G4MX440-VT8X128 WDM capture problem

I've got a problem using the G4MX440-VT8X128 http://www.msicomputer.com/product/vga/v...4MX440-VT8X128.
On device manager, everything is OK, nothing red neither yellow.
When I try to capture, it captures only a blank movie / picture.
Any hint to give me ?
P.S.: I've tried with Windows Movie Maker and Virtual Dub, my WinProducer which came with the box bundled is not working properly, it (only winproducer) crashes during the boot (any hint about this also ?). ;(
AMD 1700+
Gigabyte 7VAXP
256 MB DDR Samsung
G4MX440-VT8X128 128MB DDR Video In/TV-OUT

the correct URL for the board page is http://www.msicomputer.com/product/vga/vga_detail.asp?model=G4MX440-VT8X128

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  • Ti4200VTD8X & WDM Capture Malfunction

    Okay, this is my last attempt at fixing this problem before my card goes down to the 100 yard line for a little target practice.
    I have:
    Antec 1080 tower w/ 430W PS, 3.3V line running at 3.28V
    Asus P4S8X, AGP Driver loaded, BIOS updated
    512M Kingston DDR 2700, 1 stick
    MSI Ti4200VTD8X, 43.51WHQL Driver
    WD80Gb HD
    WinXP Home Sp1
    Blood type A Pos
    Shoe size 10
    When I load the WDM Capture Driver, v1.27 (or any other version for that matter), it will allow me to reboot, it PnP's the drivers, and works for that session.  When I reboot the system, it hangs up after the XP logo screen, and then reboots to safe mode.  I set it up to show the BSOD and it displays a DRIVER_IRQL fault with NVCAP.EXE.  I have to unload the WDM drivers for my computer to function.
    I went into the selective boot thingy from msconfig, and set the PCI IRQ's so they aren't dynamically assigned.  Didn't work.
    I've rolled my drivers forward and back, each time using detonator destroyer or just hacking the registry to remove all reference to Nvidia.  I have even tried the virgin chicken sacrifice and beta drivers.  Didn't work.
    In researching this issue, I've discovered that I am far from alone.  The problem with the WDM capture drivers and the Nvidia cards seems to be of epidemic proportions.
    The most consistent problem I see is those who install the WDM capture drivers are experiencing a code 10 error.  I get this too, but only after a reboot.  
    There are literally hundreds of postings on the net about this same issue.  Folks are updating their drivers religiously, and trying this or that.  Most of them are quite computer literate.  We have all had to become quasi engineers and programmers to deal with these problems that simply wouldn’t be tolerated in any other industry.  Think about it.  If you bought a new car and had to completely rework the engine before it would take you to the Quickie Mart for your daily ration of carbs, wouldn’t you be slightly irritated?  
    Why is it that we can’t expect to be able to plug in a device, let the nifty PnP feature load the drivers and have it work correctly the first time?  Why are we constantly on pins and needles waiting for that next driver update that may or may not solve the problem that everyone is experiencing?
    I spent a lot of time and money building my system.  I wanted a video card that I could play games and watch video on.  Instead, I spend my spare time hunting for the elusive fix for this weeks problem.
    Should I toss the Geforce and buy a Radeon?  Spend another $300?  I look at the forums for other chipsets, and they are having their problems too.  
    I’m sorry I’m on a soapbox, but we need to demand more of these companies who are taking our hard earned money for products that have no business being released until some/all of the bugs are worked out of them.

    Actually, I don't like cards that are display adapters and capture card combo. In the fact that not only quality will drop in fps and often problematic. Same to Radeon side... VIVO and All-In-Wonder...
    Your problem is most likely IRQ sharing, get us a list on your com's IRQ settings and we'll see if we can detect any error there.
    By the way, since you are so keen in having a multi-functional com, why not get a seperate DV/TV encoder/decoder card? They work better than VIVO and All-in-Wonder, and they only take out 1 PCI slot...
    All the Best... :D!!!

