G/L Account Currency

Hello All,
I'd like to know How I can find the account currency in OACT table, the fields OACT.actcurr display "##"  for a list of account while we use two currency 'USD'  and 'HTG'.
Thank you...

ActCurr is the field in OACT to see the Currency type '##' represents All Currency
To get the Transcation Currency, you need to see JDT1 Table and FCCurrency is the field

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  • MB5L Report Discrepacy for Material and Stock Account Currency

    I have found in the MB Report Discrepancy for Material and Stock Account Currency. Why is this happening? Why is there a variance between total price in materials and stock account? Anyone please help me. I'm abaper but now been pushed to do logistic. I need help for this issue.

    Here's some information from help. Variances can occur for the following reasons:
    You have entered postings to the stock account manually.
    The stock account includes not only stock postings, but also other postings. In this case, you should check the account determination in the Customizing for Valuation and Account Assignment. Make sure that the stock accounts are used solely for the transaction key BSX (stock postings).
    Check Account Determination - OMWB
    The account assignment for the stock accounts (transaction key BSX) was changed during productive operation; the respective stocks, however, were not deducted from the old account (movement type 562) and posted to the new one (movement type 561).
    Cheers !

  • Stock account currency field in MB5L report

    can any one tell me in MB5L report for field materials currency and stock account currency, from system will pick up the values?
    I think materials currency field will pick up from GL accounts?
    But stock account currency, from where it will pick up value?
    ramesh b

    both are not GL account balances.
    I have studied the report and understood.
    the material currency field: just it will take total stock avialable * std price/MAV price ( it will be equal to value in material master, MB5B, MB51 )
    the stock account currency field: it will take GL account balance via valuation class ( OBYC setting BSX)
    Here for example if you select only one material in MB5L report , it won't show the GL balance pertaining to that material, it will simply show the total GL balances that means system won't check material number existed in line items ( BSEG table).
    any way thanks for your inputs.
    ramesh b

  • What is the importance of Account Currency in GL master

    Guru's what is the importance of account currency in GL master
    Moderator: Please, search before posting

    you can change the local currency option in GL master. but only think is that GL account has not been related to cleraing accouts.
    SAP has given good example below.
    You set up a clearing account for goods receipts and invoice receipts and manually post these items to it. You post invoice receipts in the invoice currency and goods receipts always in the local currency.
    Invoice receipt 1000 DEM 600 USD
    Goods receipt 600 USD
    Both items can be cleared if the clearing account balances are recorded in local currency only. If you have not set the indicator for this account, the system will translate DEM to USD during the clearing procedure in order to determine the amount in USD required to clear 1000 DEM. If the translation rate is .65 USD per DEM, then the system displays 650 USD for the invoice receipt and 600 USD for the goods receipt when the open items are processed.
    This means that to clear both of these items, you will also have to enter a difference posting for 50 USD, and the system will automatically make an additional exchange rate difference posting for this amount.
    Hope this will help you.

  • G/L Account currency is not consistent  with G/L Interim Account currency

    A few days ago I was  printing checks and suddenly an error occurs
    it says something like..."Another user is accessing the same account"
    In the reserch   I found help in SAP Portal, where I showed how to unlock this part
    This I did in Administration->Set up-> Banking-> House Bank accounts
    At the end is a column that says BLOCK PRINTING, always locked, but when the error occurs is enabled for the account that has been affected, and a  super user must unlock by unchecking the check box.
    The problem is that the update that part I get an error message and I have not been able to unlock
    The error is
    G/L Account currency is not consistent  with G/L Interim Account currency [Message 60701-9]
    In this regard I have not found anything to help me resolve this error and the printing of checks is blocked
    I need your  help

    i found the problem,  we have an  accunt that is just visible  in  House bank accunt window when try to select an account in the column G/L intermin account,  but  that account is  not an active account ,  the descrpction says "Copy express transport account" i delete it in all the rowa and  finaly  we could update the window.

  • Account Currency is not matching with document currency

    In Sales A/R Invoice Screen when Iam trying to add a document its giving an error by saying Account Currency is not matching with document currency.
    (Item is an Excisable Item and Currency is BP Currency)
    Pls let me know the reason.
    Chakrapani Bandaru

    Hello chakrapani bandaru,
    Please set all the G/L accounts involved in the transactions to Multicurrency accounts (e.g. BP, revenue tax accounts etc.)
    It means BP account, revenue and tax account
    as well, even if there is 0% tax.
    Please check Administration/System Initialisation/Company Details/ Basic Initialisation/Default Account Currency and make sure it is set toMulti Currency.
    The exchange rate difference account should also be set to multi currency.
    hope it helps.
    Wilm Wang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Difference in between account currency and functional currency

    Hi Sap Experts,
    What is the difference in between account currency and functional currency.
    In which table account currency and functional currency will be stored.
    Moderator: Please, avoid asking basic questions

    A Payer is the individual or company who settles the invoices foa a service or for delivered goods.
    Whereas the account group determines:
    Which screens and fields are necessary for entering master data
    Whether you can or must make an entry in these fields
    How master record numbers are assigned (externally by you or internally by the system) and the number range from which they are assigned
    Which partner functions are valid
    Whether the business partner is a one-time customer or one-time vendor.
    Reward if useful.

  • G/L account currency issue

    Hi experts,
            G/l account currecy is different from local currency.  But when we try to execute the g/l balance with tcode fs10n the balance is displayed in local currency instead of account currency.  Kindly advice me in this regard.

