Flash templates -- create/modify own

I want to create a video template with a video category. How
to create a new folder/category?
And when I "saved as", do I find it in the drop-down..
Than, I later wanted to delete it. How can I do this? I went
into the folder on HD, but when I deleted it here, it doesn't go
away in drop-down??

oh - i should clarify - sounds like you deleted from user
folder - if you want to delete globally
(for all users), find the teplates folder in your Program
Files folder where flash is installed.
Tip of the day: create a shortcut to folders like this and
others you may open periodically (like
Commands, Common Libraries, etc)
Chris Georgenes
Adobe Community Expert
mike8881 wrote:
> I want to create a video template with a video category.
How to create a new
> folder/category?
> And when I "saved as", do I find it in the drop-down..
> Than, I later wanted to delete it. How can I do this? I
went into the folder
> on HD, but when I deleted it here, it doesn't go away in

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    First, how do I create my own favorite theme template for DVD slideshows? I used to be able to select this from pulldown menu, but cannot now do so. I am directed straight to already existing themes, which take more memory. I have a large slideshow, and need all the space I can get. I just want to use a picture as my DVD cover, and then insert a slideshow. Also, when I try to burn my 8.5gb double sided slideshow, all that burns is the music. It is a large slideshow, a memorial on the life of my now deceased brother. This means a lot to me and to my family, and I am having so much trouble trying to burn it. I have gone into Project View and selected appropriately. The bar shows I have room to burn this DVD, but it does not burn.  I have burned so many DVDs in the past, but this one just will not burn. I am so confused at this point. I will say this is the first 8.5gb I have attempted to create and burn. My specs list a 7.7gb or 4.7gb as operable....but there are no 7.7gb dvds. I had to purchase 8.5gb. Help? What am I doing wrong? I have spent so much time on this, and just cannot figure it out.

    Final Cut is a separate, higher end video editor.  The pro version of iMovie.
    Give iPhoto a look at for creating the slideshow.  It's easy to assemble the photos in an album in iPhoto, put them in the order you want and then make a slideshow of them.  You can select from various themes and transitions between slides and add music from your iTunes library.
    When you have the slidshow as you want use the Export button at the bottom of the iPhoto window and export with Size = Medium or Large.
    Save the resulting Quicktime movie file in your Movies folder.
    Next, open iDVD, choose your theme and drag the QT movie file into the menu window being careful to avoid any drop zones.
    Then follow this workflow to help assure the best qualty video DVD:
    Once you have the project as you want it save it as a disk image via the File ➙ Save as Disk Image  menu option. This will separate the encoding process from the burn process. 
    To check the encoding mount the disk image, launch DVD Player and play it.  If it plays OK with DVD Player the encoding is good.
    Then burn to disk with Disk Utility or Toast at the slowest speed available (2x-4x) to assure the best burn quality.  Always use top quality media:  Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.
    The reason I suggest iPhoto is that I find it much easier to use than iMovie (except for the older iMovie 6 HD version).  Personal preferences showing here.

  • Creating your own theme-templates for printing?

    Can I create my own theme-templates for printing?

    No, iTunes printing is quite simple and only works off it's own templates. If you want to customise templates you'd be better advised to look at on of the specialised cover printing programs that are available. DiskLabel is one that springs to mind.

  • Is there a way to create my own web gallery template for bridge?

    Is there a way to create my own web gallery template for bridge?
    I want to add custom data that is not in any of the templates.
    Pretty much, I'd like to create one from scratch...

    This was discontinuted in CS5 howerver you could migrate that plugin to CS5.  I don`t know if you can do this with CS6.
    To my knowledge they only provided a revised Contact sheet II script for CS6. In my opinion a very bad idea because they should have put all efforts and resources to enhance the Output Module PDF contact sheet that has far more options.
    Still not using web galleries but the goal for web gallery was also to use this in the Adobe Output Module, maybe that provides you the options you want?

