Flattened PDF Form and Barcode not displaying

I see there are a lot of discussions that are not answered in this forum, so I am guessing this will go unanswered as well.  But I am looking for a solution for the issue in the subject. I have a simple PDF form built in LiveCycle that I am populating with Coldfusion. Once the form is populated I then flatten the form. The barcode appears up to the flattening point which is when it disappears. The characters that populated the barcode field ARE displaying but the image is not.
Is there a solution?

How are you flattening the forms?  I'm assuming PDFg or Output?
Also, be sure your barcode looks something like this:
<field name="PDF417BarCode1" y="50.8mm" w="66.7mm" h="25.4mm" access="readOnly">
barcode type="pdf417" dataLength="10" moduleWidth="0.0133in" moduleHeight="0.02661in" errorCorrectionLevel="5"/></
and not...
<field name="PaperFormsBarcode1" w="82.55mm" h="44.45mm" access="readOnly"><
barcode type="pdf417" moduleWidth="0.338mm" moduleHeight="0.676mm" errorCorrectionLevel="5"> 
<?templateDesigner decodeMethod 2?>
 <?templateDesigner delimiter '\t'?></barcode></
script contentType="application/x-javascript">
...completely void of script and the value in only the <text> element.

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  • LiveCycle PDF Forms and Barcode Fields

    Ive also posted this subject on the LiveCycle forum but thought I would reach out to my fellow CF'ers. So here's my issue, Im using Coldfusion to populate a LiveCycle form that contains a barcode field. The barcode disappears when the form is flattened. The image of the barcode disappears, but the value of the barcode displays.
    Anyone experience this type of issue? As always, all and any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks ahead of time.

    ~graffiti wrote:
    No version of Reader can save a filled in form unless it has been enabled first.
    To enable, open the file in Acrobat then go to Advanced>Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader...
    And for my standard disclaimer, if you are going to use the forms in a corporate environment, be sure to study and understand the usage limits for enabled forms (the limit is 500 uses, but there are caveats to that) in the EULA. Mostly the enabled forms are meant for very small time users. If you do not meet that requirement, Adobe sells another product that can enable files for unlimited uses but it costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and is a server side solution.
    Hey Graffii,
    I enabled the usage rights and that did help with saving in Reader 7. I am a little concerned about the limit of 500 uses. Let me try and understand you a little better. I have a PDF that has a couple form fields and you're saying that the PDF can only be opened 500 times? I've never heard of restrictions on PDFs before. Does this happen after you place just 1 form field? How do I find out more information? I looked in the EULA, but found nothing.
    Also, what does Adobe mean here "Enable users of Adobe Reader®   (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally." Are they saying that you need Reader 8 or later to read a form or that you need Acrobat Pro 8 or later to enable the form feature?
    It's all very confusing because one of the features they tout in version 9 is the ability to save forms locally, but once I enable the form I could save it with Reader 7. It's hard to tell if they are referring to Reader 9 or Acrobat Pro 9.

  • Adobe(pdf form) Footer does not display on my form

    hi Masters,
    i have a adobe form and i want to create the footer to it.
    when i create and have some datea on footer the data...the footer does not display.
    the footer is not displayedd whether their is data or not no data.
    am bit new can i have some info pls.
    thank you,
    Moderator message: wrong forum, please have a look in the forum for "Adobe Interactive Forms".
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on May 26, 2011 10:07 AM

    FormsCentral does not support Digital Signatures.  The submission process does not handle a signature field in any way. 
    There isn't a method in our authoring environment creating a new form in FormsCentral to add a Signature field, and for an Imported PDF Form there is a warning if a signature field is discovered alerting the user that it will not be used.

  • 2 questions - I have downloaded the PDF Reader - Annotate, Scan , Fill Forms and Take Notes app to m

    When I fill out a form within this app and email it out the recipient receives a blank form, I looked in the manual and it says make sure you complete the saving process, but cannot seem to figure that part out.
    Also, these are forms I will be using on a daily basis and do not want to make permanent changes to the form, is this possible? Or will I need to create several copies of the form?
    Please help, as this is time sensitive subject.

