Firefox tab to fields and drop down lists with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Has any one else noticed some problems after upgrading to OS X 10.5? It seems I can't tab to every field, such as the "Keep me signed in for today" checkbox on ebay's login page. I used to tab to it before upgrading. I'm also tabbing past some drop down lists where you select the state where you live in sign up pages. And before you suggest it, I have already turned on "All Controls" in System Preferences->Keyboard & Mouse. I don't think that affects Firefox anyway since it is a system controls option and doesn't affect the actions in a browser window.
Also, some drop down lists no longer drop down. I can focus on the list and even change the value using the up and down arrows, but the full list is no longer displayed. Again, this changed with the upgrade to Leopard.
If any one has experienced these specific issues or something similar please share your thoughts and solutions.

I am also having the drop down problem on my macbook, it's getting really annoying. On top of that, twice today (i just got the macbook three days ago) my keyboard will just stop working- i cannot type in firefox nor in finder or word.

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  • How to change the  attribute of screen field to drop down list dynamically

    Hi All,
      Col X                   Col Y
      A                        input field
      B                       drop down list
    This is a tabular disply where the Screen field attribute for Col y  is NO DROP DOWN BOX.
    My requirement is to change the attribute of COl Y to DROP DOWN list depending on the value of
      COL X  dynamically.

    Dear Ajay,
    Actually this requirement is to enhance the standard screen for Tcode :EHSVU21.
    So depending on the 1st Column(Test no)  value ,i have to change the 3rd Column(Low.norm.result)
    property either to DROP Down or not.
    So in the PBO only the changes to be made and there is no field in SCREEN internal table for changing the attribute to DROP down. I checked SCREEN internal table where the field VALUE_HELP and REQUEST is useful but not  suitable for my case.
    Any solution available?

  • Font in Menu Bar and Drop Down list way too small

    I just tried PSE 10 and was very surprised to see that Adobe did not address the problem with the font size being way too small in the menu bar and drop down list.  I cannot possibly read the font - so the program is basically unusable.  I am using a new 17inch laptop.  Is it possible that after all the complaints Adobe didn't fix this problem in PSE 10?  Are they even working on it?  I love the program but unfortunately I am going to have to switch to something else because there is no way I can read the font and thus cannot use the program at all.  Very, very disappointing.  Hopefully they are working on a fix???

    Photoshop CS5 Essential has preferences that offer users the opportunity to adjust menu bar background color as well as font size.  For example,
    "UI Font Size
    If you find that Photoshop's interface text is a little too small for comfort, you can increase its size by changing the UI Font Size option to either Medium or Large. And no, this option isn't just for old folks with poor eye sight. Working on a very high resolution monitor can make Photoshop's interface text appear very small. Personally, I like to set my font size to Large which I find helps to avoid eye strain. You'll need to close and then re-open Photoshop for the change to take effect:
    Change the font size to increase some of the text in Photoshop's interface.
    (From an article by Steve Patterson at .
    Why not Photoshop Elements?  ?

  • ABAP WebDynPro tutorials for Roadmaps and drop-down list box

    Hi Experts,
        I need some tutorials on Roadmaps and drop-down list box in ABAP WebDynPro which will show me step by step process how to create application using this. 'help.sdn' pages do show the procedures for implementing those ui elements.
    And also the previous threads refer to some expired documents.
    Thanks in advance.....
    Plz help....
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    [Step-By-Step Approach|]

  • Populate a drop down list with data from Excel and fill in a text field, based on drop down selectio

    I have a problem with a PDF form: There's a drop down list that I populate with Excel data that I've put in an XML file through an XSD file -- no problem here. The drop down list has a data binding to the XML file, so that a choice in the drop down list can be associated with an object in the XML file. So, when I make a choice in the drop down list, a corresponding object value is fetched from the XML file and put in a text field on the form.
    How to do this is described by Stefan Cameron here:
    There's a snag, though, and to describe it more clearly:
    The XML file contains three types of objects: role, role number, and role cost center. Of these I use the first and the third, i.e. the role and the role cost center. The drop down list contains the roles, and when I select a role, the corresponding cost center is filled out in the text field. So far, so good!
    But -- if the cost center has the same value for two or more roles, all of these roles "bounce back" into the drop down list, that is, they are all selected in the drop down list. How many of these you can see depend on the height of the drop down list -- if it's low you'll only see the first one.
    If I modify Stefan Cameron's data in his example I get the same behavior, so the problem seems to have to do with how XML data are fetched.
    I'm sure there's a workaround, but I can't find it! I've spent many hours browsing the web without finding anyone with a similar problem.
    Any suggestions appreciated!

