Flash for a stand-alone game.

Hi all First of all, sorry for bad english.
I've an idea for a game. Not a browser game, a desktop game.
Can I use Flash CS 5.5 to develop a real desktop stand-alone game? Yes, I can export my file in a .exe / .app application, but if I use Flash CS, my players will need to install / have, in any case, Flash Player / Air?
Sorry for stupid question but I'm a little bit confused.

Oh, yeah, I misunderstood. Thank u very much ^_^
Uhm, is it possible to modify the Player aspect? I mean, it's still a Flash Player and I'd like it look more "generic" as on OSX: no File, View etc menu, no "Adobe Flash Player" label etc.

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    Dear friends,
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    For a complete standalone app, you will create an Executable for the cFP.  You could either create this on your Host (Desktop PC) LabVIEW and FTP it to the cFP (using any FTP client utility).  Or, if you are targeted to the cFP and create the EXE, it will automatically download it to /NI-RT/STARTUP  folder.  Which is where you want it if you want the EXE to run on cFP's startup. 
    I am pretty sure all this info' is buried somewhere in the documentation (not sure where.. since I never had to read it    )
    Message Edited by Khalid on 04-18-2006 10:06 AM

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    why dont u use Prompt Display  to "Place label on side of prompt" ?? . it will align automatically.

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    I have real complex data (i,q data) for the ISAR imaging. I don't have any knowledge of Labview programming. I bought this signal processing toolset to use only stand-alone time-frequency analyzer.

    In the LabVIEW functions palette on the block diagram, if you go to Numeric>>Complex you have to VI's that splits a complex number into rectangular or polar components. Click on the help file for those VI's to see the kind of datatypes you can wire to them.
    Cyril Bouton
    Active LabVIEW Developper

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    As an 'A' Level ICT student I have been asked to create an 'ebook' in dreamweaver. This book has to be a stand-alone product that does not rely on server technology or external links to websites. The specification for this work requires that I use video clips, is t5his possible given the limitations of the 'ebook' format?

    My current is:
    env.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "iiop://localhost:2809");
    env.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory");
    InitialContext initCtx = new InitialContext(env);
    System.out.println("Getting connection factory....");
    // Finding the WAS QueueConnectionFactory
    javax.jms.ConnectionFactory qcf = (javax.jms.ConnectionFactory) initCtx.lookup(JMSCF_JNDI_NAME);
    // Finding the Queue Destination
    Destination q = (Destination) initCtx.lookup(JMSQ_JNDI_NAME);
    I am getting exception as:
    Oct 26, 2005 4:10:11 PM com.ibm.ws.naming.java.javaURLContextFactory
    SEVERE: javaAccessorNotSet
    javax.naming.ConfigurationException: Name space accessor for the java: name space has not been set. Possible cause is that the user is specifying a java: URL name in a JNDI Context method call but is not running in a J2EE client or server environment.
    at com.ibm.ws.naming.java.javaURLContextFactory.isNameSpaceAccessable(javaURLContextFactory.java:98)
    at com.ibm.ws.naming.urlbase.UrlContextFactory.getObjectInstance(UrlContextFactory.java:73)
    at javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getURLObject(NamingManager.java:579)
    at javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getURLContext(NamingManager.java:528)
    at javax.naming.InitialContext.getURLOrDefaultInitCtx(InitialContext.java:275)
    at javax.naming.InitialContext.lookup(InitialContext.java:347)
    at sender.Main.main(Main.java:29)

  • Timezone Settings for Java Stand alone system

    I want to know the timezone settings that have been set for any Java stand alone system.
    Can anyone help me how to check the timezone settings at Java Stack?
    Incase if I want to change the timezone,which property do I need to change?
    Thank You.
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    You can check it in at the end of System information page in Index.html page.

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    What are the different options available for designing an interface type of stand alone application ? Can we use a scaled down version of MVC ? This is purely J2SE.
    Any info will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Hope this is going to clear it .. Say for simple example I need to write an application to extract data out of a database and send it over to another application . That is going to be a standalone application probably very simple ( sometimes it could be complex ). What design pattern can be used in that context ? Remember this is not a web or GUI type of application. Hope this makes it more clear .... Thanks

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    I want to upgrade to SAP Netweaver 2004s.  I think the equivalent of SPS 20 of NW 04 in NW 2004s is SPS 11 (ie all the SCAs are named *11...).
    NW 2004s SPS 11 download requires use of maintenance_organizer.
    Does this mean I should change the SMSY definition of my java solution to reflect SAP Netweaver 2004s now, rather than after I actually upgrade, even though the upgrade may be several weeks away?
    Is changing the SMSY def the only way to get the SPS 11 media? 
    I am currently in the process of collecting all of the media required for a sucessful upgrade.
    Ken Chamberlain
    University of Toronto

