Flex 2 14" Do I really need remove keybord for upgrading RAM

Hi all,
I just want to know if I really have to remove the keyboard for installing a 2nd DIMM of RAM. I read the HMM but it doesn´t make sense for me.
Can anybody confirm that it is really absolutely necessary?
Best Patrick
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Hi Patrick,
I don't have one of these, but the HMM seems pretty clear.  In order to remove the 1030 Hard disk drive(HDD)/Memory/Mini PCI Express Card slot compartment cover (the "back") you have to remove some screws that are under the keyboard in addition to those on the bottom.
The HMM also indicates two memory slots.
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  • I need expert advice for upgrading exchange server SP1.

    I having 2 mailbox and 2 cas exchange server 2013 CU2. Now i wish to upgrade all servers with SP1. SO my query is that which servers should be upgraded first.
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    I having 2 mailbox and 2 cas in exhchage server 2013 CU2. now I wish to upgrade SP1 on both of servers
    I having 2 mailbox and 2 cas in exhchage server 2013 CU2. now I wish to upgrade SP1 on both of servers
    I having 2 mailbox and 2 cas in exhchage server 2013 CU2. now I wish to upgrade SP1 on both of servers
    Regards, Md Ehteshamuddin Khan All the opinions expressed here is mine. This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees and confers no rights.

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    both roles are updated at the same time anyway, and you should simply start with the internet-facing servers.
    First, you will need to remove any UM language packs that you have installed in previous version. From an elevated cmd prompt navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Exchange 2013 SP1 files and run setup with the /RemoveUMLanguagePack switch. For
    example, to remove the “en-us” language pack.
    Refer below 
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  • Need CL advice for Upgrade thats proven W/X-FI car

    Well I purchased an Extreme Gamer and the sound is awesome in MP3's but in BF942 its pop and crackle. I would like to keep the card and work with it. I have tried everything, IRQS, removing devices, increase latency, diff slots, diff modes, etc to no avail.Disabling services and background ap
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    What I'de like to know from Creative Labs is what MotherBoard is proven to work well with the XTREME-GAMER X-FI that is Socket 939 and X2 3800+ compatible. I'll be glad to buy any MB board thats recommended.
    Present system.
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    7600GT graphics board
    .5 mb Kingston RAM 2x52 2x256
    Enermax Liberty 500W PSU
    Nice case and fans and everything runs cool.
    Now a question to the board members is what other brand of Soundboard works well and does not have problems like the CL soundboards in the newer gaming systems. And is hardware dri'ven and relieves the main processor to enhance gaming. I have yet to see a mention of other soundboards not having problems either.

    Sorry about that, I wouldn't be offended at all, and would actually completely understand if you do, or want me to, edit or delete my other post. I personally won't be leaving CL anytime soon, which is why I haven't fully researched anything else I was just trying to answer a fellow posters question.
    I believe I saw someone saying that a "975" based board worked perfectly. I don't know specifically what they were referencing too, but it sounds like an Intel chipset. It wouldn't hurt to look into it for a couple mins.

  • These TPs need not apply for upgrade to new OS

    I have just ploughed through pages and pages of Windows 7 Beta issues and concerns on the forum. It is great to see the level of participation from Lenovo owners. Thanks to all of them for testing out the new OS (Kudos to all of them!).
    I have a very old laptop (T23) which chugs along just fine on XP/Pro. I am somewhat reluctant to do a clean install on this system ... I am not sure that W7 will actually work on this old friend. My A61 with Vista Bus 32 looks like a good candidate for the upgrade. I am encouraged by our test participants to take the plunge. I have preordered Windows 7/Pro from Best Buy (50% off and no S+H). I get it after Oct 22. I get a bit weak in the knees when it comes to nuking operating systems.
    May I be so bold as to ask for a special favour from our Forum Mavens. Can you state on the forum what the cutoff is for the older Thinkpads when it comes to the Windows 7 upgrade.
    If this is not necessary (that is, they are all candidates), it would be good to know. My knees need some calming down.
    T23: 2647-8RU, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    A61E: 6418-12U, W7/Pro 64
    X200: 7454-CTO, W7/Pro 32

    Darksaber wrote:
    Good advice, but I'd also say there is no harm in giving it a try, if you want.
    Well, OK, but we have to keep the answer in the context that the question was asked.
    For some of us, trying to get a new OS working on a 6 or 8 year old computer might be seen as sort of a 'fun project' - almost a challenge.  If nothing else, it will be a learning experience.
    I think, though, that the original poster was asking the question from a practical point of view - meaning, 'If I install Windows 7 on this computer, will I have satisfactory day-to-day computing results?'  In that context, I am sure you agree that the answer would be no.
    Hence my general guideline that for a non-enthusiast - someone who just wants to get their daily work done, nothing more - the most practical strategy is to only upgrade one OS higher than what the computer shipped with.  Once you start trying to upgrade two OS steps higher (or, perish the thought, three OS steps higher), the exercise often becomes impractical, especially considering the very low cost of utility notebooks these days.
    W520 (4270 CTO), which replaced a W500 (4062-27U), which replaced a T42P, which replaced an A21P...

