Function Area derive from cost center

Hi, here is a question.
The function area was input in the cost center master data. Cost center A ( Function area 1000), Cost center B (Function area 2000)
Then creat a PO with Account Assignment Category(K), Item Category (B), input the cost center A in the PO.
When I do MIRO, I change the cost center (A TO B), but the function is still 1000, not change to 2000. But if I delete the Function area in MIRO first, then change the cost center, the function area update to 2000.
There is no default function area in GL account and cost element, also no substitution.
Is it standard in SAP?  I want the Function area can be updated with the cost center. Any method?

Here is what SAP help says about this.
Functional area field for postings - ready for input?
You can enter the functional area directly when entering G/L account postings, provided the "Functional area" field is shown in the field status group of the G/L account.
SAP recommends that you do not show the "Functional area" field in the field status group of the G/L account, but rather that you have the system determine the functional area of the account assignment. This eliminates the risk of the user entering incorrect functional areas.
You said you have functional area in cost center master data.  When you post documents, do you get func. area from the cost center automatically or not?

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  • No functional area derived from GL account and cost center ccombination sel

    When doing a goods issue for a delivery, am getting this error. Hope somebody could advice.
    "No functional area derived from GL account and cost center combination selected."

    Go to FS00 and specify the functional area for the gl account. Go cost center change mode specify the functional area. Define the f area in Tcode OKBD, FSP2,KA02,KS12,
    Hope this is clear, if yes assign points

  • Change Functional Area of a cost center

    Initially I booked an entry in cost center A, which has functional area (FA), say FA1.
    After that, I would like to change the FA in cost center A through KS02.  But failed, with error message:
    Transaction data exists; note long text.
    If a change to the functional area is absolutely necessary, this can be completed by following the instructions of SAPnet database note 115840.
    OK fine.  This make sense that I need to reverse my posting.  After I made the reversal entry and checked the KSB1 is 0 for cost center A.
    Then, I try to change FA again for cost center A, using KS02.
    Issue: same error message.
    Any idea? Help needed.
    Thanks in advance.

    I just reproduced that on your test system.
    Cancelling the postings to a value of 0,00 on a cost center is not enough to be able to change the functional area in a cost center.
    You have to delete the transaction data from the cost center. You can use report ZKACOR21 to do that. Please see SAP note 175522 regarding that report.
    Best regards,

  • Profit Center deriviation from Cost Center

    Hi all,
    I have just configured CCA and PCA for one of our new company code.
    I have created 3 cost centers like A, B, C and subsequently same have been created as profit centers too.
    Maintained the profit center in the cost center master data.
    No other derivation rules has been configured so far.
    Now i am trying to do a expense posting with F-02, after entering cost center, system is updating profit center field with a dummy profit center only.
    Even i f a changed the dummy to normal profit center, again system replacing the normal PC with dummy PC.
    I want like...when i enter CC as A, then i need to derive PC also as A for the line item. ( For both expense items as well as revenue items).
    Please suggest.

    Hi Chintan,
    Thanks for your quick response.
    We have already implemented the said SAP note.
    Let me explain my requirement again.
    We have IOA, CCA, PCA active in our system.
    For every expense or revenue line item Internal order is mandatory.
    apart from we have 3 cost centers and 3 profit centers ( 1:1 )
    in cost center master , profit center is assigned.
    1) users are going to decide the cost center, while posting FI direct entries only. So while doing F-02, they will enter CC, and IO manually and at the same time PC should derive from cost center master data ( as it is 1:1 only).
    2) as specified above, we have IOA, CCA, PCA active. In this case IO, CC, PC are to be set as mandatory fields for Field Status Groups G004 and G029?
    Please advise...

  • Funtional area assinged to cost center.

    Dear Sap Friends,
    Please explain to me what is the reason FI functional area assinged to the cost center? and what is transaction code.
    Warm Regards

    The profit and loss account of an organizatioin can be prepared in two ways
    1. Periodic accounting
    2. Cost of Sales accounting
    In cost of sales accounting, the expenditure incurred in order to get a revenue, is treated as  cost of sales. For example manufacturing expenses.
    In SAP, since expenditures are booked to cost centers, it makes sense to assign functional area ato a cost center.
    You can configure functional areas in SPRO, financial accounting>financial accounting global settings>company code>cost of sales accounting>functional area-->define functional area
    The functional area is assigned to a cost center in the transaction code KS01, at the time of creating a cost center or in KS02, if the cost center is alreay created and no functional area is assigned or the functional area is to be changed.
    Hope this helps
    Srinivasa Vepa

  • Functional Area derivation as obligatory checkbox in Cost Center distribution cycle?