    Can you please tell us what the recipient is using to view the PDF? Many viewers don't support viewing filled PDF forms and the recipient will need to use a PDF viewer like the Adobe Reader to view the form.
    You can make a copy of your form like this:
    In the file browser under Documents view, you should see an Edit button. Tap the edit button.
    Tap the file you want to copy
    Tap the duplicate/move button (two small documents at the bottom of the screen)
    Tap Duplicate
    That creates a duplicate copy of the document. You can then use the edit button to rename if you would like.

  • NEW! Import Fillable PDF Form and Collect Responses

    FormsCentral now allows you to import an existing fillable PDF form and use the FormsCentral service to collect and analyze the submitted data. You no longer have to recreate your existing PDF forms within the service in order to take advantage of FormsCentral’s data collection/analysis capabilities.
    You can also use popular tools like Adobe Acrobat X Pro or Adobe InDesign to create PDF forms that work with FormsCentral.
    To import a PDF form go to the “My Forms” tab, click the More button on the toolbar and select “Import PDF Form.” Note: FormsCentral does not support PDF forms created using the LiveCycle Designer (XML-based forms).
    Once imported the normal Design tab is replaced with an “Imported Form” tab that allows you to place a Submit button on the PDF form. You can place it on the top left or right of the first page, or place it on the bottom left or right of the last page. A thumbnail shows where the button will appear.
    Click to view larger image
    The Options tab shows options that are available for PDF forms (Note: PDF Forms do not support Redirect URLs or Payments so these are not shown)
    Click to view larger image
    The Distribute tab allows you to open the form and download the submit-enabled PDF file for distribution. The PDF file can be filled out, saved and submitted using the free Adobe Reader.
    Click to view larger image
    The Response and Summary Report tabs will show the data submitted from the PDF form. They function as they do for a normal form file that you created from scratch or template.
    This FAQ describes what types of PDF forms can/cannot be imported and what functionality is limited within the PDF once imported:
    Please send us your feedback.

    I followed this process to import my PDF form.  The link I have on my web page is displaying an error from FormsCentral.  The link works but the web page is confusing to customers.  The message is: 
    An error has occurred.
    The form does not exist. Please re-enter the web address as the link may be misspelled.
    When I saved the submission-enabled PDF, I could only save it to my computer.  I then had to upload it to the web site server and created a link on my web page to point to that URL.  
    How can I get rid of the Adobe FormsCentral message on the web page?

  • How do I complete online .pdf form and then print?

    Sometimes, I can enter data on an online .pdf form and sometimes, I cannot.  I need to complete forms and then print them rather than print a blank form to complete by handwriting.  Window XP and Vista on my computers.  I have installed some Adobe and Acrobat programs but do not know which ones would help me with my problem.  thank you

    Adobe is the company. I assume you are talking about Reader and Acrobat. It would be nice to know which ones, but the answer is likely the same. With Reader, you can only complete the form electronically in Reader if the creator added from fields for your to fill in. If not you have one option and that is to print. You could still play with filling it out electronically, but you would have to print the form, put it back in the printer, and use your word processor to place the information on the form. This is a bit time consuming and requires some measuring and possibly some trial and error, but it does work - I used to fill forms out like this all the time, but generally forms I filled out once a month and so it was worth the time.
    With Acrobat, you can use the Typewriter tool, Use the Text Touchup Tool (not real convenient) with the ctrl key used when you place the cursor, or create your own fields. Depending on your version of Acrobat, you may not be able to create form fields (like AA7 Std and before I think, Pro includes the form tools). With forms, you may also have the choice of the form files under TOOLS>Advanced Editing (typically called AcroForms) or the FORM menu that typically takes you to Designer.
    Those are your choices, though there are variations with version (next time try to tell us the program version you are using and if it is Reader or Acrobat - for Reader you may want to go to the Reader forum).