  • How to Create/Modify/Delete a query view from the web template in BI 7.0

    In BW 3.5, the <b>Query Selection View</b>  web item was introduced for users to create a query view to save the navigational state of a query. This web item was also available to modify and delete an existing query view.
    The Query Selection View web item <u>does not</u> exist in BI 7.0. I see the drop down web item can be used to display the query views associated to a query.
    Can anyone share how to create,modify,save or delete a <b>query view</b> on the web in BI 7.0

    Sanjay, we experienced the same issue. Below are a few pieces of information that may be of help: 1-The Save As button on the 0ANALYZER template saves the query to the portal. From Bex Web or Bex Analyzer, you have no access to these saved views. We created a ZANALYZER copy of the 0ANALYZER template and removed the Save As button. 2- If you right mouse click on any item in the query results grid of Bex Web, you get a small menu. Clicking on the menu item Save View will save the view to BI. You do not have the ability to delete the saved views from Bex Web. However, you can delete them from Bex Analyzer. This was not an option for us since most of our users are using Bex Web. 3- On the same menu, clicking on Bookmark, saves the navigation and also opens the Internet Explorer Favorites maintence window. The navigation is saved as an entry into the users Internet Explorer favorites where they can organize and delete their entries. However, deleting the favorite does not delete the entry for the bookmark in BI. The bookmarks are stored in table RSWR_DATA. Program RSWR_BOOKMARK_REORG can be used to manage the saved bookmarks. We are loading RSWR_DATA into a chracteristic so that we can query the information in order to help us manage it. I hope this helps you and others that appear to be struggling with the issue of saved views in Bex Web.

  • Can I create my own .cbx file or modify a current .cbx file?

    What I would like to do is create an object that will give me a DOUBLE Action Verification message (Are you sure? YES! Are you REALLY SURE? YES!) I'm doing this already with a cloggy of pop-up messages, and wanted a CLEANER and Easier way to do this. My thought was to modify the current PUSHBUTTON -- logctrl.cbx file. Or create a similar one. Any thoughts???

    If this is the case, have you thought of using the Aggregate object? You can "create" your own Object out of the existing pop-up windows and push-buttons once and for all and keep using this as an "Object" in future.
    Here's a snippet from the Online Help on the Aggregate Object:
    The Aggregate object is a way for you to create a collection of Lookout objects, already connected and configured, and use that collection multiple times as an element in your processes.
    Create an aggregate by creating a Lookout process and saving the process as an aggregate definition file, choosing which of the object parameters and data members to expose when aggregate is used in another process. Then use that aggregate definition process in other processe
    s by creating an aggregate object that uses your aggregate definition as its source. ...

  • How can i modifying my flash template using flash software?

    like changing text pictures...in an existing template ..i do
    have flash but how can i use it?

    If your template requires flash to modify, then you are going
    to need to learn some basic flash functions to modify it. There is
    no easy or fast way to modify a flash template, other than learning
    some flash itself.

  • VLAN issues when creating/modifying vNIC Templates

    Sort of an odd issue, all of the VLANs that have been created do not show up when creating/modifying a vNIC Template.  All of the VLANs have been created globally under the LAN Cloud as well as Appliances.
    I have 9 VLANs total, yet UCS Manager will only display 5 when modifying or creating a vNIC Template.
    I'm running UCS Manager 1.4(1m) and am experiencing the same issue on another suite of UCS gear that is running 1.4(1i).  Anyone else experiencing the same?

    I have seen odd issues with templates as they do not verify the values you are giving it.
    Real world example:
    You have 3 major deployment sites.  If someone scripts the configuration at site 1, folks in site 2 may have used a different ascii name on their vlan naming.  When you deploy the template, you give it VLAN_MGMT.  However, the device running that script for the templates has the same vlan BUT was named VLAN-MGMT.  Therefore, the templates will not show all the vlans.
    To correct this, you could create the vlan necessary based on the naming convention and the template MAY reference it correctly.
    Let us know if all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted. :-)

  • When is Lr getting more book templates or ability to create/modify templates?

    When is Lr getting more book templates or ability to create/modify templates?

