Frame by frame dashboard & genie effect

I'm experiencing a strange problem with my MBP.
When I press f12, dashboard shows up frame by frame. It's not fluid although the power cable is plugged in. And when minimizing some applications, the genie effect is also not fluid...
And then, I found a solution to these problems. When I unplug the power cable and plug it in again, dashboard and genie effects become normal & fluid... Strange huh? But I know that my solution is not the way that it should be. Why do I have to unplug & plug it in again to get a fluid dashboard and genie effect?

10.5.3 update resolved the problem.

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    Umgang mit Frames im After Effects 5.5 SDK

    Gibt es im After Effects SDK 5.5 eine Funktion, die es ermöglicht auf ein bestimmtes Frame innerhalb der time line zu zu greifen??
    Beispiel: Mein Plug-in rendert gerade den Frame 8 von 20 Frames und innerhalb der Render Routine möchte ich nun auf Frame Nummer 7 und 6 zugreifen...
    Vielen Dank

  • Genie effect

    I have the Genie Effect set up on my Dock & it works fine except for on the Activity Monitor, which, when I try to reopen the program refuses to re-open when using the  Genie Effect.  Not really a problem, just annoying!  Any ideas?  Thanks

    I tried peters suggestion and it worked very well.
    You can select the distort tool from the toolbox and then you are able to manipulate the four corners of your shape. By keyframing the positions of the corners, I was able to make the shape slide into a slimmer version and then move down and disappear out of frame.
    One thought I had was to create a group and animate that. Then anything you put in the group will animate accordingly, and can be reused easily.
    If any of these terms are unfamiliar then it might be time to brush off the old manual, put your feet up and read through.

  • Slow genie effect animation

    80% of the times I log (being it by user switching or a clean boot) I get slow genie effect animations when minimizing. The animation doesn't look fluid... it looks like a slow frame by frame; and though the time from when I give the command and the complete animation ends is almost identical to the healthy performed animation (meaning it's more of an aesthetics issue rather than performance) it's still kind of annoying.
    They only thing that seems to fix it is closing all windows and quitting the Finder (or force quitting if you haven't add the Quit option to the Finder with Tinker Tool or something like that). After that it works just fine... until I reboot or log off.
    Any suggestions?
    btw: I can't tell if the same happens on scale effect.

    Found the answer; sorry. (well... kinda)

  • Can I control the genie effect for the editing toolbar?

    On my laptop I notice that the photo editing toolbar at the bottom comes up when I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen but on my 27" iMac it is always up at the bottom. Is there a way to turn on the genie effect so the toolbar is not seen on my 27" iMac just as it is not seen on my laptop?

    Yes, it is full screen view.
    I found autohide toolbar under viewmenu. That solved it. Thanks!

  • Jerky Genie Effect? A Slightly Different Question.

    Occasionally the genie effect will suddenly become jerky.
    A few months ago I searched the forums and found that one cure was to log out and then back in again.
    Apparently the finder or desktop get "tired" and logging out refreshes everything.
    I think my problems are caused because I generally have about 40 items sitting on my desktop, which I believe wastes a lot of computing power. So every now and again I get rid of half of them.
    I also have some 50 items in the dock! Will each of these icons be as damaging as the others on the desktop?
    In other words, should I keep the items in the dock down to a minimum just as I should keep down those on the desktop?

    What brought this to mind was a video I was watching in Final Cut Pro this morning.
    It started playing a little hesitantly (something that never happens) and thinking it might be a similar issue, I logged out and in.
    Lo and behold the video played perfectly.
    It was then I realised I had more things in the dock than on the desktop. So I have pruned both, just in case they are impacting on performance.

  • My dock/genie effect is NOT working on my MacPro1

    I'm running 10.4.11 and all of a sudden today the dock and the genie effect stopped working! Why? The application icons down in the dock stopped animating and when I click on 'Auto hide and show dock' the dock doesn't come up... I have to click my mouse then it 'pops' up... I've done the trashing of and still doesn't work. Could it be the mouse (Logitech MX Laser)... What's the deal!?