  • Need useful documentation for upgrade of SAP 4.7C  to ECC 5.O

         As my company is going for the upgrade to ECC 5.0, can you guys help me out by sending some useful documentation regarding the upgradation, as i never worked on upgradation project before.
    Points will be rewarded for usefeul information.
    Please send the documents to the following email id: [email protected]

    Hello Kumara,
    First read the release notes of ECC 6.0  with respect to ur version (4.7c).
    Observe changes in ECC 6.0 and make further changes in Blue print new release.
    u can find the release notes at sap help and also at the screen.
    If there any further requirements, u can collect the requirements that is billable
    Narendar Konakanchi

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    It's rather embarrassing, but in recent days I've come to find that somehow, the driver for my DVD RAM (Mat****a UJ830s) is somehow corrupt or missing.
    I've searched high and low over the net to find the right driver to reinstall, but I can't find a single thing.
    Don't suppose anyone can help?

    Do you mean the simply common driver for the Mat****a UJ830s?
    Usually the windows use the common Microsoft OS driver and usually you will not find an Toshiba driver for this device.
    Ok, on the page you will find an DVD-RAM but its only for the reading and writing of the DVD-RAM medias.
    Caution when using DVD-RAM disks in the DVD MULTI drive Data cannot be written onto a DVD-RAM disk while the function for writing data onto Windows XP standard CD-R/RW disks is enabled.
    A message appears when this function has been enabled so when using a DVD-RAM disk, heed the instruction given in this message by clearing "Enable CD recording on this drive.

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    None of the Web Server 6.1 downloads are crippled or time bombed in any way. If you have a license for 6.1, you can (and should!) apply the latest 6.1 service pack without purchasing an additional license.
    The 6.1 service pack downloads can be used for new installations or to upgrade an existing 6.1 installation. To upgrade an existing installation, run the setup program and instruct it to install to the directory that contains the existing installation.

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    from the posts on this site, I agree. BUT I'd rather they didn't hurry it - you don't want to replace buggy firmware with more buggy firmware.
    Currently using E71, looking at options

  • Please i really need a big help hare. hp lj1300 driver for win 7 32 bit and 64 bit printer driver.

    hi every one please i really need halp hare i have a hp LJ 1300 printer and i have been trying to install it on window 7 (32 bit and  64 bit). i have been looking for the LasarJet 1300 printer driver but i have not seen any. i even down loaded form hp web site. but it still did not work. after installing when u go to the divice mannger its showing the printer driver not found and then its not even printing. am using a usb and a laptop. i really need this driver for window 7. so i could get my work done. please some one help me hare.

    This 32 bit Intel graphics driver should work...

  • Really need help! with macbook OS X install disc 2

    How can I uninstall Mac OS X? because i need an disc 2, which i haven't got and it's the old macbook. Is there any way that i can stop the install? or buy the disc 2? i can't click on anything until i have that disc 2.
    If any of you have the answer then please contact me.
    because i really need my macbook for school soon
    Thank you and god please help me.

    Hold the Moyse button down to eject Disc #2 while booting up, at the same time hold the Option/alt key down to have the startup manager pop up, insertt Disc #1 & wait For Disc #1 to show as a boot choice.
    That second Disc thing happens frequently, the best way around it is to do a Custom install, and eliminate enough Printer Drivers, Languages, Fonts, and Applications you don't need... then it may skip #2 altogether.
    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)
    Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.
    3. Click the First Aid tab.
    4. Select your Mac OS X volume.
    5. Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk."

  • Fiori Configuration - Worklows really needed ?

    Dear All Gurus,
    In case we install fiori and its components in our system do we need to configure Workflows in R/3 (ECC) ??
    We are not using Worflows for approval scenareos since for the approvals and allerts we are using the Legacy System .
    (Ex : PR is created in SAP and once SAVE, through SAP PI data flows to a legacy systems and Approval is done there and data flows back to SAP to create PO automatically through PI      etc...).
    Can we just use Fiori to create PR / PO /Sales Ord. (business scenarios) independantly without Workflows?
    Please advice...
    Tags edited by: Michael Appleby

    Hi Masayuki,
    Thanks a lot for your reply....!
    Basically ERP - Purchase Requisition Creation / Purchase Orders Creation / Quotations / Sales Order Creations  etc..
    Actually we have ERP - MM, SD , FI , CO modules implemented so far in R/3 - ECC in our company and PP , PM, QA modules yet to implement..
    All of these are integrated with Legacy Systems through SAP PI/XI and approvals are done at Legacy systems end. (Purchase Requisitions / Purchase Orders are created without workflows)
    Why my concern is Do we really need SAP workflows for Fiori to create Purchase Orders , Purchase Requisitions, Sales Orders etc....
    Can these be created independently in Fiori?

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