G/L Account Balances - Summarization as Saldo

In the standard balance there is a checkbox, summarization as saldo. I can not understand what does it calculate.
Can anyone help me?

Dear Efren,
Table SALDO stores all cumulated balances. The balances are added from table TES to SALDO in month-end processing.
Follow following link for further clarification
Regarding updation of table saldo in b2 cluster

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  • GL account balance for Non Leading Ledger

    I am trying to get GL account balance for Non leading ledger.
    I am able to get Balance sheet GL account balance  for leading ledger using 'BAPI_GL_GETGLACCPERIODBALANCES', but I am unable to do so.
    For P&L GLs, requirement is to get internal order wise account balance. I am able to get GL balance for leading ledger using documents in BSEG.
    Any idea on how we get GL balance for non leading ledger?
    Thanks in Advance.

    I am not sure if I understand quesition correct.
    1. Internal order per ledger - this link might give you some information.
    FB50L FI-posting to an internal order
    You can report internal orders per cost element (acutal and plan)
    Use reports in: SAP Menue/ Information Systems/Accounting/Controlling/Reports for Internal Orders/Summarization Reports or/and More Reports
    as an instance: S_ALR_87013010
    direct output to Excel and drill down functionality for details.
    2. GL balances per ledger: use F.08 and select ledger, then you have report per ledger
    Let me know if this is what you have expected.
    all the best Erwin

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  • Query help on totalling 2 account balances

    Hi Experts,
    I have the following query:
    SELECT SUM(T0.[SYSDeb] - T0.[SYSCred]) AS 'Production'
    FROM JDT1 T0  INNER JOIN OJDT T1 ON T0.TransId = T1.TransId WHERE T0.[Account] = '_SYS00000000238' AND T0.[Account] = '_SYS00000000239'
    If I add the second WHERE statement the query gives me no results. I want to see the total of the 2 account balances in this query.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Marli,
    Try this:
    SELECT SUM(T0.SYSDeb  - T0.SYSCred) AS 'Production'
    FROM JDT1 T0
    WHERE T0.Account in ('_SYS00000000238','_SYS00000000239')

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  • Currency Valuation G/L Account Balance Sheet Posting F.05

    Hi all,
    Is there a way to post the Currency Valuation F.05 for G/L account balance sheet posting to another account than itself.
    I cannot find any configuration on that, and a trace look to show that it goes back to SKA1,
    SKAT & SKB1.
    Open item have configuration in OBA1 and we can fix the posting where we want.
    But the currency valuation for the account balance always happen to the same account.
    Thank you,

    Bal.sheet adj.1 in OBA1 is for that only. The GL account is for Identifying that this is FC account in case of Valuation Loss/ Gain.
    Incase of realized loss or gain, it is the same GL account that has to hit in the local currency.

  • Display account balances for vendor PO's and GRPO's

    In the BP Master, there is a display for customers of the account balance, open orders, deliveries, and opportunities.  But for vendors there is only an account balance.  There should be a similar display for open PO's and GRPO's.

    Hello Marcia,
    Maybe you can have a try with Drag&Relate function then use Filter to just include Open PO/GRPO only, the total amount will be displayed at the bottom of Drag&Relate result window.
    Howeve this is not as convenient as the open balance field directly showed on BP Master Data field.
    Canna Mu

  • STandard Report for GL Account balances

    I am looking for a standard report for GL Account balances in the following :-
    Opening Blanace          Tranasactions during the month                               Closing Balance                       
                                          Debit                       Credit

    I am looking for LINE ITEM WISE REPORT for GL Accounts in the following format:-
    Opening Balance  
    Transactions during the month (DR  and Credit )        
    Closing Balance

