FTP Issues

Hi All,
In one of the scenario Sender channel is picking files from FTP server. It is working correctly, after the first file gets polled, it is taking some time to poll the successive files.
If there are lot of files each having different size in the source directory. One or two files get polled according to the poll interval after this it is taking some time to poll successive files.
Also i am using custom module in the sender adapter. Is there will be any influence in picking the files because of the custom module..?
Kindly suggest useful solution to solve the above issue.

you are doing the the Scenarios that is picking the file from FTP server
it takes the time to pickup the successive file its not a problem of your FTP server but i think its problem of cache or Queue
please check the Queue it its full or not it it is full it takes  time
you can remove the queue
and check again

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  • More CS6 FTP Issues..??

    I see quite a few threads about problems with FTP in CS6, but nothing specific to what I'm seeing.
    I can setup FTP accounts just fine and the test works as expected.  I can upload files and I don't have problems loading the pages like some have talked about (and what looks like a patch was released for).
    What I am seeing, though, is that if I try to upload groups of files at a time it will often upload 1 or 2 and then just stop.  Then if I view Remote and try to refresh it shows "nothing".  So then I have to disconnect and reconnect, and then it shows everything again.  At this point I can generally upload a group of files...but only once.
    It seems like everytime I upload anything I have to switch to remote and disconnect and connect again to upload something after that.
    Also, the syncing is all messed up.  I'm working on a site where I made a change to my Dreamweaver template, and as such lots of files on the site were updated.  Then I went to sync but everything gave me the red error icon showing that it couldn't figure out which one was newer and I had to manually specify that it should upload my local version for everything to the remote server.
    Then, about 10 min later, I made another change to the template.  I went to sync again, but once again, almost all my files were telling me it couldn't figure out which one was newer and I had to manually specify again. 
    What's strange is that some of the files are working fine and don't seem to have an issue...it just knows those need uploaded.  About 90% of my files, though, are forcing me to manually tell it what it to do every time.
    I see in the "what's new" videos that Adobe apparently made some changes to FTP and say it's a lot faster now becuase it allows for multiple connections.  I was very excited to hear that, but now with all the issues I'm having and the other threads I see about problems with FTP in CS6 I'm almost wishing I wouldn't have upgraded.
    Any information on how I can get this working the way it should be would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

    Adobe is working on a variety of FTP issues, and is making available a patch. You can contact the Dreamweaver team directly to get a copy of the patch: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4541472#4541472.

  • Dreamweaver CS6 FTP Issues

    i have created a site in dreamweaver and as far as i am aware the site works great, i have hosting and webspace with 1and1 and have connected to their servers via ftp, i have to manually upload the site and cannot seem to get the webpages themselves to upload, only the *images* folder and *scripts* upload successfully, i have tried everything i can to resolve this but have had no luck whatso ever, any help would be much appreciated, thanks

    May be you can try steps suggested in the troubleshooting document. Most of the points mentioned there are also applicable on DW CS6.

  • Dreamweaver CS3 (9) maxed CPU slow performance and FTP issues.

    Dreamweaver CS3 (9) maxed CPU slow performance and FTP
    Never mind...I found it.
    Of course I have all the firewall, worm, scanning, phishing
    filtering, full time protect, and everything else turned off when I
    am working on a remote/testing site however I found the Symantec
    antivirus email scan being enabled (doesn't it just interact with
    my email program?) was getting in the way of DW9 ftp operations,
    causing some lagging that was putting DW9 into an unstable mode
    during and immediately after (10 seconds) ftp operations.
    The CPU still spikes to 99% during ftp functions but DW9
    works even though it's likely taxed to the max but when I turn off
    email scan DW9 returned to a functioning state during ftp and
    remote file view. Whatever it takes huh?
    PS: email scanning only never effected DW8.02
    My System Info: properly configured (as in: everything works
    or I fix it) Toshiba - XP pro SP2 – Pentium 4 - 2.3GHz
    – 1.5 GB ram – Intel extreme graphics card 64 MB ram
    – Apache 2.2 server – PHP 5 – MySQL 5 -
    phpMyAdmin – Dreamweaver 8.02 – Interakt Kollection
    3.7.1 – Dreamwweaver 9 - DeVtoolbox – Flash –
    GoLive - Photoshop - ImageReady – Illustrator – Acrobat
    – CuteFTP – Putty SSH - blabla...)

