FRM-47026 Cannot get parameter error when using bi graph

I have recently tried to use the BI Graph bean provided as a demo from Oracle.
I have amended the cursors and put into our system but get an error on the master graph.
When i mouse click on a column i recieve the error from forms :
FRM-47026 Cannot get parameter GRAPH_INFO attributes from parameter List CUSTOM_ITEM_LST19: no such names parameter exists.
Any ideas. i have not changed the code in this trigger only the procedure cursors to work within our system
code in trigger:
               eventValues := get_parameter_list(:system.custom_item_event_parameters);
               get_parameter_attr(eventValues,'GRAPH_INFO',eventValueType, tempString);

Did you ever get this issue resolved?
I am facing the same problem.

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    I dropped the WEBUTIL object group then added it again by adding the object library then subclassing it to the object group. The error messages are gone.

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    Can any one suggest what went wrong here?Only if you would post the query and Oracle versions on both databases.
    Besides, this forum deals with issues in Oracle product installation. So post this query in SQL PL/SQL forum for better response.

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    Have no idea of what you were even doing in Photoshop my crystal ball is out for repairs so I can not see.  

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    Hi ...
    Where is the error ??

    Hi Duncan..
    Very strange , but , when change the password for the user Webutil raise the error "Cannot get parameter.." at once load the fmb, and recompiling (Ctrl+Shift+K) and the error it dissapears..
    My installation is
    Oracle 8.1.7 : In this DataBase am working , with the DBLink a Oracle9ir1 , in where are the package Webutil_DB.
    S.O. = Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 2)
    With Forms9i i connect to Oracle 8.1.7 ..
    Very unusual...
    And more, if i not connect to program , and change the password for the user WebUtil, next i connect to program , the error appears , i don't know....but the solutions is recompiling..
    nice !!
    Thanks Duncan..
    PD : You are the great professional , i admire you...

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    Hi Prasanna
    Could you tell me what's the sy-subrc code you are getting ?

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    mumbles27 wrote:
    one is MS-DOS
    would that be in FAT32 or NTFS ?
    mac OS extended (case sensitive)
    i'm not 100 % sure but i have a fancy such a combination may not play well together.
    nothing bigger than 2GB for one file
    i was asking because FAT3 has a limitation in that it will not allow you to copy files larger than 4 GB.

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    When i try to use SMTP mail i get an error code 1 saying TCP cannot exchage information with SMTP vi. It mentions possible reason for it is not using GPIB card. But there is no relation between GPIB and TCP. I am not able to figure out the problem. Can anyone help ??
    For Latest TECH News check out my blog at

    Error 1 is a very generic error. It means that either an input parameter is invalid or the gpib controller be the controller in charge, but not necessarily both. In the context of this problem, it is referring to an input that doesn’t appear to be correct and as you mentioned has nothing to do with GPIB. The most common problem with the SMTP Email VIs is an incorrect name to the ‘Mail Server’ input. The Mail Server is the name or IP address of the outgoing SMTP mail server you are using. The easiest way to find this information is to check with your IT department. I hope this helps. Best of luck!
    Chris J

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    I can't see where I am deviating from examples I know work. It is a very small program, so I have included it here:
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    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
    class QubicGUI extends JFrame
         private int width;
         private int height;
         private Image background;
         public int getWidth()
         {     return width;     }
         public int getHeight()
         {     return height;     }
         public boolean isOpaque()
    return true;
         public QubicGUI()
              super("Qubic"); //set title
              // The following gets the default screen device for the purpose of finding the
              // current settings of height and width of the screen
         GraphicsEnvironment environment = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment();
              GraphicsDevice device = environment.getDefaultScreenDevice();
              DisplayMode display = device.getDisplayMode();
              width = display.getWidth();
              height = display.getHeight();
              // Here we set the window to cover the entire screen with a black background, and
              // remove the decorations. (This includes the title bar and close, minimize and
              // maximize buttons and the border)
              // Initializes the background Image
              Image background = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage("background.gif");
              // This is included for debugging with a decorated window.
    } // end constructor
              public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
              } // end paintComponenet
    } // end QubicGUI

    Two things I want to know:
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    the constructor of another class. I got this error
    message - "Cannot access non-static variable from a
    static context". Why(When both are non-static am I
    getting the message as static context)?Post some code. It's hard to pinpoint a syntax error like that without seeing the code.
    Also, there may be cleaner ways of doing what you want without having classes sharing labels.
    2. I am using a map to set the attributes of a font.
    One of the key-value pair of the map is
    But when I using the statement g.drawString("First
    line of the address", 40, 200); the text being
    displayed is in black and not blue. Why?You need to use the drawString that takes an AttributedCharacterIterator:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.font.*;
    import java.text.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class Example  extends JPanel {
        public static void main(String[] args)  {
            JFrame f = new JFrame("Example");
            Container cp = f.getContentPane();
            cp.add(new Example());
        protected void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
            String text = "Every good boy does fine always";
            AttributedString as = new AttributedString(text);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FAMILY, "Lucida Bright");
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.SIZE, new Float(16));
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.BLUE, 0, 5);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.GREEN, 6, 10);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.RED, 11, 14);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.YELLOW, 15, 19);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.MAGENTA, 20, 24);
            as.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FOREGROUND, Color.CYAN, 25, 31);
            g.drawString(as.getIterator(), 10, 20);

