G/L account for issue to cost centre-FERT

Hello friends,
here I have an issue,
when I am running the transaction MB1A with mvt type 201,two G/L accounts getting updated, one is inventory that is assigned in OBYC , in transaction BSX.
Another G/L account  is 'for' issue to cost centre,' where it is assigned.
Can somebody give me the solution?
Seetaram Functional consultant.

Hi Friend,
You should assign it to OBYC Account Assignement. GBB - VBR (Internal Goods Issue such as Cost Center or Order). Also check OKB9. Whether cost element has been assigned to Cost Center.
I hope this found useful to you.

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  • Assign GL account for Unplanned delivery costs

    When I post a vendor invoice (MIRO) and I enter 'Unplanned delivery costs' (in table Details) I can't save the invoice because the sytem didn't find the GL Account for Unplanned delivery costs ?!
    Can anyone tell me please how to assign GL acount for 'Unplanned delivery costs' in Customizig ?

    Please try through "Configure how unplanned delivery costs are posted".  IMG --> Materials Management --> Logistics Invoice Verification --> Incoming Invoice --> Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted.

  • GL account posting error with cost centre

    Hi experts
    I am trying to post Goods issue with the combination of GL account and cost centre...
    The system throwing an error message saying " GL account XXXXX not valid for cost centre XXXXX or order entered"
    what could be the mistake i have done... kindly reply

    Z message means you have a custom validation in Place
    Go to OB28 and check which validation is causing this issue..
    you need to either change it so that this posting goes through or use a proper GL account in accordance with the validation

  • GR/IR Clearing-Good Receipt Accounting Document issue-no cost center / IO

    Hi All,
    For the GR/IR Clearing Account, users did  the Goods Receipt. GR document post to FI and created Accounting Document. When we look at GL line item display of GR/IR clearing account (FBL3N), we cannot see the cost center or internal order on Goods Receipt doucment ( document type WE).
    When we look at Invoice ( document type RE), we can see cost center or internal order on invoice accounting document. 
    Anyone know how to capture cost center / internal order from Goods Receipt to FI accounting document during GR time ?
    Thank You
    Alex Lee

    Indeed, during the invoice inscription, the information regarding cost centre (or other CO object) is stored on GR/IR account, even (see the explanantion in note 27881). However, for GR there is no standard solution. You can try making a substitution (OBBH), taking the cost centre from the expense line and putting it on GR/IR as well. I doubt, though, if SAP allows GR/IR line item to be changed by substitution...
    Additionally, please check note 378800.
    P.S. Please, see your thread in FI. Try avoiding cross-posting.

  • Retro payroll processing for org unit cost centre changes

    Dear All,
    We have created some new cost centres and assigned  it to relevant org units . when we run payroll , retro run is happening from the period we changed the cost center and assigned the new cost centre to the org units . please suggest a solution

    Hi Tressya,
    changes in IT0003 won't affect retro calculation, since you have already created result periods for retro calculation. The payroll programm will detect this and allways will repeat the retro unless you delete those results first.
    Try TR PU01 during correction - then clear Earl.pers. RA date  by PU03 (PA30 won't work here)
    After that you hou'll have to repeat payroll run for effected employees to get new results for actual period only.

  • Bulk material issue to cost centre by KANBAN

    I have a problem for bulk item issues to cost center.
    I have a material defined as bulk item and given cost center and storage type in the control cycle.
    I'm using 'Stock transfer strategy' in which control type is "Transfer requirements from a storage location controlled by WM".
    When I used to scan there is no MM movement and the stock from MMBE screen is not transfering into cost center.
    Thanks for your early reply.
    Kind Regards
    Mayur Kshirsagar

    Hi Mayur
    I have done some further work on this - and after digging myself into a hole, I think I have found some further details.
    A better setting for the Customisation is 'Direct transfer posting'.
    The option of using a reservation cretaes a reservation which then needs confirming and so adds transactions to the process which add no value in a WM environment (at least for this transaction).
    When set as 'Post withdrawl to cost center', on setting the kanban to empty, the set of 3 movements, 311 out, 311 in, 201 out are posted.  A TR is created to understand where the stock from the WM controlled storage location 'was' taken.  This then becomes the TO to support the physical movement of the stock
    My preferred option would be 'Procurement for cost center' however in this case I am only seeing the 311 movements. When the TO is confirmed and the kanban goes to full, the 201 movement (which I expect from the documentaion) does not occur.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something here - any ideas?
    Adrian R

  • Reporting commitments for IO and Cost Centre

    Hello Help!
    I need your expertise please ..
    When reporting on a cost centre's commitments in Y_DEV_17000159, the commitments posted to the internal order (which is also attached to the cost centre) does not appear in the report.
    However, when I do a report on the cost centre only, it shows commitments except the IO. And when I execute a report on the IO, it shows all IO commitments.
    Is there a way to report on both IO and cost centre commitments in the one report?
    P.S. the order does have Statistacal Postings enabled.
    Many thanks for you help on this!
    ? Vanessa ?

    When you post to Real internal Order, and Cost Center.
    The Internal Order will take precedence always.  Cost center posting will become statistical.
    To your question "whether IO and Cost Center co-exists in one transaction?"
    Yes, very much, many cases this happens normally for transactions related to marketting campaigns etc
    Hope this would clarify your question
    Best Regards

  • MIRO : Selecting accounts for unplanned delivery cost based on PO type

    Hi Experts!
    Actually throught the configuration of transaction OBYC (UPF), when I have an unplanned delivery cost, there is an account number that has been configured.
    For any type of MM bill (MIRO), all postings are being made on the same account number for unplanned delivery cost.
    My client want to define the account number based on the PO type being billed.
    Example : For PO of type A, account number for unplanned delivery cost --> XXXXXXX
    and           For PO of type B, account number for unplanned delivery cost --> YYYYYY Thus overwriting the configuration of OBYC.
    I was thinking of doing some configuration using substitution (FI module). That will change automating the account number (BSEG-HKONT).
    Do you have any ideas to meet that request ?
    Thanking you in advance for your replies.

