Fonts in Safari

I recently upgraded to Leopard and I'm having a problem with fonts in Safari. What usually would appear as Trebuchet or Times is appearing as some strange font. I remember having this problem before Leopard (about 6 months ago) but cannot remember how I fixed it. And ideas?

Does just disabling (rather than removing/trashing) potentially offending fonts work? I'm trying to solve this problem in a friend's 15-year-old-daughter's iBook, but i don't really want to arouse teenage ire by trashing all the grafitti-like fonts she's installed, and it'd take me too long to actually match exactly the font that's causing the problem (there's so many, and they're so similar). I'd rather just disable them all and let HER add them back in one at a time until the bad one is found.
ps, upgrading the OS does seem to trigger this; in this case, it was going from Panther to Tiger that triggered it.

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  • The font in Safari's bookmarks bar and tabs bar has suddenly changed

    The font in Safari's bookmarks bar and tabs bar has suddenly changed to a lighter font.  How do I change the font back?  I'm not speaking of the font size/type in the web browser in viewing web pages, but the font in the application itself has changed. It's rather annoying and would like to be able to change it back!  I'm running Safari v5.1.7

    OK, Margie, here's what to do . . .
    First Quit Safari.
    Then Find your User's (Home) folder library. 
    It's hidden, but here's how you find the Home Library:
    Click on the desktop to get the Finder menu.  Then go up to  "Go" in the menu bar, while holding down the option key.
    You'll now see the User Library in the drop down list. Open it, then look for the Fonts folder.
    Take the fonts folder to the desktop.
    Restart Safari.
    Any better?
    (Warning:  This is only for the Users/Home > Library > Fonts folder.  Under no circumstances, should this be done with the SYSTEM > Library > Fonts folder.) 

  • How to Change the FONT in Safari?

    I'm using a Macbook and using the latest version of Safari in it.
    Of late, my fonts have changed. And even after changing them to my desired fonts (through Safari Preferences), I could not view the pages in Changed fonts.
    For Example, my gmail account was getting displayed in Verdana. And now, its in some obscure font - which is not chosen in preferences. This is not getting changed even after changes made to Preferences. Also, there is no change in the Text Encoding.
    I have tried the time tested method of removing Safari and reinstalling the same. Still, I'm facing the same problem.
    Someone please help.

    Hi and welcome to Apple Discussions....
    You may have duplicate or corrupted fonts.
    Follow the instructions here for help.
    Font problems and management in OS X

  • How to change fonts in Safari 8.0?

    Hello, I have Yosemite and Safari 8.0 and cannot figure out how to change fonts in Safari and leave the fonts in other applications unchanged? And I don't care about the menus, but the content of web pages. Could someone please help me solve the problem?

    You don't without using custom css sheets. The web site developers specify the fonts to be used.

  • Font in Safari got changed, how do i change it back?

    How do I revert to the original font in Safari.  It somehow got changed 2 OS's ago and I don't know how to change it back.  It's currently a very distracting font that is hard to read.

    Apple decided to trash that preference in their now basically useless iOSified Safari 6 incarnation. Now, you have to revert to using the Terminal to restore eminently useful preference settings.
    Ronald P. Regensburg wrote at MacInTouch:
    This works in Safari 6. You may need to empty caches (enable Develop menu in Safari 6—another useless change to previous behavior) to see the result and remove the css setting (to "nothing selected"). Font names with spaces need to be between quotation marks.
    Full example for proportional font:
    defaults write 'Lucida Grande'
    defaults write 14
    Full example for fixed width font:
    defaults write Monaco
    defaults write 11

  • How to set default font in Safari

    How do I set the default font in Safari?

    Fix Your Fonts in Safari 6
    Some Safari 6 stuff
    TextExpander shell script snippet to set Safari 6 default fonts
    Safari 6 on Lion, text much smaller?
    Quickstyle - Canisbos
    Safari 6 default font way too small?

  • Garbled Text/Odd font in Safari since updating to Tiger.  Java related?

    I seem to be having a problem with Safari since I updated to Tiger.
    I'm running Safari 2.0.3, and have been encountering problems with garbled text in a strange font when Safari loads certain pages. The text often overlaps making it impossible to read.
    A friend thinks it might be Java related. I've tried clearing the cache and resetting Java, but it hasn't helped.
    Here's a screenshot example:
    On the page specifically, if I go directly to their home site everything is fine, but once I try and search the results come up all messed up.
    I also have a problem with it when I try andl log into gmail. "Loading" comes up on the screen in the garbled text font as if it's trying to load an applet, but nothing happens. I eventually get the spinning rainbow of death and have to force quit.
    Any ideas?
    1.8 GHz PowerPC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Hello tashamay:
    I am not an expert in font issues, but you may have corrupt fonts. Open "font book.' Select all and run resolve duplicates. Then select all and run validate fonts. I also have read that Helvetica fractional fonts have caused some rendering problems.
    I would also clear the Safari cache again.