    Dear P.Krishna Chait...
    were you use classic GL or New gl. if New GL system  aumatically give 0L (ledger) then give fiscal year and execute
    select document currency its viewsable
    Hope its helpful

  • Gl account currency

    may i know why
    gl account currency is local, can post to other currency whereas gl account currency is foreign, only can post to this currency.

    i would like to know the reason of my question. your reply not correct.

  • Article Currency VS Stock account currency in MB5W Report

    HI All,
    The Article  Curreny and the Stock Account currency values are different for any given period in the MB5W Report.The Stock Account Currency matches with the balance in FAGLB03 values.The Article currency value is different resulting in the vairance.
    What is the cause of the Variance.Can anybody please throw some light on this.
    Thanks in advance

    check this one: MB5W-List of stock values report
    best regards, Christian

  • Transaction Currency Different from BP or Account Currency

    Hi all...
    The Problem is :
    I have to import some Raw Material from Outside so that i created a BP and the BP'S currency is =All currency
    i am able to create the Purchase Order without any problem but the at the time of receiving the item in GRPO its showing the error "Transaction Currency is Different From BP or Account Currency " .
    The items are managed by Warehouse and the inventory account currency is All currency Same as BP's Accounts
    I have untick all the Journal Entry Restriction From the Document Settings...
    After that the problem is still there...
    Please Help me out as soon as possible.

    Check, Allocation Acc Currency type, Freight and Tax Acc Currency Type. Set all the Currency type to All Currency

  • Accounting Currency

    In PRRW travel expense posting, only company code currency is getting posted. For an international trip, i want both the document currency and accounting currency to get posted. That is, if an employee spends in INR and his company code currency is MYR, i want both the currency value to visible in posting. INR as document currency and MYR as accounting currency.
    Do we have some customizing settings for make this possible?? If not how to go about it??
    Best Regards,

    In Define Global Settings, select the settlement of Foriegn Currency Reciepts as below
    1. Choose between Trip Currency  and Hard Currency Receipts
    Reimbursement of foreign currency receipts per receipt in trip currency or hard currency. For each foreign currency receipt or advance, you can choose the trip or hard currency as accounting currency.
    2. Choose Foriegn Currency Receipt
    Reimbursement of foreign currency receipts per receipt in any foreign currency. For each foreign currency receipt or advance you can choose either the trip currency, hard currency or a foreign currency of your choice as the accounting currency.
    While posting the expenses you can choose either the Company Code Currency/Trip Currency/Foreign Currency.
    Hope this helps.

  • Account currency does not match document currency

    We are using SAP Business ONE 2005 A PL 50.  After having created an invoice in USD for an export customer, the payment is made in the local currency amount. When trying to do the incoming payment in the local currency we get Sap error message 173-66 " ACCOUNT CURRENCY DOES NOT MATCH THE DOCUMENT CURRENCY". Is there a way we can do the incoming payment in local currency?

    Hiii Monilshah
    Please check this link for your settings

  • Trial Balance displayed in GL Account currency

    Dear experts,
    I am working with a client implementing an SAP All-in-one Best Practice UAE version.
    The Client asks to have a Trial Balance of the GL accounts with 3 currencies view.
    1st view column:  Account Currency
    2nd view column: Local Currency
    3rd view column: Group Currency
    I tried the T.Code: S_PLO_86000030 ... and when i tried to put the currency type (80) -- which is the ledger currency and which is what the client asked for ...However the system is not allowing me to do so and generating an error msg "Enter a correct currency type:
                                     --  Message no. GH102
             Diagnoses       -- You want to see data for a currency type that is not kept in the ledger concerned.
    Sys. Response       -- The program cannot be run.
              Procedure      -- Check your entries for the currency type and ledger. Also check the valuation (legal,management,
                                        corporate group) of this ledger in Customizing.
    And i am only able to choose from the currency types: 10 -- Company code currency
                                                                                    30 -- Group currency
    So can anyone advise me and help me in this issue ????
    Your reply is well appreciated.
    For more info. and additional explanation plz let me know.
    Nabil Fares

    the currencies r found there as 1st currency Local Currency LBP and 2nd currency: group currency USD for all company codes in the parent. T.code OB22 .. they are found ... there is still the 3rd currency empty or available .. but yhe ledger currency that i want in the report which is Currency code 80 is not found from the report of the Account Balances using the T.code S_PL0_86000030 - G/L Account Balances (New)
    I want the report to generate the balance in the Account Currencies and not in ( 10 - Local currency or 30 - group currency ). using the T.code OB22 i only have the options (10,30,40,50,60 --- Company code currency, Group Cur, Hard cur, Index based cur. and global company cur .. respectively) ... So how can i got the result of my Balance in the Account currency which is Ledger currency type 80 ???
    Thanks in advance ....

  • Difference betwn bal in local currcy and account currency

    hi all,
    can any one explain difference between balance in local curreny and account currency.and to which accounts we have to select

    Account currecny: Consider this example: You have defined your company code in India and the currency will be in that case INR. So the account currency by default is INR. In that case for this GL account you can post in all currencies.
    You have a foreign currency account say in USD. Then you can define this account currecny as USD. So when you define this account USD, you can post only in USD and not in anyother currency and the system automatically translate into INR.
    Balance in local currency:
    This indicator is set for clearing accounts you use to clear line items in various currencies with one local currency amount and without posting any exchange rate differences that may occur.
    This indicator is set  for the following accounts:
    Cash discount clearing accounts
    Clearing accounts for goods receipt / invoice receipt

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