Freeze panes apex 4.1

Hi all,
Is there a simple/free way to freeze panes in reports, Apex 4.1?
thanks all,

Seems that my sample still work on Apex 4.1

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  • Freeze Pane in Oracle Apex3.2

    Please help me out to implement Freeze Pane in Oracle Apex 3.2

    Just to be clear for you, create a new Report Template using the following settings:
    Before Rows:
    <style type="text/css">
    #table1 th {white-space: nowrap}
    #table1 td {white-space: nowrap}
    #table2 th {white-space: nowrap}
    #table2 td {white-space: nowrap}
    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" summary="" style="padding:0px; border-collapse:collapse;">#TOP_PAGINATION#
        <td style="vertical-align:top; background-color:#EFEFEF; padding:0px; border:1px solid darkgray;">
          <div id="d1" style="background-color:white; margin:0px; border:0px; padding:0px;">
        <td style="vertical-align:top; padding:0px; border:1px solid darkgray;">
          <div id="d2" style="overflow-X:scroll; margin:0px; border:0px; padding:0px; border-right:1px solid darkgray;">
    <table cellpadding="0" border="0" cellspacing="0" summary="" class="t18Standard" id="table2">Column Heading Template:
    <th class="t18ReportHeader"#ALIGNMENT# id="#COLUMN_HEADER_NAME#">#COLUMN_HEADER#</th>Before Each Row:
    <tr #HIGHLIGHT_ROW#>Column Template 1:
    <td #ALIGNMENT# headers="#COLUMN_HEADER#" class="t18data">#COLUMN_VALUE#</td>After Each Row:
    </tr>After Rows:
    </table><div class="t18CVS">#EXTERNAL_LINK##CSV_LINK#</div></td></tr>#PAGINATION#</table>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var d1 = document.getElementById("d1");
    var t2 = document.getElementById("table2");
    var t1 = t2.cloneNode(false); = "100%"; = "table1";
    var t2Rows = t2.rows;
    var k;
    var r;
    var c;
    for (k = 0; k < t2Rows.length; k++)
    r = document.createElement("TR");
    c = t2Rows[k].cells[0].cloneNode(true);
    d1.innerHTML += "";
    </script>Next Page Template:
    <a href="#LINK#" class="t18pagination">#PAGINATION_NEXT# ></a>Previous Page Template:
    <a href="#LINK#" class="t18pagination"><#PAGINATION_PREVIOUS#</a>Next Set Template:
    <a href="#LINK#" class="t18pagination">#PAGINATION_NEXT_SET#>></a>Previous Set Template:
    <a href="#LINK#" class="t18pagination"><<#PAGINATION_PREVIOUS_SET#</a>Then update your report to include the following in the Region Header setting:
    <style type="text/css">
    #d1 {width:175px;}
    #d2 {width:400px;}
    </style>That is what is running on:
    Note that the above template is using Theme 18 - all "class" names are prefixed with "t18" - change this to your own theme (eg, if you are using Theme 12, change this to "t12" - or check with the Standard Report template for the "class" names you need)

  • Office Web Apps Server June 2013 Cumulative Update Excel Freeze Pane and Hide/Un-hide Feature Missing

    I have recently updated the Office Web Apps Server to the June 2013 Cumulative Update (KB2817350) which was published with the new features that allow rendering of freeze pane, hide/un-hide the excel worksheet and row/columns, Header
    Row Snapping, Sorting, Data Validation and Autocomplete. i have followed the TechNet article (
    to update the office web apps server. Current setup is a SharePoint 2013, SQL 2012 and Office Web Apps server. All server are installed on Windows server 2012.

    Sorry to inform you that these new features are specific to cloud Excel Web App in both SkyDrive and Office365. There is no update available for on-premise Excel Web Apps installed locally
    yet. Thank you for your understanding.
    Miles LI TechNet Community Support

  • Excel's Freeze Pane Property  in RTF template for XML Publisher Report

    Hi all,
    I have created RTF template and it's output type is Excel.
    I want to apply Freeze Pane Property of Excel in rtf template so that it can be applied to Excel Output.
    Please let me know any information regarding this.

    I am looking for the same functionality. Did you ever got answer for this?

  • Freeze Pane Property of Excel in RTF template for XML Publisher Report

    Hi all,
    I have created RTF template and it's output type is Excel.
    I want to apply Freeze Pane Property of Excel in rtf template so that it can be applied to Excel Output.
    Please let me know any information regarding this ASAP.

    This is the Oracle Reports forum. Better post this in the BI Publisher forum.

