Folio Builder Updating Articles Loop

I'm testing a small folio, cover, ad, and story. I see a spinnng wheel next to each article, indicating that each article is being updated, but it's been updating for several hours.
Something is wrong.
Any suggestions?

I recall this issue being brought up before-- and im trying to search the forum to find exactly what the solution was.  From what I remember is that
when every article is spinning it is indicating an error-- and not updating.  I do recall an Adobe employee commenting on the indicator-- and several forum users requesting an "X" rather than the entire panel spinning.  -- i do believe it was either John or Bob that commented previously and maybe they can reiterate what was said before.

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  • Folio Builder update damaged

    I'm having trouble installing the Folio Building update. The message says "Install" is damage and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image.

    Lion did get GateKeeper with the 10.7.5 update:
    The recommendation made by Bob (#4) is correct.

  • Folio builder update issue

    Was prompted to update folio builder on my Windows 7 PC running InDesign CS5.5. Did so, restarted, launched InDesign and once again was prompted to access folio builder update. Tried it again, same result.
    Tried updating both folio producer and folio builder, got the same results.
    Still getting the prompt "A newer version of Folio Builder is available for download."
    Any ideas on steps to rectify?

    I found a solution to my problem, which is kind of similar.  Hopefully this can help others who get the update folio builder request, even when its been updated.
    I found Indesign CS6 + Folio Builder has some type of glitch on my Windows 7 machine.  If the folio builder window is open when I open Indesign, it will close as soon as Indesign starts up.  When I open the Folio Builder panel it will always ask me to update the folio builder, even though it is fully updated.
    The solution for me, is to make sure the folio builder panel is always closed when I close down Indesign.  In this way when Indesign is opened, the folio builder panel does not open automatically.  I then wait for a few seconds after Indesign has fully opened.  Once it's fully open and ready to go, I open the folio builder panel and viola the folio builder panel opens correctly and I'm signed in.

  • Problem with Folio Builder - added articles are "spinning"

    today we are experiencing strange problems with Folio Builder. We are adding new artcles to folio created today and all added articles have same issue - spinning wheel in folio builder. Such articles we can't see in Content viewer until we delete existing folio.
    Thanks for help

    Could be that there was a network problem when uploading the InDesign documents.
    Try to select the articles and delete them with the trashcan. And then reupload the documents from InDesign.
    Good luck!

  • Folio Builder update issues

    I have a Mac--trying to use Folio Builder and every time it says I need to update, so I do, and it reflects an update, but then I try to open the Folio Builder panel and it says yet again that I need to update. Please help!

    After several hours (4+) trying every combination described here and elsewhere, what ultimately worked was uninstalling ALL Adobe software and starting from scratch.
    1.  Uninstall any and all Adobe software:
    Adobe AIR
    Adobe Flash
    DPS App Builder
    Adobe Creative Cloud
    Adobe InDesign
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Previous downloads of installers
    2.  Clear all system and user caches, preferences, bootcaches, kextcache, etc.and reboot (whether necessary or not; just for good measure).
    3.  Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to confirm everything was removed.
    4.  Reboot (whether necessary or not; just for good measure).
    5.  Confirm no Adobe affiliated process is running in the Activity Monitor (or Task/Process Viewer in Windows).
    6.  Download a new clean installer for Adobe Creative Cloud.
    7.  Cross fingers.
    8.  Install Adobe InDesign.
    9.  Reboot (again, just because).
    10.  Install Adobe InDesign updates (which should download the necessary DPS tools too).
    After all this, the Folio Builder finally appeared and began working again for my computer. 

  • Folio Builder Updates

    In CS6, Folio Builder says to run Updates, but when I do, everything is already up-to-date. What else can I check to get it working?

    Check if Updates are enabled or not for InDesign CS6 under Help. If “Updates” is grayed out then you need to enable them on this machine.
    To enable updates: Navigate to
    (Mac) “<Startup Disk>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/”
    (WIN) “C:\Program files\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\”, If in case it’s InDesign (64 bit), then "C:\Program files(x86)\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\"
    Open “AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat” file in TextEditor or Notepad and change <Suppressed>1</Suppressed> to <Suppressed>0</Suppressed>, or create one if it’s not there with below text and save it as AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat to above location.     
         <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    Try installing update again.

  • Error with Folio Builder - Adding Article

    I have downloaded the latest Folio update and am using 12.3.3 with CS5.5
    When I try to upload an article to my folio, I get the error message - An error has occured while updating article layouts. the InDesign file cannot be found
    How do I fix this ??
    Adding open InDesign article and Importing both do not work

    Unless you have a specific reason for using an older viewer version, use the most current version.
    Use an older viewer (such as v20) if you need to publish folios for an older custom viewer app that you've submitted to the app store but haven't updated.
    For example, let's suppose that you have a v21 viewer in the Apple App store, and you want to publish a new folio. If you publish a v23 folio, your customers will get a "Please update your app" error message when they try to download it. But if you publish a v20 or v21 folio, your customers can download it just fine.

