Functions for creating external organizations?

Is there a predefined ABAP function in SAP for creating an external organization? Currently I find only the ones for reading EO data, e.g. HRIQ_EO_GETDETAILS

Hi ,
To create an external organization - PIQEO is the tcode.
Don't use PP01 for all purpose which is not advisable yet all the data's can be edited , created , displayed , deleted . It is like master transaction .

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  • ABAP Functions for creating vendor

    I would like to create a program for creating vendor automatically by uploading a text file, where the text file contain the vendor information.
    Can I ask are there any ABAP function for creating vendor? I have searched a function BAPI_VENDOR_CREATE, but I don't know how to use it.
    Can anyone give me some ideas?
    Many thanks

    BAPI_VENDOR_CREATE is a online BAPI which calls the XK01 screen internally. There wont be any import or export parameters for this BAPI. If you have to upload from a text file, you can try with either of the options
    1) Use the standard program RFBIKR00 to upload the vendor from the flat file. check the documentation of the report for details
    2) Create a BDC recording on XK01 and upload the vendor from the flat file

  • Authorization required for creating new Organizational units

    Hi all,
    How can we give authorization required for creating new Organizational units (IMG – CRM – Master Data – Organizational Management – Organizational Model – Create Organizational Model) to a particular user?
    Thanks and Regards,

    the basis guy should be able to help.
    at a higher level: you need to set authorizations to the roles assigned, the transaction code is pfcg.
    you may create a new role with the required authorization and assign to the relevant users.
    hope it helps..

  • Authorization required for creating new Organizational units in CRM

    Hi all,
    How can we give authorization required for creating new Organizational units (IMG – CRM – Master Data – Organizational Management – Organizational Model – Create Organizational Model) to a particular user?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi archana,
    U can Create a role through Transaction PFCG.
    Just create a role and assign the tcode PPOCA_CRM if u want to give the user just only this authorization otherwise u can select the menu list from sap menu and assign this role to that user.
    Another way is if that user already exist in that system then just assign that particular transaction codr with that user.
    Hope it will help u

  • How To Create IR -ISO for an External Organization.

    Hi All,
    we have a Business case, in which we have defined an Organization as an External Organization. When we try to create an Internal Requision and Internal sales order for the External Org as a customer, the system generated an ISO with no customer details.
    did anyone faced this problem before...?
    If anyone have any suggestion, kindly share it across.
    Thanks for your time and efforts.
    Babu Ji

    Hi All,
    we have a Business case, in which we have defined an Organization as an External Organization. When we try to create an Internal Requision and Internal sales order for the External Org as a customer, the system generated an ISO with no customer details.
    did anyone faced this problem before...?
    If anyone have any suggestion, kindly share it across.
    Thanks for your time and efforts.
    Babu Ji

  • Standard ABAP functions for creating events?

    I'm a little bit confused which ABAP functions to use for creating academic events with schedules (e.g. lecture takes places each Friday at 4 pm), rooms and instructors attached.
    Data transfer documentation SAP team recently released ("SLCM Data Transfer" archive, "Intro" document, page 18) suggests <b>HRIQ_CREATE_EVENT</b> as a solution. However, after experimenting for a while, I noticed a note attached to this function that "DO NOT USE ANYMORE, USE <b>HRIQ_EVENT_CREATE</b>".
    So which one is the correct/recommended one? Also, if possible, I would prefer an RFC-enabled one.