    Thanks for the response. I managed to Google the 'nobody' account and found the explanation.
    As you say, I assumed the 'syslogd' process had to do with system logs. I did check the console and couldn't find anything of particular interest in the logs.
    I'll continue to monitor but if anyone has any further suggestions please post.
    One thing that might also have an impact... my available drive space is now down to less than 5gb (runs anywhere between 1gb and 5gb free depending on what I'm running). I know this causes problems for Parallels as it keeps moaning at me, but would it cause any problems with OSX?
    Thanks again,

  • FTP issues on Mac OS X Server 10.6.4

    This is my first server ever working with so you'll have to bear with me
    I just set up the server with FTP and all is well, but I have a few issues:
    1. When connecting to the FTP server on a Windows machine with my standard FTP program or in the Firefox web browser, it does not direct the user to the root folder I have set in the Server Admin Settings. I have it set to "/Library/FTPServer/FTPRoot", which has all the share points, but instead the user will see their home folder. On Mac it works fine, they see the share points.
    2. When connecting to the FTP server in Firefox, I get "550 (filename): Not a directory" error when trying to download a file from the list, but I can view directory listings fine.
    I'm sure it just some setting I've missed, but I can't seem to find a solution to this. Any idea what's wrong?

    Any ideas? Still struggling with this problem...

  • File Adapter: FTP issue

    There is a problem with the file adapter of the XI30 SP14:
    It is set to get a file from a server X using a FTP protocol.
    Sender Adapter v2300 for Party '', Service 'CTDCLNT600':
    Configured at 2006-01-16 15:13:52 EST
    - 2006-01-16 15:23:54 EST: Polling interval started. Length: 60.000 s
    - 2006-01-16 15:23:54 EST: Processing finished successfully
    - 2006-01-16 15:23:52 EST: Processing started
    - 2006-01-16 15:22:54 EST: Polling interval started. Length: 60.000 s
    - 2006-01-16 15:22:54 EST: Processing finished successfully
    It seems everything is working fine, but the in the SXMB_MONI transaction, no message appears.
    I have accessed the FTP manually and I have downloaded the file, so the connectivity issue is descarted.
    Any suggestion.
    Jesus Barba Lobaton

    Hello all,
    The current configuration of the Sender file adapter is:
    Transfer protocol: FTP
    Message protocol: File Content Conversion
    Adapter Engine: Integration Server
    Source Directory: /out
    File: D_P.DAT
    In FTP: the file D_P.DAT is placed under /out directory
    Server: Server Internal IP
    Port: 21
    Connection security: None
    User: userX
    Pass: FTPuserX
    Quality of Service: Exactly once
    Poll Intervals: 60
    Processing mode: Delete
    File Type: Binary
    How can I verify a log of the processing process? as the SXMB_MONI transaction does not show anything.
    The most frustrating of all, is no error message appears. I have verified the XI, APPS and default trace logs with log viewer but there is nothing.
    I have also checked this thread but none of the solution provide solved the issue
    Pbm in File adapter..Post Sp14
    OS: Windows 2003
    Any idea?

  • CS3 FTP Issues in XPSP2

    Recently upgraded to DW CS3 on both my laptop and desktop,
    both of which were running DW MX2004. Both machines are XP SP2. I
    have an issue (across all of the hosting firms I use, 1&1,
    Omnis, etc) where my FTP puts will timeout excessively. I have to
    click the X in the Background File Activity window to cancel...then
    disconnect from the Files pane...then cancel that operation as
    well. I wait 20 seconds, reconnect, and then I can put -- after it
    tells me about a Synchronization issue where I have to click Yes to
    put. This happens 60% of the time on the desktop, but only 3-5% of
    the time on the laptop.
    Also, when I have to cancel the Put, my web server will only
    show a blank page until I can successfully complete a Put. This
    includes pages that have been successfully loaded previously...they
    "disappear." I've been waiting to see a Dreamweaver update come
    through Adobe Updater.........

    Do you have passive FTP enabled?
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
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    "3daysaside" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:f8nrqd$r5o$[email protected]..
    > Recently upgraded to DW CS3 on both my laptop and
    desktop, both of which
    > were
    > running DW MX2004. Both machines are XP SP2. I have an
    issue (across all
    > of
    > the hosting firms I use, 1&1, Omnis, etc) where my
    FTP puts will timeout
    > excessively. I have to click the X in the Background
    File Activity window
    > to
    > cancel...then disconnect from the Files pane...then
    cancel that operation
    > as
    > well. I wait 20 seconds, reconnect, and then I can put
    -- after it tells
    > me
    > about a Synchronization issue where I have to click Yes
    to put. This
    > happens
    > 60% of the time on the desktop, but only 3-5% of the
    time on the laptop.
    > Also, when I have to cancel the Put, my web server will
    only show a blank
    > page
    > until I can successfully complete a Put. This includes
    pages that have
    > been
    > successfully loaded previously...they "disappear." I've
    been waiting to
    > see a
    > Dreamweaver update come through Adobe Updater.........