    kevjava wrote: Some things that I think would be useful:
    Suggestions reordered to suit my reply..
    kevjava wrote: 2. Line numbering, and/or a line counter so you can see how much scrolling you're going to be imposing on the forum readers.
    Good idea, and since the line count is only a handful of lines of code to implement, I took that option. See the [line count|http://pscode.org/stbc/help.html#linecount] section of the (new) [STBC Help|http://pscode.org/stbc/help.html] page for more details. (Insert plaintiff whining about the arbitrary limits set - here).
    I considered adding line length checking, but the [Text Width Checker|http://pscode.org/twc/] ('sold separately') already has that covered, and I would prefer to keep this tool more specific to compilation, which leads me to..
    kevjava wrote: 1. A button to run the code, to see that it demonstrates the problem that you wish for the forum to solve...
    Interesting idea, but I think that is better suited to a more full blown (but still relatively simple) GUId compiler. I am not fully decided that running a class is unsuited to STBC, but I am more likely to implement a clickable list of compilation errors, than a 'run' button.
    On the other hand I am thinking the clickable error list is also better suited to an altogether more abled compiler, so don't hold your breath to see either in the STBC.
    You might note I have not bothered to update the screenshots to show the line count label. That is because I am still considering error lists and running code, and open to further suggestion (not because I am just slack!). If the screenshots update to include the line count but nothing else, take that as a sign. ;-)
    Thanks for your ideas. The line count alone is worth a few Dukes.

  • Flash Player 10 Stand-alone Slow in Fullscreen Mode

    Hi, I have a project that has to run fullscreen (dont want to see border etc.. - but not necessary to scale)
    stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN;
    stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
    when the project is running in this way - even with NO-scale it becomes really slow - as soon as I exit the fullscreeen state (pressing escape key) - the flash interactive demo runs much faster. _ I do use a large mp4 video (1280x720) in background with graphics on top - I am not scaling the stage at all though - just want black border around - Anyone had a issue with this???
    Tried diff. settings with hardware on of etc...

    did a bit more trawling around the web and found this solution if you still need it:
    Fix: Turn off hardware acceleration in Flash Player settings.
    1. After launching your projector fullscreen, press the escape key to run in windowed mode (since the sluggish performance will also affect your flash player settings window).
    2. Right-click in the window and select "Settings..."
    3. Click on the Display tab (left-most tab).
    4. Uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration
    5. Close & restart your projector.
    Don't know if this is related to video drivers, OS, hardware, etc. but this solution worked great for me.

  • How much future useage for CS6 for a stand-alone photographer?

    I'm a semi professional small-scale photographer. It's a hobby, but I do some commercial work. It certainly isn't a living (I have other income)
    I've been on CS6 for some time. It does absolutely everything that I need, and in fact it's too much. I could do with an application that's somewhere between Lightroom+Elements and CS6. It doesn't exist.
    But as I've paid for CS6 I'm quite happy to keep on using it ad infinitum - after all, with no more upgrades (CS7 etc)  it's free now! But at a realistic level how long can I run it for, do you think? I run a good spec desktop PC with Windows 7. I use CS6 in 64bit mode, and also Bridge. Assuming my PC fails in 12 months time (it's three years old) I will get a new destop using Windows 8. CS6 will run under Windows 8, so no problems there. My new desktop may last 5 years? That gives me a total of 6 years using CS6.
    Of course, there will need to be support from Adobe for CS6, in particular if any significant bugs arise. But why should there be new bugs, unless they are in relation to third-party plugins etc? CS6 has been out for some time. Adobe are not going to change it (they have their head stuck in a cloud) so it shouldn't get broken. Or am I wrong in thinking that?
    Any thoughts?
    To upgrade to CS6  http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_s l_creativesuite6.html?start=10
    In the Photoshop CS6 row, click the Buy link
    "I want to buy:", click on the dropdown menu and select Upgrade
    click "I own" and on the dropdown menu select the relevant product which you already own
    Follow the prompts from there to complete the purchase

    Curt Y wrote:
    That is the problem you have with any upgrade if you use the new features. 
    CC is more a trap then an upgrade.
    A Photoshop only user is better off staying  with CS6 and not be being trap.
    While I would prefer to have the new features being added to ACR.  I do not need the new improved old features with their new interfaces, new icons and new bugs. These change post processing work flow they only seem to slow user down and make more work for them.  I also do not need or want the 3D tools. Photoshop is not a 3D program by design. Photoshop 3D feature is more an add-on and lacks features found in real 3D creation programs.
    I want a stable image editor. While CS6 has bugs I know which bugs effect my work and know my way around most.   Photoshop CS6 still occasionally crashes from time to time but now on my new machine it only seems to happen in SciptUIFlex and I can use Photoshop  for days without a crash.  Today was not one of them. 
    To tell you the truth all upgrade after CS3 have been plagued with bugs. I was not looking forward to having to upgrade to CS7.
    It look like CC has its share of bugs too.  Though CC seems to be starting off better then CS6 did.  While there have been a few dozen bugs reported in Adobe's Photoshop Family problem forum. That is not a large number and most are not problems with CC crashing.

Maybe you are looking for