  • Acrobat 9.5 - use Touchup text Tool to edit PDF. Updates do not display. But, if I "save as" Word doc, the edits appear in Word. This feature worked in earlier versions of 9.x patches.

    Acrobat 9.5 - use Touchup text Tool to edit PDF. Updates do not display. But, if I "save as" Word doc, the edits appear in Word. This feature worked in earlier versions of 9.x patches.

    I have a suspicion you're working with a scanned document that has had OCR run to recognize the text. The recognized text may be stored on an invisible layer above the image of the text, and that is what you're toucing up. It's invisible, so you don't see it, but retains the changes, so exporting produces the new edits.
    When you run OCR to recognize scanned text,, try using the ClearScan option, instead of Searchable Text. See this help page on Acrobat (this is for version X, but still applies):
    Adobe Acrobat X Pro * Recognize Text - General Settings dialog box

  • Updating a PDF form and keeping it accessible... is there an easier way?

    So I have some InDesign files that were converted to PDF files then brought into Acrobat X where they were turned into accessible forms. 
    Now edits need to be made to the content.  I've been trying to figure out what the best approach with the least amount of steps to update these accessible PDF forms.
    So I export the PDF from InDesign, then..
    Option 1:
    Open the newly created PDF and the old version of the accessible form and Copy+paste form fields from old file to new file.
    The good: Tags, Structure, hyperlinks and reading order transfers over from Indesign.
    The bad: Time consuming. Tabbing order for the fields usually needs a lot of manual adjustment. Manually have to add language, title, subject, keywords
    Option 2:
    Open old PDF form and replace the page with the new PDF file.
    The good: Fast! Form tabbing order set. Language, title, subject, keywords all good set.
    The bad: Tags, Structure, hyperlinks and reading order are gone! Manually touchup reading order, add form fields to tags (which sometimes deletes fields and crashes)
    Option 3:
    Open old PDF and use edit document text to fix little issues.
    The good: It works for small issues.
    The bad: Not an option for anything besides a typo. Can't change layout. Have to do the edit again in Indesign, or have out-of-date files.
    Anyone have a better way of doing it?
    BTW I'm using InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat X on Mac

    You can print it from you My Verizon online account under Documents and Receipts. This option will appear on the left after logging in.

  • Adobe Reader XI - dynamic PDF Form and the E-Mail Dialog

    Hi Community,
    I have a dynamic PDF Form and we use the E-Mail function to save the XML-Data to local harddrive. That works until Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1.2. But with the Adobe Reader XI (11.0.4) the E-Mail Dialog has changed so I am One is forced to send the XML file with Outlook or the internal mailer and has no option to save the file locally.
    Does anyone know a workaround or something similar. The Live Cycle server with PDF extension is too expensive for our small project.
    E-Mail Dialog (10.1.2)
    If you choose Internet-E-Mail you get a Save-As File Dialog
    E-Mail Dialog (11.0.4)
    There is no way to save the XML-Data to local Harddrive.

    Hi Pat,
    Are you using Adobe Reader XI? And not Acrobat. It does not ask me to save the form if there are unsaved changes.
    I have used previous versions of reader for saving this form data and it did allow me to save it with ctrl+s. And those versions did prompt me to save the changes before closing.
    I guess I should not have updated the reader.

  • Annotated PDF from Preview will not display annotations in iPad mail

    I have an Annotated PDF from Preview will not display annotations in iPad mail, yet, it will display them on my Macbook Air. I confirmed this with another iPad user. Same results. Any ideas.

    I had the same issue. iAnnotate PDF will display your annotations made in preview and allow you to annotate on the iPad. It is a great app, I and quite happy with it.