    You can use the BAdI MRM_UDC_DISTRIBUTE to change the distribution of delivery costs' shares across invoice items.
    But i am not sure if we can use the same for determining the G/L accounts.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Query Not displaying data for a particluar Cost centre code(urgent) !!!!!!

    Hi Folks,
    I have an infoset which is on top of two ODSs.
    Data for a particular cost center code present in both the ODSs.
    There is no data prsent in RSISET for that CC.
    Also the query is not showing any data for that CC.
    Data is not showin in RSRT for that CC ,but the SQL stament is getting generated  for that CC.
    Already Checked the infoset key fileds settings and all....
    Y its happening like this any ideas???
    Need your help buddies urgent issue.

    Please check weather the links are established between the info objects properly in the infoset.

  • Revenue account Assinment to different cost centres

    The requirement from the user is that they want to allocate the revenue in different cost centres according to order reason(this functionalioty is availablke in SD revenue determination :as assign cost center. Transaction code is OVF3.
    Please let me know how to assign the same cost elemnet to diffrent cost centers.i have tried ovf3 but not luck of there is any other way or i am missing some thing pls let me know.

    solved self

  • G/L Account  for Unplanned Delivery cost.

    I have a requirement to distribute the Unplanned Delivery cost to different G/L  accounts based on the material type of the item.
    Is there any User exit or standard setting to solve this.
    Thanks & regards,

    Unplanned delivery costs can be trigerred by customizing the the account assignemnts in OBYC under UPD transaction key.
    For trigerring different G/L accounts based on the Material type, use Enhancement LMR1M002- customer exit EXIT_SAPLKONT_011.
    In that you need to determine the G/L account based on account category refernce & Event key UPF.
    You need to take help of ABAPErs for the same
    Award points if useful
    Thanks & regards

  • Issuance Securities Account for issue of bonds?

    Should I have a PAS Issuance Securities Account (created in transaction  TRS_SEC_ACC) when I want to issue/sell Zero Bonds (04J) or should I use a AKT Asset Securities Account? we want to raise say 95.000 and pay back 100.000 after 1 year.

    yes, Liability type security accounts (PAS) are used to manage issued bonds in the system (see http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_06/helpdata/EN/d2/6f84c8415e11d182b10000e829fbfe/frameset.htm or http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_06/helpdata/EN/96/3d9b422f1a0631e10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm).
    hope this will help you.

  • G/L account for cost centre

    Dear techies,i want to make a PO for non stock.What is the default G/L account to be given if the account assignement category is cost centre?Please explain the relevance of G/L accounts also

    Take vendor 1000
    Account assignment: K
    Material Text --- Name
    Material Group: 001
    Plant - 1000
    Cost center -1000
    I hopeG/L account will come default.
    If not enter G/L 1000/40000
    Edited by: Parasuram M on Dec 3, 2009 9:53 PM
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    Edited by: Parasuram M on Dec 3, 2009 9:56 PM

  • Distribution Cycle: Cost Centre is a mandatory field for GL Acct

    When I am executing the distribution cycle in FAGLGA35 in update mode I am getting the error (Message no. F5808) "Field Cost Ctr is a required field for G/L account xxxxxx" as detailed below:
    Field Cost Ctr is a required field for G/L account 2050 599030
    Message no. F5808
    The value for field "Cost Ctr" in the interface to Financial Accounting is an initial value but you are required to make an entry in the field selection for G/L account "599030" in company code "2050" linked to the field selection for posting key "40".
    System Response
    It might be an error in the configuration of the G/L account field selection. The initial application, used to call up the interface must otherwise define a value for field "Cost Ctr". If this is the case, contact the consultant responsible for the application used to call up the interface or get in contact with SAP directly.
    As per the Field Status Group assigned to the master data of this GL Account, cost centre is an required entry. Further I am not able to change the Field status Group of this GL since this GL acct contains some balance.
    Could someone please help me on how to overcome this issue.

    Hello Ravi,
    Thanks for your response.
    I have tried the option you have provided but user donot want to use the OKB9 option and neither she wants to change the field status group of the GL Acct by which Cost Centre can made an optional field.
    Can you please tell me if we can integrate a cost center in the distribution cycle so that the allocation can be done also for accounts for which a cost center is mandatory ? We can define a cost centre that will be used only for this allocation and that will be the same for all the accounts.
    Request your inputs on this.

  • How to assign search help for custom cost centre field in SRM 7.0

    Hi Experts!!
    We are currently working in SRM 7.0.As per our business requirement, in account assignment tab we need to use a custom
    cost centre field (ZCOST_CENTRE) instead of standard cost centre field.It is observed that for standard cost centre field there is a standard web-dynpro search-help assigned where it will return the F4 search help values from backend.
    Can any one of you please help me how can I assign the search-help for the custom cost centre field. Is there any FM to call the backend cost centre search help for custom field or any other way how can I achieve this?
    Thanks in advance.

    i can see your requirement in below way..
    as it just reads: you need to assign the standard cost center help to a z cost center field in component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_DO_ACC.. which actually is fetched though the component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_BACKEND_SH
    so, if you see the component controller of SAPSRM/WDC_UI_DO_ACC you will see the component
    USAGE_SH_F4     /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_BACKEND_SH                        
    so you can replicate the same functionality for your z field.
    but can you clarify one thing.. why are you going for this z field in place of standard field ?

Maybe you are looking for

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