Function module create inbound delivery with text

I'm trying to create an inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order and create additional texts. I found FM GN_DELIVERY_CREATE but the texts are not added. I entered data in table IT_GN_TEXTL & IT_GN_TEXTH.
What can be the problem?

We will solve it with some extra development.
As we do not have the parameter IS_BORGR_CONTROL-SAVE_TEXTS = 'X', I compared the version of ECC 6.0 to the 4.7. In debugging, we just have to pass one check and it will work. We will create a own version of gn_delivery_create with one extra parameter and put this parameter where it is added in Ecc 6.0.
if v50agl-create_decentral ne space
    or v50agl-create_uclief     = 'X'.

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  • Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order

    Hi experts,
    I want to create Inbound delivery with refernce to Purchase Order. But I want to create item wise. For example If one purchase order is there with 10 line items. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50......100.
    If I am showing report for Purchase Order with select option and if I select first 5 line items 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 then my program should be create one Inbound delivery for selected line items only. I have tried BDC for Tcode VL31N, but its not worked. Is there any Function module to create Inbound delivery with reference to Purchase Order for selected line items????????

    For creating a delivery wrt PO u 1st need to have a sales order i guess.

  • Can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear all,
    can we create inbound delivery with refernce to outbound delivery?

    Dear Ahamed
    I beleive it is a stock movement between 2 different plants
    If so then the receiving plant will have to do GR against the outbound delivery only
    The outbound delivery of the supplying plant
    The  outbound delivery of the supplying plant will not become the inbound delivery of the receiving plant in SAP
    But logically yes
    Your second post talks about outbound delivery only and that is correct
    My point is your proces doesnot involve inbound delivery at all
    In STO there is no inbound delivery at all
    Inbound delivery in SAP means shipping notification that means the confirmation from the vendor about the despatches
    That will not have  muck material details and it is just a confirmation
    Meaning of inbound delivery from SCM 601 logistics execution
    The goods receipt process using inbound deliveries realistically maps standard
    processes in many companies. If the vendor announces the goods receipt with a
    shipping notification, the inbound delivery can be created either manually or
    automatically on the basis of the shipping notification. It contains information
    transmitted by the vendor concerning the expected delivery times and quantities,
    as well as any information about packaging. It is also the reference document for
    the subsequent putaway using a transfer order. If you also use the transportation
    function as part of Logistics Execution, you can summarize inbound deliveries
    into inbound shipments.

  • Create Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers

    I guys.
    I didn't find any BAPI  to create an Inbound Delivery with Reference to PO using Serial Numbers so I've made a Function Module with BDCData.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
    This works fine for 10 entries, but when I'm trying to use 1000 entries in serial Internal Table I'm getting the error: Screen 0000 is too large for internal batch input area - Message no. 00379.
    Please note that my issue is the Serial numbers, so don't answer me please with BAPIs that doesnt allow me to deal with this.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance,

    As I expect, it solved my problem. It's not pretty, but it works...
      PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      DATA: ld_valor(4) TYPE n,
            ld_tabix TYPE sy-tabix.
      LOOP AT serial.
        ld_tabix = sy-tabix.
        IF ld_next = 'X'.
          CLEAR ld_next.
          ld_count = 2.
          ADD 1 TO ld_count.
        ld_value = serial-sernr.
        CONCATENATE  'RIPW0-SERNR(' ld_count ')' INTO ld_field.
        PERFORM bdc_field USING ld_field ld_value.
        ld_valor = ld_tabix + 17.
        ld_valor = ld_valor MOD 18.
        IF ld_tabix NE 1 AND ( ld_tabix EQ 19 OR ld_valor EQ 0 ).
          ld_next = 'X'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=PNPG'.
          PERFORM bdc_dynpro      USING 'SAPLIPW1'       '0200'.
          PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_CURSOR'     'RIPW0-SERNR(01)'.
      PERFORM bdc_field       USING 'BDC_OKCODE'     '=RWS'.

  • Create Inbound Delivery with reference to Outbound Delivery

    Hi Team,
    Can anybody describe the process needed to be able to Create an Inbound Delivery with reference to an Outbound Delivery.
    Also, can the whole inbound delivery creation process be automated?

