Flex Applications loaded in SWFLoader DropDownList Offset

Hello all,
I have searched far and wide and am unable to come up with the answer to an issue I am experiencing.  I have a Flash App (FB4) Which loads various other Flex 3 and 4 apps using SWFLoader based on what the user requires at the time.
Everything is working well so far with one exception.  If I have the SWFLoader offset (Like Left="50" or Top="50") Then the dropdown menu that appears when a user clicks the DropDownList component is offset by that many pixels to the right or down.  My goal is to provide a graphical menu above the embedded swf.  However, when I do that each time the DropDownList is clicked, the list of choices is moved down by the same amount of pixels the embedded swf is on the stage.  It appears to be a bug in the way the DropDownList works for determining location, but I don't know how to fix it.
Any thoughts?

Thank you for that.  I have the loadcompatability option so I can have different versions.  But I did not know about the compiler setting.  Is there documentation somewhere about the compiler settting?

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  • FB Debug application loaded with SWFLoader

    I am fairly new to flex builder, I am working on a fairly
    large project that has many pages. To reduce the application sizes,
    I have created seperate applications for each type of user. The
    login page then loads the appropiate application useing SWFLoader.
    When I try to debug the application by setting a breakpoint within
    my application and start the login page, my breakpoint never
    breaks. Does anyone know anything about this, or how I would debug
    an application loaded this way. Just a note, I cannot run the
    loaded application without the login applicaiton being loaded
    first. The login app contains data that the secondary application

    Most likely the issue here is that the SWF that you are
    loading with the <SWFLoader> tag was not built for debugging.
    E.g. say you have a project called MyComponent, and then the
    main project called MyApp. Inside MyApp.mxml you have this:
    <mx:SWFLoader source="MyComponent.swf" />
    And presumably you manually copied MyComponent.swf from
    MyComponent/bin into the MyApp project. Well, the MyComponent
    project built two versions of the SWF: MyComponent.swf, which is
    the release version, and MyComponent-debug.swf, which is the debug
    So if you need to debug it, you'll have to copy
    MyComponent-debug.swf over to the MyApp project. To get it to load
    with the SWFLoader tag, you'll either need to temporarily change
    the filename in the SWFLoader tag to refer to
    MyComponent-debug.swf, or else rename the debug SWF to the release
    filename of MyComponent.swf.
    Unfortunately there is no automated workflow to have
    SWFLoader detect whether it is running debug or release, and load a
    different SWF.

  • Failed Alert window when application loaded from SWFLoader

    For example i've created two simple application.
    Parent application must to load another child application
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
                   xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" minWidth="955" minHeight="600"
        <mx:SWFLoader id="subApp1" trustContent="true" source="../subapp/Subapp.swf"/>   
    In child application i only call Alert.show in button click event.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
                   xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" minWidth="955" minHeight="600"
                   xmlns:ns1="*" width="600" height="1000"
        <s:Button id="btnAlert" label="Alert" click="Alert.show('test mess', 'Title')"/>
    As a result we receive an Alert-window displaced upwards of a window of a browser.
    Instead of a usual window which is normally displayed if child application to call directly
    The problem can be solved if i specify parent object for Alert call
    <s:Button id="btnAlert" label="Alert" click="Alert.show('test mess', 'Title', Alert.OK, this)"/>
    But it is not the desirable decision as the real child application very big.
    Somebody worked with this sort of problems?
    How it probably to solve?
    Thank you very mach!

    Things are getting weird here...
    This is a crop of the GUI in Halo:
    and this is what the CS Extension Builder theme looks like:
    There's no more the vertical separator *nor* the arrow in the combobox! Let alone that the plus button has gotten a crazy size.
    Uhm... it seems like there's something wrong.
    And by the way, no matter what theme I chose, my Design tab always shows the bluish GUI:
    Being Halo, shouldn't it be gray? Why on earth it's grayish blue to me?!
    I've had some random warnings, not specifically in this project, like:
    "Design mode: Cannot load CSXSLibrary-2.0-sdk-3.4-public.swc (reason: ERROR: Load Verify). It may require classes (such as Adobe AIR components) that are not supported by design mode. Check the Eclipse error log for more details. main.mxml /01/src Unknown Problem"
    I'm wondering whether FB has some troubles with the preferences...
    Could someone please test whether the change in theme leads to these dramatic changes in appearance?
    Is it correct that the default appearance is this (bluish) one?

  • How to load a FLEX application in an AIR desktop application.

    I am creating an AIR desktop application (mx:WindowedApplication). I need to load another remote FLEX application (mx:Application) inside my AIR application.Is it possible ? If then ,please mention how to achieve this ..

