General ledger Number (Field) In purchase requisition

Dear Group Members Warm Greeting
In purchase requisition my users changes the general ledger number which come by default by entering the material number as the field is not in gray ( suppress )
Expert advice needed to fix the issue not to change by the user & the field should be suppressed
let me know the configuration  

Go to OME9 and make general ledger account in display mode for your account assignment

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  • Is it possible to define a seperate number range for purchase requisitions

    Hi Experts,
    Is it possible to define a seperate number range for purchase requisitions that come from Forecast vs normal MRP requisitions so that our purchasing department can identify the origin of the document?
    for the thoughts

    You'd need to figure out manually how forecast PR's are different from MRP PR's (the field from PR tables ) and then in the user exit I mentioned the program looks at the table T161 and field NUMKI, and if the PR getting created is from forecast change that NUMKI in the program to a different one else keep it as it is. If you're know abap programming it won't take long to figure out the logic else work with your developer to implement it.

  • Customer field to purchase requisition

    I add the customer field at subscreen of purchase requisition ( at the data base table i add the relative field in ci_ebandb include ) by EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001 and
    I add the same customer field at subscreen of purchase order ( at the data base table i add the relative field in ci_ekpodb include ) by EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_016 and EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_017 and EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_018.
    The problem is: when i convert the purchase requisition in purchase order, the data into customer field of
    purchase requisition not are transfert in the customer field of purchase order.
    thanks for help,
    Roberto Baldassarre.

    correction **
    tks for your help,
    but i had just done it. I explain with detail my step:
    I add the customer field at subscreen of purchase requisition by
    the data base table I add the relative field on ci_ebandb include).
    I add the same customer field at subscreen of purchase order by
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_016 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_017 and EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 (at
    the data base table i add the relative field on ci_ekpodb include).
    Step followed:
    1. add field at EBAN table by CI_EBANDB include
    2. add same field at EKPO table by CI_EKPODB include.
    3. write code at EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_001,EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_003 following
    document's help.
    4. write code at EXIT_SAPMM06E_016, EXIT_SAPMM06E_017 ,
    EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 following document's help.
    5. build dynpro 0111 on function group XM02
    6. build dynpro 0111 on function group XM06
    The problem is: when i convert the purchase requisition in purchase
    order (ME59n), the data into customer fields of purchase requisition
    not are copied in the customer fields of purchase order (this field are
    Tks for your help!

  • Customised Field in Purchase Requisition

    Our requirement is to have a 4 digit departmental section (0001 - Finance dept, 0002 - HR dept, etc) in the Purchase Requisition line item (Table EBAN), there is no such field in standard SAP.
    How to add this addiitonal customised field to Purchase Requisition document (table eban) so that we can enter the data in create/change PR transaction  - ME51N or ME52N??

    check these USER EXITS:
    MEQUERY1 - Enhancement for document overview ME21N / ME51N
    MM06E005 - Customer fields in purchasing documents
    MEREQ001 - Customer's own data in purchase requisitions
    Hope it helps..

  • Drill down of purchase request number field in Purchase order

    Hi, We need Drill down of purchase request number field in Purchase order. Please help.

    In VOV8 as far as i understood by your query you are asking about the following :
    Enter Purchase Order number - This indicator checks for the purchase order number and if you dont enter the purchase order number then system will consider the sales document number as purchase order number
    Check Purchase order number  -  If you check then system  will check wheather the purchase order number existed or not for this sales document type

  • Fetch Sales Order number VBELN from Purchase requisition number BANFN

    I'm not able to find a suitable method to fetch the sales order number(VBELN) from the purchase requisition number(BANFN).
    I tried using VBEP table to fetch the data, but it is giving serious performance issues, as in for fetching one record it is taking approx 20 seconds!!!
    Kindly suggest a suitable method for this.
    I've used the query as folllows:
    select single vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    where: wa_vbep is the workarea having two fields vbeln and banfn, and wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn is the reference preq number.
    Scenario in brief described below:
    Whenever a direct delivery sales order is created on a supply chain plant, a dummy purchase requisition without source of supply is created automatically at preferred supplying plant for the customer in the sales order. Direct Delivery Sales Orders which are still in Open status and for the associated dummy purchase requisitions with these sales order, the deletion flag set has to be unchecked.
    in this case, only one sales order is created corresponding to a preq..
    BAPI: BAPI_PR_GETDETAIL is not giving entries for the table as this is a special case of direct delivery from the production plant directly to the customer, bypassing the warehouse / distribution center...
    selection screen has input fields preq, matnr(product) and plant. we fetch entries depending on the data filled in selection screen and also they should be of document type(BSART in EBAN table) ZDD1 and deletion indicator is set(LOEKZ in EBAN).
    then we check if the sales order corresponding to the preq is in open status...
    for this i need to programmatically fetch the sales order number corresponding to the preq...
    this is causing a performance issue as i could find only one way -- fetching sales order number from VBEP table corresponding to BANFN... indexing for easier also didnt work...
    no other way i could find to fetch sales order number corresponding to the preq number....
    there is a bapi: BAPI_PR_GETDETAIL, but this is not fetching entries to the changing tables related to sales order...
    also EBKN table doesnt have any entries as this is a special case of direct delivery preq..
    Guess i couldnt find anyother way...

    I'm not sure as to why the select query was still throwing performance issues. I could see that the index had been created on only BANFN in the DB. Prior to creating the index, it was taking approx 20 seconds per entry, but after creating the index, it took 13seconds approx.
    I used the select query as follows:
    select single vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    where: wa_vbep is the workarea having two fields vbeln and banfn, and wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn is the reference preq number.
    I tried a few other combinations also, but  those also didnt work effectively:
    select vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into (wa_vbep-vbeln, wa_vbep-banfn)
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    without using SINGLE in the select query as the select query would implicitly pickup only a single record,
    select vbeln banfn
    from vbep
    into wa_vbep
    where banfn eq wa_eban_zdd1_x-banfn.
    and another query where the INTO statement was directed directly to a workarea.
    But unfortunately, nothing seemed to be working.
    The index i had created was on BANFN alone in the VBEP table.