    Inbound Delivery can be created wrt :
    Purchase order
    Shipping notification
    Customer return
    Outbound Delivery can be created wrt:
    Goods shipment based on a sales order
    Stock transfer order
    Goods return (to the vendor)

  • Create inbound delivery with reference to purchase orders

    I´d like to create inbound deliveries using BAPI or transactions like vl10x (for outbound deliveries) for different purchase orders, items and quantities.
    Does anyone know the way to do it?
    Thank you in advance
    Best regards

    Is there only that transaction to create inbound deliveries??
    We want to do a load a file and create inbound deliveries. I was looking for bapi mass transactions, but I don´t know if the only way is to create a batch input of transaction VL31n.

  • Creation of Inbound Delivery with reference from PO

            I use this FM-BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE for creation of inbound delivery.  Delivery date is  same  Actual GR date means it's working fine. But i give less than or greater than Actual GR date  means it shows following error,
              'Acknowledgment for PO item 10028 00010 contains date variance'
        Please tell me how to correct this error.Otherwise tell me correct FM/BAPI to create inbound delivery with reference from PO

    Hi Anjaneya,
                My business process is,(In MM side)
         I create one purchase order(me21n) mention Delivery Date is 24.08.2011 and Delivery Qty is 20 etc......And raise the po to vendor.
       In vendor side, check the po details and perform confirmation process i.e creation of inbound delivery using FM BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE. I give the following  inputs,
              IS_INB_DELIVERY_HEADER -DELIV_DATE  = 26.08.2011
            IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL-PO_NUMBER = 0000010028
             IT_INB_DELIVERY_DETAIL -PO_ITEM  = 00010
    If run this FM shows the following error
           '      Acknowledgment for PO item 0000010028 00010 contains date variance'
                    Please tell me how to correct this error.

  • Step for creating inbound delivery in case of customer return.

    When I start vl31N I can create with reference to vendor or PO an inbound delivery.
    How to create inbound delivery with reference to a customer return?
    What to do?
    Thank you in advance,
    Eric van Zundert.

    You can try to create a copy control for return sales order to inbound delivery document. Depending on business requirements like combining vendor PO and returns sales orders, you can try to use VL31N.
    If it is only returns sales orders that needs to be processed, then SAP standard document types and its associated copy control would help.
    P.S: Does your scenario relate to import process? I am in the same boat.
    Edited by: Shiva Ram on Jan 22, 2008 2:17 PM

  • Create Outbound delivery with QCI from Sale order

    Dear experts!
    Now, I'm getting some issues about searching function to create outbound delivery with QCI from Sale order.
    Note: My sale order have two item (10, 20) and when i create outbound delivery I also want to create QCI for them.
    Help me, Please
    Best regards, Huy.

    What is QCI?

  • Create inbound delivery for same material with multiple batches

    Hi Experts,
    An ASN( advanced shipping notification) contains multiple batch numbers for same material or line item.An IDOC has different segments with batch numbers but in SAP while creating Inbound delivery(VL31N) only batch number ( segment) get posted automatically in SAP other batches are need to post manuaaly.
    I am using IDoc type : Delivery03 ,Message type: DESADV
    How to resolve this problem?

    Hi Anil,
    Welcome to SCN for your first post. Did you check with your functional people about this.

  • Is it possible to create an inbound delivery with MB31

    I would like to know if it's possible to create an inbound delivery with transaction MB31. It's a requirement of the client that all goods that come into the warehouse (HU managed) get in with an inbound delivery.
    So, for the scenario of production (non HUM storage Location) to warehouse (HUM storage location) a transfer posting will be done with MB31, A inbound delivery must be created.
    I hope this is possible.

    You can use an STO to transport stock from production to your warehouse and you can use VL31N with reference to your STO to create an inbound delivery document.

  • Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?

    Dear all,
    Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?
    If yes, how could we customize the system?
    Kind regards,

    No, I don't think so. You have to convert it into a PO and then you can create the delivery.

