Folio builder update issue

Was prompted to update folio builder on my Windows 7 PC running InDesign CS5.5. Did so, restarted, launched InDesign and once again was prompted to access folio builder update. Tried it again, same result.
Tried updating both folio producer and folio builder, got the same results.
Still getting the prompt "A newer version of Folio Builder is available for download."
Any ideas on steps to rectify?

I found a solution to my problem, which is kind of similar.  Hopefully this can help others who get the update folio builder request, even when its been updated.
I found Indesign CS6 + Folio Builder has some type of glitch on my Windows 7 machine.  If the folio builder window is open when I open Indesign, it will close as soon as Indesign starts up.  When I open the Folio Builder panel it will always ask me to update the folio builder, even though it is fully updated.
The solution for me, is to make sure the folio builder panel is always closed when I close down Indesign.  In this way when Indesign is opened, the folio builder panel does not open automatically.  I then wait for a few seconds after Indesign has fully opened.  Once it's fully open and ready to go, I open the folio builder panel and viola the folio builder panel opens correctly and I'm signed in.

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  • Folio Builder update issues

    I have a Mac--trying to use Folio Builder and every time it says I need to update, so I do, and it reflects an update, but then I try to open the Folio Builder panel and it says yet again that I need to update. Please help!

    After several hours (4+) trying every combination described here and elsewhere, what ultimately worked was uninstalling ALL Adobe software and starting from scratch.
    1.  Uninstall any and all Adobe software:
    Adobe AIR
    Adobe Flash
    DPS App Builder
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe InDesign
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Previous downloads of installers
    2.  Clear all system and user caches, preferences, bootcaches, kextcache, etc.and reboot (whether necessary or not; just for good measure).
    3.  Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to confirm everything was removed.
    4.  Reboot (whether necessary or not; just for good measure).
    5.  Confirm no Adobe affiliated process is running in the Activity Monitor (or Task/Process Viewer in Windows).
    6.  Download a new clean installer for Adobe Creative Cloud.
    7.  Cross fingers.
    8.  Install Adobe InDesign.
    9.  Reboot (again, just because).
    10.  Install Adobe InDesign updates (which should download the necessary DPS tools too).
    After all this, the Folio Builder finally appeared and began working again for my computer. 

  • Folio Builder update damaged

    I'm having trouble installing the Folio Building update. The message says "Install" is damage and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image.

    Lion did get GateKeeper with the 10.7.5 update:
    The recommendation made by Bob (#4) is correct.

  • Where is March 20 v30 folio builder update?

    The only files available are from March 15. My relative links are not working on desktop viewer.

    The March 20 update to the tools fixes a sign-in issue in the Folio Builder panel, and you should install it when you get a chance, but you should be able to use relative links with the March 15 version of the tools. The key is to use a v30 viewer. It works with any folio format, including v20, but the viewer has to be v30. The v30 version of the Adobe Content Viewer isn't yet available in the App Store, so you need to build a custom v30 app to get relative navto links to work. o_links

  • Folio builder panel issues - CS6 - Mac

    My folio builder panel is just blank. Not sure why. I use it once a month for a monthly issue of a magazine of sorts, and went to use it today and there is nothing visible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Uninstall and re-install the Digital Publishing Suite Tools for CS6. If that doesn't resolve the issue, un-install and re-install InDesign CS6.

  • Folio Builder Updates

    In CS6, Folio Builder says to run Updates, but when I do, everything is already up-to-date. What else can I check to get it working?

    Check if Updates are enabled or not for InDesign CS6 under Help. If “Updates” is grayed out then you need to enable them on this machine.
    To enable updates: Navigate to
    (Mac) “<Startup Disk>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/”
    (WIN) “C:\Program files\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\”, If in case it’s InDesign (64 bit), then "C:\Program files(x86)\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\"
    Open “AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat” file in TextEditor or Notepad and change <Suppressed>1</Suppressed> to <Suppressed>0</Suppressed>, or create one if it’s not there with below text and save it as AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat to above location.     
         <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    Try installing update again.

  • Folio builder login issues

    I am having trouble logging in to Folio Builder, as are three of my colleagues. We get the following error:
    Sign In has failed.
    Network failure.
    Anyone else experiencing this problem? Is the network down?

    Hi, we currently have a system outage whereby signing in is affected.
    Our Engineering team is working on this and will update the status page ASAP.

  • Viewer Builder update issue

    This update process is just getting absolutely ridiculous. I am trying to get into the viewer builder. It tells me that my viewer builder is out of date and gives me a link to follow. I follow the link, download, install as I am instructed to. When I start the viewer builder after install I am told that my viewer builder is out of date. WHERE IS THE MOST RECENT VIEWER BUILDER? How is this productive and cutting edge? For the investment my company made in this product it should be a LOT easier to keep it up to date. PLEASE provide me a link to the most recent veiwer builder update so that I can move on with my work.

    This could be the issue as well. This is the notice that Adobe put on the forums. Upon login, older versions of Viewer Builder (versions 1.5.1 and older) contain a link to upgrade the Viewer Builder that point to the DPS Dashboard. You can download the latest version of Viewer Builder from the Dashboard only if you first delete the existing Viewer Builder from the Applications folder. You can also download the most current Viewer Builder from
    This is exactly what you just told me. So if viewer builder versions 1.5.1 and older are being replaced with a new viewer, why is everything adobe links to taking me to Viewer-Builder-1.5.0-RC.dmg,
    Try clicking on any of the links and see.

