Forwarding of Work Item from Approver's Inbox

Hi All,
We are in SRM 5.0 SP07 Classic Scenario.
We have a requirement of restricting forwarding of work items from approver's inbox to users who do not have a approver's role. Presently, when the system takes in a user ID who is having a requisitioner role or for that matter any role. The requistioner receives a work item but the requsitioner is not be able to approve/reject the workitem.
We would like to ensure only the approvers are selected in search and other users are not even displayed for selection.
Is there a way to achieve this?
With Regards

As per the config guide,when you try to assign the User,using the FIND button,you will get to see all the users with the role "SAP_BBP_STAL_MANAGER" who can approve.
Else you can filter the possible selection with the BADI BBP_CHNG_AGNT_GET.
See the foll thread for more pointers:
Re: Selection of approvers for Bid

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  • How to forward a work item from user inbox

    We are trying to find a way to remove work items from a users inbox. the workitem has not been opened
    and also it is possible that the work item is in more than 1 users inbox.
    we want to remove the work item from only the 1 user and leave the work item in the other user's inbox.
    Gaurav Maini

    Hi ,
    U can see the workitem of the user by the table SWWUSERWI giving user id.
    select the workitem id.
    Go to the transcation SWIA.
    Forward the workitem to your inbox.
    This will not appear in user inbox anymore

  • How to transfer work items from one user's inbox to other user,s inbox(UWL)

    Hello All
    We need to transfer existing  but  open work items from one user's inbox to other user,s inbox(UWL)
    How to go about it?
    These are the items from backend  R3.
    Thanking you

    Hi Rajendra,
    Usually in R/3 if you want to transfer the workitems to other user , you can just select the workitem and then click on "Forward" button. This will pop-up a box to enter the "User" ID of the other user to whome you want to transfer the Workitem. A Similar button is available in UWL as well.
    So, in UWL when you click on the Workitem, it will should give you a button "Forward" and by clicking on that you should be able to transfer the workitem you the other user.
    I hope this helps you. Let me know if you need any more help.

  • Excluding workflows from automatic mail forwarding of work items

    I have configured automatic email forwarding of work items by scheduling a background job that calls RSWUWFML2.
    Is there some way to exclude some workflows, meaning that work items from these workflows shall not be forwarded to the users email?
    Thanks, Oscar

    This you can achieve by creating the Variant
    1) In the workflow identify the Task, which you donu2019t want to send the notification
    2) In the u201CInstance Datau201D Block, in the Task there is a select option, click that.
    3) In the Select option screen you have to give the Task which you want to exclude, in the exclude options
    4) Then save the variant, schedule program using the variant
    Note : you have to give the respective Task No. in the workflow, NOT the workflow No.

  • To remove work item from Universal worklist

    Can we remove work item from Universal Worklist by deleting. We don't want to approve or reject them but want to remove from inbox.
    Is there a way for this?

    Hi Parveen,
    check the below note
    check below note
    Note 49545 - Deleting unnecessary work items
    Koti Reddy

  • Open work items to keep in inbox

    Hi Experts,
    I am executing work item from sap inbox  it will calls the z modulepool screen. Hear I have 3 options. Approve, reject and cancel.
    If I want press cancel I want keep the work item in inbox in same user.
    For that what can I do .
    If I use the FM u2026SAP_WAPI_PUT_BACK_WORKITEM how do get the work item ID into z screen (zprog).
    Or if I redesign the workflow with loop to same use. How can set the loop.
    Please suggest.

    You can pass the workitem through binding and execute the FM you have mentioned.
    If this container is not available you can get the Instance Id which you will surely get and go to
    Provide the Instance Id as TOP_WI_ID
    WI_RH_TASK will be the activity task that calls module pool

  • Display universal work item from CRM work list

    Hello all,
    In ECC system, we have defined several workflows. We can see the work item from the universal work list via the portal.
    Now, we have a new request, we would like to see these work items form CRM work list.
    I have checked the custo and I have questions:
    1. spro- Customer Relationship Management under  UI Framework  Technical Role Definition  Define Navigation Bar Profile . Select the relevant navigation bar profile and add the specific UI objects WI_BOR.
    please check the link
    2. CRM->Basic functions->Worklists->Define Alert Inbox and Workflow Inbox->Define Object-Specific Navigation
    => here i am not sure if need to add entry, if yes, which entry ?
    3.  need to define  ??
      RFC destination
    . Transaction Launcher Logical Systems and URLs 
      and workflow substitute profile Id
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Best Regards,

    I've found a solution.
    I've been told that this problem is occuring
    because the Work Item ID is not being passed correctly to the BOR basedtransaction.
    The solution in my case is:
    (1) Goto SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> IC Web Client ->
    Basic Functions -> Transaction Launcher -> Configure Transaction
    Launcher (wizard)
    (2) Give the launch transaction id in the 'Entries' screen. The launch
    transaction id is Z_ACTION_EXECUTE_WORKITEM in my case.
    (3) Keep all the parameters same in the further screens until you reach
    the 'Transaction Parameters' screen
    (4) In this screen, the value currently being passed to Object Key is
    //selectedAUI Workitem/WI_ID. Change this to
    Goto last step and then say 'Complete'.