    Hi Janek,
    We've created a custom RFC enabled function module to wrap the SAP function module HRIQ_CREATE_EVENT in.  We are on a 4.7 system.  Here is our code.  Hope it helps.
    FUNCTION zcep_event_create .
    *"*"Local interface:
    *"  TABLES
      DATA: is_schedule TYPE bapisched,
            schedule TYPE bapisched OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            capacity LIKE hri1024,
            wa_capacity LIKE hri1024 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            location LIKE bapilocdat-locid OCCURS 0,
            new_event_package LIKE p1000 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            objid  LIKE hrrootob OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            parent LIKE hrhctobjc OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
            eventid TYPE hrobjid,
            event_id_out LIKE bapievdat-eveid,
            lt_1739 TYPE TABLE OF p1739,
            ls_1739 TYPE p1739,
            ls_error_record TYPE bapiret2,
            ls_nnnn TYPE wplog,
            open_resources_exits TYPE xfeld.
      DATA:  it_1035 TYPE piq_p1035_t,
             it_pt_1035t TYPE piq_hrt1035_t,
             it_daysoff TYPE piq_pt1035_t,
             it_daysfree TYPE piq_pt1035_t,
             ls_daysfree TYPE pt1035,
             ls_1035t TYPE hrt1035.
      DATA: it_bapiresou TYPE TABLE OF bapiresou,
            is_bapiresou TYPE bapiresou,
            resources TYPE bapiresou OCCURS 0.
      DATA: it_pa0002 TYPE TABLE OF pa0002,
            is_pa0002 TYPE pa0002,
            it_hrp1000 TYPE TABLE OF hrp1000,
            is_hrp1000 TYPE hrp1000,
            im_begda LIKE sy-datum,
            im_endda LIKE sy-datum,
            sobid LIKE hrp1001-sobid,
            event_counted_dates TYPE dayct,
            event_counted_hours TYPE hrsct,
            ndays TYPE p1035-ndays,
            nhours TYPE p1035-nhours.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <ls_1035t> LIKE LINE OF it_pt_1035t.
      CLEAR gt_error_record[].
      SORT event BY short.
      SORT meeting_pattern BY eventname.
    *************************  Get Calender Date  *************************
      SELECT SINGLE begda endda FROM hrt1750 INTO (im_begda,im_endda)
              WHERE peryr = acad_year
                AND perid = acad_session
                AND timelimit = '0100'.
    ***************************  Create Event  ****************************
      LOOP AT event.
        CLEAR resources.
        LOOP AT meeting_pattern WHERE eventname = event-short.
    *********************  Create Schedule for Event  *********************
              plvar                = '01'
              istat                = '1'
              event_begda          = event-begda
              event_endda          = event-endda
              monday               = meeting_pattern-monday
              tuesday              = meeting_pattern-tuesday
              wednesday            = meeting_pattern-wednesday
              thursday             = meeting_pattern-thursday
              friday               = meeting_pattern-friday
              saturday             = meeting_pattern-saturday
              sunday               = meeting_pattern-sunday
              event_beguz          = meeting_pattern-start_time
              event_enduz          = meeting_pattern-end_time
              frequency            = '1'
              event_location       = meeting_pattern-location
              pt_1035              = it_1035
              pt_1035t             = it_pt_1035t
              pt_daysoff           = it_daysoff
              pt_daysfree          = it_daysfree
              no_date_number       = 1
              frequency_is_initial = 2
              OTHERS               = 3.
          LOOP AT it_daysfree INTO ls_daysfree.
                iv_date             = ls_daysfree-evdat
                ev_dayoff           = lv_dayoff
                otype_not_supported = 0
                OTHERS              = 0.
            IF lv_dayoff = space.
              MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_daysfree TO ls_1035t.
              APPEND ls_1035t TO it_pt_1035t.
    * no double entries
          SORT it_pt_1035t.
          DESCRIBE TABLE it_pt_1035t LINES event_counted_dates.
          CLEAR event_counted_hours.
          LOOP AT it_pt_1035t INTO ls_1035t.
            nhours = ( ls_1035t-enduz - ls_1035t-beguz ) / 3600.
            event_counted_hours = event_counted_hours + nhours.
            ADD 1 TO ndays.
          LOOP AT it_pt_1035t ASSIGNING <ls_1035t>.
            MOVE-CORRESPONDING <ls_1035t> TO schedule.
            APPEND schedule.
          IF NOT meeting_pattern-room IS INITIAL.
            SELECT SINGLE short stext FROM hrp1000
                     INTO (is_hrp1000-short,is_hrp1000-stext)
                    WHERE plvar = '01'
                      AND istat = '1'
                      AND otype = 'G'
                      AND objid = meeting_pattern-room
                      AND begda LE sy-datum
                      AND endda GE sy-datum.
            SELECT SINGLE sobid FROM hrp1001 INTO sobid
                    WHERE otype = 'G'