  • FTP issues...i'm going crazy!!!!

    Ok, so i i'm new to servers and i have osx snow server. I setup 2 sites (using ports 2424 & 2425).
    i now want to setup an FTP. right now, i'm using i basically left everything as is (root folder), and activated the ftp service. i created a new user (in usergroup) and gave him read & write access.
    when i activate the anonymous login, the user (and the admin) has access to the ftp, but nowhere does it ask to login, although i assigned a username & password in the workgroup manager. if i disable the anonymous login, it says access denied, without asking for user & pass.
    am i missing something??

    I'm not sure if this is authentication or a firewall issue quite yet, and ftp is very vulnerable to problems with the firewalls.
    As for troubleshooting this, have a look at the ftp server log file, and see what you find there. See if you see the connection, and connection details.
    How familiar are you with IP networking and how ftp works at the protocol level?
    ftp is rather weird here, and troubleshooting ftp usually involves knowing both how ftp establishes its connections, and how it authenticates access requests. For instance, using ftp requires opening up what is known as the ephemeral port range at all intervening firewalls (whichever way you have to open up the intervening firewalls depends on whether you're using active or passive ftp), and that it transmits your credentials in cleartext?
    Put another way, ftp (which is older than IP networking itself, BTW) is largely incompatible with modern networks and modern network security. You may not be able to open up the intervening firewalls, too. If the ephemeral port path between the client and the server is blocked (the direction of the connection varies by active or passive transfer), ftp will start to work, and to fail.
    When transferring files over the open Internet, it is usually easier to try sftp first here, and get that going. Easier. More secure, too.
    There are good (free, GUI) sftp clients for Microsoft Windows. Among these is the FileZilla package.
    Please post the ftp server configuration you're using here; what sharing you've enabled and what share points you are using, and whether read or read-write is enabled. This in Server Admin for the target Snow Leopard server box, in the ftp server settings.
    Various browsers disallow specification of ftp credentials (username and password) in the address bar. Firefox still allows that AFAIK, but Microsoft IE won't. (Anonymous ftp is permissible here.) Safari (on Mac OS X) wants you to use Finder for ftp, or command-level ftp.
    Try sftp. It's usually easier to deal with.

  • OSB Proxy Service deployed in cluster environment FTP issue

    I have a OSB 11g proxy service based on a FTP JCA adapter. Here are the JCA settings:
    <connection-factory location="JNDI_FILE_TOKEN" UIincludeWildcard="FILENAME_TOKEN"/>
      <endpoint-activation portType="Get_ptt" operation="Get">
        <activation-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.ftp.inbound.FTPActivationSpec">
          <property name="DeleteFile" value="true"/>
          <property name="MinimumAge" value="0"/>
          <property name="PhysicalDirectory" value="FOLDER_TOKEN"/>
          <property name="Recursive" value="false"/>
          <property name="PollingFrequency" value="30"/>
          <property name="FileType" value="ascii"/>
          <property name="IncludeFiles" value="FILENAME_TOKEN"/>  
    When I deploy this proxy in a cluster (having 2 osb nodes) and place the very first file on FTP server. Both nodes pick the file simultaneously. But after this when I place files on FTP server only one node is picking file. Could you kindly tell where is the issue ?
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Mani,
    Do check the configuration of ProxyService-2 that it is enabled or not.
    Do check the input payload of it, that ProxyService-1 is passing the correct payload to ProxyService-2.
    Redeploy the ProxyService-2
    There is some issue in your proxyService-2.

  • Publish site / FTP issues arggg

    Long time fan of Apple. Purchased iweb09 last week and built a site for my small business. <Edited by Host>
    Well I have tried but I can’t resolve the following issues:
    (1) FTP Server Test Connection returns OK. But when I try to load the site I always get the following error message “*There was an error communicating with the FTP Server. Try again or check with your service provider”* How can I resolve?
    Regardless of this the site actually loads – but IWeb does not recognize this as a successful upload so all the left-hand page titles stay red...
    (2) The site that has loaded on this basis - has some problems when viewed in Microsoft Explorer
    - some of the Stroke / Lines are not appearing
    - some of text overlaps – I realize that you can’t control other internet browsers – but would like to optimse for Explorer
    Thanks for any help - cheers

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Roddy has posted tips for optimizing for IE in several threads:
    If you're using the built in ftp client of iWeb you might try using the free CyberDuck after publishing to a folder on the desktop first. Many have had better luck with it.

