Function module not in Function group after transport

We have a function group ZPCAD with three function modules in it. I added two  function modules. When they were transported, the function group in the target client did not show the function modules
I found the program in SE80 Repository info System. when I opened the Module got a message about funtion group being damaged.
Since then, we have:
transported the modules again. that did not help
transported the Function group, that did not help
Transport all function modules (old and new), that did not help.
I went to SE37, opened the module and pressed Control, Shift, F5. The function group ZPCAD was opened indicating the module is part of the group. However, the new function modules still were not listed in the group.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Some time function modules will not be displayed in function group in target systems.
Goto SE80
Select the function group from the list box and search for the function group.
Right click on the functio group and select "Other Functions" and "Rebuild Object List" from the sub menu of "Other Functions".
After doing all these, function modules will be displayed in function group.

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  • Function Module not being displayed in the Transport Request

    I Created a FM "RH_ACTIVATE_WFOBJECT_AFTER_IMP"  in my SAP System. After I created due to problem in editing I have deleted the FM and also deleted it from the request.
    I have re created the function module and if I see the object directory entry I find the following
    Identical request locks
    Request              User         Task/request         Object          
                       ****            *****                       R3TR FUGR RHWS  
    In the request I cannot find the function module but only the function group. Please help me to get my function module visible in the transport request.

    Hi ,
    When your creating the FM for first timw with new FGRP then no need to worry .
    You can see only the FGRP in the transport request number and when you move this transport request to further systems your FM automatically transport with the FGRP.
    Next time when your creating a new FM under the FGRP which is already moved to production you can see only your FM name under the transport request.
    When you go to FGRP main program by follwing the path
    FGRP -> Disply FGRP in SE37 you can see the main program of the FGRP there if you see one include with TOP and XX .
    double click on the XX Include.
    there you can see allthe FM under that FGRP.

  • Neccesary to include Function group in Transport Request?

    I had changed a Function module logic slightly and wants to trasport it to the production.
    But in the transport request the object present are only FM and nothing else.
    Once there was a big problem beacuase i had trasnsported only FM and not the Function group associated with the FM.
    So i should add the Function group to the trasport request in which the modified FM was included? Or is it OK?

    Hi Raj,
    U should also Include that F.G. along with modified F.M.
    Hope it will help u.
    pls reward if helpful.

  • Restore content of function group after deletion

    is there a possibility to restore the function moduls of a function group  that has been deleted or overwritten and transported to productiv system.
    Is there a tabla that contains information about the deleted function group or exist any mecanism to get the ex-content of the deleted function group?
    Thanx a lot and best regards,

    Hi Oliver,
    I've never done this for a function group, but perhaps it will work for this, too.
    - Create the missing functiongroup in the orginal system.
    - Navigate to the "main program"
    - get the orginale coding for the include via the Version management.
    - in the "XX"-Include you can see as a remark the original name of the functionmoduls
    - create this functionmoduls in the SE37 and get the old coding via the Version management.
    No guarantee thas this will work - good luck....

  • Web Interface builder - Not displaying planning folder after transporting

    I created an web-enabled planning folder and transported it to the quality system.
    In the development system works perfectly (variables, layouts, links, user-exits, etc).
    After transporting it to the quality system when I run this web planning folder the page doesn't load and displays with an empty white web page.
    I tried to re-generate it in the quality system, but I'm having the same problem. I haven't recieved any error message.
    Development system:
    SAP_BW     350     0019     SAPKW35019     Business Information Warehouse
    SEM-BW     400     0012     SAPKGS4012     SEM-BW 400 : Add-On Upgrade Request
    BI_CONT     353     0007     SAPKIBIFP7     Business Intelligence Content
    Quality system:
    SAP_BW     350     0019     SAPKW35019     Business Information Warehouse
    BI_CONT     353     0007     SAPKIBIFP7     Business Intelligence Content
    SEM-BW     400     0012     SAPKGS4012     SEM-BW 400 : Add-On Upgrade Request

    Thanks for your post.
    I tried re-transporting and re-generate it again and I'm still having the same problem.
    Have you heard of a note or something for a similar problem?
    The only thing I recall is that this client was using SEM 3.5 before and upgraded to SEM 4.0 recently.

