Forte for JAVA: Problems with break points

Dear all,
I have the following problem:
When setting breaks point within the code of my web application (servlets and JSP) the debugger does not seem to be able to find them and to stop where I would it to :o(
When approching a portion of code that I know have a break point, I get the following message in the debugger window->
Connecting to localhost.localdomain:11555
Connection established
Breakpoint reached at line ? in class org.corproware.strutsrelated.listener.DBPoolListener by thread main.
Note the interrogation mark (?) instead of a valid line number.
It looks like I have the same poroblem with a simple java "HelloWorld"
Is their something I don't get or is it a known problem?
Many thanks!

Sorry mate, wrong forum. You shoud try Sun ONE Studio Forum isntead of this one. It is for UDS (Formerly known as Forte)

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    It's kind of an annoying settup that there are two identical menus that don't fully communicate with each other, but in the end the solution has been solved.

  • Adobe Interactive forms & WebDynpro for java problem with IE7 and IE8

    I have Interactive form ui-element in WebDynpro for java (ver. 7 SP 10) application. It works fine with IE6, but in IE7 (or IE8) it doesn't show that ui-element at all. We have tried to change IE7 security & advanced settings, but we have not made any progress. We have also tried to install/uninstall different Adobe reader versions etc.

    I know a little more about the problem now. After viewing the XML source I change the property of the inputfield.
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    thats pretty wierd, aint it?

  • Problems uninstalling Forte for java 4 community edition

    I just installed Forte for java 4 community edition at work, and when i tried to uninstalled it with add/remove programs from control panel. And the uninstall wizard start but then a Sun window apper and it is written, uninstalling and the uninstall program seems to be frozen.

    i have the same problem, reading the documentation it seems you got to run the installer again and you ll get prompted with the "file deletion confirmation"
    too bad i have a self-installing package and i don't get the prompt...
    guesses anyone?

  • Help with (forte for Java CE) please

    I had installed forte for Java CE and had recieved some problems. After I installed the program and tried to run it it said this error.
    Cannot load c:\j2sdk1~1.1_0\jre\bin\classic\jvm.dll
    Bacicly why I installed forte was for the debugger part. Jedit doesn't seem to work for me. I'm using windows xp home edition.
    Any help would be great
    Thanks in advance

    Try downloading a newer SDK and getting
    out of the path

  • Question on forte for java

    I'm developing using the Forte for JAVA ide, but I get an error though i know certainly that my code is correct.
    I get this error:
    Tue Nov 06 11:35:29 CET 2001: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: Posted StackTrace
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    at org.netbeans.editor.DrawEngine.draw(
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    at org.netbeans.editor.BaseView.paint(
    at org.netbeans.editor.BaseTextUI$RootView.paint(
    at org.netbeans.editor.BaseTextUI.paintRegion(
    at org.netbeans.editor.EditorUI.paint(
    at org.netbeans.editor.BaseTextUI.paint(
    at javax.swing.plaf.ComponentUI.update(
    at javax.swing.JComponent.paintComponent(
    at javax.swing.JComponent.paint(
    at javax.swing.JComponent.paintChildren(
    at javax.swing.JComponent.paint(
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    [catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$
    I seems that it can't compile my jsp to servlet

    ive ran into many problems with compiling in forte. I just compile everything from the command line now, lets me know exactly what switches i want, and it works! ive never seen an error like that in forte though, i would just recommend compiling it from the command line with "javac"...

  • Urgent: who ever use Forte for java ---thanks a lot

    who ever use forte for jave :
    i have some problems..
    1. how to config forte for jave to import the libs which i have programmed and stored in .jar file.
    2. how to setup the application sever and tomcat in Forte for java.
    3. how to use the EJB(which i have programmed) in forte for java.
    before i use JBuilder and i am quite new to Forte for java
    thanks a lot .