  • Dreamweaver FTP Issues

    I've had quite a bit of trouble with my Dreamweaver the last few days. It has issues connecting to my remote server, which is hosted by InMotion hosting. It keeps timing out constantly, but then every once in a while it will work just fine. I don't understand it. I tried using Filezilla and it works just fine, connects perfect. So I contacted my hosting company to see if they might have any idea and they just said everything was good on their end and that I should contact Adobe. They did however say that, after looking at the FTP error log, my dreamweaver was trying to contact unknown directories? He specifically stated that it was trying to upload to a folder called '_mm' in my public_html folder. I cannot find much information on this and I've tried playing with some settings, including passive FTP. I'm using Dreameaver CS5 Version 11.0 Build 4909.

    There is an article about the "mm" folder - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/extend/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d117f53d9310-7ff a.html .  So is the problem that DW cannot create the folder on the remote end?  Or cannot write to the folder?  Uploading to any folder in your public_html folder should not be an issue unless there is a write/permissions issue on the server.

  • ACE FTP issues with "inspect ftp"

    My clients want to access an FTP server, via ACE, and I am having some issues. They can login and issue only one command... the second command will not be accepted an after a few seconds the prompt shows the message "connection closed by remote host".
    I have sniffed traffic and I see that the connection between the client and the ACE has a strange behaviour because ACE open connection to data using an source port of 1039 (it should be 20, since we are usind an active mode client); between the ACE and the real server runs in active mode (I see normal ftp-data packets).
    Other strange thing is that I have FWSM and they let traffic pass from ACE to client (they should expect traffic comming from port 20 and not 1039)
    I am doing source NAT and ACE is doing all the necessary changes on source IP adresses.
    Anyone has seen similar behaviour?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    In attach I send my config and traffic sniffing.
    Thanks in advance.
    Joao Ribau
    P.S. - client is; VIP is; real server

    I didn´t mentioned this before but the gateway of all my networks is an ACE that is loadbalancing traffic to two firewall clusters. I think this is not important because I have a "catch all" VIP in all my interfaces; I assume that ACE forwards traffic with no restrictions or inspections leaving the inspection job to the firewalls and to the ACE that I use to load balance services.
    Don´t think this could be the problem but just to make sure I decided to post it.
    Best regards,
    Joao Ribau.
    P.S. - my configs on the ACE that loadbalance traffic to the firewalls are very straightforward. Serverfarms (interfaces of the firewalls), a class-map with a "catch-all" VIP, policy-map to for the serverfarm, a policy-map to tie the class to the serverfarm and finally a service-policy apllied to each interface.

  • FTP Issues - AirPort Extreme 802.11 AC

    Starting a few weeks ago, I have not been able to connect to any of my outbound FTP servers from any device on my AirPort network. I have verified with my ISP, Comcast that they are not blocking port 21 now. I can access these servers perfectly fine on any other network. The Extreme has software version 7.7.1, my cable modem is the Motorola SB6141 and I am using FileZilla on Windows 8. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Your experience tells you Apple have no idea what they are doing.
    1. They have not released an update to windows for ages.. even with Win8 now out for more than a year.
    2. Apple do not use FTP.. FTP is not a supported protocol on the TC or AE.. therefore it is out of sight and out of mind. It is also not a secure protocol so to some extent they are justified.
    3. They provide one method of remote access which is propriety.. which requires you to sign into the Apple world. And use iCloud and BTMM ensuring you remain in the Apple camp.
    I've spent 400 on Apple AirPorts over time and feel like Apple should fix this issue, considering how even the cheapest routers support FTP and it is a well used protocol.
    I am sure they will fix it.. when is the problem.. since it is not a protocol Apple needs or uses.. they don't mind and you don't mattter.
    Buy a  alternative router.. bridge the AE and it can do all your wireless and become a shiny white switch with the ports orientated the wrong way.. at least until the next firmware comes out and you can give that one a try.

