G/L Account is missing in item data in sales order with reference to quotation

Dear SAP Guru,
I have a problem in accordance with G/L Account missing sales order. Initially, please find the below lines.
1. If I do the sales order without reference to quotation there is no error in G/L Account missing.
2. If I do the sales order with reference to quotation there is an error that G/L account is missing in item data.
I have checked the VKOA, the settings are fine.
Kindly anyone of you resolve this issue.
Warm Regards
Vidya Sagar

G/L account is missing in item data.
Many times, it has been discussed on this issue in SCN and please search with the same text so that you will find many threads asking various areas to check.  Take the inputs from there and post here still if you have issue.
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • Creation of sales order with reference - Zfields in Add data B are not cop

    Hi all,
              Please help me in the issue . I am creating sales order with reference to returns order . All item fields are getting copied but the Zfields which are added in addtional data b of sales order are not getting copied. Can anyone please let me know the procedure to copy the custom fields.
    Thanks in advance,

    The setting of field when copy by reference is best done in the copy rules.
    If you go to transaction VTAA, and look to the order type you are copying to, you will find a data transfer rule number. 
    Then go to transaction VOFM, menu option DATA TRANSFER -> ORDERS and find the matching data transfer rule number.
    Select and press the "Source text"  button, here you will find the data from the copied order in structure CVBAK, and you can apply the code to set the VBAK structure fields appropriately.
    This should then populate the data on the copied order.

  • Creating Query to show items from open sales orders with a/p invoice

    Hi experts,
    I am trying to create a query that will show what items/quantities are still in open sales orders that can now be filled by an incoming shipment of goods, processed through the a/p invoice.
    This needs to be done using subqueries, which I have no experience with.  I am trying to do this using the ORDR and RDR1 tables to show the open items from the sales orders and the OPOR and POR1 tables to show items just received in to inventory.  I would like the query to show exactly the open item's, their quantities, the posting date from the sales order and the customer name that can now be filled from the new shipment through the a/p invoice.
    I appreciate the assistance,
    Hayden (on behalf of Todd)

    try this
    SELECT T0.[DocDate], T1.[ItemCode], T1.[Dscription],( T1.[Quantity] - T1.[DelivrdQty]) As "Open Qty" FROM ORDR T0  INNER JOIN RDR1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry WHERE T0.[DocDueDate]  <= [%0]And ( T1.[Quantity] - T1.[DelivrdQty]) != 0
    Try this query in query manager.
    Manvendra Singh Niranjan
    Edited by: Manvendra Singh Niranjan on Jul 13, 2011 6:27 AM

  • Create sales order with ref to quotation - usage of line items not copied

    i have created a quotation for which the first line item(higher level item) is a configurable item for which the value of the field use (vbap-vkaus) is blank  and the line items the use field is given as  'HIDE DISCOUNT'.
    when i created a order with reference to the above quotation i am not getting the value "HIDE DISCOUNT"  populated for the line items for usage field ..
    can any one knows any user exit / data transfer routine please suggest me
    thanks in advance
    rajani yeluri

    i have created a quotation for which the first line item(higher level item) is a configurable item for which the value of the field use (vbap-vkaus) is blank  and the line items the use field is given as  'HIDE DISCOUNT'.
    when i created a order with reference to the above quotation i am not getting the value "HIDE DISCOUNT"  populated for the line items for usage field ..
    can any one knows any user exit / data transfer routine please suggest me
    thanks in advance
    rajani yeluri

  • Read item code from Sales Order with formatted search

    i'm tring to read tha values of the item or items of a sales order (before save it) with a formatted search.
    i have no problem to read the value of card code or cardname but i can't read the item's value.
    i tried with this [code]Select $[RDR1.ItemCode][/code]  (i found it on the forum) but it doesn't work.
    somebody can help me ?
    thank you

    Hi, Alessandro!
    I think the trouble is that you are trying to assign a FS to the header of the document. You are getting the information of the current row, so you have to bind a formatted search to some column of the "table - part" of the document.
    And also you can try:
    SELECT $[$38.1]
    38 - the value of "Item" (when you point a mouse to the cell, information you want from)
    1 - the value of "Column" (the same...)
    It will get an info of this cell in a current row.