    Although your issue is far beyond mine, I was hoping you can help me out.....
    I need to create a drop down list of names which I wish to somehow link to an Excel spreadsheet.
    Please let me know the steps I need to do.  I've tried several things, but nothing seems to work and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
    Thank you

  • Tables and Drop Down Lists

    This is my first time using LiveCycle Designer (8.2)
    I've tackled quite a few things thanks to the information I've found in these forums, but I have reached my complexity limit.
    I am trying to create a survey form that follows a process map with sub-process maps.
    Just to provide an idea of magnitude, one process map has eleven sub-process maps.
    I created a dynamic table with the ability to add and delete rows on a flowed page.
    The first row first column contains a drop down list.
    For each selection in the drop down list, the form requires eight inputs.
    Currently, I just copied the dynamic table for each subprocess.
    Each sub process map will have a running calculated total based on two inputs and a cost based on input.
    The overall process map will have the same.
    The entire section should seperatly show a sum total.
    I don't really know what would be best, but was thinking something along these lines:
    based on the selection in the drop-down-list, if someone selects one of the sub-process maps
    the row changes to allow the drop-down-list to be the one associated with that subprocess and
    the two running totals show up and remain at the bottom of the table.
    Only problem, is I have no idea how to do this.
    I have tried making the tables invisible, but they still show the input areas of the input boxes.
    Anyone feel like helping me figure this out?
    Also, isn't there a way I can populate a drop down list using EXCEL?  I don't want to manually input thousands of process titles.
    Oh, I don't have any XML capabilities, I am not connected to a server or any database, and everything runs at the client.

    Thanks for the input, I will watch the video.
    I was suprised that no one offered up any suggestions.
    I changed the design of the form.  I didn't want to, but I was able to get the product out on time.
    Just out of curiousity,
    Can I have a dynamic drop down list (A = {a1, a2, a3, a4}) that populates another drop down list (B = {b1, b2, b3, b4, b5} ) in table (Tb1) with one of the choices in the second drop down list (B = {b5}) is a dynamic choice that makes multiple expanding tables (Tc2, Te4, Tf5 out of a total of seven tables) appear each with their own (unique) drop down list?
    Would it be easier to have the first choice (i'm probably using this word incorrectly) "index" the options for the other drop down lists, etc....

  • Error message when populating drop-down list with mysql DB

    Hi everyone,
    i'm having an error message which gives zero result on google...
    here's the context: i have a drop-down list called "Patient" in the template pages of a livecycle form. The binding is set to Global so that the value is the same on the two pages of the form. I have also linked the items of the list to a mysql database (with DataConnection) by clicking the "Specify Item Values" link on the Binding tab of the element.
    now, when i open my form (or preview) i get this message, in french:
    "Propriété incorrecte de l'opération SET; dataGroup ne possède pas de propriété id."
    which is, in english (personal translation):
    "Incorrect property of the SET operation; dataGroup doesn't have an id property."
    this message appears in a messagebox, the background is empty (standard gray color)
    Then i click "OK" (which is the only button available), and my form appears, the list is populated with the values of my database table, so it actually works...
    As i said, i have zero results on google with this message...
    any idea what it means and how to avoid it?

    For all things XFA Forms and Databases there is no place better than Stefan Cameron's blog:
    Have a look here: and at comment 60.
    Good luck,

  • Where is the drop down list with "edit web part" for a list??

    In Sharepoint 2010, there was a drop down list to the far right of a list.  One of the options was to Edit Web Part.  In Sharepoint 2013, I can't find the drop down list.  Nothing is to the right of my list and mouse overs down't reveal
    anything.  I am trying to get to that area to change my toolbar type.  Any clues as to where the "edit web part" has gone to?

    I've been able to edit Web Part properties for weeks, but a few days ago, I could no longer do it, either by using the checkbox in the upper right corner of the web part or by using Web Part Properties in the Web Part tab.  It's greyed out.
    Then yesterday I could do it again and today I can't.   An intermittent problem!
    No one has changed any Sharepoint Admin settings.
    Anyone have any ideas?  They would be greatly appreciated.