  • FX5900XT-VTD128 capture problem

    I read the many posts about capture problems but did not recognise my issues.
    I just got FX5900XT-VTD128 and I am trying to get it to capture with WinDVD creator (bundled). WinDVD would start but then it would hang without listing any capture device.
    I installed the latest WDM drivers from the nVidia site (2.20_wdm-vivo.exe)
    Device manager list the following devices under sound, video and game controllers:
     - nVidia WDM A/V Crossbar (12-2-2003)
     - nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal)  (12-2-2003)
    The multimedia tab in control panel show the following under "devices"
      under "Video Capture device" -->  -Microsoft WDM Capture
    After reading the posts, I suspected a WDM driver problem so I did the following:
       1- removed both nVidia WDM devices from device manager
       2- removed Microsoft WDM Capture from multimedia devices
       3- removed nVidia WDM drivers with Driver Cleaner
    I rebooted and confirmed that no nVidia WDM devices were present in Device manager and that no WDM capture device were present under multimedia capture devices.
    I re-installed nVidia WDM driver 2.20 and rebooted. Windows plug and play recognised both nVidia WDM devices and installed drivers for it.
    When I checked, both Device manager and Multimedia capture device were back as they were before the driver re-install yet WinDVD still hang when I click "capture" (Window is still alive, I can kill WinDVD manualy but I would then not be able to restart it without first rebooting).
    I tried Flycap and VirtualVCR with no better result, they hang.  
    I am using Win98 SE on a Gygabyte  GA-7N400-l motherboard with AMD Sempron 2400+ CPU and 512MB RAM. I have no other card in the PC.
    I am using nVidia driver 66.94 from the file: "66.94_win9x_english.exe"
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    also refer to this post....5900 Video Capture
    its name is fx900xt capture and got 5 thumbs on the forum title for easy to find....

  • Hibernate or Stand by fails in WinXP after installing WDM capture driver

    Hi, I have an MSI MX440 card with video in and out.  The card works like I expected, games or capturing video works fine.  
    I first installed the card on my Windows 2000 machine, about a year ago.  After installing the WDM capture driver it stopped going in Stand by or hibernation mode.
    In the beginning of this year I bought a P4 configuration but I did not install the WDM driver.  Some time ago, I gave it another try on this system but since then I can no longer go into hiberation mode or stand by.  The computer says 'Preparing to go standby' and it does not work, it returns to the desktop with another message box 'System not in stand by', 'The WDM Video Capture driver universal device is qt the cause that the computer no longer goes into stand-by, if the problem keeps existing you will need qn updated devicedriver'.
    I have currently the Nvidia driver 2.1.20 running, the driver is not digataly signed.

    Hi, I have an MSI MX440 card with video in and out.  The card works like I expected, games or capturing video works fine.  
    I first installed the card on my Windows 2000 machine, about a year ago.  After installing the WDM capture driver it stopped going in Stand by or hibernation mode.
    In the beginning of this year I bought a P4 configuration but I did not install the WDM driver.  Some time ago, I gave it another try on this system but since then I can no longer go into hiberation mode or stand by.  The computer says 'Preparing to go standby' and it does not work, it returns to the desktop with another message box 'System not in stand by', 'The WDM Video Capture driver universal device is qt the cause that the computer no longer goes into stand-by, if the problem keeps existing you will need qn updated devicedriver'.
    I have currently the Nvidia driver 2.1.20 running, the driver is not digataly signed.

  • MIGO-Capturing problem-Item is not available for Excise invoice,deselect th

    Hi Gurus
    while doing MIGO and part 1 posting am getting following error
    MIGO-Capturing problem-Item is not available for Excise invoice,deselect the item
    kindly help in this

    check all settings in J1ID
    in po did u got ur all values correctly for excise cess and hcess
    if yes then check ur vendor excise details in j1id
    if above setting are done properly then check ur CIN setting in spro>log gen>tax on goods movement >india>account determination >specify excise acct as per transaction/specify G/L acct as per transaction

  • Capturing Problem with Sony TRV330

    Capturing problem with Sony digital8 trv330.
    I recently purchased the above camcorder from eBay for capturing old 8mm/Hi8 tapes for editing purpose. The camcorder set to A/V -> DV OUT connected with Firewire to my Power G4 and the Easy Setup was DV-NTSC. The playback on the capture window looks OK except there were no timecode in the Timecode Duration Field and the Current Timecode Field (both shown 00:00:00:00) during playback but there was timedoce in the camcorder viewfinder. When I click the Capture Now button, the capturing window show up with message “waiting for timecode ….”. I have to click “esc” to stop the capturing operation. I trash the Preferences and Ran the Disk Utility without success. I also tried the Easy Setup with DV-NTSC DV Converter as well as DV-NTSC 32Khz, nothing work.
    My set up is: Mac Power G4 version 10.5.5/ F.C.E. 4.0.1/ QT7.5.5/ Startup 160 GB-89 GB available/ Scratch 350GB-277GB available. Folks, I need help. Thanks everybody.

