Fuzzy noisy colors in ps windows background

I haven't fully tested all the combinations regarding this issue yet, but I had some strange behavior by PS apparently when opening RAW images in 16bits. All works ok a part for a very annoying and weird pattern of fuzzy noisy colors in the grey background of the window which contains the photo. When I grab the bottom right corner of the window to make it larger all these patterns appear, mainly in the bottom of the window. They look very weird, like color noise very fine or purple fill color with black characters which don't make any sense. For all the rest the software seems to work just fine.
I'm running CS4 master collection on a new mac pro 4core.
Does anybody have the same problem? Does anybody know what it depends from and if there is a solution to get rid of it?

Thanks for your reply.
I'm running OS Snow Leopard 10.5.8

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  • How do i change the color of the window background?

    How do I change the color of the window background? When I create a new document on indesign sometimes the blackground is white, sometimes black or gray and I d'ont know why. Thanks for help.

    THis sounds like you are viewing is different modes. "Normal" or layout mode uses a white pasteboard whre you can store objects that you might want to use, but don't want on your pages currently. When you switch to "Preview" mode the pasteboard and any guides and non-printing objects disappear and the background goes gray. In Presentation Mode the backbround is black and the tools and panels will disappear.
    Hitting the W key when you don't have the Text tool active will toggle normal and preview modes. Shift + W will take you to Prensetation Mode, and Esc will take you back out.

  • How to change background color in a window? Please help.

    Please help me to set background color to my window that includes some panels components.
    I have tried
    content.setBackground(Color.green); and
    but nothing works?
    Please what should I change in my code? Thanks already in advance for helping!!
    Main parts of my code:
    public void addComponentToPane(Container allComponents) throws IOException
    allComponents.setLayout(new BoxLayout(allComponents, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
    try {
    GraphicsDevice device;
    Container content;
    JFrame frame = new JFrame("ImageOrder");
    device = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice();
    SwingApplication app = new SwingApplication();
    content = frame.getContentPane();
    finally {

    import java.awt.Color;
    import javax.swing.*;
    class Test extends JFrame {
         public Test( ){
              setSize(500, 500);
         public static void main(String[] argv) {
              new Test().setVisible(true);

  • How to change background color in AutoComplete window ?

    Is it possible to change background color in AutoComplete window ?

    Bob, A.Ankit, you're both chasing a ghost here.
    The screenshot shows an autocomplete enabled textbox with its dropdown list of autocomplete values to choose from. There is no property defining its backcolor. Not in the textbox nor in any class, neither any other baseclass nor _combobox of _base.vcx
    The only way to chnage that color is not recommended, via changing windows theme colors. That would effect any window and control.
    If you need another color even turning off themes won't help as VFP doesn't offer any property controlling that color, so you really would need to implement the autocomplete feature yourself, if you want the specify this backcolor.
    Bye, Olaf.
    Olaf Doschke - TMN Systemberatung GmbH http://www.tmn-systemberatung.de

  • How can i set background color of child window in jdk 1.6

    Hi friends i hv devoloped simple java app using javax.swing.JFrame in which on click button event i open new child window using JFrame to draw some image.
    i set childs background color as setBackground(Color.lightGray);
    but the problem is,child window takse its background color same as its parent window.(i.e. main window's color or desktop ).i get this problem in jdk 1.6.but it is working fine in jdk 1.5.
    how can i set background color of child window in jdk 1.6 .
    plz solve my problem.
    thanks in advanced.

    Call me old fassioned, but I simply refuse to demangle SMS speak.
    You've got a whole keyboard, so learn how to use it.

  • Window Background color in Camera Raw 6.0

    I've recently upgraded to Windows 7 x64 and CS5.  Everything seemed normal the first couple days, but when I opened Camera Raw today, the background color of the window is an off-pink.  The image is fine, but the surrounding background color has changed from the traditional white.  Also, the color around the image previews on the left side is pink-ish as well as the background of the graph on the right.
    This is extremely distracting, does anyone know how to change it back?

    It will be in 6.1, not 6.0.
    See, for example, here:

  • [svn:fx-trunk] 5313: Application, WindowedApplication, and Window background color changed to white.