  • Redetermine line item data in sales order when being referenced

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario where while creating orders for a particular SP and material and have valid quotations for the same we want to copy certain data but would like to redetermine many other fields such as Plant,Route,shipping point.
    This is required as the quotation might be old where in the meanwhile these might have change.Obviously onwe would rectify in the copying routines to stop them and redetermine from master data but what about the ones determined from customised settings?

    Thanks for your immediate help. Please tell me which field shows that this sales order no.'s line item  is pending or completed.  and also how i come to know about partial order delivered for particular line item.

  • How to header and item data of sales order using bapi interface

    hi friends,
       i am geetha, i having a problem like how to upload sales oder header and item data through va01 tcode using BAPI FUNCTION MODULES.
    i need bapi function modules for header adn item data  and brief explation on that , how to pass importing and tables  parameters to get exact output .

    Sales order: Create Sales Order
    You can use this method to create sales orders.
    You must enter at least sales order header data (via ORDER_HEADER_IN structure) and partner data (via the ORDER_PARTNERS table) as input parameters.
    Enter the item data via the ORDER_ITEMS_IN table. You can allocate item numbers manually, by filling in the relevant fields, or the system does it, according to the settings for Customizing, by leaving the relevant fields blank.
    If you have configurable items, you must enter the configuration data in the ORDER_CFGS_REF, ORDER_CFGS_INST, ORDER_CFGS_PART_OF and ORDER_CFGS_VALUE tables.
    Credit cards can be transferred via the BAPICCARD structure, on the one hand, data for card identification, on the other, data for a transaction which has taken place in an external system.
    Once you have created the sales order successfully, you will receive the document number (SALESDOCUMENT field). Any errors that may occur will be announced via the RETURN parameter.
    If no sales area has been created in the sales order header, then the system creates the sales area from the sold-to party or ship-to party, who has been entered in the partner table. If a clear sales area cannot be created, you will receive a system message, and the sales order will not be created.
    1. Mandatory entries:
    ORDER_HEADER_IN : DOC_TYPE     Sales document type
                       SALES_ORG    Sales organization
                       DISTR_CHAN   Distribution channel
                       DIVISION     Division
    ORDER_PARTNERS..: PARTN_ROLE   Partner role, SP sold-to party
                       PARTN_NUMB   Customer number
    ORDER_ITEMS_IN..: MATERIAL     Material number
    2. Ship-to party:
    If no ship-to party is entered, use the following: Ship-to party =
    sold-to party.
    3. Commit control:
    The BAPI does not have a database commit. This means that the relevant application must leave the commit, in order that can be carried out on on the database. The BAPI BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT is available for this.
    4. German key words:
    The following key words must be entered in German, independantly of
    the logon language:
    DOC_TYPE     Sales document type, for example: TA for standard order
    PARTN_ROLE   Partner role, for example: WE for ship-to party
    Further information
    You can find further information in the OSS. The note 93091 contains general information on the BAPIs in SD.
    Function Group

  • Pending line item data in sales order

    Dear all,
    I get the pending sales order from VBUK but how i get the pending item details for that particular sales order. In VBAP all line items are displayed but i want only pending line items. Please help me if u know the answer.

    Thanks for your immediate help. Please tell me which field shows that this sales order no.'s line item  is pending or completed.  and also how i come to know about partial order delivered for particular line item.

  • Calculation of goods issue date in sales order with routes

    Hello Gurus,
    This is my first post on SCN, I'm excited to share a new little problem I have.
    I have configured my routes determination as per our requirements.  For example, I have one route configured in 0VTC such that the transit duration is 1 hour.
    When I create a sales order, I enter that route (1 hour transit.dur) under shipping on the line item.  Then I set a delivery date sometime in the future to test out my config.  Looking at the shipping "Goods Issue Date", I see that the date is 2 hours earlier than my delivery date.  It's supposed to be 1 hour.
    I looked through many forums and found no help on this.  My factory calendar is configured such that all days, including weekends and holidays are production days.
    Please advise at your earliest.

