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This is maybe the wrong forum for my question, but I give it a trey anyway.
I developed in MS Office 2004 for Mac a Power Point presentation an now I would like to convert this presentation in to a website.
My question is simple an hopefully you have a simple answer ... Is it possible to so ??
I'm using Dream Weaver 8 for developing websites.
Thanks in advance ...

Browsers do not have any "helper" apps (plug-ins) that can view your .pps file so the file would need conversion to QuickTime, WMP or Flash media formats to be used in a browser.

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  • Can I make a pdf with hyperlinks from Power Point using Acrobat ?

    I have a Power Point presentation which includes hyperlinks to websites. When I use the Power Point slide display they work.
    Can Acrobat make a pdf from Power Point which includes the hyperlinks ?
    Will the hyperlinks work when the pdf is displayed by Acrobat Reader?

    But I want the pages in the pdf shown spreadwise.
    In AcrobatPro you can set the initial document view of single pages as spreads via Page Layout: Two-Up Continuous (Cover Page)

  • I just tried to copy text from power point to a word document. Since then the word document is frozen an shows no reaction. Also can not restart word. Can anyone help me to unfreeze or recover the word document?

    I just tried to copy text from power point to a word document. Since then the word document is frozen an shows no reaction. Also can not restart word. Can anyone help me to unfreeze or recover the word document?

    If the PDF page content is an image (for text that'd by the image that any scanner provides) then it is an image that exports to Word.
    Regardless, Adobe Reader cannot export PDF page content, cannot create PDF and cannot manipulate PDF page content.
    Adobe Reader is a PDF viewer only.
    Perhaps you have a subscription to one of Adobe's online subscription services.
    (ExportPDF, PDF Pack, etc.)
    Each of the online subscription services have their own dedicated user-2-user forums.
    Easy find as there here in Adobe's Forums. Hmmm, just dumping somewhere means ... Ah well, won't go there. Miss Manners would not approve eh.
    Resources for getting into a dialog with Adobe:
    (other than the user-2-user forums)
    To contact support for subscription services: 
    Other links to support:
    contact Adobe Customer Care on Twitter @AdobeCare.
    Phone support (for a fee - have credit card ready)
    800-833-6687, Mon - Fri, 5AM - 7PM PT 
    Be well...

  • Exporting to and from Power Point

    When I export to and from power point, the mapping of bullets does not seem to be one for one. My bullets in iwork seem to map to bullets with numbers in them in power point. How can I figure out which bullets in Power Point map to which bullets in iwork?

    Hope you are doing the following:
    1. Create a pptx
    2. Save and click on Presenter ->Publish.
    3. Select the tab 'Adobe Connect'
    4. Configure the server by clicking on 'Edit server'
    5. Click on Add and enter name (any name) and URL of server ('http://<server name like>)
    6. Press Ok and then Publish.
    Are you redirected to Connect server login screen ?
    If still you are not able to publish, please provide the name and URL of server you entered.
    Alpi Agarwal
    Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

  • Using mov files create from power point in Final Cut.

    Hello, I am trying to import a mov file that I exported from power point into Final Cut pro. I'm using final cut 5 and power point 11.3.2 . When I try to import the mov file, final cut says file error: unknown file type. how can I get final vut to recognize this file or how can I convert it to a file that final cut will recognize???
    thanks for your time

    If I am not mistaken, Power Point exports .wmv files. If this is the file type you have I would recommend purchasing Flip4Mac. It is not that expensive and it will provide .wmv support to QT.
    Dave F

  • How can i extract text from Power point files,wod files,pdf files

    hi friends,
    i need to extract text from the power point files,word files,pdf files for my application.Is it possible to extract the text from the those files .If yes plz give solution to this problem.i would be thankful if u givve solution to this problem.

    My reply would be the same.

  • Audio from Power Point show doesn't play

    I am having a problem with Power Point shows that people send to me via e-mail. The video works fine, but the audio doesn't play. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    Hello Andaleeb,
    thank you for getting back to me.
    The slide show works fine, including sound, from within Organizer. It
    also works fine when I export it as a video. Just PDF isn't working.
    In the meantime, from various contributions in the forum, I gather that,
    unfortunately, the Organizer (just like Lightroom) simply does not
    support adding music to PDF slide shows. Apparently, there is a way to
    do that using Acrobat Pro (only costs 640 Euros).
    You may consider my question answered.
    Am 21.12.2012 11:02, schrieb andaleebfatima1:
          Re: Audio in PDF slide show doesn't play. What can I do ?
    created by andaleebfatima1
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  • Inserting a page from power point

    Please help me with this...whenever I try to insert a page taken from a different power point presentation, the page is always inserted to the left at a 90 degree angle. How do I switch it around so that the paper appears at the right view? When I try "arrange" at a different view, it doesn't help.
    Thank you.

    Technically, you can open an an URL inside of a web page
    using the IFRAME tag in HTML. This may not be the right thing to do
    if the owner of that page does not give you approval to do so.
    A Flash movie (swf file) will not play in Design View unless
    you use the Play button in the Property Inspector. You can see the
    Flash movie play if you preview the web page in a browser (F12 or
    Preview in Browser from the File menu).