    Revision: 5313
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2009-03-13 19:10:24 -0700 (Fri, 13 Mar 2009)
    Log Message:
    Application, WindowedApplication, and Window background color changed to white.
    QE Notes: None
    Doc Notes: None
    Bugs: sdk-16721
    Reviewer: Ryan
    tests: checkintests, cyclone build tested
    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:

    When system is in a sleep mode or hibernate mode, it will save the data ans settings in memory or hard disk, so I suggest you run a memory check and a harddisk check and see if it can detect any errors.
    Memory check (instruction is similiar to windows 8\8.1, type "memory" in the search charm bar)
    Hard disk check
    Meanwhile, please check event viewer to find more information, useful path: event viewer\Windows logs or event viewer\Applications and Services Logs\Kernel-power
    Yolanda Zhu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Acrobat DC - window background color

    I've just installed DC and the new interface looks great, but I would like to be able to change the window background colour from white without having to go to fullscreen mode. It's grey in other versions of Acrobat.
    At the moment, it's very hard to see what the page size is when it's a white page on a white background.

    Hi, I just updated some Adobe Creative Cloud Apps today and without realising it I've installed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and this has uninstalled the old Acrobat Pro. Suddenly I have a new interface with an extremely light grey background, as mentioned here, which makes it very hard to distinguish my document. Reading this thread it appears I'm not the only one disappointed with this. I find it hard to believe Adobe did this in the first place but I'm even more upset that it's now over a month since these posts above and still there's no option to change the background colour! Please correct this soon!

  • Change default Windows background during deployment

    I have a Windows deployment server up and running and deploying custom Windows 7&8 images which all work fine. I want to be able to change the default Windows background to a custom image during deployment so when a new user is created and logs in locally,
    my image is displayed rather than the default one. I know this can be done by changing an entry in the registry, but I would like some help in creating a script to do this during deployment and also where this script would have to be placed and how to run
    this. I am a noob at scripting and any help would be appreciated! ;)
    Thanks in advance

    I am using the process documented at the link below in my builds today with a lot of success. In addition to setting the background for every user, it will also allow for setting the colors and accents. Pretty good stuff from the guys at CoreTech.
    Regards, Bill Moore @BMooreAtDell

  • ITunes 11 how can the window background colour be changed from white to black in Grid View?

    How do I change the window background colour ,in Grid View, from the new, default, white back to the good old, more easy on the eye, black?
    Apple did this to us in iPhoto some time ago and had to add a preference for shades of grey other than white. Why didn't Apple learn from this mistake?

    It is good to know I am not alone. The first thing I did after downloading iTunes 11 was go into preferences to change the background color. But alas, the option for a dark background is gone. I also was kind of disappointed in the lack of ability to resize the artwork, but not to the extent of some other commenters here.
    I will say this though. I love the way the albums expand with custom colored backgrounds based on each album's artwork colors. This looks fantastic. Still it would be nice to accomodate those who prefer to use a dark background for the overall application's theme.
    So, Apple, I join with my fellow users in requesting the return of resizable artwork, and the option for at least a dark (or an even further customizable) background color for the overall theme of the application. Thanks!

  • [noob question] setting window background colour?

    Am just getting to grips with basics of Xcode, Coacoa and IB, been looking at some easy examples and just set myself my first exercise; to build the C# Introductory Video example app
    OK, basically all I want to do is open the colour picker from a button and set the window background colour. But still with nothing more than an empty window in IB I can't find any obvious means to define it's background colour (not even statically)?
    Hope someone can help with this dead easy question... (my Coacoa programming book is still on it's way from Amazon
    PS. just looking for a nudge in the right direction, please - not a step by step description how to write my sample app, as well meant as that might be. cheers

    +Although I'm guessing from the underlying tone you're already pretty experienced and it's been a long time since you sat down yourself and first started to "look through the documentation"?!?+
    Sorry didn't mean to let the tone bleed through that much.
    But seriously I assumed there was an NSWindow function that did it, checked the documentation, found it, mocked it up in 5 minutes (alright 10 I'm still getting used to IB in Xcode 3), tested it to make sure it worked as expected and then answered your post. Not that you should have been able to do that as quickly but I could do it because I have slogged through the process for other objects I had used.
    Really this is a pretty basic Cocoa kind of operation. I have object X supplied but Cocoa (eg NSWindow, NSTextBox, etc.) and I want to do operation Y. Operation Y is almost always already there for you just waiting to be used. Learning this process of finding these things in the documentation and using them is really crucial to being a proficient Cocoa developer.
    In Xcode 2 Help > Documentation will give you the searchable API and just type in NSWindow. In Xcode 3 selecting an object - like NSWindow - will change the Help > Documentation menu to point to NSWindow directly.
    Cocoa is a very "lived in" API and it has clearly been evolved by people who really used it so it has the buttons and levers right where you want them most of the time. I assumed that NSWindow had a function to change the color simply because it would make sense that it would. And when I checked it did, but my making that assumption and being able to find the function comes from doing the heavy lifting already on other objects.
    I'm just hoping you take this as an example of how to do this and next time dig into the docs and find the function. There is no way to be good at it without doing it and getting good at it gives you access to Cocoa's rich API and will get you very far because you get all that programming other people have done for you for (almost) free.
    Good luck,


    I am working on forms6.
    Can I change the color of the window title dynamically? Please help.

    private void initLookAndFeel(){
    }catch(Exception e){}

  • Is there a way to disallow web pages to modify foreground color of elements if background of those elements was not changed as well (and vice versa)?

