Freeze Invoice Number Field

How to freeze the INVOICE NUMBER field after entering a value in it but BEFORE it is SAVED.?

Hi Emgee,
I believe this is spin off issue from Automatic Numbering thread.
In the same personalization you have done for Invoice number add another action to Freeze the Invoice number:
Select the field in the Item LOV and select Disable as TRUE.

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  • Invoice Number Field in SRM

    Hi ,
    Please let me know where we can find the Invoice Number Field in SRM.(In which table)
    We are sending invoice from MM to SRM thru XI.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Which R/3 and sRM versions are you using ?
    Meanwhile, Please see related pointers ->
    Note 873196 - Submitted Invoice for deleted PO lines fails
    Note 1045367 - Dump when displaying Purchase Order Item statistics
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Invoice number field in Table BSEG..

    I have the accouting document no.I want to find out the invoice no.Which field in  BSEG table is invoice no.??

    In BSEG you don't find Invoice number. You can see the purchasing document number.
    Invoice number in BKPF table. As suggested by other frined .
    BKPF -AWKEY (Invoice number+Year).

  • Invoice number field in the SAFT program RSAFT_PT_XML

    Hello Members,
    For Portugal legal requirement, we have SAFT program RSAFT_PT_XML. For this program, output XML file has tag <Invoiceno>. As per guidelines this is made up of the document’s internal code, followed by a space, followed by the identifier of the document series, followed by (/) and by a sequential number of the document within the series.
    e.g. <InvoiceNo>ZGMW 7/1530017965</InvoiceNo>
    We want to use the value popluated in this tag in some other forms. We are not able to analyze what value is considered to populate "identifier of the document series" . That is value "7" in above example. Please provide your valuable inputs.

    You open XML file you will see xml file will contain many task tag <Tag> 
    Every task will start with  <Task> and task Name will come as <Name>task1</Name>. You can find all the line with <Name>task1</Name> then you can copy all the task in excel truncate <Name> and <Name>
    then you will have only name of the task then in the 2nd column of the excel you can paste tasks from MPP fiel then you can check easily which task is not present in the xml file.

  • EWay field Mapping for Invoice Number

    We are currently setting up the eWay and BC integration and we have found we are unable to map the invoice number fields and invoice description fields from our website form to the transaction email generated by eWay. I have spoken with eWay who have advised they offer this as part of the API but the BC integration does not allow us to take advantage of this.
    This leaves our customers with a receipt of their transaction and a randomly generated invoice number that doesn’t correspond with the invoice number they have paid. Seems a bit strange as this is information that is important for us and the client. 
    Will there be any improvements to this integration in the future or has anyone encountered a similar issue and found a way around?

    Am interested to know if you ended up finding a way around this?

  • To get the invoice number of amount applied in view prepayment applications

    hi all
    In AP abc Manager-Invoices--when we give invoice number in the invoice number field we get to see supplier name etc in the same Invoices Form there is a
    tab called General from which we can get Amount Paid ,
    Similarly there is a tab called View Prepayment Applications ,when clicked on this tab we can see Amount Applied and invoice number corresponding to that amount applied
    KIndly help me from which table or view this invoice number can be obtained
    i got amount applied from the view AP_UNAPPLY_PREPAYS_V,but i cant find the invoice number.
    kindly guide
    thanking in advance
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    Thanks Robin,
    i was able to get a work around for this. For the time being i am using the following code snippet, i will try using the one u sent an will see if this works too.
    // create nodeinfo object for the node that table will bind to
    final IWDNodeInfo nodeinfo = wdThis.wdGetContext().node<NODENAME>().getNodeInfo() ;
    //get the structure of the node
    final IStructure struct = nodeinfo.getStructureType() ;
    Iterator iter = nodeinfo.iterateAttributes() ;
    if (null != struct)
    totalFields = struct.getNumberOfFields();
    for ( Iterator i = nodeinfo.iterateAttributes(); i.hasNext(); )
    for(count = 1; count <= totalFields; count++)
         fieldName = nodeinfo.getStructureType().getField(count).getName();

  • Excise Invoice number range not being picked by crystal reports

    Hi all,
    We have a Crystal Report that generates the Invoice document based on the invoice number which is an input a parameter. The report is built on 'SAP Table,Cluster or Function' type connection. The Invoice numbers are updated into the source system. Current invoice series is *****0001,.....****0052,****0053,****0054.............****0100......****0111,****0112,*****0113.
    The problem is that the Crystal Report is working fine till ******0111 but it is returning a blank values for Invoice numbers ******0112  and others following. We checked the data in the SAP system and the details for Invoice Numbers ******0112 and others are available in the SAP system.
    While i select the Excise Invoice number field of the corresponding table and clicking on browse data it is showing invoices upto ******0052.
    Please help.
    Thanks and Regards,

    is this data coming from a single table or are joins involved ?
    did you try a report simple on a single table to see if the data would be returned ?

  • Excise invoice number getting reflected in the reference field in VF01

    I require excise invoice number to get get reflected in the reference field of billing document number . (i.e accounting document generated from VF01)

    Dear Muscan,,
    As per STANDARD SAP PROCESS this functionality is not Possible. The reason is very clear, Excise Invoice is always created after creating billing/invoice document. Without creating excise invoice you cannot have excise invoice number reflected in the reference field of billing document.
    Hope this clarifies your doubt?

  • Make "invoice number" and "description" fields both mandatory on payables

    I want my 'invoice number" and "description" fields both manadatory on quick invoice to force users to fill in the fields.