    Hello Telmo,
    first, the most here are users like you, not Adobe's employees. BUT there is a way to interest Adobe's development team is to use the "wishform" and maybe your "When is Lr getting more book templates or ability to create/modify templates?"  can serve as a suggestion.
    Here at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform, where you will find this: "Use this form to request new features or suggest modifications to existing features."

  • Problems with flash template

    I am trying to use a flash template to create a timeline,
    However, I am a new user and having a few issues. The Link to the
    Fla i am working with is below. For some reason, when you click on
    the first button the first time, it references "timeline 1 movie" a
    second click on that same button will take you to "timeline 2
    movie" on the second button, it switches between "timeline 2 movie"
    and "timeline 3 movie" on alternate clicks. Any idea what I could
    change so that the first button only takes you to "timeline 1
    movie" and button 2 takes you too "timeline 2 movie" and so forth?
    Any advice would be great appreciated!

    Go to your first button, look in the Actions panel for the
    on(release) line of code and change it from gotoAndPlay to
    gotoAndStop, i.e.,
    on (release) {
    Now it will stay at your timeline frame instead of
    automatically playing to the next one. If this is what you want, do
    the same for all the other buttons. (Nice template--I think I'll
    adapt the idea to something of my own someday. My Life in Pix or

  • Alternative Content - html version of my flash template

    Can someone please direct me to a good tutorial or explain the steps for creating a Flash website with an alternative html version.  Is it as simple as creating two sites with a link to the html version or is there something special I can do to avoid duplicate content as far as SEO? I'm working with a purchased Flash template and would like to know the simplest way to do this.  Thanking you in advance.

    Hm, I assume you mean Camtasia Studio 8?
    Check the chart on the page you linked. You'll see that the version you have installed is in fact the latest version for Chrome. They haven't updated it beyond that. Each browser engine has its own latest version of flash. IE and Mozilla are 11.4.402.287.
    Aside that, there's no reason Camtasia should be requiring you to have that version of flash. Make sure when you're publishing your content that you don't check off any options to "require the user to have the latest version of Flash". You should also (if possible in your project) try to target MP4/HTML5. Check any HTML being generated with it (hopefully using SWFObject) and check for the version checking code. There is absolutely nothing Camtasia needs to require the latest version to do. I've been using Camtasia (TechSmith codec mostly) for screen recording since version 2.

  • Rtf Templates created with BI Publisher not working in APEX

    I created templates using BI Publisher v10 Desktop that I used to create Report Layouts in APEX and everything worked just fine. However, I've upgraded to BIP Desktop and the rtf templates don't work. I suspect that the problem is with the graphs.
    Is there something in my APEX environment that needs to be upgraded or modified to be compatible with the BIP v11 templates? Are templates created with BIP v11 compatible with APEX Reporting?

    I'm having a similar issue with
    My RTF templated uploaded to APEX correctly, and seems to load and generate ok. The OUTSIDE formatting on the report (title, etc) all seem to show fine, but the actual repeating data block doesn't show any of the data or columns or boxes..... Just the column headers.

  • How to give access to user when he login with his credentials to create his own virtual machine

    Dear Experts ,
    In scvmm ..how we can allow an user to create his own VM with out providing him administrator rights...
    I am able to create machines with user accounts when I give Administrator rights only..and if i remove Administrator rights..i am gettting a message for user-"you cannot access the private cloud", where as If i give administrator rights to that
    same user , I can able to access private cloud and template for the user.
    Please suggest me and help with any useful link.
    N.V.Srinivas ,
    [email protected]

    Self-Service user delegation
    SCVMM 2008 - 2008 R2:
    SCVMM 2012 - 2012 R2:
    Brian Ehlert
    Learn. Apply. Repeat.
    Disclaimer: Attempting change is of your own free will.

  • Problem with creating my own class...

