Format of date and numbers

in Italy the format of date is DD/MM/YYYY e the formato of numbers is NNN,DD (DD means Decimal).
I use Excel for IPAD but when I write for instance 28/03/2015 the field shows 03/28/2015, the same problem is for numbers where the comma and the dot are inverted.
How do I change the format of date and numbers?
Thank you in advance.

The general format of the date is tied to the language...use US english, get US date formatting.
You may want to poke around in excel's settings. I know the desktop version allows you to alter the date formatting, but I'm not sure if the iPad app has that. Look for 'cell formatting' in the settings and see if it's alterable.
If not, you can try to make your template on a PC, then put that excel onto your iPad and see if it honors the cell formatting already in place.

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    This is the definition for "continuo" from Apple's dictionary:
    continuo |kənˈtinyəˌwō | (also basso continuo) noun (pl. continuos) (in baroque music) an accompanying part that includes a bass line and harmonies, typically played on a keyboard instrument and with other instruments such as cello or bass viol.
    Presumably you mean something else. Your chances of getting replies that can help you will improve with a clearly stated question.

  • MS Word Web Service Interface: bad format of date and currency fields

    I am using MS Word Web Service interface to create contract documents. However, my date and currency fields show in a strange format. Date is in"YYYY-MM-DD" format, while currencies always have "." as decimal separator (probably technical values). My user settings are "DD.MM.YYYY" for dates and "n.nnn,dd" for decimal numbers.
    My workaround is to create a Z structure for WS interface with char fields and then do conversion through CRM_WST_RT_BADI->OUTBOUND_PROCESSING method. This works, but requires a lot of custom development.
    Is there a way to "tell" the interface to use correct formats in MS Word without doing it all manually through custom fields?

    Oh, indeed!
    We might be closer than you think - I live close to Croatian-Slovenian border so we might pop out for a drink! But we can discuss this out of forum... 
    Now work again:
    Is there any documentation on possible formatting keywords? I suppose it's possible to set up decimal places, custom date formats etc.

  • How can I change the language of the time and date and numbers?

    I bought the iPhone 5 and when I setted the settings I chose the country where I live now but the time and date and other numbers because in the language of the country and not in the language that I chose which Is english
    so how can I change them?

    Go to settings >> general and checkout keyboard, international and date & time.

  • Formatting by date and price

    Hi I'm having a problem formatting a spreadsheet.
    My spreadsheet has 10 columns and two of these are renewal date and price. 
    I need to format the spreadsheet so that any date before 30 September goes red; before 31 October - another colour; before 30 November - another colour and by 31 December - another colour. 
    Additionally, I need the spreadsheet to organise from the highest price. 
    Ideally it should end up that the earliest and highest price renewal should be at the top and the bottom should be the latest and lowest price (at the end of December). 
    Please can someone help (in simple terms as possible) as to how to do this!
    Many thanks,

    According to your description, we need to assign two different conditional formatting rules with column date and column price. Please see the below image:
    Column Date Rule:
    Format only cells that contain> Cell value less than 2014/9/1> Set format red
    Format only cells that contain> Cell value between 2014/9/1 and 2014/10/1> Set format yellow
    Create multiple rule based on your date.
    Column Price Rule:
    Format only top or bottom ranked values.
    George Zhao
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    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • Format users date and repopulate

    Hi, I've been having a lot of trouble with what is probably a very easy solution. What I am trying to do is create a function which reads a passed in date and either alerts the user with an error message saying the format is wrong, or (preferably) reformats the date and replaces the original.
    Textbox1 : user enters 10/11/2008
    Script: converts to dd/mmm/yyyy
    Textbox2 now reads 11/OCT/2008
    the other format I want to allow is mmm//yyyy (where a month is known but a specific day of the week is not)
    only requirement is to check for those 2 formats. I know Adobe allows for validation of a single date format, but unfortunately, I need 2.
    please help if you can. thanks

    To get some flexability in the validation and formating you definately need to use JavaScript.
    To check for three date formats, one correct formats and two for conversion, you'll need to first write Regular Expressions for all three. After this it's a matter of figuring out if the input matches any of these and then applying the appropiate action, either converting, complianing, or doing nothing. All of this can be done from the validate event.
    As an alternative, you could use the keystroke event to limit the kinds of input the user can type into the field in the first place.
    Here are some articles that are relavant to your task: s/
    You'll also find detailed tutorials on using the Validate and Keystroke events at
    Thom Parker
    The source for PDF Scripting Info
    The Acrobat JavaScript Reference, Use it Early and Often

