Flex application running under AIR takes a long, long time to start.

I have a flex application which runs on a desktop under AIR. The application has an assets folder with 3,500 mp3 soundclips totalling about 50MB. The problem is, the application takes around 90 seconds to load. I'm sure that AIR is scanning the application folder and doing something with the contents because if I delete the assets folder it loads in about 5 seconds. Does anyone know why AIR/Flex would do this, and why it doesn't exhibit the same problem if I run or debug in Flexbuilder on eclipse? It's making my killer app unusable!

Well, I've spent a bit longer looking at this now, and the problem appears to lie with my encrypted local store. The first thing that happens is for the app to read the product key from the ELS. But, it fails (for some unknown reason). So, the app seems to hang there for 90 seconds until it eventually renders the welcome screen. If I remove the assets folder it still fails to read from the ELS, but only takes a couple of seconds to start the welcome screen. This is where the scanning of the application folder seems to come into play, because if I remove the code which reads from the ELS the app starts within 2 seconds whether the asset folder is there or not.
I think the slow startup and the scanning of the assets folder are just symptoms of a different problem, i.e. a problem with the ELS. I don't have the same problem with my development environment though - it's only when I test deploy the application.
Thanks for your help on this problem EgorKDie. I think I should be able to resolve it once I can sort out why the ELS is being awkward.

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    Hi F7H2fw,
    How did you develop the application ?
    Here is a similar symptom and this may explain the issue somehow:
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    I suspect there is a compatibility issue here .
    Considering this is more likely a developing issue .It is recommended to ask for help from our MSDN Forum .They are more familiar with the developing issue .If it is possible ,please attach the code in that thread .Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
    MSDN Forum
    Best regards
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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    Here's a DIY answer.
    See Metalink Note 269820.1 which shows you how to use Perl to overwrite the host name in the HTTP header and remove the port number.

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        I am currently developing a prototype application which runs locally and not all functionality need be working, especially the file uploading/downloading and file browsing capabilities, due to  time constraints. In working I setup a flex application, and now realize that same functionality could be handled in a  more gracious fashion by AIR.
         My question is how much more work is it modifying my prototype into a full AIR app when the time comes?  I have a feeling it is not as easy as just including some AIR classes into my current prototype, right? And would I be better off, creating a new flex 3 project altogether, and repurposing what code needs to be re-purposed? 
        For example, I might need the ability to import custom artwork to be displayed in the application, which comes from the local filesystem, but can be saved or sent to a remote server. Initially, I used the FileReference class, but now am pondering if using adobe AIR would cut my development time, now and in the future.
    Any enlightenment would be helpful, since from reading the documentation on Adobe AIR, I'm not quite sure of where the line in the sand is drawn between its framework and flex's framework is drawn.

    It could be as easy as changing the Application tag to WindowedApplication and creating an application descriptor file.
    I'm not sure if you can change a Flex web project into a desktop project, so you might have to create a new project in the F. Builder IDE. (If you are using the command line tools, that's not an issue.)
    As to the "line in the sand," AIR is at the same level as Flash Player (in the browser or standalone). The Flex framework runs in either. There are a handful of features in Flex that work in AIR , but not in Flash Player (because they use AIR-only APIs).

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    I> I developed a flex application using FLEX BUILDER3. My
    main.mxml and background image file was under src directory in flex
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    inside this html file. I want to convert the same flex application
    to a desktop application. So I created a new project as a desktop
    app and copied the mxml file and background image file under the
    src directoy of the project. I am not able to see a folder named
    history. I dont know where and how to insert the javascript and
    html code for creating desktop air application
    > Also the backgroundimage file is not getting display in
    the window. Not sure why is it so. I had inserted the JPEG

    The ability to package Composite Applications in AIR is currently available
    as a limited release, so if you are interested you will need to contact your
    sales channel for more information.
    The technology includes a library (mosaic-mxml.swc) that contains UI
    Components that allow developers to control the loading and placement of
    Tiles or entire AXML Applications within the AIR application. There are
    samples and documentation available.
    As for mobile, there is work underway to support Mobile AIR applications
    scheduled for an upcoming release.

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              > Kumar.
              > Sonny wrote:
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    I put my Mac Air in sleep mode from the apple icon after Im dont using it but sometimes takes a very long time to shut down. Then Im not sure if sometimes it goes into sleep mode by itself first. My mac notebook as soon as you hit sleep it shut down instantly. Anyone else have this problem?

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    I am creating an AIR desktop application (mx:WindowedApplication). I need to load another remote FLEX application (mx:Application) inside my AIR application.Is it possible ? If then ,please mention how to achieve this ..

    If it is bundled with the air app, then it's as easy as using the SWFLoader class.
    If it's loading from a remote host, you need to load it into your app as a ByteArray first.
    More info here: http://aaronhardy.com/flex/loading-a-remote-module-into-a-local-app/
    The example is for Modules, but the principal is the same I believe.

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    No, the problem still occurs.
    It's weird there are no plug-in errors or something.
    With fp installed:
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    as a side note: a few weeks ago, I made a new clean Mac OS installation because of a harddrive replacement. So, the whole system is actually very tidy...  

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    Still don't have an anwer for you, but just a few thoughts... So it would seem that creating a Managed account automatically invokes some user account firewall settings, since the game works under your admin account. I was  able to access the System Prefs under a managed account to see about opening up the port in question, but if this is indeed the problem, the firewall isn't the GUI kind.
    It's possible that there would be a terminal command to do so, but I wouldn't have a clue about how to do that.

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    Hello Mariush,
    I have to display the content of the PDF in the flex application. If not PDF directly, is there other workaround for this. Or can I display the content of the MS word file, if not PDF.
    Thanks and Regards
       Khalid Chaudhary

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    I have a mac book pro its early 2011 15" i updated it from snow leapord to lion since then i have been having a problem with the shutdown it takes a really long time. And i am now concerned because my mac took a lot of time to start up today it kept showing me the apple symbol for 3 min then it showed the login screen can u guys help me weather there is some issue with my mac or most of u are getting this problem. Should i install snow leapord  again or should i bear with the issue untill an update is there pls help im really worried..... Thank you.

    You'll only be abe to repair permissions on the partition where your operating system is installed. For instance the disk on which I have Lion installed is name MacJoseph so that is the only disk I can repair permission on unless I boot from an install DVD. To do a clean install see these instructions. It's not difficult at all. This article may explain more about a clean install. To re-download the Lion installer open your App store application, at the top of the App store where it say's 'Purchased' hold down the option key while clicking on 'purchased.' This will open your purchases and allow you to download Lion. When the installer finishes downloading quit the installer and it will be in your applications folder. Hope this helps.

  • It takes a lot of time to start up the imac. Sometimes more than 5 minutes.

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    What can It be? Thanks.

    this won't answer the slowness of your mac but i would like to suggest something for you if i may. i was also frustrated at how slow my late 2012 21.5" imac was from the box, this is what i did.
    didnt want to tear my mac apart to swap the int. hdd so i purchased a lacie rugged ssd and connected via thunderbolt, the difference was amazing, from powering up to surfing the net.......8 seconds!
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    my advice, get an external thunderbolt enclosure, it doesnt have to be lacie, there are loads out there, and bang a ssd in it.  

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