    Hi all,
    Purpose with this program:
    I want to create my own class StringThing which take a string parameter and transform the content toUpperCase().
    I have created a simple class StringThing which look like this:
    class StringThing {
    public String upperize (String u) {
    return u;
    }And my class where I use the StringThing looks like this:
    import java.io.*;
    class UseStringThing{
    public static void main (String arg[]) throws Exception {
    BufferedReader keyboard = new BufferedReader(
    new InputStreamReader(System.in));
    String s,p;
    System.out.prinln("write a sentence!");
    StringThing thing = new StringThing();
    }Am I not supposed to transform my string parameter in my class by using for instance toUpperCase()? Or is there some fundamental rule or piece of code which I forgot?
    Thanks in advance,

    Strings cannot be modified. What this line does:
    is to create a new String object. toUpperCase() returns the newly created string and you are ignoring the returned value. What you want to do is:
    return u.toUpperCase();
    u = u.toUpperCase();

  • Need help with a flash template

    I'm an action script novice, so I downloaded a cool Flash template to beef up a part of a project I'm working on.
    That template rotates thumbnails of web sites in a 3D space.
    When user clicks on them they launch a new web page.
    What I did:
    I substituted the web thumbnails with characters and each character has an swf (info on each character) that i would like to load when user clicks on that character. Now, this thumbnail swf is loaded into a holder within a main movie when user clicks on "The Sensetionals" of the main buttons (in that main movie).
    What I want to do:
    1. When user clicks on each charater, I would like that character's swf to load into the same holder as the thumbnail swf.
    Then I would have a close button that will unloadmovie that character swf and load back the thumbnail swf.
    2. In the thumbnail swf, i would like to see the names of each character when user rolls over them. It's in the original code now, and shows up when I test the thumbnail swf on its own, but it's not showing up when it plays inside holder of the main movie. AND it's under the shadow/reflections, not readable. So, I would like to see it show up AND on top of the reflections.
    Here's the link to view my version.
    I hope that's clear and not asking too much, but I'm really stuck and desperate here.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Here's the current code inside the thumbnail source file:
    // total is length of label_list OR link_list
    // OR total frames inside "flashmo thumbnails"
    var total:Number = 13;
    // length of label_list array and length of link_list array must be equal
    // to length of frames inside "flashmo thumbnails" movieclip
    var label_list:Array = new Array( "Dr Anatomy", "Feelix", "Eyeris", "T Buds", "Earl", "Nosey", "Dr Von Micron", "Karlos", "Tiny", "Funguy", "Protozoom", "Virusam", "Bacterio");
    var link_list:Array = new Array("AnaTomyMov.swf", "FeelixMov.swf", "EyerisMov.swf", "BudMov.swf", "EarlMov.swf", "NosieMov.swf", "VonMicronMov.swf", "KarlosMov.swf", "TinyMov.swf", "FunguyMov.swf", "ProtozoomMov.swf", "VirusamMov.swf", "BacterioMov.swf");
    var radiusX:Number = 330;
    var radiusY:Number = 90;
    var centerX:Number = 400;
    var centerY:Number = 140;
    var speed:Number = 0.005;
    tn_group_mc._visible = false;
    info.text = ""; fm_label.text = "";
    for (var i = 0; i<total; i++)
    var t = tn_group_mc.duplicateMovieClip("tn"+i, i);
    t.tn_mc.gotoAndStop(i+1); t.tn_shadow_mc.gotoAndStop(i+1);
    t.fm_label = label_list[i];
    t.fm_url = link_list[i];
    t.angle = i * ((Math.PI*2)/total);
    t.onEnterFrame = mover;
    t.fm_button.onRollOver = function()
    fm_label.text = " " + this._parent.fm_label;
    t.fm_button.onRollOut = function()
    info.text = ""; fm_label.text = "";
    t.fm_button.onRelease = function()
    function mover()
    this._x = Math.cos(this.angle) * radiusX + centerX;
    this._y = Math.sin(this.angle) * radiusY + centerY;
    var s = this._y /(centerY+radiusY);
    this._xscale = this._yscale = s*100;
    this.angle += this._parent.speed;
    this.swapDepths(Math.round(this._xscale) + 100);
    this.onMouseMove = function()
    speed = (this._xmouse-centerX) * 0.0001;

    Press F1 inside Flash, this brings up Help. In the text box
    at the side of Search - enter Multilingual Content.
    This gives you a sample for using several languages.
    Hope it helps

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