    995170 wrote:
    I want my 'invoice number" and "description" fields both manadatory on quick invoice to force users to fill in the fields.Please see my reply to your other thread --

  • Reference document number field on Invoice line item

    Can anyone please tell me , where in customization , do i define what should get copied in the reference document number field on the line item of an invoice.
    Currently in our system, credit memo request number is getting populated for a credit memo.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

    If you are talking about line item level, then it is called Allocation Number. At the header level, it is called Reference number.
    This is controlled using the copy control for billing - at the header level control.
    The reference number & allocation number once maintained in the configuration, will show up in the Accounting doc - header level & item level, respectively.
    For example - if the customer payment always refers to his PO number, then it really helps to use the allocation number for the accounting doc line items - which helps in clearing incoming payment faster. In this case, the reference number could be our delivery number. This is one of the examples for using both Ref & allocation #'s.
    Hope, this helps!
    S. Siva

  • Field for invoice number

    hi all
       can any body say wht is the relevent R/3 field  and corresponding infoobject for "INVOICE NUMBER"  
      thank you

    Invoice number = VBELN  = Billing Document in VBRP table.
    so you can use either of these two infoobjetcs.

  • Invoice/Goods Receipt number field

    Hi kishan,
    why you have locked my thread.
    I didn't find one,
    I just asked, is there any field for invoice number in Purchase order history.
    vidyasagar yadav c
    Edited by: vidyasagarc on Mar 2, 2012 3:59 PM

    If you are referring to this thread: Invoice/Goods Receipt number field, then I have to say that I honestly did not find a question in that post. And since these forums are meant to ask questions, rather than doing a status update, I locked the thread.
    PS: Thomas has mentioned some important tips, which you may find very useful for future posting.

  • Field - Tax Rate against Invoice Number

    Please tell me the Table Name for TAX RATE against the INVOICE NUMBER...

    Hello Prince,
    I will like to carry forward with Eric's post:
    with VBRP-MWSKZ you can use FM GET_TAX_PERCENTAGE (you'll need the country as well)
    Lets assume you have
    1. BUKRS - Comp. Code
    2. MWSKZ - Tax Code from the source table can be VBRP or RSEG
    Plz try the code below, hope this will help:
        l_mwskz = p_mwskz. "--> Tax code in your case
        SELECT SINGLE land1
                      INTO l_land1
                      FROM t001
                      WHERE bukrs = p_bukrs.
    * Pricing procedure
      SELECT SINGLE kalsm
                    INTO l_kalsm
                    FROM t005
                    WHERE land1 = l_land1.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
    *   Get tax jurisdiction code
        SELECT  txjcd INTO l_txjcd
                FROM ttxj  UP TO 1 ROWS
                WHERE kalsm = l_kalsm.
    * Calculating tax amount
          aland   = l_land1
          datab   = p_budat  "--> You can use VBRP-PRSDT in your case
          mwskz   = l_mwskz
          txjcd   = l_txjcd
          t_ftaxp = it_ftaxp.
      READ TABLE it_ftaxp INTO wa_ftaxp INDEX 1.
      IF sy-subrc = 0 .
        v_tax_rate = wa_ftaxp-kbetr.
    Relation between VBRK & BKPF:
    From this you can go to BSEG, then its quite simple:
    IF BSEG-BUZID = 'T'.
      v_tax_rate = ( BSEG-DMBTR / BSEG-HWBAS ) * 100
    Else you can use BSEG-MWSKZ and use the previous code. Upto you to decide )
    BTW, you said in your firm you do not have Function ppl, is it true ??
    Edited by: Suhas Saha on Jan 14, 2009 11:20 AM

  • Excise invoice number showing display option in J1IEX change mode.

    Hi CIN Experts,
    We are using E.C.C6.0.
    In Excise transaction T.code: J1IEX Change option, Official Excise invoice number (J_1IEXHEAD-EXNUM) showing the display mode. How can change the Official Excise Document Number is display mode to change mode in T.code: J1IEX change option.
    In 4.7E system showing the change option in T.code: J1IEX change mode.

    We cannot change this field from display to change. Once the excise invoice is captured the excise invoice number is freezed.
    It is SAP Standard & to break this you would need the access key from SAP.
    If the change in excise invoice number is by user mistake, please cancel the excise invocie and capture the new one.
    Thanks & regards
    Hameed Parvez

  • Excise Invoice number and Internal Number

    Hello Friends
    I have some queries ,I will be thankful to you if you could guide me, in understanding themu2026
    1) When we see the document in J1IEX ,in excise invoice tab, we see two fields :Excise invoice number and Internal Number.
    For Internal number we define the range in object J_1INTNUM, but how do we define range for Excise invoice  number
    2) Where do we maintain the relation between GRPO (Excise Transaction type) with the Excise Invoice number
    3) When do we require updating of register ,is it done on daily bases, and  how can we see the entries of RG23A part 1.
    4) We have excise invoice number  range of posted ,in process and cancel documents which is  assigned to GRPO transaction type, while running J1I7 though we select last option   part 1 posted  and part 2 not  posted, still the system shows the cancelled documents, How can I avoid  the cancel documents

    1) When we see the document in J1IEX ,in excise invoice tab, we see two fields :Excise invoice number and Internal Number.
    For Internal number we define the range in object J_1INTNUM, but how do we define range for Excise invoice number
    -->> Ex inv nbr will be entered based on the vendor ex invoice .. this is external nbr assignment
    2) Where do we maintain the relation between GRPO (Excise Transaction type) with the Excise Invoice number
    --->> there is no relation between grpo vs. ex inv nbr
    3) When do we require updating of register ,is it done on daily bases, and how can we see the entries of RG23A part 1.
    >> u can see in J1I7 or thru table J_1IPART1
    4) We have excise invoice number range of posted ,in process and cancel documents which is assigned to GRPO transaction type, while running J1I7 though we select last option part 1 posted and part 2 not posted, still the system shows the cancelled documents, How can I avoid the cancel documents
    >> wait for others answers..

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