  • Table Header in freezed pane when exporting SSRS report to Excel

    I want table Header in freezed pane when exporting SSRS report to Excel.
    Can I have the table header of tablix be present in freezed pane of excel.
    Vivek Singh

    Hi Vivek,
    Please refer the following thread.
    may be u get the answer.
    How to freeze header pane in SSRS

  • Freeze panes in OBIEE 11g

    Hi All,
    Glad to post regarding Freezing panes in OBIEE 11g.
    Since this has got most hits in the search.
    I searched a quite few websites like replies from BI Joe and few others. But couldnt resolve this.
    Would be great help for all those who are looking for workaround regarding the same.
    Also - another feature likely in - freeze panes for rows and columns :-). But need it in 11.1.5
    Edited by: MuRam on Feb 29, 2012 10:23 AM

    check with oracle support. they might released patches for 11.1.5

  • Freeze Panes Functionality

    I am required to develop a report that has a large number of columns. For readability the first 3 columns must remain frozen during horizontal scrolling (much like excel freeze panes).
    So far I have achieved this with two regions with different column sets from the same report displayed next to each other, This way I can make the right hand report region scroll (<div> tags in the Header & Footer of this region)while leaving the left hand report static.
    This leaves me with a problem where I need to link the pagination of both report regions. I am trying to change the SQL on the right hand report to only return the records displayed in the right hand region, my SQL for the right region Looks something like this but does not work:
    I believe it is because I am trying to reference a region as a list which I cannot do or am doing wrong.
    So my question is "Is there a better way to do this and how?"

    wow, it would cost your company so much less if your users can just download into Excel and do the fancy stuff there.
    Next they are going to ask you for more Excel-like functionality.

  • Freeze panes in OBIEE

    Hi Experts,
    I have a very big report (pivot table) and the column names for that report goes off the screen while scrolling down to see the bellow reports. Now the business requirement is can we freeze the column names similar to Excel?? Is there any work arrond and please suggest me some idea to try.

    Refer :FREEZE PANE functionality in OBIEE  is it possible ???

  • Can pp col headings act like freeze pane in excel

    Hi.  We run 2012 enterprise.  Can co headings on my pivot table scroll as freeze pane does in regular excel?  How?

    Hi, your Situation is as follow?:
    You have a powerpivot model, and a pivot-table based on this PP data, created with Excel 2013
    Now you want the Pivot-table columns to freeze if you scroll down the Excel sheet?
    IMHO you can't do this because Excel has no Feature to freeze Pivot-table column, but can freeze columns of Excel table objects
    You can get PP data into a Excel table object by creating a DAX Query, see:

  • JTextArea with freeze pane functionality

    Greetings. I am trying to implement a plain text viewer that has some sort of "freeze pane" functionality (like that found in MS Excel)
    I took the approach of using 4 JTextArea and put them into a JScrollPane, its row header, column header and upper-left corner. All these text areas share the same document.
    Everything works as expected. When I scroll the lower-right pane, the row and column headers scroll correspondingly. The problem I have is that the document in the lower-right pane now shows duplicate portion of the document that is already showing in the row and column headers.
    Knowing that this should merely be a matter of shifting the Viewport on the document, I went through the documentation and java source, and just couldn't find a way to translate the view. SetViewPosition() works to a certain extent, but the scrollbars allow users to scroll back to the origin and reveal the duplicate data, which is undesirable.
    Your help with find out a way to relocate the view to the desired location is much appreciated.

    some sample code attached (with a quick hack in attempt to making it work, at least presentation-wise)
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.plaf.*;
    import javax.swing.plaf.basic.*;
    import javax.swing.text.*;
    public class SplitViewFrame extends JFrame {
        int splitX = 100;
        int splitY = 100;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            // Create application frame.
            SplitViewFrame frame = new SplitViewFrame();
            // Show frame
         * The constructor.
         public SplitViewFrame() {
            JMenuBar menuBar = new JMenuBar();
            JMenu menuFile = new JMenu();
            JMenuItem menuFileExit = new JMenuItem();
            // Add action listener.for the menu button
                new ActionListener() {
                    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
            setSize(new Dimension(640, 480));
            // Add window listener.
                new WindowAdapter() {
                    public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {
        void makeFreezePane() {
            Container cp = getContentPane();
            Font font = new Font("monospaced", Font.PLAIN, 14);
            OffsetTextArea ta = new OffsetTextArea();
            ta.setSplit(splitX, splitY);
            // read doc
            readDocIntoTextArea(ta, "..\\afscheck.txt");
            JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(ta);
            Document doc = ta.getDocument();
            // dump doc
            JViewport ulVP = makeViewport(doc, font, 0, 0, splitX, splitY);
            JViewport urVP = makeViewport(doc, font, splitX, 0, 20, splitY);
            JViewport llVP = makeViewport(doc, font, 0, splitY, splitX, 20);
            jsp.setCorner(JScrollPane.UPPER_LEFT_CORNER, ulVP);
            jsp.setCorner(JScrollPane.UPPER_RIGHT_CORNER, new Corner());
            jsp.setCorner(JScrollPane.LOWER_LEFT_CORNER, new Corner());
            jsp.setCorner(JScrollPane.LOWER_RIGHT_CORNER, new Corner());
            cp.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
            cp.add(jsp, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        void readDocIntoTextArea(JTextArea ta, String filename) {
            try {
                File f = new File(filename);
                FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(f);
                ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
                int br = 0;
                byte[] buf = new byte[1024000];
                while ((br =, 0, buf.length)) != -1) {
                    baos.write(buf, 0, br);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                ta.setText("Failed to load text.");
        protected void windowClosed() {
        JViewport makeViewport(Document doc, Font f, int splitX, int splitY, int width, int height) {
            JViewport vp = new JViewport();
            OffsetTextArea ta = new OffsetTextArea();
            ta.setSplit(splitX, splitY);
            vp.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(width, height));
            return vp;
        static void dumpDocument(Document doc) {
            Element[] elms = doc.getRootElements();
            for (int i = 0; i < elms.length; i++) {
                dumpElement(elms, 0);
    static void dumpElement(Element elm, int level) {
    for (int i = 0; i < level; i++) System.out.print(" ");
    if ( elm.isLeaf() && elm.getName().equals("content")) {
    try {
    int s = elm.getStartOffset();
    int e = elm.getEndOffset();
    s, e-s));
    } catch (Exception e) {
    for (int i = 0; i < elm.getElementCount(); i++) {
    dumpElement(elm.getElement(i), level+1);
    class OffsetTextArea extends JTextArea {
    int splitX = 0;
    int splitY = 0;
    public void setSplit(int x, int y) {
    splitX = x;
    splitY = y;
    public void paint(Graphics g) {
    g.translate(-splitX, -splitY);
    g.translate( splitX, splitY);
    /* is used by */
    class Corner extends JComponent {
    protected void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
    // Fill me with dirty brown/orange.
    g.setColor(new Color(230, 163, 4));
    g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());