  • GL Account Balance Query Issue

      I'm trying to extract GL Balances in the following format
    Company Segment(Segment2)  ||   Account Number(Segment1) ||  Cost Center Segment4 ||  Account Descr ||  Actual Flag || Account Type || Activity || Activity in Period || Currency || Period End date || Account Balance
    Here's my query :
    SELECT     gcc.segment4  "Company Segment",
               gcc.segment1  "Account",
               gcc.segment2  "Cost Center",
               a1.description "Account Description",
             --  a2.description Company_Description,
               Decode(gcc.account_type,'A','Asset','E','Expense','L','Liability','O','Equity','R','Revenue') "Account Type",
               Decode(gcc.enabled_flag,'Y','TRUE','FALSE')  "Active Account",
               Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE') "Activity in Period",
               bal.actual_flag  " Actual Flag",
               bal.currency_code  "Account Currency",
               per.end_date  "Period End Date",
               SUM(( NVL(bal.PERIOD_NET_DR,0) + NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_DR,0))) - SUM(NVL(bal.PERIOD_NET_CR,0)+NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_CR,0)) -
                         SUM( NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_DR,0) - NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_CR,0))   "Account Balance"
    FROM        apps.fnd_flex_values_vl a1,      --- For Account Segment
                apps.fnd_flex_values_vl a2,              -- For Cost Center
                apps.gl_code_combinations gcc,
                apps.gl_balances bal,
                apps.gl_periods per
    WHERE       a1.flex_value = gcc.segment1 
    AND         a2.flex_value = gcc.segment2
    and         a1.flex_value_set_id = 111111        -- Value set id for Account
    ---and         a2.flex_value_set_id = 222222    -- Value set id for Cost Center
    and         gcc.code_combination_id = bal.code_combination_id
    and          bal.period_name = per.period_name
    and         gcc.segment1 in ('777777')      --- Sample Account for testing only
    --and         gcc.segment2 in (222222)
    and         per.period_set_name ='GL_CALENDAR'
    and         bal.period_name ='SEP-13'
    and         bal.actual_flag='A'
    group by    gcc.segment4,
               --            Decode(gcc.account_type,'A','Asset','E','Expense','L','Liability','O','Equity','R','Revenue'),
                Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE'),
                order by gcc.segment1,gcc.segment2
    1) If I  comment value set id 222222(Cost Center), then I'm getting 15 Records ,If I uncomment that I'm getting 10 records?Is there anything wrong with my queryAs I'm not displaying descriptions for cost center and company do I need to join fnd_flex_values_vl again or not ? 2) To check activity in particular period in this case for SEP-13,I'm using the following clause : Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE') Do I need to check ABS values also ro not?

      You can do this with WD dynamic programming.
      You can do with domodifyview badi for accounting component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_DO_ACC.
      You need to handle both views 'V_DO_ACCOUNTING' and  'V_DO_ACCOUNT_DETAIL' in the domodifyview badi implementation.
    I am sending the sample  code. How to attach the custom search help dynamically.
      DATA lo_nd_comp_context    TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
      DATA lo_nd_acc_context     TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
      DATA lo_nd_info_acc        TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info.
      DATA lv_value_help_mode    TYPE i.
      DATA lv_value_help         TYPE string.
      " Read Context
      lo_nd_comp_context = wd_context->get_child_node( name = 'COMP_CONTEXT' ).
      " get node info object of accounting node
      IF lo_nd_acc_context IS BOUND.
        lo_nd_info_acc = lo_nd_acc_context->get_node_info( ).
      " continue only if node info is supplied
      IF lo_nd_info_acc IS BOUND.
        " get current search help info
            name            = 'G_L_ACCT'
            value_help_mode = lv_value_help_mode
            value_help      = lv_value_help
    " Below this will add the custom search help from SRM .
              name            = 'G_L_ACCT'
              value_help_mode = 'BUS2121'
              value_help      = 'Z_F4-Your search help'   " you own search help.
    Devi prasad

  • GL Account Balance Difference

    Hi All,
    We recieve GL Account Balances from some other system (different SAP landscape) and the balances in the file are compared to the GL Account Balances in our system. For this purpose, we are using a standard BAPI :->BAPI_GL_GETGLACCCURRENTBALANCE. This BAPI calculates the current GL Balance in our system and the program them matches both the balances (one in the coming feed and other calculated by the BAPI).
    Starting this year, the BAPI is not performing correctly. It only calculates the period balance and does not add the cumulative balance of the previous year and hence there is a difference in the GL Account Balances in both the system since the feed coming in contains the total balance till date (i.e. Period Balance + Cumulative balance of last year).
    Can somebody suggest another BAPI that adds both the Period Balance + Cumulative balance of last year for all the GL Accounts till date.