  • BAPI for VL31N:Create Inbound Delivery

    Hi all,
    Please give the BAPI for VL 31N: Create Inbound delivery transaction

    No bapi but you can use this function module GN_DELIVERY_CREATE
    Select the data required - see below
      select ebeln ebelp menge meins matnr werks lgort bstae loekz elikz
             lmein umrez umren insmk pstyp sobkz knttp kzfme kzvbr
             ematn mfrnr mfrpn emnfr cuobj uebto untto uebtk bwtar idnlf
             txz01 mfrgr gewei voleh ntgew brgew volum ean11 aktnr abeln
             abelp aurel matkl upvor uptyp uebpo wepos
              into corresponding fields of table xekpo_short
              from ekpo
               where ebeln = i_ebeln
                 and ebelp = i_ebelp.
      if sy-subrc ne 0.
        e_rc = 4.
        read table xekpo_short index 1.
        call function 'ME_EKKO_SINGLE_READ'
            pi_ebeln         = xekpo_short-ebeln
            po_ekko          = ekko
            no_records_found = 1
            others           = 2.
        if sy-subrc ne 0.
          e_rc = 4.
        elseif ekko-bstyp ne 'F' and ekko-bstyp ne 'L'.
          e_rc = 4.
      clear xvbsk.
      xvbsk-mandt = sy-mandt.
      xvbsk-ernam = sy-uname.
      xvbsk-erdat = sy-datum.
      xvbsk-uzeit = sy-uzeit.
      xvbsk-smart = 'L'.
    *- Nummer VBSK vergeben -
      select single * from tvsa where smart = xvbsk-smart.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
        call function 'NUMBER_GET_NEXT'
            nr_range_nr = tvsa-numki
            object      = 'RV_SAMMG'
            number      = xvbsk-sammg
            others      = 01.
        if sy-subrc ne 0.
          message e700(me) with tvsa-numki text-007.
        message e700(me) with space text-007.
      data: h_grkor like lips-grkor,         "Liefergruppe         "386409
           h_bsmng like ekpo-menge.         "Bestellmenge übergeordnete Pos.
      if not ekko-lifnr is initial.
        call function 'VENDOR_MASTER_DATA_SELECT_12'
            pi_lifnr       = ekko-lifnr
            pi_ekorg       = ekko-ekorg
            pe_lfm1        = lfm1
            no_entry_found = 1
            others         = 2.
        xkomdlgn-vsbed = lfm1-vsbed.
        clear xkomdlgn-vsbed.
      xkomdlgn-lifnr = ekko-lifnr.
      xkomdlgn-inco1 = ekko-inco1.                              "363954
      xkomdlgn-inco2 = ekko-inco2.                              "363954
      xkomdlgn-exnum = ekko-exnum.                              "363954
      xkomdlgn-bukrs_best = ekko-bukrs.                         "363954
      xkomdlgn-matnr = xekpo_short-matnr.
      xkomdlgn-werks = xekpo_short-werks.
      xkomdlgn-lgort = xekpo_short-lgort.
    xkomdlgn-charg = ?
      xkomdlgn-vrkme = xekpo_short-meins.
      xkomdlgn-meins = xekpo_short-lmein.
      xkomdlgn-umvkz = xekpo_short-umrez.
      xkomdlgn-umvkn = xekpo_short-umren.
      if xekpo_short-matnr eq space.                            "386409
        xkomdlgn-meins = xekpo_short-meins.
        xkomdlgn-umvkz = 1.
        xkomdlgn-umvkn = 1.
      xkomdlgn-insmk = xekpo_short-insmk.
      xkomdlgn-kzfme = xekpo_short-kzfme.
      xkomdlgn-kzvbr = xekpo_short-kzvbr.           "note 384051
      xkomdlgn-lfimg = p_lfimg.
      xkomdlgn-lfdat = p_eindt.
      xkomdlgn-vgbel = xekpo_short-ebeln.
      xkomdlgn-vgpos = xekpo_short-ebelp.
      xkomdlgn-lfart = gf_dlv_type.
      xkomdlgn-vgtyp = 'V'.
      xkomdlgn-kzazu = 'X'.                "??? what's that for ????
      xkomdlgn-knttp = xekpo_short-knttp.
      xkomdlgn-sobkz = xekpo_short-sobkz.
      if xekpo_short-matnr is initial or xekpo_short-pstyp = '6'.
        xkomdlgn-posar = 'B'.
      xkomdlgn-ematn = xekpo_short-ematn.
      xkomdlgn-mfrnr = xekpo_short-mfrnr.
      xkomdlgn-mfrpn = xekpo_short-mfrpn.
      xkomdlgn-emnfr = xekpo_short-emnfr.