    If it is bundled with the air app, then it's as easy as using the SWFLoader class.
    If it's loading from a remote host, you need to load it into your app as a ByteArray first.
    More info here: http://aaronhardy.com/flex/loading-a-remote-module-into-a-local-app/
    The example is for Modules, but the principal is the same I believe.

  • Loading a server side flex movie into a client side flex application

    Hello all,
    I'm running a local flex application that's loading another
    flex movie from an external url into a container (via SWFLoader).
    After setting up the whole crossdomain.xml issue, i'm facing
    a weird problem:
    The loaded swf shows up streched and does not inherit any
    styles from the parent application. It also can not trigger any
    function inside the parent application or the other way round.
    When i load the same swf from my local filestore everything
    is fine. It's also working properly when i load the parent
    application from the same webserver the "loadin" swf comes from...
    Does anyone know the problem? How can this be solved? Can it
    be solved? If not, i'm in trouble..
    Best regards,

    I'm not sure why it would be stretched. As for the other
    issue, look at Security.allowDomain. If you want the loaded SWF to
    have access to the parent Flex app, the parent Flex app must grant
    permission using allowDomain. And vice-versa.

  • Error while loading a swf created in flash cs4, inside a flex application

    Hi there,
    I have created a rotating logo in flash cs4 using motion presets, named logoRotar.swf. I have used this inside my flex application:
    <mx:SWFLoader width="33.33%" height="100%" source="assets/logoRotar.swf">
    When I execute the flex application, I get this runtime error message:
    VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.geom::Matrix3D could not be found.
        at global$init()
        at fl.motion::AnimatorFactory3D/getNewAnimator()
        at fl.motion::AnimatorFactoryBase/addTargetInfo()
        at logoRotar_fla::MainTimeline()
    I also tried adding import flash.geom.*; statement in my flex application, I still get the same message.
    Flash player 10,0,22,87 is running in my browser.
    Please help me out....

    Get Flex 3.3 and use -target-player=10
    Alex Harui
    Flex SDK Developer
    Adobe Systems Inc.
    Blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui

  • Loading pdf file in flex application (not in AIR)

    Could any one suggest opening pdf file within flex application with blazeds.
    we have used the following code to open pdf file in the same window
    navigateToURL( new URLRequest( "http://localhost:8080/PdfSample/jsp/PdfContent.jsp" ),"_self");
    But we want to load the pdf file in a vbox.Similary to the below image
    Is it is possible to load pdf file in flex application,if so how can we achieve it

    Hello Mariush,
    I have to display the content of the PDF in the flex application. If not PDF directly, is there other workaround for this. Or can I display the content of the MS word file, if not PDF.
    Thanks and Regards
       Khalid Chaudhary

  • How to ensure that latest version of Flex application is loaded

    Hello experts
    I have a bit of dilemma here. I am working on application which is going to be used at various locations (globally).
    Level of technical knowledge of users varies quite a lot so do operating systems authorizations of the PCs they are working on (various companies with different level of security).
    At the moment I am facing issue where some users are still using older release of the Flex application even after refresh and deletion of temporary internet files.
    Is there any way to ensure (using some AS code or Flex project settings) that only latest versions of SWF files are loaded (not the one from buffer/cache)?

    BTW, I have added following line to the HTML template/wrapper:
    but it is still picking up older version of SWF file on certain PCs. It does read latest HTML (wrapper) file though. Seems that caching is only enabled for either certain file types or files exceeding certain size.
    I have decided to do something a bit daft (or cheeky, depends how you look at it) as temporary solution and rename 2 main files (main SWF and HTML) to something like:
    It can be done in couple of minutes after release build has been exported (no need to update project itself). That way I can fool browser so it will pick up latest version (since its different file with different name).
    Main application consists of 10+ modules and some of them are compiled into separate SWF files. I am loading them inside application using ModuleLoader component. I have set parameter cachePolicy to "off" as I am not going to rename all these modules each time I am releasing new version of application.
    The end result is that main application is refreshed but all modules that are being loaded are picked up from cache (old versions).
    So as a last resort I have decided to change folder name of my application. That way all the files (main app and modules) are considered as new files since location of all of them has changed. It is just a workaround, it does work but it carries certain risks. If user will use old link application will still load (older version) and then consequences can be catastrophic (even corruption of data).
    Has anyone experienced same issues?
    I know these are more browser/network issues but how do I deal with them. Some of these people cant ask IT for support (for various reasons). Is there anything else I can do to ensure that users across the board will use latest version of application?