    2. how to setup the application sever and tomcat in Forte for java.Tomcat is built into Forte. Once you create web module, you can configure the tomcat server.
    3. how to use the EJB(which i have programmed) in forte for java.What do you mean with "use". You have to deploy them to your EJB container in order to be able to "use" them.
    If you are looking for support for a specific container:
    I think support for the reference implemenation is already built in.
    And I have seen a module to support Oracle's IAS somewhere on the Forte homepage
    Docs on NetBeans/Forte

  • PetStore running in Forte for Java 4 - Part 1

    I am hoping to get the PetStore (1.3.1_01) running under Forte for Java 4 EE. If I succeed I will be posting this up to the web-site so that it is publicly available. However I am very new to Forte for Java (FFJ) [I ran it for the first time six days ago]. As a concequence I may not understand the best way of configuring projects or web modules etc, associating the J2EE, implementing ANT files etc etc etc. So what I thought I would do is (briefly) explain what I am doing so that if I am doing stupid things or there are better ways of doing things you guys can shout (ie get some peer review as I proceed).
    The overall approach I am taking is:
    + The project is stored in the standard \forte4j-userdir\system\Projects directory.
    + the source currently is stored separately (ie the directory I unzipped the perstore to).
    + I am building the project in the same sequence that the main build.xml files specifies (ie components / waf / apps).
    + I expose parts of the PetStore project to FFJ by mounting local directories from the unzipped PetStore directory.
    + As long as the j2ee.home is defined in the ANT build processes work. However a compile under FFJ will not work as it does not know where the j2ee.jar file is. Therefore I have mounted the j2ee.jar and added this to the project. [IS THERE A BETTER WAY OF DOING THIS?]
    Each of the COMPONENTS (asyncsender, encodingfilter, purchaseorder etc) are held in separate java packages. Each of these have been mounted separately and then arranged in the same order as they appear in components/build.xml. Each of these can then be compiled, or, built using the ANT files successfully. Finally for the COMPONENTS I wanted to make the components/build.xml known to FFJ. Unfortunately you can't just mount the components directory (see problem below). So I have created a new directory at the petstore/src level called build and mounted this directory. The components build.xml file has been copied into this directory and renamed to components.xml. Finally the base directory in components.xml has been changed from (.) to (../components). Double clicking on this now builds all of the COMPONENTS without errors.
    I have taken this approach rather than just mounting the components directory as when you do a build you get the following error:
    "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Mount/org-openide-filesystems-LocalFileSystem_1.settings: missing 'class' attribute in 'instance' element". [WHAT IS THIS AND IS THERE A SOLUTION?]
    Hopefully I will get some more time tomorrow to start work on the waf part of PetStore.

    Before starting on the waf import to Forte for Java (FFJ) I did a quick review. And found an issue. FFJ was not recognising the EJB components as EJBs.
    When creating a new EJB FFJ will store the following "special" files:
    + <ejb name>.ejbdd containing the <ejb-jar> definition
    + <ejb name>.ejbj2eeri containing the <j2ee-ri-specific-information> [AM I CORRECT IN SAYING THIS IS THE CONTAINER SPECIFC DEPLOYMENT INFORMATION? ]
    + <ejb name>.sesejb or .entejb or .mesejb - depending on whether the bean is an session / entity / message bean
    The PetStore project contains <ejb-jar> definitions in ejb-jar.xml files. These files were therefore copied out to the appropriate location for FFJ and renamed to <ejb name>.ejbdd. On opening the project FFJ now recognises the EJBs correctly (signified by the FFJ bean icon). The build.xml files were then changed to copy the new <ejb name>.ejbdd files to the META-INF directory. The project both compiles and can be built from the ANT files successfully.
    Neither have I done anything about the .sesejb / .entejb / .mesejb files. They contain the following information:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    Thanks for any help that can be provided.

  • The Sun is down and I can't get Forte for Java (?)

    What's up here. I REQUIRE the newest version of Forte for Java as an IDE for JDK 1.4. The version that I have currently is over a year old. Everytime I select it from the "Products & APIs", I get a message:
    Portions of are temporarily undergoing maintenance.
    How long is this going to last? It's been unavailable for the last 10 hours (from my standpoint) and my project is at a screeching halt because of it (and since Borland has decided to soak me dry if I want a 'good' version of JBuilder that supports 1.4).
    Not only is the project being squeezed inbetween an old version of the JDK and a just-released version, which not only will require uninstallation of the old and installation of the new, but will hopefully not break the project, requiring code changes.
    Robert Templeton

    Okay, I finally found it. needs to update its product link to "SUN ONE" since it no longer goes by "Forte for Java". Talk about a lack of internal communication.
    Robert Templeton