    As the documentation for that BAPI showing the ending balance for the fiscal year. As you can see the balances for the B/S accounts only & if those balances carried forward to the current year - then it should show the total cumulative balance. Check whether balance carryforward program done or not.
    Below is the help :
    Short text
    Closing balance of G/L account for current year
    The method provides the ending balance of a G/L account for the current fiscal year.
    The user decides whether the balance should be provided in the transaction currency or the company code currency. Exceptions are G/L accounts kept in various transaction currencies. In this case, only the company code currency can be used.
    The system provides the balance and currency determined.

  • GL Account Balance Display

    Hi All,
    We transferred all the GL account balances to the new fiscal year 2008 by way of running year end program.
    Now our auditor wants to see the GL account balance on 31 .12. 2007 as well as on 01.01.2008. The users have also posted some transactions from 01 Jan onwards.
    Now my concern is how to get all the GL account balances on 01 Jan 2008.
    Because when we run the GL account balances report for the period 01, it shows all the values including the posted transactions during this period. But our auditor wants the General Ledger Account balances on the beginning of the year 01.01.2008.
    I request you to all, please give your valuable reply.
    Thanks with regards,

    Hi Padma
    Thank you for your information and as I know that when you use the T.code: FS10N, you can get the account balance for the selected GL accounts only. This is not my requirement.
    How do we see the balance as on date DD/MM/YYYY. Because our Auditor wants to see the account balance as on 31-12-2007 and at the same time 01-01-2008.
    How do I ge the report for this purpose.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks with regards,

  • GL Account Balance

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to retrieve the GL Account balances at a particular date by use of a user query?

    Hi Jitin,
    The information I want to display is as follows:
                                  __TODAY_          MTD             YTD_
    Sales (Branch A)
    Sales (Branch B)
    Stock (Branch A)
    Stock (Branch B)
    The management wants to see the above information without having to use the TB or Balance Sheet. Thanks

  • GL Account Balance ( BAPI)

    Hi Guri,
    Do we have any BAPI to get GL account Balances by passing
              Company Code,
              Fiscal Year
    So we can get total list of gl with balance for above year and period.

    Before calling this BAPI you just select all GL accordingly your selection like Company Code, Fiscal year and Period.and then you will have only the GL which you want.
    then call above BAPi and put that GL field it_gl in BAPI.
    you will get balance of only required GL.
    Have a Nice Day,

  • GL account balances by Profit Center

    Is there a transaction to extract GL account balances by Profit Center.  Something like this...
    Account No. 1   Profit Center A   $xxx
    Account No. 1   Profit Center B   $xxx
    Account No. 2   Profit Center A   $xxx
    Account No. 2   Profit Center B   $xxx
    Thanks in advance for your replies,

    Thanks again Jigar!
    S_PL0_86000030 output is as under (I ignored columns that I don't need).
    Account                         Dr. Total          Cr. Total         Balance
    1000000                             100                 200             100-
    1000001                             200                   50             150
    What I'm looking for is as under
    Account   Profit Center    Dr. Total          Cr. Total         Balance
    1000000      AAA                  50                 100             50-
    1000000      BBB                  50                 100             50-
    1000001      AAA                100                   25             75
    1000001      BBB                100                   25             75
    Your response above (additional selection) I presume is for Dynamic selections.  I do not need to go to Dynamic selections at all - Profit Center is available in basic selections itself.  My question is specifically regarding the output of the report, which should be as above.

  • GL Account Balances by Trading Partner

    Hi All,
    Our client has a requirement wherein he wants to know if there is any standard report through which we can find out the GL Account Balances by Trading Partner i.e. the user wants to see the GL account Balnces Broken down by trading partner.
    We have tried Dynamic Selection in F.08. But it does not help.

    Hello Rohit,
    Thanks for your reply. Actually we have tried this option and we found that the Report that we are getting is giving us the Consolidated Figure for all the Trading Partner selected.
    What we wanted to know is supposed if a Particular GL account has a sale of USD 3000 then system should be able to give us the break up as below Trading Partner A-1000, Trading Partner 2000, i.e. we want the GL account balance to be bifurcated by Trading Partner.
    Is there any standard report to achieve the same or else we need to look into the BW to achieve the same.
    Thanks ans Regards

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