                      AND plvar = '01'
                      AND istat = '1'
                      AND relat = '020'
                      AND rsign = 'A'
                      AND sclas = 'R'
                      AND objid = meeting_pattern-room
                      AND begda LE im_endda
                      AND endda GE im_begda.
            IF sy-subrc = 0.
              is_bapiresou-retid = sobid(8).
            LOOP AT it_pt_1035t ASSIGNING <ls_1035t>.
              is_bapiresou-resht = is_hrp1000-short.
              is_bapiresou-resxt = is_hrp1000-stext.
              is_bapiresou-resbg = <ls_1035t>-evdat.
              is_bapiresou-resed = <ls_1035t>-evdat.
              is_bapiresou-beguz = meeting_pattern-start_time.
              is_bapiresou-enduz = meeting_pattern-end_time.
              is_bapiresou-resid = meeting_pattern-room.
              is_bapiresou-restp = 'G'.
              APPEND is_bapiresou TO resources.
    * Instructor
          IF NOT meeting_pattern-instructor IS INITIAL.
            SELECT SINGLE nachn vorna FROM pa0002
                     INTO (is_pa0002-nachn, is_pa0002-vorna)
                    WHERE pernr = meeting_pattern-instructor
                      AND begda LE im_endda
                      AND endda GE im_begda.
    **************************  Meeting Pattern  **************************
            SELECT SINGLE objid INTO is_bapiresou-retid FROM hrp1000
                    WHERE plvar = '01'
                      AND langu = 'E'
                      AND otype = 'R'
                      AND mc_short = 'INST-CM'
                      AND begda LE im_endda
                      AND endda GE im_begda.
            LOOP AT it_pt_1035t ASSIGNING <ls_1035t>.
              is_bapiresou-resht = is_pa0002-nachn.
              CONCATENATE is_pa0002-vorna is_pa0002-nachn
                     INTO is_bapiresou-resxt
                SEPARATED BY space.
              is_bapiresou-resbg = <ls_1035t>-evdat.
              is_bapiresou-resed = <ls_1035t>-evdat.
              is_bapiresou-beguz = meeting_pattern-start_time.
              is_bapiresou-enduz = meeting_pattern-end_time.
              is_bapiresou-resid = meeting_pattern-instructor.
              is_bapiresou-restp = 'P'.
              APPEND is_bapiresou TO resources.
        wa_capacity-kapz1 = event-mincapty.
        wa_capacity-kapz2 = event-optcapty.
        wa_capacity-kapz3 = event-maxcapty.
        capacity = wa_capacity.
            planversion     = '01'
            event_id_in     = '00000000'
            event_short     = event-short
            event_stext     = event-stext
            status          = '1'
            begin_date      = event-begda
            end_date        = event-endda
            language        = sy-langu
            eventtype       = event-betype
            capacity        = capacity
            location        = meeting_pattern-location
            check_resources = ' '       "'X'
            vtask           = 'B'
            event_id_out    = event_id_out
            schedule        = schedule
            resources       = resources
            return          = return.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
          return-type = 'E'.
          return-message = 'Error during save'.
          APPEND return.
        LOOP AT return WHERE id = 'HRPIQ000'
                         AND number = '846'.
          return-type = 'E'.
          return-message = 'Resources already in use'.
          APPEND return.
    **********************  Create Session offering  **********************
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_nnnn TO ls_1739.
        ls_1739-mandt = sy-mandt.
        ls_1739-plvar = '01'.
        ls_1739-otype = 'E'.
        ls_1739-objid = event_id_out.
        ls_1739-istat = '1'.
        ls_1739-begda = event-begda.
        ls_1739-endda = event-endda.
        ls_1739-aedtm = sy-datum.
        ls_1739-uname = sy-uname.
        ls_1739-infty = '1739'.
        ls_1739-peryr = acad_year.
        ls_1739-perid = acad_session.
        APPEND ls_1739 TO lt_1739.
        PERFORM create_infotype USING lt_1739
                             CHANGING ls_error_record .
        APPEND ls_error_record TO return.
        READ TABLE return  WITH KEY type = 'E'.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0 AND vtask = 'V'.
              vtask          = 'D'
              commit_flg     = 'X'
              corr_exit      = 1
              internal_error = 2
              OTHERS         = 3.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
            return-message = 'Error during save'.
            APPEND return.
    *********************  Create Relationship(E-SE)  *********************
        parent-objid = event_id_out.
        parent-otype = 'E'.
        APPEND parent.
        PERFORM create_relation TABLES parent
                                 USING 'B512'
                              CHANGING ls_error_record.
      IF vtask = 'V' AND ls_error_record IS INITIAL.
        PERFORM update_database CHANGING ls_error_record.
        APPEND ls_error_record TO return.
      DELETE return WHERE type IS INITIAL.

