Flash swf files getting errors in dw8

For a student assignment, I am trying to load flash files,
actually the files are all linked through LoadMovieNumber, so what
I really need to do is load the swf. files in dreamweaver to post
them to our student website. Dreamweaver recognizes the files, but
when I try to place them in the remote file it is giving me this
gd251kga2\firstsigns_drink.swf - error occurred - An FTP
error occurred - cannot put firstsigns_drink.swf. Access Denied.
The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.
File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not
Files with errors: 1
But only on 3 of the 10 swf files I am loading...all are
located in the same folder, all are updated and work properly.
Does anyone know why this might be happening and anyhting I
can try to fix it?
Thank you

It sounds like there are problems with the folder you are
uploading to. Given this is a school computer you probably don't
have access to change the necessary permissions. Try renaming the
file and uploading under a different name then rename on the remote
server or update your file to recognize the different name.

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    Hi Zabcde (or PMW or P?)
    Can I just understand (sorry for being thick) your situation.
    You're trying to get a flash movie into a captivate session that
    the user can work on, see, interact with whilst they're also going
    through a Captivate simulation (try it)? Does that mean that slides
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    If it's the first, then I would suggest calling the Flash swf
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    loadmovienum or something). If it's the second, you should be able
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    Apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick though
    AJ (jiminiCricket)

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    Thank You

    Depending on what sites you are trying to access, you might find that some of them (probably more so if they are news sites) have their own apps in the App Store which might let you get some of the content that you want (and there is the built-in YouTube app). Also there are browsers such as Skyfire which 'work' on some sites - but judging by the reviews not all sites. If you want to play flash games then you are out of luck if you want to play on-line, but again some of them have app versions in the store.

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    firewall. The Cisco ASA does NOT have http deep packet inspection
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    would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have run into this
    before, or if someone can explain what is different about this type
    of file from regular Adobe Flash, that might help figure out what
    the ASA is objecting to. The ASA does not appear to generate any
    log messages about denying this type of traffic either.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

    Thanks, but I use publish/export settings with GPU hardware acceleration and flash version 11.2 (and 11.8) but nothing happening.
    And why gif file is not all transparenty then I insert on lightblue background? It can't export good quality? Also I use Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Edge Animate. And nothing happening. Egde animate file .oam is not good for old website navigation. It can't be inserted in freeshop site from navigation... I use logo file .oam just for example here - http://e-shoptagras.graphicsrim.eu
    In reality I want swf file, but we don't find why logo flickering? here http://tagraseshop.graphicsrim.eu
    All file's are transparenty - https://mega.co.nz/#!f8B2CD5R!J8uCJt9Sdq4Suz4HLhTHz8bzJcSWXMBIKcKZgkD3z8c
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    thanks in advance

    I have read the forum link and other such entries in this forum. I have found the following:
    1.) JFlash - a java based flash player. https://jflash.dev.java.net/
    Could'nt find the app or the official site
    2.) a few projects on sourceforge.org :
    java flash bridge where you embed the flash inside an Integrated Browser Component
    3.) SWT Flash integration.
    I do not find any of these solutions satisfactory.except the SWT/Flash integration which I havent tried.
    My question is that isnt there an easier and simpler way to :
    Embed Flash into Swing app where actionscript and java can communicate.
    I am aware of Remoting and web services. But It is a desktop app I am talking about.
    Can anyone suggest anything?
    thanks in advance..
    from a very frustrated programmer....

  • Flash swf file with web link only opens my safari home page not the link

    I have a flash swf file with a simple web link. when i load the swf file and click the link it opens safari then loads up my homepage. It does not go to the link i clicked. if i choose internet explorer as my browser the swf file works fine.
    I am running 2 G4's 10.2.8 & 10.3.9
    safari 1.0.3 & 1.3.1