  • Problem with decimal point in Korea and Japan

    Hi all,
    I have one problem with decimal points.
    I need to change in my out put cuurency values as per japan or korea standards.
    Please help me is there any function module for this one.
    program using alv grid display.
    i use write statement but it is not working. Because
    data: L_AMT  type glpca-hsl,
             G_AMT  TYPE CHAR15.
    CURR this value is 'JPY'.
    here i need to do
    L_AMT = G_AMT.   "" going to runtime error.
    if i taken like
    data: L_AMT  TYPE CHAR15,
             G_AMT  TYPE CHAR15.
    CURR this value is 'JPY'.
    WRITE L_AMT CURRENCY CURR TO G_AMT.   "" it is not working

    This is pretty basic, whenever you've currency & quantity fields you need to pass the corres. reference fields.
    In your case you need to populate the cfieldname & ctabname fields of the FieldCat.

  • Open Forte for java project in Sun java studio enterprise

    Hi Everyone, I am new to Java development. I have a java application developed in Forte for java 4 and I need to open and compile it in Sun java studio enterprise. Could anybody tell me how to do that? Thank you very much.

    The recent versions of the IDE (starting with NetBeans 4.1 and JSE 8) are based on a more-robust project system that is ant based. Projects from Forte for Java 4, unfortunately, cannot be directly opened in JSE8, NB4.1 and later.
    If you do have access to the original source code, pl. try the following in the latest version of JSE or NetBeans:
    - Create a fresh project in jse using File | New Project. (For a java standalone app, you would choose General | Java Application from the dialog).
    - Add the existing files to the empty project. You can do so by right-clicking on the project, selecting properties and adding the existing source directories under 'Source Packages' in 'Sources' category.
    Or from the new project dialog, you could select 'General | Java Project with existing sources' option.

  • Forte for Java and webLogic

    How do I integrate WebLogic 6.1 and Forte for Java?

    You might check with Sun/Forte for info on how to do this.
    Stjepan Maric wrote:
    How do I integrate WebLogic 6.1 and Forte for Java?--
    Michael Young
    Developer Relations Engineer
    BEA Support

  • Forte For Java GUI Editor

    Hi everyone,
    I've been trying to switch usage between Forte for Java running on 2 platforms (Win NT and Solaris 8). For this reason, I want to try to use the GUI Editor in each. But when I tried copying the same .class file from one platform to another and running opening the file under Forte for Java, the GUI Editor doesn't show up the form and Component Editor. Is there a way to make Forte for Java able to recognize the GUI components in a class file not creatd in Forte or not in that version of Forte? Thank you for any help!

    this happens not just with class file but also with .java
    file. I created a GUI with Forte ( on windows ) and because I did not jave runtime setup on windows, I copied, java file that was created to the unix env. Then added some code to it and copied back to the windows.
    After that, GUI editor never came up. I lost all that I did
    to create a GUI. Now I can modify GUI only manually.
    I you have found answer to this, please let meknow
    at [email protected]

  • About Forte for java

    I'm a really beginner on Java.
    I don't the guru use what kind of java developing tools.
    There's only one I can use is "Forte for java".
    Dose anyone there who familiar to it and can help me?

    I'm a really beginner on Java.
    I don't the guru use what kind of java developing
    There's only one I can use is "Forte for java".
    Dose anyone there who familiar to it and can help me?I used Forte for Java when I was really really new to Java too. I liked it.
    I liked the way different words in the Java program were shown in different colors. It helped me to understand the language. I thought it was a nice tool.
    But unfortunately, I only learned Java with Forte. I associated all my work with Forte. I was thinking much about Forte. I didn't learn about directory structures in an application or how Java uses a classpath until I stopped using Forte.
    So yawmark is right. If you use Mac OSX try using BBEdit as an editor. It will color your code. And outside of an IDE you will be aware of the basics of Java. If you use another Operating System, there are other text editors available that can color your code and that can be helpful.

  • Save editor settings in Forte for Java?

    I am using Forte for Java, community edition v.3.0. I lost all the abbreviations setup(which was surprising) after a crash, and it is really painful to set all those up again. I just wonder is there any way to save the editor settings in an external file so they can be recovered under similar suitations, or if this information is already in a file, where is it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Jensbruhn
    Thanks for your suggestion. I will try with version 4.

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