  • Approval Work Item still appears in inbox after approval

    Hello, We have an issue in SRM 7.0 UWL when an approval work item at a specific level finds more than 1 approver.
    1) When there is more than 1 agent at a specifc approval level, after the item is approved the work item still stays in the Inbox of the approver. However, the approval tab on the document in SRM shows that approval is now at next level. The workflow log does not show any updates based on the approval that was done.
    2) However, if the work item in UWL is clicked on twice, and approval is done from the webdynpro launced the second time, then it behaves correctly. Workflow logs get updated, next approval is routed correctly, and work item is removed from inbox.
    Note: This only happens when an approval level has more than 1 agent. If there is only 1 agent, the behavior is correct.
    Appreciate any help!

    Is this a standard solution or modified solution?
    You could have faced a bug in the standard work item completion code. I have seen this a few times (not with SRM though). Coul you check that what is the actual status of the work item after you have tried to approve the work item for the first time. You can check the status in transaction SWI1 (or table SWWWWIHEAD). Is the status COMMITTED? And after you try approve it second time, does it get status COMPLETED? IF this is the case (the status is COMMITTED after first approval), there is a bug in the code somewhere. You might find a solution for this from OSS. IF you have some kind of customized solution, you need to talk with a WF consultant - basically you need to call the work item completion function two times in a row.

  • Delete Work Item from PO Releaser's Inbox during Workflow

    Hi All
    How can I delete the previous Work Item that was created in the PO Releaser's Inbox if a PO was changed which re-triggered the PO Release workflow but this time to a different PO Releaser.
    The workflow is working correctly, i.e. creating the new release item in the new releaser'd Inbox but not deleting the old Work Item for the previous releaser.
    Any idea on how I can accomplish this?
    Kind Regards
    Utian Goliath

    PLease refer the below stuff................create a task and put the code inside the method.This task should be fisrt step in your workflow.
    User sets doc to Complete from FBV2 , Complete event triggered and workflow triggered.
    Workitem goes to approver .
    Now , the user immediately changes doc from FBV2 , sets it to Complete again and workflow triggered
    workitem goes to the same approver for the same document.
    SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_TO_OBJECT - Worklist table will giv all parent id's for the object key concatenation of
    com code , doc no and fiscal year.
    SWP_WORKFLOW_INSTANCE_DELETE - Pass the parent id and will delete the entire instance but not
    parent workitem id.
    SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_DELETE - Pass parent id everything will be deleted .( Check_final_state = blank ).
    No trace found in SWI14 and SWI2_FREQ.
    To remove the previous workitem , create a method in the begining of the workflow , use F.M.
    SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_TO_OBJECT to get the workflow id's and then
    SWP_WORKFLOW_INSTANCE_DELETE or SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_DELETE to delete the previous instance.
    data : lt_worklist type table of SWR_WIHDR,
           lw_worklist type SWR_WIHDR,
           lv_objkey type SWOTOBJID-OBJKEY,
           lv_return type sy-subrc,
           lv_id type SWP_HEADER-WF_ID.
    concatenate object-key-sourcecompanycode object-key-documentn
    object-key-fiscalyear into lv_objkey.
      OBJECT_POR                     =
       OBJTYPE                        = 'FIPP'
       OBJKEY                          = lv_objkey
      TOP_LEVEL_ITEMS                = 'X'
      TIME                           =
      TEXT                           = 'X'
      OUTPUT_ONLY_TOP_LEVEL          = ' '
      LANGUAGE                       = SY-LANGU
      DETERMINE_TASK_FILTER          = 'X'
      REMOVED_OBJECTS                = ' '
       RETURN_CODE                    = lv_return
      TASK_FILTER                    =
        WORKLIST                       = lt_worklist
      MESSAGE_LINES                  =
      MESSAGE_STRUCT                 =
       if lt_worklist is not initial.
    loop at lt_worklist into lw_worklist.
      object-instance = 'X'.
    move lw_worklist-wi_id to lv_id.
        WF_ID                         = lv_id
        DO_COMMIT                     = 'X'
      OTHERS                        = 2
    IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
    Second way is to create a fork , and use wait for event step in it with the same event that is triggering the WFL
    In the same branch take a process control to end workflow instance.
    In the second branch carry out normal processing.
    Necessary branch = 1.
    So incase the user triggers the event again, a new instance will be created ,
    and in the previous instance , the first branch will follow ending the
    previous instance and the workitems of other branch will be logically deleted.

