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i have been using my ipod with i tunes for some time, i now have an iphone 3gs and can download everything from my itunes account via my laptop except my audio books any idea what i have to do?

You can do both. You can set it up as a new device or you can restore it from your iPod touch backup.

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  • I have 300 apps organized in folders on my ipod touch 4th gen, and connected my iphone 4, these apps have copied over but none have been placed in folders, any ideas how to replicate folders from ipod to iphone...?

    I have 300 apps organized in folders on my ipod touch 4th gen, and connected my iphone 4, these apps have copied over but none have been placed in folders, any ideas how to replicate folders from ipod to iphone...?

    What may work is to restore the iPhone fom the backup of the iPod.  However, if the two devices ahve different apps that come with the device, that may mess up some of the folders.

  • Messaging from iPod to iPhone

    I have an iphone 4 and a new iPod Touch.  I would like to message from one to the other.
    When we try it from iPod to iPhone, the iPod indicates the iPhone is not registered with iMessage.  I am not sure what to do with this.
    When I try the other way, I cannot get access to email addresses.
    Can anyone give me an idea of what to do next?  TIA, rasinc

    and here: though I will not be using WiFi, I have a wired connection on my computer
    and here:
    Battery and heat problems here:
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  • HT1296 can i sync content from "safe note" app from iPod to iPhone?

    can i sync content from "safe note" app from iPod to iPhone?

    If you aren't syncing contacts with a supported address book app on your computer, and/or not syncing contacts over the air with an email account on your iPhone that supports this with a number of accounts that do which are free including a free Apple iCloud account, and your iPhone's backup is not being done wirelessly with a free Apple iCloud account and you don't have a backup for your iPhone on a computer, your contacts will be lost.

  • Itunes closes when trying to transfer purchases from ipod or iphone

    Using a PC with Vista.  Installed iOS 5 this morning.  Cannot update either ipod touch 3g or iphone 3g with software update until "prior purchases are transferred to itune" - unfortunately every time I try to "transfer the prior purchases" Itunes closes completely.  I've been working on this for hours now.  Anyone got any ideas how to get around this?

    Your Post is a bit confusing
    Tinfrbs wrote:
    displays that the ipod cannot be written on or to.. when trying to transfer purchases from ipod to computer...
    If you are using iTunes, you cant transfer purchases in the iPod to the Mac, you need 3rd Party Software.
    Have a nice day!


    How can I get my music from my ipod to my iphone?Also calendar, photos etc

    Music: If it's not already on computer iTunes, you need a 3rd party tool to transfer the music from iPod to computer. Syncing is one way only Computer -> iPod, iPhone, iPad (Exception: music purchased directly from iTunes using Apple devices can transfer without 3rd party tool).

  • Can you transfer music from ipod to iphone 4

    Can someone tell me if it's possiable to transfer music from ipod to the iphone

    You cannot.
    Everything that is on your ipod should be in itunes on your computer.  Just sync it to the iphone from your computer.

  • How can i transfer my songs from iPod to iPhone

    how can i transfer my song library from ipod to my iphone 4?  the library on my computer from itunes is loaded with all my  kids songs so i'd just like to transfer the songs on my ipod.

    You cannot copy content from your iPod directly to your iPhone.  It needs to be copied from your iPod to an iTunes library first and then synced the iPhone.
    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • Sync from ipod to iphone

    I recently bought an iPhone and am trying to put music on it. I want all the music from my old iPod Nano, but there is some music on it that is not in my iTunes library. How do I get this music into my library, and then into my iPhone? Simply dragging and dropping will not work.

    Do you have a Mac or PC? If you look on search iPod iTunes you'll find something.

  • Uploading backup from iPod onto iPhone

    Does uploading the backup for my previous iPod touch onto my new iPhone 4s cause the phone to lose/forget its capabilities.  I lost my entire contact list from the phone and am worried that there's more missing I don't know about...

    No, it does not.... but relying on a single device for storage of contacts is not very smart.
    Contacts are designed to be synced to a supported application on the computer or a cloud service like iCloud, Google/Gmail, or Exchange.

  • Transfer from ipod to iphone 4

    my wife has an ipod 3 with her own apple id and I want to transfer the ipod 3 contents to my iphone 4 and i have my own apple id
    how do i do this

    I can assist you with transferring information to your iPhone 4 from your computer, but sometimes transferring information from one Apple product to another can cause complications. I would recommend contacting Apple at 800-275-2273 for further assistance. 

  • Can I copy playlists from ipod to iphone

    I have an ipod with playlists in it. I just bought an iphone 4 from Verizon.  Is there any way to move or copy my playlists from the ipod to the iphone?

    Iphone, as the ipod, syncs with itunes.  If the music/playlists are n itunes, then your can sync to the iphone.

  • Upgrading from iPod to iPhone

    I apologize for asking, 'cause I'm sure this question has been asked before, possibly many times - but my wife has a 30GB iPod and I'm trying to get her to upgrade to an iPhone. She's using about 7.5 GB of her iPod so I assume I'd have to get her the 16GB iPhone?
    If she does, will the software keep her iPod contacts and tunes, etc.? What would be the best way to approach this so she doesn't lose what she has in the iPod version of iTunes she's currently running? Can I just go ahead and run the "check for updates" and put iTunes 8.0.2 on it?
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    If she wants everything that is currently available on her iPod available on her iPhone, she needs a 16GB iPhone.
    You can sync multiple iPods and/or iPhones with the same iTunes library, and with the supported applications on your computer. Which address book application on her computer is she using for transferring contact info to her iPhone via the iTunes sync process? If supported for syncing contact info with an iPhone, she can use the same address book application on her computer to sync contact info with her iPhone.
    Installing an iTunes update on your computer does not affect iTunes content - which is stored completely separate from the application.

  • Can i use my previous apps purchases from ipod to iphone?

    i have ipod touch from the first generation and i have been purchasing alot of apps for more than a year now and i would like to get my first iphone but consired about my previous purchased apps can i sync them normally from the itunes or from the app store or can't at all

    sobhyking wrote:
    can i sync them normally from the itunes
    you can even redownload them for free. see How to redownload purchased apps from the App Store

  • We have one iPod and two iPhones; we have not been able to transfer our music from Ipod to IPhones, via iTunes, please assist?

    We have one iPod and two iPhones; we have been unable to transfer our music from the Ipod via iTunes to the iPhones, please assist.

    did you right click the ipod/iphone and click transfer purchases

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