  • Changes are not reflecting in QA after transport

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having an issue with the transport in PI. After making the changes in development, i exported the tpz file to Quality. The changes got reflected. Then for testing purpose some changes were done in the Quality IR. Now i again exported the tpz file from dev to QA. But the same changes are not reflecting.
    Has anyone faced such a problem? Need your help experts.

    Check in IR > Environment> cache status overview. Is it in green status??
    Check if the import of .tpz file is successful in quality IR??
    >>Then for testing purpose some changes were done in the Quality IR
    Also, check if there are any conflicts in the IR of quality system??

  • BI Technical Content datasources not found in Quality after transport

    HI All
    I am trying to implement BI technical Content for Admin Cockpit. I was able to implement Technical content Infocubes successfully in development box but when I collected the objects and transported to Quality(collected oblects in seperate requests: info objects in one request, datasources in one request, infocubes, transfer rules and updated rules in one request), I am not able to find the datasources in quality in myself sourcesystem even after repication. but the transport for technical content datasources is successfull. The following are the datasources:
           Comment Entry: Released
           DataSource Replica
               0TCT_DS01                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS02                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS03                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS11                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS12                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS21                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS22                     D17CLNT208
               0TCT_DS23                     D17CLNT208
    can anyone tell me why I am not able to find the datasources in Quality after successfull transport.
    We are on SAP_BW     700   SAPKW70016     SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0.

    thanks for your quick responce. I was not able to collect the datasources so I had to manually input them in the transport request. But it worked.
    thanks once again.

  • Webservice not seen under naigator after transport

    Hello Experts
    I created a webservice using an EJB.
    For this I created 2 DCs 1 is EJB Module and other is a Web module in a single NWDI track.
    The Ear file was deployed successfully and the webservice executes perfectly in development system
    However when I moved my changes to the test system (transport using Solman ) I cannot locate the web service in the navigator.
    I checked the NWA for deployed DCs  in both the systems.
    For the EJB DC  when I check the application modules I saw 3 components EJB module, Web Module and the webservice (WEBSERVICE PORTS) in dev system where everything works fine.
    However in the test system under NWA for the DC I see only 2 components EJB module and the Web Module under application module. The component of type web service is missing.
    Am I missing something in the transports .
    What do I need to do to ensure that the web service appears in the WS navigator .
    Experts Please help.

    can you please tell me the version of your engine?
    I remember a known issue from the past. The phenomenon was that the webservices were not appearing in the /wsnavigator, and the problem could be resolved using a fix:
    #1395019 u2013 Reverse proxy support of Java Web service framework
    Best Regards,

  • Problem facing Transport of function group...

    I am trying to import function group from Development to Quality but I am facing problems.
    The Main program (Function pool) associated with Function group gets transported but not the function group.
    To transport Function group , I am going to se80 -> Edit object -> Function group name. Then it asks me for transport request.
    Now this new transport reuqest consists of function group texts and report name.
    After this transport request is released and moved to Q40, I find that only main program of function gorup is actually transported and not the function group.
    Please help me.

    Hi Rajesh
    Please do the following steps to include your Function group into transport request,
    1) Go to SE09 and place the cursor on your request
    2) Go to 1st Menu option, Then to the option "Include Object" --> Freely selected objects
    3) There you select the option "Freely selected objects"
    4) For type "FUGR", give your function group name and then execute.
    5) Now Select the option "Save in Request".
    ~ Ranganath

  • Putting a function group on a transport

    Is there an easy way to put a function group, or all objects in a development class onto a transport?
    I have seen someone do it in the past but cannot remember how they did it.
    We have a problem with a transport which is giving some strange errors.
    Many Thanks

    Hi david,
    1. Is there an easy way to put a function group
    The normal way is the easy way.
    2. ie.
       Just SAVE once again ANY function module
       of that group (without changing any code)
    3. It will ask for a new request.
    4. That request, is your request.
    <b>5. FMs are never transported separatedly,
      the WHOLE BUNCH of FMs
      is transported.</b>
    amit m.

