Function not callable in formula column..

I am getting one strange problem..when i call one function in a sql statment in report builder 6i from a formula column, it gives error that this function can not be called from sql but when i run the same sql from plsql dev, it runs fine..Oracle version 9i..
Plz help..

This is the code block used in the formula column..The formula cloumn datatype is character and size is 15..
function FML_INT_LABLEFormula return Char is
l_int_lable varchar2(15);
select (DBK_C_ADVICES.DBF_C_RET_ADV_TEXT(:PRM_BRCH_CODE, NVL(:PRM_PROD_CODE,' '),'R01',1)||' Rate')into l_int_lable from dual ;

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  • Excel function and ev function not working in static column key

    I have created a evdre report and I notice that  when I tried to use any excel function and ev functions in the static column key cell to get the value for that cell, it's not working.
    e.g I have Col key define as:
    ColKeyRange  Sheet!&$J$12:$N$14
    In K13 which is key id for time. I define is as = $K$10 where K10 is the time value from current view, it not working,the value is still K13 = $K$10. then I tried to use EVCVW function to replace K10, it also not working, but I use the same function in the description of the ID underneath, both of the are working, Any thought?
    Edited by: DFW on Feb 9, 2010 7:33 PM

    That was exactly what I meant. They just dont work on the green ID areas or the yellow data region. Few days back even I tried that, but didnt work. So, I followed the different approach. I dont remember about the dynamic templates. Are you sure that the functions were written in the green ID region?
    I remember this used to work fine in the MS version. However, in the NW version, even I am not able to make them work.
    Edited by: nilanjan chatterjee on Feb 9, 2010 9:38 PM

  • Standard SQL function not compiling in formula

    I'm getting an error trying to use nvl2 inside a formula. It's returning an "identifier nvl2 must be declared" error. I'm connected to a database while trying to compile. What could be the problem?

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    Oracle Procedure Builder
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    Connecting to an 11g database and it does not work.

  • Can be passed Formula Column value to Procedure/Function?

    Below cf_value is return after some calculation by using main query.
    Can be directly passed formula column value to procedure without assinged to placeorder?
    as below..
    My Procedure is...
    PROCEDURE f_convert( val1 in number,val2 in out number) IS
    val2 := val1 * 100;
    If anyone knows pls reply me....

    Actually, if there is any other calculations there (In Proceudre)
    Can I used is as below??
    PROCEDURE f_convert( val1 in number,val2 in out number) IS
    val2 := val1 * 100;
    return (val2);
    ----A procedure cannot return a value, the return clause in my previous post was part of the function for formula column.
    Suppose you have a formula column say CF_2 then the function for it will be as:
    function cf_2formula return number
    val1 number;
    val2 number;
    val2 := :cf_1 * 100; -- or val2 := val1 * 100 --parameters not allowed in formula column function
    -- All the other code that you need inclusive of calling function, procedure as in any PL/SQL block can be placed
    return (val2);
    end;So any other calculation can be used in the formula column function

  • Not able to burst report referring to Formula Column in XML file.

    Hello all,
    I am using bursting feature to spit single report to multiple pdfs. All is well when I reference column queried from the database in the xml file but I when I give column from Formula column it is doing coredump.
    XML File contents:
    <!-- Generate a file for each warehouse -->
    <file id="MyFiles" name="/data/reports/pdf/assrt_terr&amp;&lt;file_name&gt;.pdf" format=
    "pdf" instance="this">
    <include src="report"/>
    The "file_name" referenced in the above is a formula column. If it is replace with a column from the query it works fine. Please let me know if anyone knows if it is a limitation or any workaround?
    Thanks in advance,

    If I can have that in the query I would have not done a formula column. And I do know that it works if the column is in the query. I would like to know any workaround to make it work from formula column.
    I have to take data from sub-group of this query, aggregate it and then concatinate with one of the columns grouped - so i had to use formula column.

  • Formula column in XML publisher report

    I need to include formula column in my XML publisher report,
    please any one guide me on this.
    Thanks in advance

    You can see this , it may helping you

  • Using the 'LOG' Function in a Formula Column

    If I write the following SQL statement at the SQL prompt, it works :
    SELECT LOG(sal,10) FROM emp ; But, if I write a similar statement in the formula column of a report, then it does not work :
    SELECT LOG(sal,10)
    INTO x_variable
    FROM emp
    WHERE empno = :empno ;
    return (TRUE) ;
    It would be great if someone can help.

    Try This..
    In the formula columns pl/sql place the following:
    function cf_1Formula return number is
    num number;
    num := log(sal, 10);
    return ( num );
    -- cf_1 is the formula col name
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by [email protected]:
    If I write the following SQL statement at the SQL prompt, it works :
    SELECT LOG(sal,10) FROM emp ; But, if I write a similar statement in the formula column of a report, then it does not work :
    SELECT LOG(sal,10)
    INTO x_variable
    FROM emp
    WHERE empno = :empno ;
    return (TRUE) ;
    It would be great if someone can help. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

  • Can text be displayed in a formula column using mathematical functions?