  • Freeze panes, like in Excel?

    Can we have the freeze panes effect in Flex? I like my top
    component staying at the same position in the page while I can
    scroll the bottom part up and down. Thanks

    A Flex app consists of navigators, containers and display
    components. Use two containers, and only enable scrolling in the
    one you want.
    I suggest you set vertical and horizontalScrollPolicy="off"
    for all your containers, including Application. Turn them on where
    you specifically want them. The default behavior,
    scrollPolicy="auto" often works, but also becomes very confusing
    when you have deeply nested containers, and scrollbars start
    popping up all over the place.

  • Freeze panes (like in xl)in basic list

    i need freeze panes(like in xl) option in basic list .
    thank u

    This option is not available in SAP. Please transport is to excel at there you can prepare your file.
    Reward points if useful,

  • Review comments completely hidden by freeze panes in VBA Excel

    I have a worksheet with review comments attached to the cell during run time. I use these
    review comments like tool tips to explain the user that the field is a mandatory field and it must be entered .
    I also used the Freeze Panes feature to keep the left side columns say (4 columns)  visible
    as the worksheet is scrolled horizontally. However, the review comments are visible when it is not scrolled but they are hidden under the frozen pane when the worksheet is scrolled horizontally.
    The review comment that overlaps the boundary is no longer visible when scrolled completely.
    Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Please suggest
    Thanks and Regards

    Hello Zhang
    Thanks very much for your response and suggestions
    I have tried increasing the width of the column D but still the review comments are getting hidden under the frozen panes. Dragging of comment window is not possible as these review comments are attached to the cell at run time. 
    Trying the data validation technique will not be a better choice. The reason is i am validating all the fields present in all the rows at once in a single button click  . Correct me if i am wrong...The reason is if the user doesn't enter the
    value for this column for at least (say 10 rows) then it might fire the validation pop up ten times.This will make the user to clear the validation pop ups first and then enter the values for all the left rows. If i add review comments then it will just add
    a red mark at the top right corner of the cell along with the review comments which will help the user to understand that it is a mandatory field.
    So, Please suggest a solution regarding how to handle the case related to the review comments that overlaps the boundary is not longer visible when scrolled completely.
    Thanks and Regards

  • What's equivalent to "Freeze Panes" in Excel?

    I've used Excel for years at work. Now I've not Numbers at home. I can't figure out how to "freeze panes" so, as I scroll down a page, the header row stays visible. Help?

    While Freeze Panes does not exist, Jason over on
    came up with this solution:
    His demonstration consists of 3 tables. The third table is where the full spreadsheet exists. The second table is a "window" onto the third table. The first table is just two slider bars. As you slide the sliders, the second table adjusts what it is showing in the second table from the data in the third. This makes more sense once you try his example.
    If you are just looking at data, his solution works very well. If you need the freeze panes so that you know what column to input the data into, well, keep hitting that "Provide Numbers Feedback" button. until it appears.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can't install HWsetup or Value Added Package on Windows 7 64bit

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  • Journals: managing flows and historic rate differences

    Hello, We are using BPC for a Statutory Consolidation project and need your help on journals: We have two dimensions for accounts: accountp for balance sheet and profit and loss accounts accoutl for flows of the balance sheet (like opening, increase,

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