  • Error while populating drop down list with values from a database

    Hi all,
    I have a JSP page with a drop down list that is to be populated with values from a database.
    This is the code in my JSP file:
         <!-- Form for picking the floor -->
             <!-- Get the available floors -->
             <% ArrayList<Integer> floornumbers = dataManager.getAllFloorNumbers();
                Iterator<Integer> iterator = floornumbers.iterator(); %>
             <!-- Create the form for users to select the floor -->
             <form id="floorselectionform">
                  <input type="hidden" name="action" value="floorselected"/> <!-- Guides the servlet to redirect to the appropriate page -->
                  Select floor | <select name="floorselector" id="floorselector">
                       <% while (iterator.hasNext()) { %>
                       <option value="<>"> <> </option>
                       <% } %>
                  <input type="submit" value="Go!"/>
             </form>   The class simply forwards this to its respective Peer class, which has the code shown below:
          package seatplanner.model;
        import java.sql.Connection;
        import java.sql.ResultSet;
        import java.sql.SQLException;
        import java.sql.Statement;
        import java.util.ArrayList;
        /* This class handles all floor operations */
         public class FloorPeer
         /* This method returns all the floor numbers */
         public static ArrayList<Integer> getAllFloorNumbers(DataManager dataManager) {
            ArrayList<Integer> floornumbers = new ArrayList<Integer>();
            Connection connection = dataManager.getConnection();
            if (connection != null) {
              try {
                Statement s = connection.createStatement();
                String sql = "select ID from floor order by ID asc";
                try {
                  ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery(sql);
                  try {
                    while ( {
                  finally { rs.close(); }
                finally {s.close(); }
              catch (SQLException e) {
                System.out.println("Could not get floor numbers: " + e.getMessage());
              finally {
            return floornumbers;
         }  The classes compile properly, but when I load this page up in Tomcat it just freezes and does not load the form. I tested the DB connection and it works fine.
    What am I doing wrong in the JSP code?
    Thanks for the help in advance.
    UPDATE: I commented out the form, and added <%=floornumbers.size()%> right above the commented code to check if the ArrayList is indeed getting populated with the values from the database (the values are of type integer in the database). The page still freezes like before. I'm puzzled now :confused: .

    Wrong usage of Iterator.
    <!-- Form for picking the floor -->
             <!-- Get the available floors -->
             <% ArrayList<Integer> floornumbers = dataManager.getAllFloorNumbers();
                Iterator<Integer> iterator = floornumbers.iterator(); %>
             <!-- Create the form for users to select the floor -->
             <form id="floorselectionform">
                  <input type="hidden" name="action" value="floorselected"/> <!-- Guides the servlet to redirect to the appropriate page -->
                  Select floor | <select name="floorselector" id="floorselector">
                       <% while (iterator.hasNext()) {
                                    Integer inte =;
                       <option value="<%=inte.intValue()%>"><%=inte.intValue()%></option>
                       <% } %>
                  <input type="submit" value="Go!"/>
             </form>or make use of enhanced loop as you are already using J2SE 5.0+ for avoiding confusions.
    <!-- Form for picking the floor -->
             <!-- Get the available floors -->
             <% ArrayList<Integer> floornumbers = dataManager.getAllFloorNumbers(); %>
             <!-- Create the form for users to select the floor -->
             <form id="floorselectionform">
                  <input type="hidden" name="action" value="floorselected"/> <!-- Guides the servlet to redirect to the appropriate page -->
                  Select floor | <select name="floorselector" id="floorselector">
                       <% for(Integer inte:floornumbers) {%>
                       <option value="<%=inte.intValue()%>"><%=inte.intValue()%></option>
                  <input type="submit" value="Go!"/>
             </form>and a lot better thing would be making usage of basic Taglib provided with JSTL spec or struts spec which make life easier and simple.
    something like usage of <c:forEach/> or <logic:iterate/> would be lot better without writing a single scriptlet code.
    Hope that might help :)

  • ISR drop-down lists with ZCI layout

    We are developing a custom ISR scenario on Netweaver 2004s SP11 and Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1. Our Interactive form has a drop-down list which is supposed to get prefilled. When we use the ZCI layout, the drop-down is not showing any values. If we simply change the layout type to Standard, it is working fine. While using ZCI layout, we inserted the webdynpro script and used ISR native controls.
    Why the drop-down is not working with ZCI layout? Are we missing any thing?
    Appreciate your response

    It is solved. The issue was with binding.

  • Mobile Me Alias not showing up in "From" drop down list in Mac Mail

    I have a couple of older .mac/Mobile Me email aliases that used to show up as either [email protected] or [email protected] in Mac Mail in the From drop down list, as recently as yesterday. Today, all I can see for any alias that has both the .mac and @me options due to their age, is the version. I want to use the @me version of the alias, but this option no longer shows in the list. Newer Mobile Me aliases only have the address and they show up fine. One last point. If I use the Mobile Me web mail app, I can see both the and the choices in the From drop down list, so it's working as it should.
    Mail isn't working correctly, but since I've not updated the Mail app recently, I suspect Mobile Me isn't sending both versions of the aliases over when the list is refreshed.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    It started about a week ago. The "From" drop-dow is now missing in Mac Mail. It should appear beneath the subject line. I was working with MobileMe Chat support for about 3 hours. They cannot solve the problem and have now escalated it to the "Senior Advisor Team."