    Dear All,
    We are using Cost of Sales accounting with FI-CO online integration. Derivation of Functional Area for Cost Center assessment cycles is an obligatory indicator. Nevertheless I may create Cos Center distribution cycles without this option (what affects FI-CO online integration). Can anybody explain a system logic behind it?
    Can I set Functional Area derivation as an obligatory checkbox for Cost Center distribution cycles too?
    Bartlomiej Seidel

    I have searched for any useful note, but without result so far. The point is that any new distribution or assessment cycle (cost centers) in our company must work with Functional Area derivation (than FI-CO online integration works correctly). With our current SAP setup I must select this indicator for every assessment cycle - it is obligatory. But is not obligatory for distribution cycles - and I don't know why?
    I would like to protect everybody from crating distribution cycles without FA derivation indicator (like it works now for assessment cycles).  How may I do it?

  • Derivation of Funds Center from cost center for Asset PR/PO in FM

    Hello Experts,
    We configured new FM area and relevant BCS settings. It is working fine except PR or PO for Account assignment category A.
    Issue: system is not able derive funds center from cost center in the asset master. cost center is not updated in EBKN table for Asset PR.
    we have maintained the following;
    1. Funds center is activated in Asset account assignments
    2. Maintained derivation rule with function module: FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET
    3. Derivation rule for cost center to funds center also maintained
    If maintain funds center manually in PR it is working fine and consuming budget also.
    Requirement: How derive funds center from cost center assigned in asset. I have verified all tickets raised in this forum, but nothing has answered my question.
    Request you to provide solution for above issue.
    Thanks in advance for support.

    Hi Venkata,
    You have two derivation rules, first related to Asset function module and second one is related to CC and FC combination.
    You need to maintain the function module derivation rule first then you need to maintain the derivation rule related to combination of CC and FC. Because first you need to derive CC from asset master and then you need to derive fund center with reference to this CC.
    Ankit Agarwal

  • CO-PA derivation of Country from Cost center

    I am trying to derive Country for COPA purposes from business area of Cost center. I have creation a Table-lookup rule for first deriving the business area from Cost center. But this rule has Controlling area, Cost center and Date To field as the key field. I am confused which field to enter in the corresponding field of COPA for Date TO field in CSKS table. Can we derive business are through this method in COPA? When i display the characteristic COPA_KOSTL, Origin table and Origin field is coming as blank. Please clarify these two things.

    Hi Waman,
    My problem is in case of non project related expenses which we book to Cost center. I can derive country in case of project related expenses from Project itself which has country of project.
    Please clarify if you have an option for doing this.

  • Derivation of Cost Center from WBS element MAster data at the time of invc.

    dear all,
    during invoice postings with wbs element account assignment system do not derive assigned cost center from wbs element master data.
    how can the system derive the cost center automatically??
    Is there any BADI available to this issue.

    WBS is Real and cost center in the master data is for statistical postings i.e. responsible cost center in WBS.
    How to make substitution (OKC9) deriving the cost center in document line items / invoice posting etc.
    Kindly give detail process for its configuration steps and is there any BADI available which can be useful in this regards?
    Saqib Usman

  • Error in ME51N -  Account object functional area differs from asset master

    We are in the middle of going thru an upgrade -
    Funds & Functional Area were display fields in the old system but it was recetly changed to required fields in the Asset Master Record (AS01). Now when I try to create a Purchase Requisition for procuring the asset, I get this error - We are in the middle of going thru an upgrade -
    Funds & Functional Area were display fields in the old system but it was recetly changed to required fields in the Asset Master Record (AS01). Now when I try to create a Purchase Requisition for procuring the asset, I get this error - Account object functional area differs from that in asset master record. Any suggestions?. Any suggestions?

    The functional area what is comming is not the same in Asset accounting as you get from ME51N.
    What functional area you get from ME51N and what is the asset.
    Is the functinal area in the cost center not the same as you filled in the asset?

  • How dunning area derived from sales area

    Dear Guru,
    When you press F1 on dunning area, you will get the following:
    The dunning area must be noted in the line items. As long as documents are copied from preliminary work areas (billing documents), the dunning area can be derived from details such as division or sales area, if necessary.
    Here i want to know any IMG setting to set dunnign area derived from sales area?
    The reason is that I noticed that in BSEG table, those Sale billing document with dunning area = blank. could anybody tell me the following
    1) any duning area derivation in IMG need to set, eg, dunning are derived from division/sales area
    2) which table, the dunning are is noted for billing document from sales side.

    One assigns the Dunning Area to the Sales Area in table TVTA.
    In IMG, follow the path:
    Sales & Distribution --> Basic Functions --> Account Assignment/Costing --> Assign Dunning Areas
    This is again based on requirement. You normally assign Dunning Areas to the Company Code.
    Hope this helps.