  • Garbage fonts in Safari

    I've read through the previous posts on this subject, but none of the solutions seem to work in my case. In Safari, some of the webpages or parts of the webpages come up with garbage text. I've taken a screen shot of one particular site, but I'm not able to attach it here. All of the system fonts are in order in System/Library Fonts. There are also fonts in Library/Fonts and in User/Admin/Library/Fonts. Of course some of the applications also have their own font folders, too.
    I thought the problem was with Helvetica, but I've turned off all but the dfont in the System/Library/Fonts folder.
    I've been struggling with this problem off and on for a couple of years. I'm losing patience! Any help would be much appreciated.

    Hi Eam1,
    Welcome to  Discussions.
    Two years is a long time to deal with this text/font issue!
    Helvetica Fractions & Times Phonetic are best removed.
    How do the fonts in Safari display in an other user or test account?
    Consider testing Safari in an other account, if you do not have another account, create a test account
    Under the Blue Apple ->System Preferences /Accounts/ Login Options, click on the padlock to unlock secure items, use the [+] to add an account,
    you could enter test in all the fields, short name will be generated for you.
    In Log in Options you can check the Enable fast user switching, alternately
    Log Out from your account, & into the test account that you created.
    This can help us determine if this is a system wide issue or isolated to your user name account.
    Read Kurt Lang's ~ Font Management in Mac OS X see the required fonts to be used for Safari & this Font Finagler can find any corrupt fonts you may have.
    I hope you get it sorted, keep us posted.

  • Dynamic Fonts in Safari

    Is there any way I can make safari work to display dynamic fonts? there are few regional newspaper websites that use such fonts and safari is not displaying the contents of those websites properly....for example:
    Any help on this would be very much appreciated...

    How would I confirm what font the website
    is using?
    I gave you the name. I found it by doing View > Page Source.
    Where do I download the font from?
    I did a search but could not find it anywhere for download. You could email the site and ask them. It might be that some other non-Unicode Bengali font would work. Sorry I don't have time right now to download them a try them out.
    I suspect this particular site may be a hopeless case.
    Dynamic fonts are an old, essentially Windows-only technology used mainly by some Asian sites which do not have the knowledge or technology to shift to Unicode, where everyone with any kind of computer can easily download the fonts being used, for example from:

  • Some fonts in Safari not working

    After updating to Safari 3.1, I noticed that some fonts in Safari now display as Helvetica fractions. However, when I use Firefox to view the same Web page, they display fine. I am using Suitcase Fusion 12.1.6 and manage Local Fonts. Some of the local fonts do not appear in the preview pane and say they are missing. I have located them and tried to add them (repaired first, all fonts do not need repair) but Suitcase will crash each time I locate the font.
    Also, I noticed in Firefox that it is using the same fonts for the default set as Safari. Times & Courier. Yet these fonts aren't missing in Suitcase, so I am not sure what is happening here.

    I am using Suitcase Fusion 12.1.6
    12.1.7 is the current version. You should probably update.
    but Suitcase will crash each time I locate the font.
    Either the font is bad, or Suitcase's database is bad. That it tells you local fonts are missing points more towards a problem with Suitcase.
    To reset Suitcase, close the application. It will give you a minor warning about available fonts. Click Quit. If you are NOT using Suitcase's vault, in your user account, go to ~/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Suitcase/ and delete the file:
    Suitcase Font Database.suitcasevault
    In the Preferences folder of your user account, delete the file:
    Relaunch Suitcase. You will need to reset any preferences in the program that you have changed from the defaults. You will also lose any sets you've created.
    If you ARE using the vault, following the above steps will cause you to lose all fonts you've added to the vault. If you have backups of all of your fonts, this is no big deal. Otherwise, be forewarned that they will be gone. What you can do is move the database file to the desktop. Then if the problem with Suitcase continues, you've likely eliminated its database as the problem. Then you can quit the app again and move your original database back into the ~/Library/Application Support/Extensis/Suitcase/ folder.
    please tell me if I nuke my font caches, how will it affect Suitcase Fusion.
    It won't do anything to Suitcase. It doesn't even create them. For the most part, OS X builds your font cache files. If you remove them, the OS will rebuild them when you restart.

  • Distorted font in safari webpages

    all of a sudden, whenever i go on safari, the font becomes distorted. usually when i browse through the web, the text are usually black and a bit darker, however, recently the text seems to become lighter and sometimes it gets annoy. can someone please help me with this problem? i did not download any new fonts or anything as well.

    i tried the link you gave me, validate the fonts and fix the duplicate. but the font still looks a bit faded and distorted. here's an example:
    i screenshot the before and after picture.
    If you compare it, the texting or font in safari seems to fade its color.
    can you tell me what seems to be the problem? is it the resolution or screen problem? or maybe its a bug in safari?

  • Is there any way to set a content font in Safari 6.0?

    I just upgraded to Safari 6.0 a few minutes ago and ran into my first problem almost immediately. Is there any way to specify the font I want to use for posting in Blogspot? It had been set to a certain font and size in Safari's preferences before I upgraded, but the new version is stuck on Times 12 (which I hate) with no way to change it. (When I use Firefox, there's a "content" setting in preferences that lets me set Georgia 16.)