    Hi, I have a similar problem. I am trying to digitize my 8mm tapes (via firewire) using final cut express (4.0.1). Using easy setup I use DV-NTSC DV Converter and do capture now. I transfer the entire tape but notice the audio is out of synch with the video. This problem gets worse throughout the transfer process. When I use the esc to complete the transfer I get the error " The audio sample rate of one or more of your captured media files does not match the sample rate on your source tape....." So after searching around it is recommended I change the audio sample rate to 32 kHz option. However, when I do this using easy setup and picking DV-NTSC 32kHz I cannot use capture now because I have no timecode and so the window comes up with the message "waiting for timecode". Since there is no timecode this option does not work. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan

  • Audio Capture problem in Mac OS X 10.7.5 in Mac mini(in Silverlight)

    I got a mac mini and upgrade Mac OS X 10.6.x --> 10.7.5.
    However do not hearing the audio in Webpage using Silverlight.(10.6. version doing well)
    So, I found the solve this problem, that is a audio capture problem.( My device does not supported Stereo audio data).
    this is the source in audio capture using Silverlight code.
      CaptureSource source = new CaptureSource()
                            AudioCaptureDevice = CaptureDeviceConfiguration.GetDefaultAudioCaptureDevice()
                            foreach (AudioFormat af in source.AudioCaptureDevice.SupportedFormats)
                                if (af.Channels == 1 && af.BitsPerSample == 16 && af.SamplesPerSecond == 8000)
                                    source.AudioCaptureDevice.DesiredFormat = af;
    af.Channels is always af.Channel == 2(Stereo)
    --- the question is
    How can I caputure audio channel mono?
    If couldn`t, how can I transfered audio capture data stereo to mono?
    Please answer the question as soon as possible ^^

    Mavericks is a 5.3 GB file, it takes awhile to download based on the speed of your internet account.

  • Capture Problems with Vista

    While this problem is not specific to PE4, I am hoping someone will be able to help me.
    I recently purchaed a Dell XPS desktop for video editing. I am unable to capture from my SONY HDRHC7 camcorder. The new computer runs on Vista Home Premium; my old computer (never had any capture problems before) runs on XP. According to Dell, Adobe, and SONY websites, there are no additional drivers that I need to capture video.
    Has anyone had similar problems? And, if so do you have any advice? Thank you.

    Hi Butch,
    Here is your solution from the Read Me:
    Windows Vista Compatibility
    Windows Vista is a brand new operating system from Microsoft and has not been available in its final form long enough for Adobe to fully certify Lightroom for use on Vista. Adobe is working hard to finalize support or Vista as quickly as possible and will deliver appropriate software updates over the launch period. Lightroom 1.0 will install and run on Windows Vista but Adobe cannot guarantee the quality of the software experience until final testing is completed. Known issues for using Lightroom 1.0 on the Vista operating system are listed below:
    Lightroom CD and DVD burning tools will not currently function
    Importing files directly from a Camera or Card Reader may not function properly. Please
    copy files to a local hard drive via the operating system before importing the files into
    This may not be the answer you wanted but until the next release.........

  • Cannon GL2 - FCE 2 and iMovie Capture Problems

    Hello Hello
    I've read here that folks are having a tough time capturing with thier Cannon GL2. The device goes from NO problem to 'Can't intiate a capture because the device looses connectivity.
    I tried to find a common denominator to this problem, and it seems this post regarding Quick Time Files can help? Yes?
    Is this the main problem?
    Anyway I'm also having connectivity issues with both iMovie 6 HD, and FCE 2
    Just wondering if I should also follow the directions on this post and have my capture problems solved?
    BTW - I currently have Quicktime 7.0.4