    Hi TW Typewriter,
    Yes, I am changing the date in the "schedule lines" tab for the sales order to a date next week, say May 23, 2014.  When I click on the display "Shipping" info, I see:
    1) Delivery date: 05/23/2014 - 00:00
    2) GI Date: 05/22/2014 - 22:00:00
    The expectation is to have the GI date 23:00:00 since my config for the route on the sales order is for 1 hr of transit time only.
    See attached

  • Create Sales Order with reference at item level to contract

    Within the sales order config you can specify that the system can copy a contract at the item level into the sales order if it finds a one to one match.
    Is there any exit functionality around this that would enable us to change the way in which it searches for contracts. For example we might have contracts set up for a customer hierarchy node and customer level.
    We would want it to take the customer specific contract as a reference first and ignore the hierarchy node.
    If you have any ideas then let me know.
    Many Thanks
    Tim Parsons

    In Item category of the contract(KMN in Standard), as u said u need to maintain the Completion Rule as "C", since in contract the quantity is maintained as Target Quantity.
    It should throw an error if the quantity exceeds that of the contract.
    Vamsi Javaji.

  • Route schedule not updated in some line item of a sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    All order are processed through the EDI interface automatically. Order
    XXXXXXXXX for USA customer 40000XXXX is maintained in route reschedule
    setup T-code VL52 on specific departure day thursday.
    above are line item of same sales order, with same shipping point and route .
    Why only some salesorder lines missing the route schedule ?? 
    Please Help

    When you post a query here, you need to have patience until some members go through your post.  Please dont expect somebody should respond to you immediately as everybody has their own priorities.
    Coming to your query, it could be due to many reasons as per the following note:-
    Note 1750978 - Route Schedule does not populate on sales order
    Go through the Resolutions given in the above note and check with your system
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Keep Quote line item numbers in Sales order

    While creating a Sales order from Quote, SAP always creates line items with 100,200,300...and so on.
    If quote has 3 line items say 100,110, & 120 and we create a sales order with reference to this quote in VA01. The sales order line items become 100,200 & 300.
    The requirement is for Sales order to also have same line item numbers i.e. 100,110 & 120.
    To retain quote line item numbers in Sales order the ABAP change will be in VOFM or user exit?

    It is not a straight forward thing. Adding data to table XVBAP won't work. It will create inconsistency. There are so many other tables involve here too, like, VBPA, VBUP, VBKD, KONV. There can be other tables too based on how your sales order is configured.
    Also, modifying these tables (XTAB, YTAB ) in this user-exit may cause database inconsistency.

  • Required item no: to populate custom field while creating item for a Sales order

    Hello Experts,
    I have created a custom field for item data of sales order using AET .
    I want to populate this field automatically when ever we create a new item for a sales order using UI or CRMD_ORDER or WCEM by concatenation Sales order number and item number.
    We are getting Item GUID but not getting the item number(need item number before getting saved is their any chance to get item number from item GUID ) to populate the field and save it.
    For this we tried using BADI's
    Thanks in advance,
    Manasa Veena P.

    Where did you add the field ?

  • Pricing date on sale order

    my question is how to change or control the pricing date in quantity contract to sale order. while creating sale order with reference to contract pricing date is copying from contract. My requirment : pricing date should come of that date when we create sale order.

    Go to VOV8, Under Requested delivery date/Pricing date/ Purchase Order date, There is a Feild for - Prop.f.pricing date
    In this feild you have four options:
    Blank -      Proposal based on today's date
    A -      Proposal based on requested dlv.date (header)
    B -      Proposal based on valid-from date (header)
    C -      Proposal based on contract start (header/item)
    Probably in your system, it would be set a C - based on Contract Start date.
    Make this feild blank & system will take Pricing Date as Today's (Which is nothing but Sales Order date).
    Hope this helps,
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Mass change of LOADING DATE on Sales orders

    Does anyone know how we can MASS CHANGE  the LOADING DATES on SALES ORDERS with MANY LINE ITEMS  - ALL WITH Different DELIVERY DATES
    So basically we are wanting to over-ride the loading dates which SAP suggests - which relates to the ROUTE
    I am aware that you can use EDIT > Fast change > delivery date  - but this would put all of the delivery dates then to be the same
    Your help would be much appreciated, as the Operatives are doing this line by line, order by order at the moment
    Many thanks

    Dear Tony,
    Won't You able to change the same Via LSMW (or through BDC-Program)?
    Just check whether the T. Code: MASS, could be useful
    Best Reagrds,

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