  • Updation of function group while transfering from one server to anather

    Hi all,
    In my client's quality server some function module . And the unicode check activity for the function group is checked for some user in quality and not checked for some user (might be somebody has changed it and created a new task for the function group). But in development it's working fine.
    If i'll create a Transport request for the function group and transfer it weather it will overwrite everything on quality and will work fine.  while creating a TR for that function group what object type i should select(limu fugt or limu fuct).

    When you create aNew Transport request for that Function Group and transport it will over write the entire thing in Quality with the new one.
    Since it is working fine in DEV it should also work fine in Quality
    Use the following object type (FUGR) to add in the request
    Reward points if useful

  • Problem in quality server after transport

    Yesterday i have transferred a function group from development to quality. It's transorted successfully .All the function module under this group are active. but the status function group shows 'Inactive' because in main program the include is not active. when i go for a syntax check it is correct. while activating it it says  <b> "the object is in the worklist of D_tal"</b>
    N.B. It was earlier transported to quality . it was working fine in quality. later somebody has deleted some function module from quality and also some unicode check issue was there in quality . so we corrected it in development and created a new Transport request for that function group and transported it.
       Why that error "the object is in the worklist of D_tal" is coming.

    When you transport request into Quality, there will be an option to overwrite existing (Force into system) objects in that system. Ask you BASIS to do the same.
    Caution: Transport request objects belongs to that Function group only. It should not impact any other object.

  • Request having function group released but function module attribute shows not released

    Hi experts,
                   I am a beginner.
                  There is a transport request in which my function group and other objects were present . This transport request and its task were released . But if i check the attributes section of the function module that is present in that function group , it shows not released .
    Is there some problem ? did the function module not get released with its group? It wasn't showing anywhere in the request even though i had added it during creation.
    Here is the image :

    Those two meanings of 'released' are unrelated. Don't worry about it.
    Also, a function module sometimes does not explicitly appear in a transport request, if the function group is already in there.

  • Transporting Function Module & Function group

    Hello All,
    I want some clarification in transporting a FM, FG, Extract Structure.
    First I collected Function Group in a Transport Request (R3TRFUGR********) and collected Function Module in the same request and also the extract structure.
    This Function Group have only one Function Module and 4 Includes (LRSALK01, LRSAXD01, LZ_BI_DS_DATATOP, LZ_BI_DS_DATAUXX, RSAUMAC).
    Do I need to collect these includes separately in the same request or is it enough if i collect only function group and function module and move the request.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    Hi Saptrain,
    the best is always to let the system handle it: As soon as you assign an object (function group, function module, include or whatever) to a package, it will ask for a transport. Create the transport and the transport management system will include in the transport what has to be transported.
    As far as I know (but I never have the question), a function group (R3TR FUGR) will transport everything that is in the function group: All functions, all modules, all includes, screens, texts, status and...I think even test cases
    You will find FUGR in the transport after creating the function group.
    If you change something after releasing the transport, it will transport only the changed objects (i.e. includes)

  • Function Group and Module Transport

    Hi All,
    I have created a new Function group and is part of transport request. Created new function modules and assigned to the same function group. When i see object list in SE09 for the transport request i see only function group, all the FM are part of same transportable package of Function group. Do i need to assign them manually in object list through SE09 as pseudo changes to FM is not capturing in the request.
    Thanks in advance.

    There is no need to manually assign fm to fg. If you transport the fg , objects under the fg get transported automatically.
    Next time if you changing only function module then your se09 entry will be
    LIMU              FUNC

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