  • PDF from HTMLLoader is Not Displaying in a Container

    PDF from HTMLLoader is Not Displaying in a Container
    Was there a new version of AIR released recently that breaks the display of a PDF through the HTMLLoader?
    I've been experiencing problems displaying a PDF in a container lately.
    AIR applications that worked a couple weeks ago, are not working now even though no changes have been made to the source.
    To focus on the problem, I created an application that narrows my focus to the broken feature. It's sole purpose is to display a simple PDF through AIR.
    The example can be found here.
    http://www.appfoundation.com/blogs/giametta/2009/04/14/render-pdf-in-adobe-air-with-pdf-sc aling/
    The code used is exactly the same as the one found in the above example, except I swapped the url of the PDF to the following.
    It's pretty straightforward.
    But, when I compile and press the "do it" button, nothing displays in the VBOX.
    Using an HTTP Sniffer the "GET" to my url seems to be working fine and, I get a "200 OK" return status, but nothing is displayed in the container.
    Here is my configuration.
    - Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
    - AIR 1.5
    - Flex 3.0.2
    - Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
    - Firefox 3.5.4
    Attached is the source code mxml as a txt.

    Well, like I said, I don't either. Even when loading a very simple PDF, I just see this crash:
    Process:         adl [1003]
    Path:            /Users/base/c_languages/flashplayer/flex_sdk_4.0.0.10079/bin/adl
    Identifier:      adl
    Version:         ??? (???)
    Code Type:       X86 (Native)
    Parent Process:  FlashBuilder [217]
    Date/Time:       2009-11-04 11:41:13.050 -0800
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.1 (10B504)
    Report Version:  6
    Interval Since Last Report:          1807020 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           7
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   4
    Anonymous UUID:                      E63961B9-2C86-42EA-9FBA-0D3F0561CBB8
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000040918216
    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
    Maybe someone on the AIR team will have a more knowledgable response, it looks like a problem with how Webkit is loading up the PDF viewer perhaps.

  • I filled in a fillable pdf form and when i print it, the text in the fillable section gets cut off.

    I filled in a fillable pdf form and when i print it, the text in the fillable section gets cut off. What do I need to do to get the entire text to be printed. Any help is appreciated.

    What has this to do with Pages? You probably did this in Preview.

  • Can I create a fillable pdf form and then export it for client use on my web site?

    Can I create a fillable pdf form and then export it for client use on my web site?  I need clients to be able to fill in the (registration) form on my site then submit it via email.

    [discussion moved to Creating, Editing & Exporting PDFs forum]

  • I created a pdf form and then iported it to Forms Central for distribute. It is now loaded to my website and setup so a person clicks on the link to open the form. At this point they then have to go to upper right to open form using a different view. I wo

    I created a pdf form and then imported it to Forms Central for distribute. It is now loaded to my website and setup so a person clicks on the link to open the form. At this point they then have to go to upper right to open form using a different view. I would like the form to open directly in Adobe Reader form to make it easier to enter information. Thanks, Ike

    If you created it in Forms Central, you have to edit it there. I believe Forms Central is similar to LiveCycle Designer in that the form created is no longer able to be edited in Acrobat. I might be wrong, but that is my understanding. You add the submit button in Forms Central. Within Acrobat, you should be able to go to the forms menu and Manage Data to save the data to an Excel file. Others better with forms should be by to clarify things, but this should get you started. In the future you might find it better to post a forms question in the forms discussions.

  • I just downloaded a pdf form and need to open it and fill in blanks but can't figure ohow to find the file

    I just downloaded a pdf form and need to open it and fill in blanks but how can I find the file in Adobe so I can open it??
    Thank you in advance.

    Hi Steve Odem,
    If you downloaded the file from a web page, it most likely went into a Downloads folder on your computer. If you don't know where that folder is, the easiest thing to do may be to use the Find feature of Mac OS or Windows (whichever you use), to search for the PDF form. Once you know where the file ended up, you can easily navigate to that folder in Reader. (Choose File > Open in Reader, then navigate to the file in the Open dialog box.)
    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Maybe you are looking for

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