  • "Access denied by Business Data Connectivity" on trying to connect to SQL server for creating external content type

    I was trying to create external client type but whenever I try to connect to Database server it is showing me error"Access denied by Business Data Connectivity". I have given the Secure Store Target Application ID coorectly and it is setup coorectly.
    In BDC service application I have given myself all the permissions( edit,execute,Selectable in clients,Set Permissions) through set metadata store permission option in it.
    Please suggest what other reason can be there for the error.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Gaurav,
    If you have given your account all permissions through setting metadata store permission, the issue should be resolved.
    For a better trouble shooting , I suggest you do as the followings:
    1. Assign administrators to a Business Data Connectivity service application
    Here is a detailed article for your reference:
    2. You can try to recreate a Business Data Connectivity service application to test whether it works.
    Best regards,
    Zhengyu Guo
    Zhengyu Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • Upload Functionality for creating Screens in SE51

    Hi Experts,
    I am working in 4.7
    I successfully downloaded the screen from 4.6 into a text file but when i went to 4.7; upload functionality is disabled.
    Is there any other way or  standard program available to create Screens in SE51 if we have downloaded files for the screen .>??
    Thanks in Advance,

    Thanks for ur reply ARS..
    but in my case Upload is grayed out in case of this particular program even if I am creating a dummy screen
    My program already exist in SE38 in 4.7 and i have to copy screen from 4.6 . So I was looking for some simple tool like UPload /Download ..
    I dont know why Uplaod is inactive in case of this program

  • API for adding external roles/parties to an organization in oracle projects

    I need a help on the API for creating external roles/parties to an organization in oracle projects. There are two APIs in oracle for roles - pa_project_pub.load_org_roles and pa_project_pub.load_key_members. load_key_members api is used to load team members which are employees to a project and load_org_roles is used to add an organization role to a project. But how to use these API to load a party/external role to the organization role (or) is there any other api to do this functionality. Please suggest me on this.

    Hi all,
    The order of blogs is:
    and then
    Help me soon...

  • How to create BP organization from WebIC instead of BP Person.

       I am using the component IUICMDC/SearchAll component/view for searching accounts and as well as creating new accounts of type BP Persons(Partner Category:Person1).Now I want to create New account BP Organization(Partner Category:Organization2) from same IUICMDC/SearchAll.I have enhanced the component and IUICMDC/Searchll,I have provided another button for create organization.Appreciate if anyone can tell me how to handle the Create Organization event handler for creating BP Organization.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Sama,
    Thank you very much for your reply.
    As you said to enhance IUICMDC, SearchAll component. I put a break point there and tested, it never
    stops when i create a Person/Organization/Group. But when i put a breakpoint in
    BP_HEAD_SEARCH/MainSearchResult it stopped. So that means how come Create Person/Organization/Group related to IUICMDC.
    Can you please explain a bit more specifically.
    Sama to be frank, I am new to this technical environment. I even searched steps to create an event handler but in vain.
    Can you please guide me, how to proceed further. It would be a great help from you.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Problem creating external trust between domains