      xkomdlgn-cuobj = xekpo_short-cuobj.
      xkomdlgn-uebto = xekpo_short-uebto.
      xkomdlgn-untto = xekpo_short-untto.
      xkomdlgn-uebtk = xekpo_short-uebtk.
      xkomdlgn-bwtar = xekpo_short-bwtar.
      xkomdlgn-kdmat = xekpo_short-idnlf.
      xkomdlgn-arktx = xekpo_short-txz01.
      xkomdlgn-mfrgr = xekpo_short-mfrgr.
      xkomdlgn-gewei = xekpo_short-gewei.
      xkomdlgn-voleh = xekpo_short-voleh.
      xkomdlgn-ntgew = xekpo_short-ntgew * xkomdlgn-lfimg.
      xkomdlgn-brgew = xekpo_short-brgew * xkomdlgn-lfimg.
      xkomdlgn-volum = xekpo_short-volum * xkomdlgn-lfimg.
      xkomdlgn-ean11 = xekpo_short-ean11.
      xkomdlgn-aktnr = xekpo_short-aktnr.
      xkomdlgn-abeln = xekpo_short-abeln.
      xkomdlgn-abelp = xekpo_short-abelp.
      xkomdlgn-aurel = xekpo_short-aurel.
      xkomdlgn-idnlf = xekpo_short-idnlf.
      xkomdlgn-matkl = xekpo_short-matkl.
    Leergut-Stückliste übernehmen
      clear xkomdlgn-grkor.
      clear xkomdlgn-kmpmg.
      clear xkomdlgn-uepos.
      if xekpo_short-upvor ca '3X'.
        h_grkor = h_grkor + 1.
        xkomdlgn-grkor = h_grkor.
        h_bsmng = xekpo_short-menge.
      if not xekpo_short-uebpo is initial and
             xekpo_short-uptyp ca '3X'.
        xkomdlgn-uepos = xekpo_short-uebpo.
        xkomdlgn-grkor = h_grkor.
        if h_bsmng ne 0.
          xkomdlgn-kmpmg = xekpo_short-menge / h_bsmng.
    *- Konsignation - SOBKZ 'K' hart reinsetzen, da  von Pstyp abhäng......
      if xekpo_short-pstyp eq '2'.
        xkomdlgn-sobkz = 'K'.
      if xekpo_short-sobkz eq 'E' or xekpo_short-sobkz eq 'Q'.
        call function 'MMPUR_EKKN_READ_EBELN_EBELP'
            pi_ebeln                   = xekpo_short-ebeln
            pi_ebelp                   = xekpo_short-ebelp
          PI_BYPASSING_BUFFER        =
          PI_REFRESH_BUFFER          =
            pto_ekkn_po                = xekkn
            no_records_requested       = 1
            others                     = 2.
        if sy-subrc eq 0.
          read table xekkn index 1.
          xkomdlgn-ps_psp_pnr = xekkn-ps_psp_pnr.
          xkomdlgn-vbelv      = xekkn-vbeln.
          xkomdlgn-posnv      = xekkn-vbelp.
      append xkomdlgn.

  • Creation of inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order

           Everyone on the Forum, I have an inbound delivery (ASN), z that programmatically
    (1) (2) I will develop, I found two modules function, BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE and BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE_31I. The two modules operate to create inbound delivery, only
    the first mark me an error and the second error don't mark me, but not validates me any data
    the purchase order. The error I marked in the function call function 'ME_CONFIRMATION_READ_AVIS'
    If I can help with this issue or tell me the difference between one and another.
    Thank you.

    if you want to have you can use the FM ALM_ME_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    hope it helps

  • How to create Inbound Delivery using SHPMNT03 Idoc details...

         I need to create <b><b>Inbound delivery</b> using idoc SHPMNT03</b> details. I am getting all the data required to create Inbound delivery is from this idoc. for that I need to create a custom function module.
    I tried with FM  IDOC_INPUT_DESADV1. But it is for only if you use DELVRY03.
    I haven't (yet) found a way to create automatically an inbound delivery when you post the goods issue from the outbound delivery.
    Does anyone experienced the use of inbound deliveries with STO and what are your recommendation?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi there,
    Please have a look at the following link.
    Hope this helps,
    Kind Regards,

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