  • Problem with executing work item from the inbox

    Hello All,
       I'm able to send mails from R/3 to Outlook along with the attachment to execute the work item directly from the outlook.
    However upon clicking the Exectute work file I get an sap gui popup with the description " Not all data for SAP  GUI shortcut is available. System description and GUI start parameter are unknown. Entering the missing data."
    Clicking on the OK button, leads to another window for SAP logon details. After I chose the right system and on Clicking OK, it opens up the logon prompt. Entering the logo info opens up the work item correctly.
    We are on ECC 5.0 with SAP GUI 640 patch level 18 on it. Any suggestions about what am I missing to directly jump into an sap screen provided a session already is open in SAP.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Uday,
    Sounds like something is wrong in the SAPLogon <i>on the client PC</i>. The system sends out a shortcut, and when it's opened it does not relate to a unique entry in the saplogon. Either it's called differently or you have two entries for the same system with different parameters.
    Hope that helps,

  • Retain work item in user's inbox

    HI ,
    I have a DMS approval workflow in which we have a requirement for text dialog box/editor to enter the approver's comment.
    which is working fine but if i click on cancel or dont enter any values in the body of the dialog box/ that case the work item is vanishing from user's inbox.
    it should remain in user's inbox unless and until u provide a proper comment in the editor.could you please guide me?

    Hi prsahu,
    In the Task, there is a option called 'Confirm End Processing'. When the approver's close the work item, one pop up will come and ask the user to complete the work item.
    Try to make use of it.

  • Forwarding a Work Item

    HI Experts,
      I need to forward a workitem from one approver to the alternate approver while retaining the same workitem with the Initial approver, in the middle of a loop. How can I achieve the same as I am not able to get the Workitem ID at the runtime to forward the same.
    Please advise.

      My requirement is:- My Workflow will have multiple levels of approvals and the workitem will only be a dummy workitem as the same is handled from the Portal. Based on an Action from the Enterprise Portal, a terminating event is raised and then workflow proceeds to the next level. I have used the Same task(Asynchronous) in a loop to send the Work Item in all the levels in the loop based on the Level.
        Now, when it is at a particular stage(only for that stage), when the Approver does not approve the workitem for some specified time(say 3 days), automatically the work item must be forwarded to the alternate approver whlie retaining the same with the Initial approver. This is required because, after three days work item should be available with both the approvers after 3 days and whoever approves it the workflow should continue to the next loop.
    If I use deadline monitoring concept, then that would trigger for every 3 days, but I need the workitem to be forwarded only once after three days and from there normal flow is required.
    Hope I am clear in my requirement.
    Kindly advise.

  • Adminstrator-forward of work item

    Hi Guys,
    i  have an requirement workflow,
    Super user wants foraward a workitem to some other users, whenever  user is not available ( if user missed to put substiution), that time super user wants to forward it to others.
    I tried with SWIA , but forwarding of workitem(Adminstrator-forward) is in gray mode. so i cant able forward it.
    How can i do it. please let me know if have any suggestions.

    It think by now you have all of the tools to forward a workitem from another users inbox to someone else.
    1. SWIA
    2. change through workflow log
    3 RH_SUBSTITUTES_LIST for another user.
    4. change the password via SU01 and log in as the user to forward the items.
    If they do not work, then it's probably an authorization issue which you should solve first.
    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

  • Work item stucked on SAP inbox

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a problem on workflow items that are stucked on our approver's SAP inbox even after the PR or PO has already been approved/released. When I check the log, the status is still "In Process". This does not happen always and not for all our PR/PO docs.
    Can you help/guide me on where to look for the root cause so i'll know where to correct.

    Hi MM,
    how is the PR/PO done for these workitems that are stuck?
    I mean was it sent to users SAP Inbox and he released it from his Inbox, or is it that though he got a workitem in his SAP Inbox, he released it thru ME54N/ME28N.
    Because in the later case, you have to define your WF such that if user directly releases them from the T-codes, it should terminate that WF so that it deletes from users SAP Inbox.
    Hope it helps.

  • Master Table for Work Items from BSP Application

    hello guys,
    just want to ask if there is a master table for work items (and other details) from BSP application?

          Ya its true but i want to connect my customized application to UWL in Enterprise Portal and there after approval i want my workitems to be punched in R/3 system.Is there any source code available,so that my application directly contact UWL in sap enterprise Portal as a link or workitems where user should have an option to approve or reject.
    If u have any idea plz let me know.
    Thanks in Advance
    Santosh Saraf

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