    When I try to create one-way incoming external trust between 2 domains (to DomainA from DomainB) in separate forests I get this info:
    This domain already has a one-way trust relationshp with specified domain.
    But I cannot see it on the list of trusts either incoming or outgoing (in both domains).
    For sure trust was never setup before.
    In DomainA there are several other external not transitive trusts with other domains. But for sure DomainB do not have any incoming or outgoing trusts on list. Name resolution betwen domains is OK. I can ping domain name on both sides.
    Any help is welcome.

    Were there error events logged in Event Viewer? Besides, did we open necessary firewall ports for creating external trust?
    Regarding firewall ports, the following thread can be referred to for more information.
    Creating external trust between domain on different forest
    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

  • Creating external mapping file for C# application

    I'm using Robohelp 7 and producing HTMLHelp files. So far, the programmers have been making internal links in the program to call my help, but I'd like to take this over using an external mapping file.
    Is it possible to use regular map files, using the built-in Map ID functionality, for C# .NET applications? If so, is there something special I have to do? Or do I just create a regular map file?

    I mean that, in the past, they have hard-coded the link to each help page within the application. But, I'd like to take that over by maintaining a Map file where I specify the link between the topic and the Map ID.
    However, I'm not sure that the map file works for C# .Net applications, and the engineers aren't sure either. I told them I'd go investigate.
    Is there a way to create a Map file, or something that works like a map file, for a C# .Net application? Or do they have to go on hard-coding the links to each topic?

  • Any FM for create an external number range for equipment number ????

    Hi all,
    Any FM for create an external number range for equipment number??????
    thanks & regards

    you can use below FM to get number range
          nr_range_nr                   = 'Z1'
         object                        = 'ZTEST'
         object                        = 'ZFIREC'
         quantity                      = '1'
         subobject                     = p_compcd
         toyear                        = p_fisc
         number                        = v_seqno.
    thanks & regards,

  • Steps for creating a new BAPI function module

    Hello experts,
    Can any one send me steps for creating a new BAPI function module , I got a requirement to do like this,but I dont have any clue about how to create.
    Please help !!!