    Type '''about:addons'''<enter> in the address bar to open your Add-ons Manager.
    Hot key; '''<Control>''(Mac:<Command>)''<Shift> A)'''
    In the Add-ons Manager, on the left, select '''Extensions.'''
    Disable a few add-ons, then '''Restart Firefox.'''
    Some added toolbar and anti-virus add-ons are known to cause
    Firefox issues. '''Disable All of them.'''
    If the problem continues, disable some more (restarting FF). Continue until
    the problem is gone. After, you know what group is causing the issue.
    Re-enable the last group '''ONE AT A TIME''' (restarting FF) until the problem returns.
    Once you think you found the problem, disable that and re-enable all the
    others, then restart again. Let us know who the suspect is detective

  • URL, email links in Flash swf files shows up in search engine

    Hi, can you please help? I post this problem a while ago.
    My problem is: I developed a website in Flash 8 on the Mac.
    The Flash swf file is displayed via Dreamweaver doc. When I do a
    search and, when the site is found in Google, all the links used in
    the Flash swf file appears in the snippets below the main title. I
    would like to know where I'm going wrong, and how can I prevent
    Google from displaying the URL and email details.
    Do I need to use a preloaded, or do I need to put the Flash
    swf movie file in a table in Dreamwever.
    Many thanks,

    >I don't know how this is happening then. Search engine
    spiders don't
    >read through compiled files like Flash.
    Thanks, this is reassuring. Although it seems to have done
    just that.
    The following action script is where the details are coming
    from. I've used the name 'whatever" as an example. I don't mind the
    URLs on view as much as I mind my email address because of security
    on (release) {
    //Goto Webpage Behavior
    getURL("mailto:[email protected]","_blank");
    //End Behavior
    I'll check my files again to see if I've miss anything out -
    I have done this so many times already.

  • Accessing movie clip from flash swf file

    I have the situation where in flash i created a simple
    animated movie clip with few stop() commands on timeline. Movie
    clip consists of simple animatio played on roll over and on roll
    out which is controlled using actionscript. I loaded movie clip
    into flash using [embed] tag but actionscript code is stripped,
    there is no stop() action so movie clip loops continously. I guess
    that's normal behaviour for embedded flash swf files but i would
    like to know is there a way to still achieve that? Can i load swf
    some other way with its actionscript and then control movie clip
    from flex?

    You need the FLA's to open in Flash.
    You could download the free trial of a flash decompiler
    (www.sothink.com). The free trial won't give you actionscript, but
    it will give you all of the art in the swf.

  • Does Keynote Import Flash SWF Files?

    I do a lot of presentations and I often need to import Flash SWF files and play them inside my presentation. I currently do this on Windows with PowerPoint.
    Does Keynote '09 import Flash SWF files?

    PeterBreis0807 wrote:
    To have Keynote accept and play Flash files go:
    +Apple Menu > System Preferences > QuickTime > Advanced > check Enable Flash+
    Alas I don't see that option — having said that I looked at mime types and legacy encoders and nada, but oddly when I went to check the QT version (7.6 by the way) in the "About Quicktime" (accessed via the *System Preferences*) it cycles thru various codecs and "Macromedia Flash Player" is one of them... guess it doesn't access anymore. :o(
    Advanced lists only...
    Default Synthesizer:
    Transport Setup:

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    I have created a swf file using Adobe Flash and I have imported it as an animation slide in Captivate 7. I have turned on the playback controls to just have the play button and the progress bar. When I export the presentation, the playback controls do not work. The scrubber moves as the presentation is playing, but I can't pause the presentation. When I stop the scrubber or even move it left or right, it does not affect the presentation and it just keeps playing. Am I doing something wrong? I don't want to have to create a custom nav bar in Flash as it would just be easier to use Captivate's playback bar.

    I don't think it can be expained quickly as it can be very complicated. But...
    Select New Project/Widget in Flash and choose static widget. You need to be very adept in AS3 to actually get them to work.