    Please try    Run now   from the following link:
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  • Genie effect not working

    I've a new computer w/snow leopard, which I've had for two weeks. Up until now, I hadn't used the genie effected on my dock. I come to find out it isn't working. I've tried what was suggested on another thread, which is: Users/myname/Library/Preferences/, tossed in the trash and reboot, but it didn't work. Is there anything else I can do? I'd be much obliged for any help. Thank you.  ~Pelusita

    rkaufmann87 wrote:
    "I'm sure there isn't a bug, probably just getting used to a new system."
    'Don't I feel like the "f" ing fool.' :::::Jack Nicholson sly grin::::::!   You were right with the above statement.  In the past, I would click the top of any part of whatever window I had open and the genie effect worked and the icon of whatever window I had clicked on would show up on the dock, next to the trashcan.  Not so with 10.6.7.  I came to find out that I have to click the [yellow] minimizing button  for the genie effect to work.  Mea maxima culpa -my bad.
    P.S.  This is interesting If you want to watch the genie effect work in slow motion, hold down the "shift," key when you click the minimizing button.  I found this quite by accident on Google.

  • Genie effect and Exposé on my iMac G5

    Hi there,
    well, this topic comes after several days of testing, thinking, testing...
    Why does the OS X genie effect isn't smooth on my iMac? I mean, it has a Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB, which it's quite better than the Geforce FX 5200 64MB I had on my previous PowerMac G5 (dual 1.8GHz Rev.A), there must be something mysterious I don't know about videocards...
    My iMac is already set to "maximum performance" but the genie effect isn't as smooth as it was on my PowerMac G5. If I set to "automatic" the dock animation runs at 1/2 framerate as it should.
    I guess these sort of FX are not related (not directly at least...) to CPU speed...aren't them?
    I've had bad experiences with the dock animation too... one day I discovered it was not as smooth as before, than I discovered that if the OS X desktop gets crowded with icons, you loose some smoothness in the GUI, I guess it's strange, but GUI smoothness came back when I decided to move all the stuff inside ONE folder (still on the desktop).
    Now...the desktop isn't crowded anymore, but genie effect and exposè aren't as smooth as they should be, it's far from being smooth, even with one little window.
    any advice?
    (I've just tried ATIcellerator, but it doesn't change anything even at +33% overclock...RAM/CORE, which is something I wouldn't recommend on an iMac)

    Defragging your drive will do nothing, as Tiger automatically defraggs itself on the fly.
    I noticed a significant difference in the performance of Expose if I had multiple windows open up at a time - even if it was nothing more than several Safari windows. My guess is that performance depends on memory load.
    One other thing I noticed was that litlle things like that would slow down if I left apps open, particularly Safari. If I closed all apps, then reopened them - without rebooting - performance was much better.

  • Dock Genie effect not working

    Does anyone know how i get my dock to do the genie effect or the scale effect. It was working the other day but i think it stopped once i moved some of the icons around. i know its a lame thing to stress about but now my dock just seems so dull. Thanks.

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  • Drop Frames & No RT Effects

    I'm just getting started with FCP and I'm wondering why I'm getting dropped frame on something as basic as an cross fade transition between two short (35 seconds each) clips (from a 5d MkII). Also, I'm not seeing any real time effects or transitions (bold menu items).
    Here is my system:
    Mac Pro 8 Core (1st gen 2007)
    ATI Radeon X1900 XT
    16GB RAM
    WD VelociRaptor 600GB OS Drive
    Kingston SSD 64GB Scratch Drive
    G-RAID 4TB Content Drive
    OSX 10.6.4
    Final Cut Studio 7

    1957Goldtop wrote:
    So the scratch disk is not a performance thing as it is in Photoshop?
    Correct, for the most part. The scratch disk keeps people from putting all their footage from their projects on their system drives, which does help performance.
    This means that I shouldn't keep it on a 64GB SSD drive otherwise I'll run out of space as I start more an more projects.
    I guess from my thinking the render files, autosaves, etc should be going on my content drive and not the scratch drive. So, does that mean I have to manually delete past project's files on the scratch drive?
    Yes. You can do it from within FCP by making files offline, or just do it in Finder.
    I did get the EOS plug in and installed it. The problem is the error message I posted previously. I can't select the folder that contains my raw video and I never get the chance to use the EOS plugin.
    With Log & Transfer, you basically want to go to the top folder on the drive, for example:
    Card>CanonFolder>Folder>Folder>files files files should be copied to your drive as:
    NEW NAMED FOLDER>CanonFolder>Folder>Folder>files files files
    And you navigate to NEW NAMED FOLDER.
    You must copy all directory information from the card, as it contains files that tell FCP what is what.