    BAPI stands for Business Application Programming Interface.
    There are 5 different steps in BAPI.
    - Create BAPI Structure  
    - Create BAPI Function Module or API Method.  
    - Create BAPI object  
    - Release BAPI Function Module.  
    - Release BAPI object.
    Step1. Creating BAPI Structure:  
    - Go to <SE11>. 
    - Select Data Type & Enter a name. 
    - Click on Create.
    - Note: Always BAPI should be in a development class with request number (Not Local Object).
    - Select Structure & hit ENTER.
    - Enter the fields from your database. Make sure that the first field is the Primary Key Field.
    - Then SAVE & ACTIVATE.
    Step 2. Creating BAPI module: 
    - Enter TR.CODE <SE37>.
    - Before entering any thing, from the present screen that you are in, select the menu
       Goto -> Function Groups -> Create Group.
       Enter a name (Note: This name Must start with ZBAPI)
       Let this screen be as it is and open another window and there, enter TR.CODE <SE80).
       Click on the Third ICON that says Inactive Objects. 
       Select the group that you just created and click on Activate. 
       Notice that the group you created will disappear from the list of inactive objects.
    - Go back to <SE37> screen and enter a name and hit <ENTER>. Then enter the group name that you just created and activated.
    NOTE: When you release a function module the respective group will be attached to that particular application. It cannot be used for any other application. NEVER include an already existing group that is attached to another module.
    Now click on the first Tab that says [ATTRIBUTES] and select the radio button that says remote-enabled module since we will be accessing this from any external system.
    Then click on the second tab that says [IMPORT].
    Enter a PARAMETER NAME, TYPE and the structure you created in the first step. Also select the check box ‘Pa’. All remotely enabled functional modules MUST be Pa enabled, where Pa means ‘Passed by Value’ and if you don’t select ‘Pa’, then that means it will be passed by reference..
    Then click on tab that says [EXPORT].
    Enter the following as is in the first three fields 
      RETURN        TYPE        BAPIRETURN (These 3 field values are always same)
      Here also select ‘Pa’ meaning Pass by value.
    Note: BAPIRETURN contains structure with message fields.
    Then SAVE and ACTIVATE.
    Step 3. Creating BAPI object: 
    - Enter Tr.Code <SWO1>   (Note. It is letter ‘O’ and not Zero).
    - Enter a name and then click on create. Enter details. 
    NOTE: Make sure that that Object Type and Program name are SAME.   
    - Enter Application ‘M’, if you are using standard table Mara. If you are using your own database then select ‘Z’ at the bottom. 
    - Then hit <ENTER>. 
    - Now we have to add ‘Methods’. High light METHODS and then select the following from the menu: 
    Goto Utilities -> API Methods -> Add Methods.
    - Enter function Module name and hit <ENTER>.
    - Select the second FORWARD ARROW button (>)to go to next step. 
    - Check if every thing looks ok and again click on FORWARD ARROW button (>).
    - Then select ‘YES’ and click on <SAVE>.
    -  Now on a different screen goto TR.CODE <SE37>.  Enter Function Module name and select from the top menu  Function Module -> Release -> Release.
    - Goback to TR.CODE <SWO1>.
    Here select the menu combination shown below in the same order.
    - Edit -> Change Release Status -> Object Type Component -> To Implemented.
    - Edit -> Change Release Status -> Object Type Component -> To Released.
    - Edit -> Change Release Status -> Object Type -> To Implemented.
    - Edit -> Change Release Status -> Object Type -> To Released.
    - Then click on <SAVE>.
    - Then click on Generate Button (4th button from left hand side looks like spinning wheel).
    - Then Click on the button that says ‘PROGRAM’ to see the source code.
    To check if this is present in work flow goto TR.CODE <BAPI>. 
    Here it shows business object repository.
    - First click on the middle button and then select “ALL” and hit ENTER.
    - Goto tab [ALPHABETICAL] and look for the object that you created. This shows that the BAPI object has been created successfully.

  • How do I create a new Itunes account for my external HD?

    Hi. I am a graduate student with a huge amount of music files for academia.  I store the academia music files on my external HD, since it will just take up too much space on my computer.  I wanted to create a separate Itunes account just for my external HD music files.  How do I go about doing this? I tried to set it up and created a new account, but it automatically synced to my computer Itunes and I ended up deleting all of my personal music, video and reading articles on my personal itunes account.

    As a graduate student you will quickly learn the importance of exact terminology.  I presume your colleague told you to copy the "iTunes folder".  You can't copy just iTunes (well, you can, but it isn't easy).  Saying "iTunes" on its own refers to the application itself, not the library.
    You do not need to make a new account.  This again gets confusing unless you tell us exactly what you did.  As I said before, an "iTunes account" is something you log into to make a purchase from the iTunes Store.  A "computer account" is a whole new user area on your computer and isn't made on a different hard drive.  An "iTunes library" is a collection of files and folders that generate the window you see when you start the iTunes application.
    I do not know how you are ending up with two icons on the dock.  While it is possible to do that it isn't at all normal unless you somehow are running two copies of iTunes at the same time.  That is exceedingly difficult to do and people have unsuccessfully tried and would like to know how you did it.
    You can have two independent libraries and there won't be any crosssover from one to the other.  I have four on my computer.  Use the procedure I outlined earlier to create a second library and to switch between them.
    I was a graduate student many years ago and one  of the first things I learned to do so I didn't lose years of research  was to make multiple backup copies of anything I generated by computer,  especially before performing any major changes to the computer such as  installing new software or substantial file rearrangement.  I kept several  copies in different buildings on campus and a copy at home in another  part of town just in case the campus was wiped out by a disaster.

Maybe you are looking for