  • Flex application is not loading in IE6

    I have requirement .
    One web application will be loading flex application as inline iframe.It is not loading flex app in IE6 where as working fine in IE7.
    Is there any problem with IE6 while loading flex app
    pls help me it is production issue

    what version of flashplayer does it have?
    Flintstones version?

  • Air application loading flex applications(no Air) with flex linked as RSL.

    I am trying to make an AIR application which loads number of flex applications(no AIR). The subapplications are using the Flex SDK as a RSL, and each of them can use different version of the SDK.
    The problem is that the subapplicationsare trying to load the needed SDK from local filesystem, which they are not permited.
    public class CrossDomainRSLItem extends RSLItem
         override public function load(progressHandler:Function,

    Hi again.
    Is there any way to reliably edit the trust files with AIR application?
    As I see it we have to make the user to add our folder to the trusted locations, or to use some application which can find and write in the FlashPlayerTrust (native for the specific OS installer for example.). (even finding this directory with an AIR application seems not 100% reliable).
    Thanks in advance for you help.
    Ps: Right now I am trying to patch this.
    I compiled some sub-applications using custom preloader class(the controlling class, not the UI), where I removed the RSL loading. After that in an ApplicationDomain I load all the RSLs with loaders. After that I load the sub-application in the same domain. On paper this should work, but the sub-application can't find the classes from the RSLs(the first exeption is that there is no definition for spark.components.Application)

  • I am looking for a load testing tool for my flex application

    I am looking for a load testing tool for my flex application having a limited budghet of 1000-1500$. I have gone through NEOLoad,WebUiLoad all are very expensive.

    Do you have iPad 1 or 2?
    You can connect iPad 1 via a VGA adapter to any projector with a VGA input (all projectors have this).
    You can connect iPad 2 via VGA or HDMI.
    I like Epson or Sony for projectors.

  • RuntTime Loading of Flex Application Components

    I am about to make the jump, and start using Flex for a new
    web-application, however I am worried about loading time. Flex
    applications compile to a single SWF file that needs to be
    dowloaded in its entirety by the client. As we add new features to
    our web-app, the size of the SWF will grow. What is the easiest way
    to develop the app so that components are loaded on-demand, and not
    all at once. For example, if we add a community board to our
    web-app, I only wants this to be loaded for users that click on the
    link to the community board.
    Thanks for your help.

    You have a few options,
    1) the easy one. Createa hybrid app and break it up into
    multiple movies. And then use an IFrame to load the different
    "movies" as needed.
    2) Use RSL libraries. Flash is smart use a component once or
    10 times, it doesn't matter. Flash will only load the code for the
    movie once in the .swf. You'll find your applications don't grow
    that fast after the initial size. However, with RSL you can move
    all of the common components into their own SWF which your users
    browser will cache (since it's a non changing swf)
    3) Use the ApplicatioDomain feature/object. To know what that
    is - read this blog. There are a few posts about this very subject
    from one of the Flex engineers.

  • Flex Application Not loading in case of using RSL.

    If anyone can help, I release my Flex Application using RSL but now this appication is not loading on some system. I upload application.swf and framework_3.0.0.477.swz and also crossdomain.xml but application not uploading and getting error  #2032.

    Search the internet for solutions for that error.
    Alex Harui
    Flex SDK Developer
    Adobe Systems Inc.
    Blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui

  • How Flex application can be loaded once together

    My question is that "how Flex application can be loaded once
    I am using some images and .swf files and the application is
    loaded in pieces , means differnet parts os the same page are
    loaded in differnet timng and the whole page is not loaded at once
    so how it can be.

    One way would be to hide the rendering behind some splash
    screen. ViewStack would be suitable. In this case, you would want
    to set creationPolicy="all".

  • [Advanced] Sudden 'Movie not loaded' error with multi-swf flex application

    We've stumbled across a very strange problem, which we can't reproduce regulary, and therefore can't find a way to debug it.
    Our flex application consists of multiple .swf-files, each containing a piece of functionality we call module (though it's not a regular flex module), which interact with other modules in the application.
    But sometimes user interaction lead to the following problem. Some block of the application (which originated from certain module) becomes black, and right-clicking on it brings 'Movie not loaded' context menu item. After some time, the whole application becomes 'not loaded'.
    I have no idea of the cause of such a behaviour. I suppose some changes were introduced in Flash Player 10.2 - we didn't experience this problem before.
    Adobe guys, may you direct us and give us an advice on how to debug such a problem, and what might be a cause?
    It look like this:
    (in black area was a window similar to the one in background)
    (After right-click. You can see flash player version here)
    We're completely lost, and will really appreciate any help or advice.

    use an online tracer and network monitor to see what you're doing.

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