  • How do I stop the scatter effect being contained in an images frame in After Effects?

    I have an image that I want to make scatter with the scatter effect, but when I add the scatter it hits the square frame of my image.
    I would like the scatter to go further and not be contained in the square but I'm not sure how to do this.
    I would appreciate if anyone could give me some pointers on this. Thanks.
    p.s. Im using the CS3 version of After Effects

    Pre-compose the image by putting it in a larger comp, then using that composition as a layer in your main composition. You can then appyl the effect there and it will expand beyond the boundaries of the original image.

  • Subtle Frame Rate Variation Effects

    I am working on a project to create a silent film look. In particular I am after capturing issues associated with the frame rate variability associated with both cameras and projection at that time.
    Some thoughts based on my reading...
    Seems like two issues are at play. One is that the capture may have been at around 16 to 23 frames. It seems that unless people were going for comic effect they were not intentionally sped up by showing at a faster projection rate. In looking at some old classics by and large people seemed to try to match capture and projection.
    However there is a “crispness” associated with the quality of the movement. My guess, I am totally new to this, is this results from 16 to 29 fps capture - less frames in a second to provide the perception of smooth movement.
    My thinking is that I should see if I can convert my base footage to a sub 20 fps frame rate that covers the “crisp” movement aspect.
    In looking at old films it seems like there is another dynamic at play. There seems to be the equivelent of wow and flutter in analog play back devices (phonographs, cassettes) in relation to the timing - it changes in a subtle way over time. Perhaps there is a way to introduce subtle timing “white noise” to simulate this effect.
    I am just coming back to FCP and Motion after a several year layoff, so I am not completely familiar with ther current capabilities.
    So with that my questions:
    1) I dreamed up the above with respect to approach. Any merit to this? Other ideas?
    2) Are their tools in fcp studio to do a quality frame conversion to sub 20 fps?
    3) shooting. Initially I thought that I would want to shoot at 24p in order to get closer to sub 20 fps. Maybe it makes sense to shoot at 30p or 60p (my other two choices) to create more frames to get to a higher sub 20 result. Thoughts?
    3) Thoughts / approach to getting wow and flutter to simulate variable projection and or crank camera capture?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Wayne Williams
    Portland Oregon

    As Mark said, the Bad Film filter does a lot of weave and frame jutter automatically.
    Another thing to try in addition to Bad Film are the retiming behaviors in Motion, particularly the Stutter and Flash Frame behaviors, which can introduce the kind of timing errors you are talking about into playback of your video. You can also apply a Randomize parameter behavior to the Retime Value parameter to get more interesting random playback effects.

  • Add frames in After Effects CS3

    I need to add frames to multiple layers of a composition. Is this possible? I have done it in flash by interning frames but i cant see anything similar in AE?

    Try looking in the composition settings for comp length. Video footage may be looped and this is found under file interpretation. You can change the length of a solid or a still layer by simply clicking and dragging or you can set in and out point with the Alt/Option plus one of the square bracket keys. IOW Alt (windows) or Ctrl (mac) + ] to set a new out point at the CTI (current time indicator).
    This basic stuff is in the help files.

  • Make freeze frame with filters effects showing?

    I'm using the dvMatte Pro plug-ins to strip out the green screen and replace it with a different background.
    Even if I render the entire project, if I take a freeze frame (while the canvas and viewer show the subject against the newly added background), the freeze frame shows the green screen.
    How can I remedy this?

    Copy the clip from which you created the still frame. Right-click on the still frame in the Timeline and select Paste Attributes->Filters.
    Or, open the clip in the Viewer and drag the filters onto the still frame.

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