    Hi Tom - Thanx for your reply!
    Well, yes I have (as my profile indicates), a G5 1.8 Gig, currently with an external Lacie HD plugged in. I also have a Cannon GL2.
    But before I go any further, and before I try those directions for cleansing certain Quick Time 7 Library Files, I think I figured out the dilemma.
    This problem of GL2 recognition (from what I've read), is common for folks who have similar equipment, and a similar set-up as mine:
    It seems (as I've also read here), that my G5 does NOT like 2 devices which require the same connection speed plugged into the 1394 Firewire Port at the same time - trying to share the same bus.
    I confirmed this by disconnecting the Lacie FIRST - then booting back up - and WALLAH - the GL2 was certainly receoginzed both in iMovie 6 HD, and FCE 2!
    I also further resolved the issue by buying a 'cheaper' Cannon Camcorder - the ZR500.
    Now I can actually share the Lacie HD in the Fire Wire Port with this slower connection speed camcorder. And a further benefit is giving my GL2 a rest when it comes to 'capture only'
    Does all this make sense?
    If so, perhaps I've already discovered stuff that other folks already know ...

  • Premiere Pro CS5.5 Batch Capture Problems

    I'm sorry for the repost, but the older questions I can find on this topic won't allow me to reply and they were never answered (last post several months ago).
    I'm having the batch capture problem with Premiere Pro CS5.5. Capture with device control works great when single capturing. When I log clips and attempt to batch capture, though, I get the "capture failed: device not found" error in my capture log. I have checked through the FAQ and the complete premiere manual on batch capturing. I've set my device (still using a Canon XL1) and even checked the video size...it matches that of my project (someone on another forum mentioned that this could be an issue). I have had no luck.
    Could anyone tell me if this issue has been resolved, or redirect me to a resolution?
    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    I have encountered this problem if the current tape position is beyond the last recorded point when you start the batch capture or if any "OUT" points are beyond the last recorded position or if the capture spans any unrecorded portions of the tape. I always thought it was my camera but maybe it is a PPro issue.

  • ZIU timecode/capture problems

    This is issue we've been struggling with for a couple months now, originally thinking that it was an FCP version problem. Now we have been running FCP 5.1.2, Tiger, and QT all at their latest versions still no improvment.
    The problem is we shoot a tape with our SONY HDV-Z1U and log the clips in FCP. When we go to batch capture many of about 25% of all these clips have capture problems. Final Cut detects timecode breaks and captures 2,3,4, sometimes 15 versions of these labeling them clip, clip-1, clip-2, etc....
    You can actually see these wierd glitches and jumps on the camera LCD and on the FCP capture window. Sometimes the camera will rewind itself over and over trying to find the proper IN on the tape.
    It seems like someone out there has had to run across this issue because this is such a common camera and such a common task. I'm almost worried that it's a camera problem and I don't even know where I would go to ask about something like that. I have not been albe to find any documentation that this model camera has TC problems.
    Please, help or point me in the right direction it must just add a couple years to my life!!!

    I have a ZU1 and I occasionally encounter this problem, but it's usually one clip out of say 25 or 30 on a given tape. I'm never sure what causes the problem and if I simply skip the problem clip I can sometimes go back and digitize just that one last clip.
    I do know the ZU1 seems to need plenty of pre-roll in the front of the tape, but I'm assuming that's not the problem. You're using new, high quality tape, correct? Have you tried a simple head cleaning on the ZU1.

  • Is there going to be a Solution for the Capture Problem?

    I've noticed that it is not only me but Final Cut Pro is not capturing video properly, it should not be so hard to capture from my camcorder(PV-DV51), when I hit log and capture the program just quits, after reinstalling, deleting preferences, the Firewire dock is able to see the camera, I can capture with IMovie for crying out loud! so the only question left, is do I have to upgrade Quicktime 7 player to the full version? because I did not find the upgrade in final cut studio package so do I have to purchase separately?
    Thanks for the help

    "The capture problem" is not, AFAIK, striking any number of folks. At least I've not heard of it. If you're running Final Cut Studio 5, there's not a separate serial - it's a gestalt thingie upon install.
    FCP uses QuickTime to do its capturing (iMovie does not). You might try reinstalling QuickTime (don't skip any steps). Go to /Library/Receipts. Trash all QuickTime related .pkg files (Don't worry, you're only deleting receipts so that a full install will take place). Go to http://www.quicktime.com/ and download the latest installer and run it. Reboot.
    post back,