  • Bring back preservation of animations when creating PDF from Power Point

    I understood, that PDF maker allowed for MS Office 2003 Power Point an option of preserving animations, and then since MS Office 2007 this option is gone.
    I rely just on description of that, and I personally never tested this functionality in Power Point 2003.
    Still, for me it is unclear, why this functionality has been removed. Is it in order not to cannibalize Adobe Presenter sales? Then it is a clear mistake, as these two in this respect do not really overlaps. Or, is it because of ISO 32000 standardization? But then anyway what Acrobat offer is number of "extensions" on top of standard.
    I have a PPTX with by paragraph animation, and I do not want to make a video, as I wish that presentation would be printable.
    Current situation is going against teh vfery idea of PDF to preserve the exact content of teh file,which here, in part of animations, that I consider a part of substantial, not processual content, is missing.

    You can preserve slide transitions but not animations within the slides themselves - page content such as a bullet point list cannot be faded/moved/etc in a PDF file.

  • P1102 brand new (1 week old) prints wrongly from Power Point

    When printing directly from PowerPoint a circle that is defined as all white filled witha white edge line, this shows correctly on screen but when printed, the edge line becomes black.
    When printing the same using pdfFactory Pro and then printing on the P1102, the printing is correct.
    So, the error is in the P1102 driver, being one week old (2014-03-20 purchase date, Sweden)
    Have you corrected this error or will I have to buy another brand?
    Our old laserjet 1018 does not produce this error but started printing badly after changing toner. So we bought
    a new printer, which looks like  a bad decision.
    Any help out there?

    Hi zecharia,
    The only thing I can think of at this point is to ensure the printer is set as the default printer in the control panel. I wonder if the program is using the wrong driver for the printer.
    If the issue persists, I highly recommend calling HP. You said the printer is new, only a week old. HP printers have a 1 year manufacture warranty.
    The number to call HP is 1-800-474-6836 for Canada and US, or you can Contact HP Worldwide.
    Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for responding.
    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Sunshyn2005 - I work on behalf of HP

  • "Save As" PDF from Power Point Presentations

    When I save a PP Presentation as a PDF, the PDF doesn't recognize PNG pictures and displays the pictures as blocks on my slides.  How do I correct this when saving from PP to PDF?

    Sorry, you need to ask Microsoft; PowerPoint is not Adobe software.

  • Importing from Power Point to Captivate 5.5.

    We have some ppts that have something similar to layered content on the slide.  You click on a slide and new content is shown.  Any way to get this into Captivate or do you need to redo these slides?

    Welcome to the forum,
    Each powerpoint slide will be converted to sort of video slide in Captivate, normally keeps all animations. If you programmed PPT to have a click, this should be preserved in Captivate.
    However, personally I would prefer to create that kind of interactivity in Captivate itself, because then you'll have separate timelines for the objects that will have to show up on click.

  • Extracting data from Ms power point ?

    Hello every one
    My application is to draw the user defined symbols on the map area . And then represent the
    whole map along with the shapes drawn on it in labview 2d picture control
    1 While reading the image from power point is it possible to seperate the Back ground image map
    and the shapes what we had drawn , so that i can save them seperately and represent when ever
    user is in need of them in 2d pic control.
    Please see the attached vi
    Power point with ‏190 KB

    Hello Pankaj
    This is the attached vi in 2011 format
    Power point with ‏187 KB

  • Importing power point slide into captivate

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. I imported an animation slide
    from power point to captivate last night and it worked great (using
    Captivate2) I tried this morning (using cpativate 3) and the
    animation will not play, it just looks like a picture. Is there
    something different I have to do using Captivate 2 version vs the
    Captivate 3 version? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Hi again yankeebrit
    Well, where there's a will, there is often a way...
    You could accomplish it by using what I refer to as 'The
    Camtasia Approach'. Basically, it goes like this. Configure the
    PowerPoint to play in a resizable window. Start the slide show in
    the window, then set Captivate up to record the slideshow as it
    plays. Then, when you know animation is coming, press the F9 key to
    begin a full motion capture. When the animation ends, press F10 to
    stop recording in full motion.
    Using that technique, you are able to get what you want from
    Captivate 2.
    Just a thought... Rick

  • How can LabView export Power point file page per page and read it by picture(jpeg type)?

    I want to get data from power point,read it page by page and show data as picture ( jpeg type)
    anyone know how to do,Please discuss in this topic.
    I'm really need your help so much.
    and if need active X,What is dll file for it ? and How to get dll file exam.vb6runtime , dotnetfix ?
    Thank you Sr.

    There is no tool for this already in the world? (getting the jpgs)
    my try would be:
    digg in the MS KBs about command line options of PP
    start PP with the (system) execute vi , full screen presentation (automatic show with known delay??)
    use the (system) send key vi to step through the presentation (if no auto mode is possible)
    use the screen shot function to cature the screen and search this forum on how to save it as a jpg (or png? )
    Greetings from Germany
    LV since v3.1
    “ground” is a convenient fantasy
    '˙˙˙˙uıɐƃɐ lɐıp puɐ °06 ǝuoɥd ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ ǝsɐǝld 'ʎɹɐuıƃɐɯı sı pǝlɐıp ǝʌɐɥ noʎ ɹǝqɯnu ǝɥʇ'

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