  • Converting zulu format to date and time format

    I want to convert zulu format to regular dateand time format. so for e.g I have this date and time in my table
    021731ZJUN06, I want to convert it to 2006-06-02 17:31:00
    I wrote this in sql server, but don't know how to do this in oracle
    ALTER function [dbo].[ZULUToDateTime](@initDate varchar(20))
    RETURNS datetime
    DECLARE @NewDate datetime
    SET @NewDate = NULL
    IF @initDate <> 'false'
         SET @NewDate=     CONVERT(datetime,LEFT(@initDate,2)+ ' ' + STUFF(right(@initDate,5),4,0,' ') + ' ' +STUFF(SUBSTRING(@initDate,3,4),3,0,':'),121)  
    RETURN @NewDate

    Like this?
    SQL> select to_date('021731ZJUN06', 'ddhh24mi"z"monrr')
      2  from dual;
    02-jun-2006 17:31:00Gotta love Oracle's date formatting fuctions :-)
    The format above is my default session format, if you explicitly want the format you showed, you need an extra to_char like:
    SQL> select TO_CHAR(to_date('021731ZJUN06', 'ddhh24mi"z"monrr'), 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss')
      2  from dual;
    2006-06-02 17:31:00John
    Edited by: John Spencer on Nov 10, 2011 1:45 PM
    Added correct output format.

  • Special display pattern of date and numbers in ADOBE

        I have a doubt regarding the adobe form printing. I want a field which displays the date in a peculiar format. The format is like each digit in the date should come in each cell without any delimiter.
    eg:- 12/02/2009, it should be displayed like 1 2 0 2 2 0 0 9. where each digit should be diplayed in a cell.

    REPORT  zztest                                  .
    DATA: BEGIN OF ls_split,
      1  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      2  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      3  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      4  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      5  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      6  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      7  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
      8  TYPE c LENGTH 1,
    END OF ls_split.
    DATA: lv_date       TYPE dats VALUE '20090212'.
    DATA: lv_date_swap  TYPE n LENGTH 8.
    DATA: lv_index      TYPE syst-tabix.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <field>        TYPE ANY.
    lv_date_swap = lv_date.
    DO 8 TIMES.
      ASSIGN COMPONENT sy-index OF STRUCTURE ls_split TO <field>.
      IF <field> IS ASSIGNED.
        lv_index = sy-index - 1.
        <field> = lv_date_swap+lv_index(1).
    now you got every single digit of your date in a single variable, so it should be trivial now to print em like you need it.
    Edited by: Florian Kemmer on Aug 31, 2010 10:09 AM

  • Default format pattern for Date and Number

    Hi everybody,
    I'm finding it very hard: my java app runs on Tomcat 5.5, I'd like to format dates and numbers with a specific format. For example: with Locale it_it date format is "dd-mm-yyyy", my wish is to display "dd/mm/yyyy" without changing the Locale (it_it is correct). Is there an env variable to set?

    gianoele wrote:
    How cai I set with a proprerty? Like -Ddate.format="dd/mm/yyyy" -Dnumber.format="###.00"?You could do that.
    Then fetch it from your app and feed it to SimpleDateFormat.

  • Date and Number formatting

    Hi All
    I am getting data from RFC and able to bind it into table. Now I want to format date and numbers into user logged in format. i.e. If user enters country as Germany while registration,date format should be European in table displayed otherwise it should be US format.
    Can any one suggest me how to do it?