  • Newly encountered capture problem

    I have a frustrating capture problem that just cropped up in a system that worked close to flawlessly in the past.
    Aluminum G4 powerbook, 10.4.11, 1GB
    FCE 2.0.3
    External hard drive: Mercury Elite Pro FW800 on powerbook FW800 bus
    Camera: Canon ZR45 attached via FW400 on a PCMCIA card FW bus
    In the past (i.e. about a year ago) this system has worked almost flawlessly (i.e. 1 hour captures from tape, no problem)
    In the past few days I have tried to use this system, and everything works fine for 5 minutes (i.e. the camera is recognized, I initiate capture now, it writes a file). Then at 5 minutes, the disk starts making a rhythmic click at about 1/sec and FCE freezes capture. (image frozen on screen). The tape keeps going. If I hit "esc", nothing happens. I get the whirling rainbow of doom, and nothing I can do will allow me to escape. The disk keeps ticking, FCE keeps ignoring the esc. If I attempt force quit and to unmount the disk, I have to keep doing it over and over. FCE even after force quit returns, as does the disk even though in theory, it has been trashed. After a few minutes of continually force quitting FCE and unmounting the disk, things settle down. But none of the captured material is usable ("is not a movie file") in general.
    As I said, this is the same configuration of interfaces, disks, computer and camera that I have used without hitch in the past.
    Oh, I also used the disk utility to check the disk and it says it doesn't need repair.
    This is very frustrating, because it took me about a year of fiddling with different disks and interfaces before I got a system that could reliably capture onto my powerbook, and now it no longer seems to work.
    Does anyone have any insights? Many thanks in advance.

    Thank you for your response. I checked and it is Mac OS Extended. As far as the actual drive manufacturer, I can't figure this out from anything on the case or in the About this Mac info (posted below). It is about 2 years old, and has not been used that much. I guess it depends on what "that much" means. I transfered 18 hours of DV to it over a month period, and then wrote out 18 disks worth of qt files and dvd files to another drive. When I run "verify disk" it says "passed verification".
    FireWire Bus:
    Maximum Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec
    OWC Mercury Elite-AL 1:
    Manufacturer: Other World Computing
    Model: 0x0
    GUID: 0x1D20200920366
    Maximum Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec
    Connection Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec
    OWC Mercury Elite-AL 1 Unit:
    Unit Software Version: 0x10483
    Unit Spec ID: 0x609E
    Firmware Revision: 0x102
    Product Revision Level: 3.AA
    OWC Mercury Elite-AL 1 SBP-LUN:
    Capacity: 465.76 GB
    Removable Media: Yes
    BSD Name: disk2
    OS9 Drivers: Yes
    S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported
    Capture Disk Mercury Elite:
    Capacity: 465.64 GB
    Available: 105.46 GB
    Writable: Yes
    File System: HFS+
    BSD Name: disk2s10
    Mount Point: /Volumes/Capture Disk Mercury Elite

  • Ti4800SE-VTD8X & WDM video capture problem...