  • Where is March 20 v30 folio builder update?

    The only files available are from March 15. My relative links are not working on desktop viewer.

    The March 20 update to the tools fixes a sign-in issue in the Folio Builder panel, and you should install it when you get a chance, but you should be able to use relative links with the March 15 version of the tools. The key is to use a v30 viewer. It works with any folio format, including v20, but the viewer has to be v30. The v30 version of the Adobe Content Viewer isn't yet available in the App Store, so you need to build a custom v30 app to get relative navto links to work. o_links

  • "Folio builder" update freezes InDesign CS6

    The 'Folio builder' panel of InDesign kindly invited me to upgrade but unfortunalately, it now freezes InDesign as soon as I click on it.
    Thanks for any help,

    Try to change your worspace...

  • Folio builder : import article error

    Have a folio with lots of articles, instead of uploading them one by one when i had them open in my software, i chose to import (one by one) and then upload.
    It "works" (they are in the folio) but then, some functions do not work when it's all loaded.
    For example, simple buttons like "go to page2/3 etc" are not taken.
    If i uplaod the same article when it is open in my .indd software, then it works ...

    Are you using the appropriate folder and file naming conventions to import? In other words, is each InDesign file named with an _v suffix and in a separate article folder?
    Also, check the dimensions in your Document Setup settings, and make sure you haven't used the Page tool to change page sizes.

  • Article automatically closes after updating the article in the folio builder?

    For some reason, every time I update an article in the folio builder, the article closes automatically - this is extremely annoying because I like to keep all articles open while working and hate that every time I update, I must reopen it. It seems to be a setting but I've searched preferences etc and can't find any setting to turn this off?
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Hi there!
    Thank you so much for your reply -
    It is only happening with a particular folio yes (my ipad rendition in particular). Other folios update and do not close the updating article.
    I'm using the latest cloud version of InDesign - whichever one in the creative cloud app that's currently running. And I use Mac.
    I reset the preferences as you suggested but it is still closing the article - it's very strange because it only does it with that particular folio. At least it only does it with that folio or I'd pull my hair out haha

  • InDesign CS6 Folio Builder Plugin isn't working!

    I have successfully downloaded & installed the most recent Folio Builder update from the Adobe site, Id keeps telling me "You do not have a compatible Digital Publishing Plug-in.  Click here to download the Folio Producer tools." under the Folio Builder tab.
    Anyone else run into this problem? Anyone know how to fix?
    Note: I already tried manually quitting my CS6ServiceManager in my Activity Monitor application then reinstalling the Plugin. Did not work!

    Moved to DPS forum.

  • Looping HTML articles in Folio Builder Indesign CS6

    I've build a HTML folio using jQuery animations. Everything works great in Folio Builder (I can import the article and preview it on my devices etc.) But when I add a loop to my animations Folio Builder never completes the uploading process when I try to import the article.
    Does anyone now how to solve this?

    Same pb for me. no reply ?

  • Folio Builder Articles Update broken?

    I cannot get Article Update to work since updating the Folio Builder panel. The file seems to compile and upload. But after the upload a gray spinner appears next to the article in the panel list, and I'm unable to access it. I've let it run for 20-30 minutes to see if it was just a slow connection, but it seems to be stuck.
    The only workaround seems to be to delete the article and select Add to upload it from scratch, losing all of the article properties in the process.
    After selecting Upload, nothing in the Folio Builder panel works until I delete the article with the spinner, then close and restart InDesign.
    Article thumbnails are missing now, too (but only on articles uploaded with the new builder panel). And I can't open articles from the Folio Builder panel any more.
    Using InDesign CS5.5.

    Not sure if anyone still has this issue... I have Adobe InDesign CS6, with the newest updated version of DPS. I was having the same issue when adding articles, the pin wheel would just run without end, tried all different formats, nothing.
    Finally, I realized that I had been working off of an InDesign file located on a server, so I Packaged my InDesign File and transfered all my files onto my local Hard Drive (onto my MacBook Pro)
    Tried the steps again and voila!
    Worked for me

  • After update Folio Builder Panel 1.1.3. articles keep on loading

    Hi all,
    After updating the Folio Builder Panel as requested (by the panel it self), we are unable to acces any articles. A loading icon keeps on animating and the article-folders stay grey. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
    Looking forward hearing from you.
    Remco van den Hout

    The good news, your'e not alone. The bad news... Adobe doesn't really have a fix at this point.
    It's a problem where the DPS thinks you are trying to update those articles, and they don't ever get reset to a state of "updated". The only fix I was able to do, unfortunately, was to trash the folios and reupload the whole thing again. It's unclear at this time where the problem was introduced so it might take a while for a fix.
    It was a major pain to have to do this stuff over again – but I know that the issue has been documented and they are looking into it.
    I recommend you make a sidecar.xml file with all the folio descriptive copy. This way, if you have to do this process another time, you can import the sidecar file and it will populate all of your articles again a lot faster. You might have to still adjust the order in a few cases... but it works pretty well. Info on that here: ff.html

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