    Nope, you haven't lost your mind...yet, though we may both be driven nuts looking for features and settings which have apparently been renamed, replaced or removed. For those of us laggards who have utilized Apple's OS X apps since they were originally compiled in NeXTStep or OpenStep, but have not yet made the leap into iOS (yes…incredible isn't it?), the enforced integration of the two can generate digital backlash.
    This morning I turned to a PDF version of Pogue's most recently published Missing Manual (900+ pages for $13) and still cannot find any reference to how one sets fonts in Safari 6.0…perhaps someone with a greater attention span than I will point me to something I've overlooked? Please...?
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  • How do i change font in Safari 7.0.3

    I have changed my font so that whenever i open a PDF on safari the font changes automatically to one that i cant read. I want to change the font back to the safari default.

    Click Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences...
    In the Preferences pane click Advanced.
    The setting you want is Default encoding:
    I have mine set as Western (ISO Latin 1)

  • Stuck with a bad font in Safari

    Safari used to have an option in an appearance setting to select a default font for webpages, and back in high school, I made it something dumb and illegible. It's still set to that same font through transferring my data from one computer to the next, but now the option to change it back is gone. I can't install an older version of Safari to change it, am I stuck with it? My MacBook Pro is completely up to date with all upgrades.

    Please read this whole message before doing anything.
    This procedure is a test, not a solution. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.
    Step 1
    The purpose of this step is to determine whether the problem is localized to your user account.
    Enable guest logins* and log in as Guest. Don't use the Safari-only “Guest User” login created by “Find My Mac.”
    While logged in as Guest, you won’t have access to any of your documents or settings. Applications will behave as if you were running them for the first time. Don’t be alarmed by this behavior; it’s normal. If you need any passwords or other personal data in order to complete the test, memorize, print, or write them down before you begin.
    Test while logged in as Guest. Same problem?
    After testing, log out of the guest account and, in your own account, disable it if you wish. Any files you created in the guest account will be deleted automatically when you log out of it.
    *Note: If you’ve activated “Find My Mac” or FileVault, then you can’t enable the Guest account. The “Guest User” login created by “Find My Mac” is not the same. Create a new account in which to test, and delete it, including its home folder, after testing.
    Step 2
    The purpose of this step is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party system modifications that load automatically at startup or login, by a peripheral device, by a font conflict, or by corruption of the file system or of certain system caches.
    Please take this step regardless of the results of Step 1.
    Disconnect all wired peripherals except those needed for the test, and remove all aftermarket expansion cards, if applicable. Start up in safe mode and log in to the account with the problem. You must hold down the shift key twice: once when you turn on the computer, and again when you log in.
    Note: If FileVault is enabled in OS X 10.9 or earlier, or if a firmware password is set, or if the startup volume is a software RAID, you can’t do this. Ask for further instructions.
    Safe mode is much slower to start up and run than normal, with limited graphics performance, and some things won’t work at all, including sound output and Wi-Fi on certain models. The next normal startup may also be somewhat slow.
    The login screen appears even if you usually log in automatically. You must know your login password in order to log in. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin.
    Test while in safe mode. Same problem?
    After testing, restart as usual (not in safe mode) and verify that you still have the problem. Post the results of Steps 1 and 2.

  • Strange display fonts in Safari...

    What would account for fonts not displaying correctly in Safari? Sometimes sections of a web page appear as jumbled, random characters. Often, it will only be headlines, while the body copy displays correctly. I have my display fonts set to Helvetica and the Encoding set to Western (ISO Latin 1).
    Does this have to do with a conflict of another Helvetica with the System Helvetica dfont?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Actually I tacked on to this thread because the symtom was the same. I have very few fonts installed.
    in Classic's /System Folder/Fonts:
    - Chicago
    - Courier (Type 1)
    - Geneva
    - Helvetica (Type 1)
    - Symbol (Type 1)
    - Verdana
    In /Library/Fonts: None
    In /System/Library/Fonts:
    - Keyboard.dfont
    - LastResort.dfont
    - LucicaGrande.dfont
    - Monaco.dfont
    - Some Asian fonts
    In ~/Library/Fonts
    - MS PMincho.ttf
    - MT Extra
    - QuickBooks Fonts
    - Monotype Sorts
    - MS Gothic.ttf
    - MS Mincho.ttf
    - MS PGothic.ttf
    Finally, via Suitcase, I have enabled:
    - Arial
    - Arial Narrow
    - Times
    - Times New Roman
    - Courier New
    But I've worked like this for a couple of years, with this small start-up set, then enabling what I need in Suitcase, as disabling fonts is key to my work, and I've not had this problem before, even when duplicates existed. I had some VPN and BlueTooth bugs I could not fix, so I backed up my system, reinstalled, and then had the font problem. (But VPN and BlueTooth work okay.)
    Additionally, the HTML tags PRE and ADDRESS also give the garbage results, even though the typical default for these is Courier New, and it's enabled.

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