    sheeesh... I did everything I know to solve the problem... I read every thread on this help forum having the word "WDM" using the search engine and also on other webpages and forums. I can see that I am not the only one having problem with the WDM drivers  
    Can anyone help me with this  ?(  :
    The WDM driver fails to load and make my system boot up time to around 45 seconds to 1 minute which is normally booting in less than 18 seconds without the WDM driver installed. In the "Device Manager", I see a nice lil " ! " on the "nVidia WDM Video Capture (Universal)" codec.
    Here is what I did to date :
    1) I had an MSI Ti4200-VTD8X on a different setup computer and had the same problem. I changed my 250 power supply to a 350 watts as I read it might solve some problem but it did not.
    2) I exchanged the Ti4200 for a brand new MSI GeForce4 Ti4800SE-VTD8X (MS-8900) and STILL have the same problem
    3) I completely change my "old" P4 1.8 to a brand new setup (see at bottom) AND STILL have the same problem.
    4) Why did I buy an nVidia product instead of ATI ?   dunno...
    5) I have tried to uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall... huh ?  ?(  oh yeah, the nVidia WDM drivers 1.21 and 1.22 still doesn't work. I even tried old WDM drivers as some said solved their problem. Installed 1.04, still the same problem.
    6) I have tried the WDM from MSI (was happy to see a newer version 1.27) and disaster  8o  computer crash with a nice blue screen and reset itself as soon XP loads this famous WDM driver during boot sequence. Had to start in safe mode using the last known working version... At least, that worked...
    7) The only way I can make this crappy driver to works (and that is at 50%) is this way
    a) in the device manage, I right clic the faulty codec (that XP kindly took the time to open for me to show me that this is not working...) and go to "update the driver"
    b) then I click "install from a specified location"
    c) then I click "do not search, I will chose the driver to install"
    d) then I can see "nVidia WDM Video Capture (Universal)" in the list so I click on it
    e) click "next" button
    f) XP reinstall the driver withtout the " ! " once I go back in the "Device Manager".
    The only thing with that is that it is unstable. Sometimes it might work for 1 hour, sometimes 10 minutes. What it does is it completely crash the application which is using the WDM, for instance InterVideo WinProducer. And here is the kind and gentle warning message box from XP saying : "InterVideo WinProducer has to shut down. We are sorry blah blah blah blah..."   and of course you lose any recordings you were capturing or working on...
    If I reboot the system, the codec is once again not loaded properly.
    So, can some one help me with this ???  
    Thank you !  :D

    Originally posted by TheDanishGuy
    Hey Alesis
    TvTool is a program/tool that help you, with TV-out on you GeForce 4.
    For more information on TvTool look at this webpage.
    Try and download demo version, and see if you have use for it. I would like to use it, when I want, to watch DVD on my TV.
    So now we need MSI or nVidia to make a WDM driver that works with nVidia VGA 44.03 driver.
    Thanks man !
    I have tried the TV Tool and quite frankly, I don't really like it... For the moment that is... It messed up a little the video settings like resolution and refresh rate. I have had numerous errors also saying to update to the latest version but you already told me about that.
    I have noticed something with 41.07 driver that I lost a nice feature that might interest you ! In fact, with this feature, I think you would not need the TV Tool.
    I had the option before to maxize the TV out to full screen when the DVD player started or when I watched any video format.
    I can have the Windows Media Player (using nVidia nDVD for DVD) running minimized on my main VGA monitor and get the S-Video out run full screen which was really nice. Sadly, this option looks to be nowhere to find with the Detonator 41.07 version.  :(
    I don't know if there will be a serious revision about the newest Detonator drivers so it can support our card with full features like the full screen one...
    When you fix a problem, there is a new one that come out  :O
    If you get any hint on how to complaint at MSI or nVidia, it would be great to let them know that something has changed since the v.41.07 that makes a lot of nVidia users having problems with the WDM issue.
    Thanks again, at least, I can capture some video ! But not able to watch it full screen anymore on the TV out  
    Let's keep in touch !
    See ya !


    I have a problem whit my MSI RX800 XT PE 256MB VIVO Edition
    My Specs:
    P4 3.2 Ghz Prescott
    Asus P4C800-E Mobo
    2 Gb DDR Ram Corsair
    Audigy 2 ZS
    Sata Raid (80gbx2)
    In the device manager i get and exclamation saying "this device cannot be initializated error code 10"
    I try EVERYTING in this world  , Install Catalyst versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, The new 5.5 , versions of 4.x, even 3.x, DNA drivers, Omega Drivers, Ati DAO thing so many of them  , MMC so many versions, even webtv, always using drivecleaner, i try updating the bios of my board, outdating the bios of my board, updating the bios of  my VIDEO CARD, REINSTALLING windows  , i try versions of windows xp whitout sp, whit SP1, whit SP2, I update the drivers of my board    , last direct X, changing the settings of the board, changing settings in windows, ....     even cleaning my card and is brand new, hummm and the conclusion.... always the same damm result the yellow thing sayin "error code 10, this device canot be initiblablabla....."
    What can I do, i need help, ati dont solve my problem , all the people say the same thing "reinstall here, drivers out of date, install the last version, bla bla bla" i know....
    Thanks for your help....

    You re not alone.
    Not problems like yours but....
    I get all the time "No signal"  trying to connect to TV or VCR.

Maybe you are looking for

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