    I have very sensible defaults for my display; i.e. I have dark GTK scheme (dark gray background, light gray text) that suits me way more when working on my computer while it's dark around. I, however, like looking at web pages as how they were mean to be seen. Unfortunately, most of web designers don't think about anyone having non-default colors set up.
    Example one ( http://www.cedok.cz ):
    This site's CSS style has "color: rgb(45, 45, 45);" for the whole <body> but for <select> elements there is no "background-color" set. This means there is a select box rendered with dark gray background and dark gray foreground (text color). This is pretty badly readable (obviously).
    To mention one particular element from this site: e.g. <select id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderLevySloupec_HledaniMultiTab1_HledaniZajezdu1_ddlTypZajezdu">
    Example two ( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new/desktop/customize/form ):
    On this page (where I'm currently filling in this question) the <textarea id="id_content"> has "background: ... rgb(255, 255, 255);" set, but with my default font color, this textarea is rendered as light gray text on a white background. Again, pretty unreadable (and eye-hurting).
    I can provide screenshots and more reasoning if needed.
    I'm asking if there is (or might be) an option (even disabled by default) or at least an add-on which would keep default colors unless both foreground and background colors were specified. I think this might make Firefox very usable for many people which like to have their default colors configured.
    In case you won't be able to help me by fixing this, could you redirect me to the right place where I could get this requested in a way that might be really possible to happen (bugzilla?).
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm sorry, no. I don't want any addon that customizes colors, I want to use default colors and only prohibit changing them unless both background and foreground colors are changed.
    I have made no color changes WRT to Firefox *only*, I just changed the default for the whole toolkit (gtk in this case). The thing I need is to disable changing *only one* property out of two ({back,fore}ground). Whenever the second one gets set as well, this new setting (both of them) may get reflected, but not before that. It'd be nice to keep this when changing the colors back (deleting the style), but that's not necessary.
    I hope that's understandable, feel free to ask for if that's not the case.
    To express what I mean a bit more precisely, see the attached image. In that image there are four textareas (one of the elements that gets affected by this). First one is a default one (which I want to have if the page has nothing set), the second one is nicely modified to fit for example to a blue-ish page (this one I like as well).
    Second row of textareas shows how the final element looks like if the page has only one of these elements set up. First one changes background without changing font color, the second one vice versa. Both of them are very badly readable, especially with low lighting around.
    This is consequently the same case when it comes to default page background which I cannot set at all, because too many pages have only "color:" set without changed background and that is completely messed up then. Going to extremes, I might mention all color-related modifications (see how ugly the borders look when the background is changed and nothing is done to these borders, their size and color is kept default), but I understand that's too much.

  • My iPod Touch (5th generation) is not responding to my touch. There are also several colored lines in the background of my screen. Virus?

    Since my iPod isn't responding to my touch, I can't switch it off or restart it as I normally would. I've tried doing the hold-down-the-sleep-button-and-the-home-button-for-ten-seconds thing but when the Apple logo appears, it's either completely pink in color or there are these vertical colored lines in the background. When the lock screen reappears, sometimes it looks completely normal (but it still doesn't respond), or everything's blurred, or there are these weird colours in the background, or those lines I mentioned before, but most of the times, it's completely dark and I can onlu see this moving flash at the bottom of the screen (indicating the presence of the slide to unlock thing).
    My computer was recently reformatted because it had had a virus, so I'm worried my iPod has gotten the virus too. I have some data on there that I really can't lose. (I haven't backed up this data because my computer had been on the fritz for the past two weeks).
    Is taking it to an Apple Help Centre the only cure? (I purchased the item in March 2013; Is there any chance I can get it replaced for free?) I tried moving the photos from the device to my PC but it says there are no photos in my device. (I've moved my photos before when I'd forgotten my password and was about to reset it.)
    I would really like some advice ASAP because if it is a virus, the longer I keep it untouched, the more havoc it causes. i fear.

    I do not think talking to Apple will do more than the following:
    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - Try another cable       
    - Try on another computer                            
    - If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                                     

  • HP Color LaserJet CP2025 / Windows 7(64bit)-Why the printer does not print color letters??

    HP Color LaserJet CP2025  / Windows 7(64bit)-Why the printer does not print color letters??

    Could be a lot of reasons. First try to print a supplies status page- If that prints with color on it, you have a driver problem.

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