  • Flash .swf file not appearing in browser when publishing from iWeb 3.02

    I have been working on a site for the last couple of months that i created in iWeb 2.0 and had successfully had small flash movies that I embedded via html snippets from code provided by numerous sources and youtube videos demonstrating how to get flash movies into one's site.
    The url is
    Today i upgraded to 3.02 and had to make a change to the home page. The domain opened up fine with all the HTML code and .swf on the page exactly as I had it in version 2.0
    When I now publish to a folder, first of all it doesn't copy over the .swf file unless I create a link to the file, but even when I upload all the directories to my ISP's remote server, the movie isn't not showing up in the browser. The html code file and .swf file are in their correct directories on my ISP's remote server
    I'm baffled as to what is going on here as its the exact same domain that worked perfectly in 2.0 and this has peed me off no end
    Does anyone have any suggestions or encountered the same problem in 3.02?
    Any advice would be very much appreciated

    Your .swf files are in the same folder as the widget-markup files.
    Keep your custom files OUTSIDE the folder with the sitename iWeb creates.
    iWeb will overwrite everything when it needs to do that, wiping out your custom files.
    Put the files in a separate folder and determine the link to these files.
    Read this : Using the iWeb HTML Snippet
    Besides that, to display these tiny pictures I wouldn't use Flash.
    Read this : Create a Banner Slideshow
    And then look at this page : My House

  • After I create a flash swf file how do I edit the video and audio?

    I created a nice flash animation, but it appears there are no video editing program which edit swf files.
    Why would flash create a file that cannot be edited in video editing programs including their own premiere pro?
    I have to get a program to convert the swf to an flv file and then I can use a video editing program?
    I tried exporting it to an avi, but much of the functionality was lost. I am looking at a man standing there instead of
    moving his lips while talking, for example. Am I missing something? Please advise. Thanks!

    If you have an swf file then you don't have a video to edit. You can export to a limited number of video formats from Flash. In order to do that successfully, you need to prepare your file so that it will export as you want. This means that you will have to produce the entire file as a linear sequence using the timeline and with no interactivitiy. You can use a limited amount of Actionscript, but it is a very small subset of the available language. Your audio must be in the timeline.
    Here is an Adobe help file for exporting to video: Flash Professional Help | Exporting Graphics and Videos

  • Stop Illustrator from being default player for Flash .swf files

    Please help. I am on Mac OS X. I have the Adobe CS suite. I
    have downloaded, uninstalled, and reinstalled the flash player.
    However, whenever I download a flash file to play, it automatically
    opens in Illustrator. But Illustrator doesn't recognize it as a
    file so it doesn't open. I went through preferences and I can't
    find anything that will get it to stop doing that. I don't know how
    to get to the preferences for the flash player to change that. And
    there isn't a way have it open up in flash player because the flash
    player is not an actual application that comes up in the
    applications list. There is a certain website that it is mainly
    .swf flash files that I have not been able to access because of
    this problem. What do I do?

    Have you received information on how to change this
    situation? My SWF files always open Illustrator, also.

  • Links don't work on Menu Bar: swf file location error too.

    Hi folks, I'm using CS5 and Menu Bar 2.0 and am getting this error when attempting to save files using a particular template: http://imm.io/3chF
    When I upload my site, some of the links are faulty, presumably to do with this error. I've tried using Menu Bar 1 and get the same error message.
    The files it asks for are already in my root directory as well as in the Scripts directory. Where should they be?
    FYI my test site is at http://www.arrowmark.co.nz/web4/portfolio.html.  Links work from this page, but they do not work within other pages  based on that template. Eg you can get from there to tatler.html but  that's where the linkage fails.
    Thanks in advance for advice on this problem.

    looking to your source code from "portfolio.html" you can't have a working link, 'cause there always these "#"-placeholders are "waiting" for their job:
    <li> <a href="tatler.html">Prime, Tatler, 12Bar</a>
            <li> <a href="#">Marketing</a></li>
            <li> <a href="#">Sales</a>
                </li><li> <a href="#">Web</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Image Editing</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Photography</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Publications</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Collateral</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Editorial</a>
                            </li><li> <a href="#">Event Management</a>
    for example: </li><li> <a href="imageEditing.html#">Image Editing</a> aso.
    What concerns your swf-file: In my IE8 it's working, so it seems it's on the right place, or did I misunderstood your question?

Maybe you are looking for