Firefox4 on ubuntu, after awhile when I click on bookmarks and then move the cursor down to a bookmark, the list of bookmarks disappears. A stop and start of firefox4 fixes the problem but what is the long term fix?

I upgraded to 4 and I noticed that after 4 has been up for an hour or so I click on the bookmarks. I see my list of bookmarks below but when I move the cursor down to select one, the list disappears.
The only way I have found to fix this is to stop and start 4. I can then move the cursor down to select a bookmark. This problem has not occurred in previous versions.
ps.. no '''''delicious''''' installed

No, I see the three areas at the bottom of the Bookmark area that you refer to, but that also highlights an issue.  When I want to save a story to my Reading List and click on Share then "Add to Reading List" then go back to look at what is stored in the Reading List, my recently-saved item is not there.
I looked thru the History tab and the Reading List tab and have been in the Bookmark tab.  But even when I Save a Bookmark, that newly-saved Bookmark does not show up in the Bookmark area.
But then again, the next day (and actually just in the last half-hour) all of the functionality came back.  When I look at the Bookmarks, suddenly, again, all of the Bookmarks that are on my Safari browser on my iMac are now there, and I can now Save a Bookmark.
It keeps coming in and out and that is what is driving me a little nuts.

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