  • Dynamic drop down list  with dynamic sql

    Hi all,
    I am facing a problem here..Please see if any one can help.
    I jave a JSP page which has two drop down list boxes.
    One list box is populated from the databse.
    values: kishan
    assuming all those were populated from database.
    values: Chennai
    should come if "kishan" is selected from the first listbox.
    if "maha" is selected then
    Values: Delhi
    should be populated from the databse using the where condition
    got by the first selection.
    Both these boxes are in same page and i do not want to transfer
    this to another page..staying in the same how to accomplish this.
    An onChange function of the selection list on listBox1 can be
    written which gives me what value is selected. This i can get in
    Java script. But how to give this value to a jsp variable which
    queries the database using the selected value.
    Is there any other logic i can use.
    remember there is no request that is passed. both are in same page and on selection it should stay in same page populating the
    second one dynamically.Bcoz what i have said is the operation in one row.. the same should happed for 5 rows in a form so.. pls send me code if possible or links related to this problem
    please help.

    You can use Ajax ;-) or you do a server roundtrip (aka postback) i.e. the onchange event of ListBox1 submits the form and the server returns the same page with the updated ListBox2

  • Why did my right click and drop down lists suddenly stopped working in firefox? How do get it fixed?

    I have the latest firefox there is and one day when i opened it, the right click button stopped working. Then even the drop down litsts stopped working. For example if i click on the firefox icon in the top left corner, nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall firefox. No help. I don't know what to do. So if don't get rid of the problem I guess I'll just have to swich to another broswer, because this is a really really anoying bug...

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • Email form script with custom text field and drop-down menu?

    Hey, I'm building a website in iWeb -
    And I was looking for a script that could possibly send an email to me with the info a user chooses from/puts in 1. dropdown menu 2. text field 3. another text field. I'd be awesome if the fields could have a custom background or a transparent background.The drop-down menu could have any background, but it would be awesome if it could be made with custom images !

    Basic question.
    What have you yourself done to find out?
    Start here :
    Unfortunately, it has no dropdown menu :
    Btw, dropdown menus in forms at select menus. These are not the same.
    So start practicing and once everything works the way it should, display it in a html snippet.

  • Copy text fields and drop down menu fields

    Using LiveCycle Designer ES, I am making a simple form with some text fields and along with some drop-down menu fields.  With the resulting pdf, I need for one to be able to select the appropriate selection in the drop-down menus.  Then using cntl-a to select everything and then cntl-v to copy it into a text document.  This approach will only copy the text fields and not what is showing in the drop-down menu field.  Is there any way to solve this problem?  The end users computer has limited tools and software cannot be installed on it.
    Thank you for considering this issue and any help you may provide,

    I don't really know if the text field can be selected using Ctl+a, but if that is possible how about adding extra text field that is linked to pulldown menu?
    If the usage of the PDF is only for copying, then I would make a formcalc or javascript to combine all the text into one text field so that user only need to copy paste one field.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Update ZTable from editable ALV

    Hi All, i'm calling a Function Module from within a Badi Class ( Workorder_Update) which uses an ALV to Add Comments in a Field of the ALV for Transportation to a ZTable. Therefore the ALV is set to editable. The Problem is that if the User does not

  • [SOLVED] Xorg 1.8 Warnings

    Hey all, This isn't a huge issue, as everything is working fine (afaik), but after upgrading to Xorg1.8, i started getting the following warning when starting X: [ 797.336] (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/OTF/" does not exist. If anyone has come

  • textarea data size limits

    We are using ColdFusion 8 and MS SQL Server 2005. We have a form with a <textarea> tag into which users are cutting and pasting large documents. When the form is saved, the text is truncated at 32,000 characters. We are using the POST method and savi

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    Dear All, Is it possible to park vendor down payment in SAP using F-65? Our requirement is that an employee has made down payment to vendor from his imprest. Now I want to credit his imprest and debit vendor with Spl. GL indicator. I need this docume

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    Hello All, On the publishing server, I see this error (Event ID 207) - Failed to generate publishing metadata.  Reason: The underlying provider failed to Open.  Not sure what to look for and how to fix the issue. I am able to add packages within the