  • FTP issues redux... 10.3

    As partially detailed here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=648182&#648182
    I'm having this issue again.
    The Blogger service spontaneously starting working, when setting it to upload via sFTP. Now this no longer works.
    Blogger background: This is a web-based blog service. It's "publishing" (ie FTP settings) are very basic.
    When I set it to publish via standard FTP I get:
    Connection Timeout
    Blogger help has this to say:
    "The first thing to try in this case is connecting to your server through a different FTP client. If the same error happens there, then you'll need to contact your hosting provider to get it resolved. Note that Blogger published via passive FTP or SFTP, depending on your settings. Active FTP is not supported, so you'll need to doubled check that your server isn't requiring it."
    A standard FTP client can connect and upload just fine.
    If I set Blogger to publish via sFTP (which worked up until a couple days ago), I get this: Socket Not Established
    Blogger has this to say: "This error most commonly occurs when Blogger is set to publish via SFTP to a server that does not support that. Try changing your publishing settings to regular FTP and see if that fixes it. If not, contact your hosting provider to find out more about the error."
    I haven't made any changes on my server, and regular FTP has never worked from Blogger's service.
    AFAIK, I have all the correct ports open on my router to support passive FTP.
    Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? Either to make my server support sFTP again, or make the regular passive FTP work?
    Or maybe suggest an easy to install and use server-side blogging tool? :/
    Powerbook G4 12 1GHz    

    I had serious problems with my Q10 after downloading the latest mandatory update The first time it downloaded to my device and all seemed just fine. Then about 36 hrs later the device completely died. No light, no sound, would not respond at all. The AT&T corporate store was "baffled". So I received a new Q10 from my employer (the other one was about a year and a half old). Applied the same mandatory OS upgrade and about 36 hrs later the EXACT same thing happened. The phone completely died. I noticed that after the upgrade BOTH phones ran warmer than before. I speculate the new OS on the Q10 is running them hotter by doing more constant internal processing and burned out some circuitry. Purely my speculation because nobody I dealt with at AT&T had any ideas at all. But there is clearly a problem. So I switched to the bberry Classic now and hopefully the new OS update will not be a negative experience again!

  • FTP Issue

    I have a simple FTP site set up on a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.4 server, and am running into problems accessing it. My server has a static IP on my LAN, but my LAN uses NAT and I do not have a static WAN address. I can connect via the terminal (using my dynamic DNS name OR my WAN address), but get the following when I try to navigate or do execute any other commands:
    Remote system type is UNIX.
    Using binary mode to transfer files.
    ftp> ls
    502 'EPSV': command not understood.
    425 Can't open passive connection: Can't assign requested address.
    500 Illegal PORT Command
    150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for directory listing.
    total 32
    drwxrwxr-x 1 root admin 476 Dec 21 21:41 Boxcars_Files
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 7 Dec 20 23:00 Groups -> ???
    drwxrwxr-x 1 root admin 476 Apr 1 1976 Public
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 6 Apr 1 1976 Users -> ???
    226 Transfer complete.
    This seems to be an issue with passive mode and being on a NAT-ed network- is there a work around for using the built-in FTP server in OS X Server? I have an older server using PureFTPd that works fine, but I'd like to use the built-in tools in OS X Server if possible.

    There is no /Library/FTPserver/Messages/error.txt file.
    As far as what the problem is, as soon as I change directories and try an ls, I receive a 500 Illegal PORT Command. On top of that, once I change directories back to the home directory, I can no longer use the LS command- I get the same 500 error.
    These errors only occur when I'm accessing the server from the DNS name (causing the connection to appear as if it's coming from the WAN, even if I'm working on the LAN). If I connect via IP on my LAN, everything works just fine.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Using Exception Handler in an ADF Task Flow

    Hi folks. Today I gave a try on Exception Handling. while i go through the blog. https://blogs.oracle.com/ADFProgrammers/entry/using_exception_handler_in_an I cant able to attain the Solution 2: Re-Routing the task flow to display an error page As pe

  • Cancel Billing document after payment

    A Billing document was created using transaction VF01 and posted to FI. An incoming payment for this document was registered using transaction F-28. The user by mistake cancelled the billing document with transaction VF11. Is it correct for the syste

  • Event Handler not Triggered when user is assigned by Membership Rule

    I have defined a post-processed event handler for RoleUser Entity. The handler is triggered normally when a user is manually assigned a role. However, it is not trigger, if users are assigned through membership rule. I have tried both the single exec

  • Load object from xml

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  • Reinstall 10.3.9 without losing apps?

    Hello, I've had a PowerBook G4 for several years. Back in '05 I bought and installed Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD and used it ALOT. Then in '07 I bought a new Mac Pro desktop, and upgraded the Final Cut Pro to Final Cut Studio, which required me to send back