    I am working with Financial Reports version and I'm trying to accomplish the following scenario:
    Column D is a data column
    Column E is a text column containing the value "TEXT"
    Column F is a formula column with the following formula: IfThen([D]=0,[E],[D])
    What I want to see happen is if the value in column D is 0 then I want the value "TEXT" to appear in column F, otherwise; I want to show the data value that is in column D. Is it possible to display text in a formula column and if so, what is the syntax for that? Or does anyone have another way to accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated.

    Short answer: No.
    For your particular issue, I would suggest putting your TEXT value in the #zero and #missing overrides in Report Studio.
    In general, Hyeprion Reporting does not do any real text validations or functions like you could use in Excel.

  • Formula Columns are not working in Reports 10g

    We converted the reports developed in Reports 6i to Reports 10g. When we run the report in Reports 10g Builder everything works fine. But when we deploy the same report in Oracle Application Server and invoking the report the formula columns are not working ie., the fields/ placeholder columns which are based on the formula column are not displaying any values in the report.
    Please, someone help us in this regard.
    Thanks & Rgds,
    M T

    What version of Reports do you use..???

  • Function in Formula column

    I wrote the function in formula column, the return value should show in the separate column.

    908509 wrote:
    I wrote the function in formula column, the return value should show in the separate column.Please provide details when make any question.
    What is your report version ?
    Choose this formula column as source of item, which display the data on layout view.
    Hope understand.

  • Formula column value not updating in table?

    Hi all,
    I create the sample for master/detail form. In detail for prdcode,rate,qty,amount is there. When select prdcode it fetching prdcode,rate in a record and if you type the qty the amout will come based on formula(property) :qty*:rate.
    It is available on screen. But when i store the data, in backend table the amount is be a null.
    What is the problem.
    Help me in this regards,

    Hi kanish
    Regarding Nul...
    -u have to make sure that the formula is working fine and displaying the result in the form screen
    -then the item u r storing MUST be a db item >yes and has a column name
    -first of all select Help > display_error in the forms runtime may a db item error arais and the record is not correctly saved as u imagined.
    u have 2 choices for the solution , i had both before may be it's not very cute but it will work...
    1. In when-validate-item Trigger or related item triggers pls follow
    SELECT Nvl(( :qty*:rate ) ,0)
    FROM DUAL;2.In Pre-Update,Pre-Insert & Pre-Delete Triggers Pls assign the result of ur formula column to the item u want to calc as supposing u r doing the calc of formula in non-db item , then put the following in triggers mentioned ...
    : item_name :=:qty*:rate;Hope this helps...
    Amatu Allah.

  • URL defined in formula column not converting as proper HTML tags

    We are migrating a report to 10Gr2 ( from reports 9i (; This report has to route to a different web page. For this we have a formula column with meta tag call to refresh;its Contains HTM property set to Yes. But when run, the view source of HTML shows as if the tag is truncated and put in <tt> tag around it.
    Any help on this is very much appreciated.

    Hi svee,
    Thanks for the reply.
    For an example i tried with the bold option in the edit formula inorder to portray the html tags problem while exporting it to the pdf inspite of using the default bold option within the column properites like u said.
    Suppose if i used html tags like
    <br>, </br>
    in the edit formula section or if i used any other html tags which is not present as a default option in bi like bold. At that time while exporting the report to pdf i can face the issue.
    And also i need ur suggestion regarding with the values disappearing for the numeric column if a tooltip is used in it while exporting it to the pdf.

  • Not able to genrate xml from rdf if formula column is returning 6000chrs

    Hi All,
    can anybody help me in this matter.
    I am using report 6i to devlop report then registered it to apps with a rtf template and in that report there is a formula column and used to return text more than 10000 chars. but if there is more than 6000 chars are returning from this formula column is not not able to genrate xml.
    error we are getting is
    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
    The following tags were not closed: XXCUS_POPR, LIST_G_PO_HEADER_ID1, G_PO_HEADER_ID1, CF_LONG_TEXT. Error processing resou...
    Any help will be apreciated.

    What is the application release?
    Can you find any details about the error in the OPP log file?
    Please search MOS website for "Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet" and go through the docs.

  • Suppress Missing Data not work in web form with formula column inside

    Dear All,
    I've a planning web form with formula column inside to calculate the variance and % variance. But missing cell can't be suppressed, although I've checked the 'Suppress Missing Blocks' and 'Suppress Missing Data' options.
    Anyone have face the same problem..?? and how to fixed it..??

    There is a known issue that sounds like the problem you are experiencing
    10358200 - If a formula column exists in a data form, selecting the Suppress missing option does not hide rows that do not contain data.

  • Placeholder & Formula Column Functionally

    Hi gurus,
    Can any one of you please tell me, What is difference between Placeholder
    column and Formula Column Functionally.
    Any help is highly welcome.

    Your question is a Report question, please post it in the [url]Reports Forum.And before you post your question, just do a little search there and you'll find 100s of answers to your question.

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