    Thanks for your your Help Abhilash. I slightly changed code and now its working. I think this is almost same thing that you discussed.You can see code below.
    Can you help in working with Number  format also? I am getting number format exception. String returned when RFC executed is in 10,000,00. I need to change according to user locale format. I tried doing it in java also. When I remove commas in above string its working fine.
    public java.lang.String DisplayingDateFormat( java.lang.String date )
        //@@begin DisplayingDateFormat()
                        // Current date Format in BW
                             SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM.dd.yyyy");
                             String ChangedDateFormat=null;
    //     sdf.setLenient(false);
    //Parsing String to Date
         Date sqlDate =sdf.parse(date);
    //     wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager().reportSuccess(" Source date"+ ele.getSched_Date());
    //     wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager().reportSuccess(" Date converted "+sqlDate);
    //       Getting User Locale
    //Getting Locale Information form Current Session
         Locale userLocale= WDResourceHandler.getCurrentSessionLocale();
         //wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager().reportSuccess(" User Current Locale "+userLocale );
    //Setting date format ie Short,default etc
         DateFormat dateFormat = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT, userLocale);
         //wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager().reportSuccess(" Formatting to user locale ");
         //Converting Date to String
         String newDateString = dateFormat.format(sqlDate);
         //wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager().reportSuccess(" Changed Date Format "+newDateString);
         //binding to Table UI element
    catch(Exception e)

  • How do i format date and time in SSRS 2008

    Okay, so i am working with SSRS 2008. I am formatting the date and time. Right now the current out put is 1/13/2014 8:02:11 AM. I want the output to
    be 1/13/14 8:02 AM. What is the expression for this? 
    Thanks in advance

    There are 2 functions that can be used, Format and FormatDateTime.
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  • Formatting Date and Time in Smartforms.

    I'm a newbie and I'm working with smartforms.
    My requirement is to get the following format of date and time in a text within a template.
    'MMM DD HH:MM'
    Like : Jan 01 12:45
    I have tried SAPScript Commands like 'SET DATE MASK' but that doesn't appear to work.
    Do I have to use a Function Module?
    Please help out. A sample code will be appreciated!
    Regards & Thanks,
    Arun G Nair

    please see this code
       AND MNR = SY-DATUM+4(2).

  • Date and time formatting in excel spreadsheet

    When I try to pass the data from jsp to excel , the excel sheet can't publish the date and time in the pattern that I wanted. I used SimpleDateFormat to format the date and time when I passed the data from jsp.
    SimpleDateFormat formatter=new SimpleDateFormat ("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss a");
    Could anyone tell me a solution.

    Can you describe your problem a bit more. How are you passing the data, what is the error being seen in excel

  • Pulling my hair out: Change format from date to number format?

    I was recently sent a formatted Excel spreadsheet in which to enter my own numbers.  The format is date and duration, but the last column is the total number of hours and minutes converted into decimals, e.g. 3hrs. 30mins. = 3.5 hours.
    It was going fine until last night when I tried to enter 5:73 as a number, not a duration, but Numbers keeps changing it to 6m 13s.  I've tried changing the format from Duration to Number but although the cell will say 0:00, when I enter the number 5:73 it automatically switches back.
    The weird thing is that it's only happening on about one-third of the cells.  I even cut-and-pasted a section of the spreadsheet that didn't have this problem, cleared the contents and then typed my info into the same lines and rows and it's still doing the same thing.
    How can I see the hidden formatting in Numbers cells to see if I can figure what needs to be changed?
    Thank you.

    Hi Jane,
    dragging on bottom right corner but all that does is increase the range, not the size of the actual cell itself.
    Hover the cursor over the right of a column (Column B in this example) until the cursor becomes a cross with arrows pointing East and West. Drag right to widen the column.
    Or use the Format Panel > Table > Row & Column Size
    (You may have to drag the panel up to see this)
    I really miss in Numbers is being able to edit cell contents in a formula bar.
    Here is the formula bar in Numbers 3.2 after clicking twice on a cell
    The formula bar is moveable. Hover over the left of the bar until the cursor changes to a 'hand' and you can drag it.
    Resize the formula bar by hovering over any edge and drag
    Tricky with a trackpad, easier with a mouse .
    Also, the cell contents appear at bottom left of the Numbers window
    If you prefer Numbers 2.3, I agree it is much more user-friendly version.

  • I am unable to change the format in cells in numbers

    Every time I change the cell format in numbers, it keeps going back to 12/30/11 when I want 2/1/12.  It is quite frustrating because I did what it said to do.  Can someone please help me to change the format.
    Thank you.

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    A few questions:
    Which version of Numbers are you using?
    Are the cells formatted as date and time? If yes, which date format?
    What separator are you using between the day/month/year in the cell?
    Are you using a formula to calculate additional dates (e.g. adding +7 to create a list of dates one week apart?)
    This example of date format choices is from Numbers '09

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