  • Folio Builder Menu Issue

    I am using Folio Builder and want to share my folio. However there is no Menu option to do this. I've followed the directions from Adobe but since there is not menu option to do this I'm stuck. What do I do?

    Like Kai said, make sure you are logged in to FP, and then click and highlight the folio you want to share. Now go to the fly out menu, you should now see the share option.

  • "Folio builder" update freezes InDesign CS6

    The 'Folio builder' panel of InDesign kindly invited me to upgrade but unfortunalately, it now freezes InDesign as soon as I click on it.
    Thanks for any help,

    Try to change your worspace...

  • Folio Builder Updating Articles Loop

    I'm testing a small folio, cover, ad, and story. I see a spinnng wheel next to each article, indicating that each article is being updated, but it's been updating for several hours.
    Something is wrong.
    Any suggestions?

    I recall this issue being brought up before-- and im trying to search the forum to find exactly what the solution was.  From what I remember is that
    when every article is spinning it is indicating an error-- and not updating.  I do recall an Adobe employee commenting on the indicator-- and several forum users requesting an "X" rather than the entire panel spinning.  -- i do believe it was either John or Bob that commented previously and maybe they can reiterate what was said before.

  • InDesign CS6 Folio Builder Plugin isn't working!

    I have successfully downloaded & installed the most recent Folio Builder update from the Adobe site, Id keeps telling me "You do not have a compatible Digital Publishing Plug-in.  Click here to download the Folio Producer tools." under the Folio Builder tab.
    Anyone else run into this problem? Anyone know how to fix?
    Note: I already tried manually quitting my CS6ServiceManager in my Activity Monitor application then reinstalling the Plugin. Did not work!

    Moved to DPS forum.

  • Adobe Content Viewer in iPad dont update the contents on mi Folio Builder! Help!

    Please, someone have de same problem?!
    When i update my folio through the Folio Builder in Indesign 5.5, the Content Viewer in iPad dont update de folio.
    In i see the contents update, but in iPad/Adobe Content Viewer not.
    Why this problem happens?

    As I wrote on another thread (and this was directed at Adobe employees)
    "I have been closely monitoring many threads here at DPS (and DPS Private Beta Forums) in the last few weeks, and yes I am new to this particular product group having only been in it since March.  But I wonder if there is some way that Adobe can be made aware of how serious this issue is with Builder and Viewer and tools "not lining up" with Apple.
    "To keep putting this problem on Apple is somewhat of a shopworn technique (and I say this with all due respect.). Still, Apple commands fully 80+ % of the tablet market.  They are the big dog.
    "Suggestions for the future:  Perhaps there will be a way to choose a tools/viewers workflow at startup -- or to put a bigger "red flag" before installing any update that is not yet supported by Apple.  Approaching this from the engineering side, you may have forgotten just how many disclaimer screens the average designer/production person faces every week!  Many of us don't read them carefully. (Richard Dreyfuss reads them).
    "I have nothing but admiration for what Adobe software engineers are trying to do -- and these are nascent times to be sure.  But it certainly seems like this launch is going poorly.
    -- Jeff

  • Folio Builder issues

    We are having troubles uploading to Folio Builder. We've tried different computers, different networks, different InD versions (CS6, CC, CC 2014).... we can only get 4-6 articles in on a multiple article upload before it crashes InDesign (no error message). Is anyone else having issues?
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I am experiencing the exact same issue. Trying to update or upload articles and it just crashes out. I also have some bizarre flickering box appearing in the middle of my folio builder window!? Yesterday, initially I was getting to upload/update about 5 articles before it would crash out and by the end of the day I couldn't get any.

  • An update is required to use Folio Builder.  Please click here to download the Folio Producer tools.

    I'm using CS 5.5, Mac OS 10.8.4. I've spent the last two nights trying to figure this out but I am really stuck this time... I think the issue I'm having is similar to IDEAMAN1 but I got lost on his advice after trying some stuff out, so help would be greatly appreciated!! (I'm only medium-level tech savvy...)
    Trying to create my first epublication. Downloaded FolioPanel v26 and installed it, then FolioProducerTools v27 and installed it. Realised I had stuffed it up so uninstalled both using the uninstaller. Re-downloaded FolioProducerTools v27, FoiioPanel v27 and installed in that order and popup said the updates were ready to go. Opened InDesign and folio builder panel said "An update is required to use Folio Builder.  Please click here to download the Folio Producer tools.". The link brought me to which is where I downloaded the original files anyway.
    So I've tried uninstalling, restarting the computer, trashed preferences, closed CS5.5ServiceManager, reinstalling heaps of times and not sure what I should try next. Please help!! Thanks!!!!

    That notification is often a bug.
    I get it regularly when I launch InDesing while connected to my Thunderbolt Display.
    If I disconnect my Macbook from the Display, relaunch InDesign it works fine - reconnecting to Thunderbolt display after this also still allows the Folio Producer tools to load properly.

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