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    I did a little research online and noticed that people got this same (or a very very similar) error in iOS on Safari when browsing with a proxy and they just had to reset network connections.
    I'm getting it in OS X. When I turn on the VPN sometimes browsing will work fine, but then this pops up and once I get this error in one tab I get it in all of them. Firefox still works. There's plenty of memory -- RAM and ROM.
    When I turn off the VPN it works again.

    Thanks Carolyn!
    I don't think this is the solution for me, although I do think it is a clue. It can't be a mistyped proxy field, as this happens across different VPN's (i.e. work, personal, school) and browsing is working fine for a time before it starts all the sudden giving me that message.
    I am on 10.8 which I didn't think was related, but now I'm starting to think maybe it is, so I'll also post in the Dev community. However if you or anyone has any ideas PLEASE do follow up, as I find the user support community to be far, far more useful than the Dev community in general!

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    I'm trying to update my CC Illustrator, as there is an issue that has apparently been resolved with a new update.
    Whenever I try to update Illustrator, or even download a new application, I get an error window "Download Error.  Try again or contact customer support."
    I have tried to download both directly from Adobe Application Manager and from the Creative Cloud website itself.  I have restarted my computer.   This has been happening for 2 days now.  Just can't seem to connect with Adobe Application Manager. 
    At one  point I got a window message that said to check the Adobe Site Status, and all looked green and fine there. 
    And this forum appears to be the only "customer support" ???!  I don't see any chat help or phone help.  Is that true?
    I can go back to CS4 Illustrator to get the feature that I need (zoom in/out using magic mouse+Option, which is my favorite and essential Illustrator shortcut) but obviously will need to update and download more CC features and programs in the near future.
    Thank you for anyone who can help me.

    You can also use Download New Adobe CC Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant/Manager) | ProDesignTools
    Direct Download Links for Adobe Software
    Are you on a managed network. If yes please refer the Knowledge base article:
    You may even try the direct download:
    Kindly follow the very important instructions before download.
    It might help you.

  • Trying to get prior error when using deferred constaint on Oracle database


    Hi Greg,
    There is no direct way to retrieve a error as an original exception
    is wrapped. Also, it's problematic to report constraint violations
    in general as different DB vendors use different ways to report them.
    You may try to correct problem by extracting text of the exception
    and looking for certain string patterns using direct string parsing
    or regexps.
    Slava Imeshev
    "Sanjeev Chopra" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:3d5aa128$[email protected]..
    posting to ejb newsgroup
    "Greg James" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    I'm using an Oracle database which has deferred constraints enabled. I'musing
    Weblogic 5.1 and Java. The problem is that the deferred constraints
    errors until a commit. This makes all errors report back to the java EJBcode
    as error code 2091: Transaction Rolled Back. Both errors show up in theWeblogic
    log file so there must be some way for my EJB to access it. How can I
    error code of the actual cause?

  • Can someone please tell me why I am getting an error when using my Liquify tool?

    I am receiving an "error"window when using my Liquify tool in Filters. I receive a "delayed write failed" window also...I heard a loud honking sound and then my ability to use the tool is frozen. A little help please?

    You're not alone. There have been several threads about this issue:
    They're all informative, but I think the last one might be what you want.

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    I am tring to connect to a Oracle 7.3 remote database,using MS Access97.MS Access97 usues ODBC 32Bit data source. I have downloaded the ODBC 32 bit drivers from the Oracle site, but When I try to connect I keep getting the 3121 error. It sais:
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    (Microsoft)ODBC Driver Manager Driver's SQLSeConnectAttr Failed (0) My SLQ*NET is a 16 Bit. Do I need to get a 32 bit SQL*NET ?
    If SO, where do I find it ?
    the only ODBC source are the 16 bit sources witch are not compatible with MS Access 97. The error messages tells me to install SQL*NET Easy Config version 32 Bit. I have the 16 bit version and it works ok with the 16 bit applications, but with Access97, it needs 32 bit SQL*NET Easy , Where do I find this ?

    Hello Srikanth,
    I already found that webpage but it didn't solve the issue. After your suggestion I retried it but with the same error...
    Dennis de Kock

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