it incompatible with the device or the android version ?
    Mine is LG P500 with version Froyo 2.2.2. Any help ?
    I was waiting to surf web with firefox from my phone for a long time. can anyone please let me know any known solution to it.

    The mobile version of Firefox for Android requires a processor that supports the ARMv7 architecture, the LG Optimus P500 does not meet that requirement, it supports the ARMv6 architecture.

  • Can I install ssl certificates in Firefox for android 4.0 tablets?

    I need to Know if I can install ssl certificates in Firefox for android 4.0 tablets?
    I did it with the laptop Firefox for windows 7 and I am using al time but I need to travel with my samsung tablet and use my ssl certificate to acces my bank account. I dont know if the android version of firefox have advance options to configure my certificate.

    Visit a website that provides the cert and then you should be prompted to install it. As of right now the feature is in Firefox Beta from the Play Store if you want a more polished version.

  • I just bought a new 'Android' tablet, installed 'Firefox For Android' but cannot find the proper log-in button.

    Android 4.4.2. New tablet. Unknown Firefox or other ad-ons.

    Firefox for Android doesn't have a traditional desktop-style home page, but instead shows a "Top Sites" screen based on your history. You can search from the address bar and start bookmarking sites important to you.
    Now... regarding logging it, are you trying to log in to the Firefox Sync service to get data from your desktop browser, or log in to your email site, or something else?

  • Firefox doesn't detect text field on flash content in the Firefox for Android browser

    Using the latest Firefox for Android from Google PlayStore as of 04/19/2013.
    Installed Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (
    Logged in with my account on, which is a pure flash based site.
    I can't type into the text field because the keypad doesn't popup when clicked on the field.

    No, you have to click on "Login" and get in with your credentials. And then try sending someone a message. You won't be given a keypad to type with when you click on the input field. Why are you trying to do "Create A Public Group"? That wasn't what I meant when I wrote "Logged in with my account".

  • Firefox for Android 29 and Beta 29 loss all tabs after close.

    I recently. Upgraded to the new Firefox for android and all of my tabs disappeared which was unexpected, but alright. What is not alright though is that after I fixed the tabs I wanted they disappeared again when I closed the browser. I have it set to restore tabs, but it only does so 1 or 2 times out of 10 and never when I restart my phone. How can I fix this? It's just plain annoying! I never had this issue with 28!

    Hi Kelcy R. Lemme
    Just tested this on my Galaxy S5 and tabs are restored properly for me if you set: Firefox Menu -> Settings -> Customize -> Tabs to 'Always restore'
    Please let us know
    1. Your model number and brand of your phone or tablet (e.g. Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc)
    2. You Android Operating System Version e.g. kitkat 4.4, jellybean 4.3, etc
    3. What add-ons (Firefox Menu -> Tools -> Add-ons) if you any you have installed and if you tried uninstalling those add-ons.
    3. What you did, what you expected and what happened

  • How to exctract/backup a client certificate from Firefox for Android similar to question #1000240 but for the latest Firefox Beta for Android?

    As in #1000240 and in #1032181, I've installed a StartSSL login certificate in my Firefox for Android and having a problem with extracting/backuping it to use with another device/browser.
    I'm using the latest Firefox Beta for Android (35.0) at present; the Android version is 4.1.2, my phone model is Sony LT26i (Xperia S), so neither of the aforementioned questions asked at the Mozilla Support website do not contain any solution to the given problem.
    Any chance to recover the certificate?
    P. S. I haven't rooted my device; if getting a root is the only possible way to recover the certificate, I may consider doing so.

    You can try If that does not retrieve the file then see below.
    If you know the name and path of the file you can get it using run-as function of adb. See
    If you end up down here you'll need root to be able to navigate the file system. I don't know the file name, though it is likely in your profile folder which can be determined by visiting about:cache in the Firefox address bar. It will be similar to /data/data/org.mozilla.firefox_beta/files/mozilla/$RANDOM.default/

Maybe you are looking for

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