  • Return material from cost center

    Dear All,
    Return material from cost center:- xx, Material:- yyy qty z Pc in inventory. create sales order for delivery.
    They are materiel in prototype in R&D for customer loan
    What is the Process that has to be follows in SAP for this can some explain.

    is it possible do more description

  • Functional Areas (FA) in Profit Center Accounting (PCA)

    Dear all,
    We use Functional Areas (FA) to separate fixed costs in Profit Center Accounting (PCA). Originally, in FI, fixed costs are posted with Cost Center which is linked to FA. Now we find out that some cost centers missed their link to FA and hence not all fixed costs transferred to FA in PCA. We fixed the missed links, but the main question now is, how can we transfer information about FA for already existing documents? Is there any way to update profit center documents and totals? Or erase and transfer them once again?
    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    Please see the following SAP note. I corrected my ledger with help of Following Note
    1- 106180 (Correcting functional areas in the PCA Ledger)
    2-677630 (Correcting functional areas in FI documents)
    3- 115840 (Correcting functional areas in special purpose ledgers)
    4- 87064 (Reconciliation Ledger: Cost-of-Sales Accounting Problems)

  • Changing business area on a cost center

    We mainly use HR, but we use some FI/CO for accounting.  (I am no expert in FI/CO whatsoever - so please excuse any incorrect terms).
    Our users have entered incorrect business area to a cost center.
    This business area is now registered on employees, and payroll/posting has been run up unitil October 2010.
    If I try to change business area from 01.11.2009 (realize it is probably not good to change earlier due to postings); I get the following error message: "Field change Business Area is not possible (transaction data already exists)"
    In addition, the message says: If you still want to change the object, select a suitable change interval by choosing "Edit -> Analysis period...".  However, trying to change the analysis period I am told I have to choose year end.
    My questions are:
    1. Is there a way I can change business area from 01.11.2009 ?
    2. Is there a way to change area earlier - and if so, what are the impacts+
    I appreciate any help
    Edited by: Kibo on Oct 11, 2009 2:44 PM

    Hi Kirsten,
    Normally, it's not possible to change business area during a fiscal year once there is already postings in this Fiscal Year.
    The reason is to make sure that there is no change within the fiscal year since you then would have different postings - cost center belonging to different business areas within the same fiscal year. Meaning that it is possible to change the business area for the next fiscal year like described in the long text of the error message KS134. The reason is that it is to avoid inconsistency update of the table (COSS, COEP, or COSP).
    Although, If the following requirements are met, than it is is possible to change the business area during a fiscal year with the
    help of the note 62716:
    1.  The change interval is set to period limits
    2.  There is no dependent actual transaction data in the change interval
        or afterwards.
    3.  There must already be an analysis period for the respective cost
        center which starts on the first day of the chosen period. If this
        is not the case, you can create one with 'Change cost center'
    If the requirements are met, you can run the report RKACOR06 in SE38
    safely. I recommend you to execute the report first with Test Run on
    your test system.

  • Allocation of Costs from Cost center to COPA

    We are booking costs to a Cost Center with reference to a Primary Cost Element. However, in month end, the same cost has to be transferred to COPA. One of the Characteristics in COPA is also Profit Center.
    The issue is that we can allocate costs from Cost centers to COPA through Assesement Rule, system requirement is for Assesement Cost Element, which is a secondary Cost element. In such a case, the PCA Balances, after execution of Assesement cycle are shown with the Secondary Cost Elements.
    In a case, I have booked costs of INR 100000 in a cost center 103007 against a Primary Cost Element 423101. Since Profit Center 103007 is assigned in Cost Center 103007, the Profit Center Line Items will show a balance of INR 100000 against cost element 423101 for Profit Center 103007.
    After this at month end, we need to allocate costs from Cost Center to COPA. But the requirement is that after allocation also, the balances should be shown against Cost Element 423101 for Profit Center 103007

    Hi Sanil
    That is not possible.. There is no "Distribution cycle" available for COPA.. In COPA you can have either an Assessment Cycle or an Indirect Act Allocation or a Template Allocation...
    I dont know about template allocation as I have never used that, but gut feel says even that wont serve the purpose...
    One work around is you allocate from Cost Center to an Internal Order using Distribution cycle... Then Allocate from IO to COPA using assessment... In order to use IO as sender in allocation cycle, use note 605281
    At best, what you can do is to use an Allocation Structure instead of one single assessment cost element per Segment... Using an Alloc Str, you can map, say, GL Accounts for Basic Salary, DA, HRA to one Secondary cost element... This way, create logical groupings of GL accounts and map to multiple secondary cost elements
    But bear in mind, The more you use Secondary cost elements, the more will be the line items in CE1XXXX table...
    Ajay M

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