  • Changing the data of a customize field in purchase requisition

    I need to assign value to the customise field that i created in the account assignment of the purchase requisition but i don't know why it cannot update the field at all. Have tried using set data but of no use.

    how u are updating the Fields ?
    which User exit u are using ?

  • 12 digits in general ledger account field

    Hello experts,
    I would like to know if it is possible to add two digits to the field general ledger account.
    I am working for a client who needs 12 digits for this field, so I would appreciate to know if this is possible to accomplish in a standard way.
    Thank in advance.
    Best regards,

    Probably the reason that the Customer wants 12 digits is because they have a combined field. We had a client who had 15 digits for their where the first two digits represent the Company Code, the next three Business Area, and the last three represented the Cost Centre.
    SAP has separate fields to represent these items. Once you understand what the current GL account is made up off you will find you can easily fit within the 10 digits supplied by standard SAP.

  • Diferent Number Range to Purchase Requisition

    Hi Everybody:
    I 've 2 kind of Purchase Requisition, one to Subcontracting [ZNB] and the another one to Import [ZNBI] and I've 2 number range for each one, as well I've the same kind to my Purchase Oder.
    When i'm in TCode MD04 and get a Planned Order I want to convert this into a Purchase Requisition, but how can I get that the Planned Order become in a Subcontracting Purchase Order and the another  Planned Order to Import get the same, each one in their respective number range and kind of Purchase Requisition.
    Please help me w this, I'll be appreciate.

    Hi Omar,
    IN Tx: OPPZ you can define for the MRP Group which type of document you create for each type of PR
    SPO = doc.type purchase requisitions for standard purchase ord
    SC = MRP: Document type purchase requisition for subcontracting
    ST = MRP: purchase requisition for stock transfer - document type
    Then you have to assign the MRP Group to the material, so when you create a PR for a Material which has special procurement (Subcontracting) the system will create a PR for SC.
    Let me know if it is Ok.
    Kind regards,

  • Requisitioner field in Purchase Requisition

    Dear All
    When Purchase Requisitions are created from MRP directly, the requsitioner field is filled in with MRP controller Name
    But when Planned orders created from MRP are converted to Purchase Requisition by MD15 or through MD04 then requisitioner field is filled in with the user id who does this conversion. Business have a concern here , they would like to have MRP controller name filled in this case also.
    Is there any possibility that MRP controller name is filled as Requisitioner  when Purchase requisition is created from Planned order also ?
    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    You can use BAdI MD_PURREQ_CHANGE to define the desired valud for this field.
    Check this document for more details about the BAdIs available on MRP.
    BAdIs for MRP

  • Agreement Field in Purchase Requisition

    Hi Gurus,
    The agreement field under source of supply tab in the purchase requisition is auto populated whenever there is a existing contract with the same material group details as the purchase requisition. May i know is there any config that could prevent the auto-populate of the agreement field. My purchase requisition was auto-created in the background through SRM. Whenever my purchaser opens the purchase requisition, this purchase requisition's agreement field is auto-populated. Any way to prevent this from happening?

    Please set the some customizing setting
    SPRO>>Material Management>> Purchase Requisition>>Define Screen Layout at Document Level>>Select Line ME51N and go to Detail icon then select Reference Data, Item there Outline Agreement remove to required field to Optional Fields.

  • Protected Field in Purchase Requisition

    When a certain scenario occurs in a Purchase Requisition the G/L Account field is not changeable. I would like to make it changeable. Is this possible in SPRO Screen layout, or other way?  Thank-You

    I am simply trying to change the G/L account in my code. I did not have any issue doing this for Account Assignments K and F previously. This problematic scenario is called 'Service Limits', and the Account Assignment can be K or F...but the item Category is B. The screen out put is different. As I said, GL Account is not changeable for this scenario on the Account Assignment tab, but is for the other scenarios. So, my code is not changing the GL Account value?
    I checked OME9. However, the settings that are based on assignment category only. And, I don't see a setting for 'protect' or 'unprotect. To reiterate....This occurs with a  specific combination related to *** Acc = K or F, and item Acc = B.
    Edited by: Tom Matys on Dec 13, 2011 11:11 AM
    Edited by: Tom Matys on Dec 13, 2011 11:11 AM

  • Processor field in Purchase Requisition

    I am using user exit to determine the agents for my Purchase Requisition workflow.
    The workflow is working fine and work items are going to the right agents.
    However, the PROCESSOR field (under the Release Strategy tab) has the name of the workflow administrator.
    I expected the Processor to be the agent as determined in the user exit and NOT the administrator. 
    Is there any fix for this?

    Hi WM,
    check the agents name maintained in SU01, could be that the agent that the user exit fetched was right and the agent's name in SU01 is that of an administrator.
    So are you using Role resolution to fetch agents?
    Hope it helps.

  • Number assignment in Purchase Requisition

         I want to use my own custom number range say, PR/2010/0001 in Purchase Requisition document. How do i configure the same in SAP IDES as in the demo client (800), already predefined number range is there. I want my new number range to take effect in the future purchase requisitions i make.

    manu m wrote:
    > Spro-mm-pur-PR-define number range.
    > change tab ,  add ur no range
    You need to enable the check external besides your number range for your number ranges to work. I havent tried / in number ranges, dont know whether it will work or not.

  • Missing General Phone Number(field TYPE)while PC S...

    When I sync my phone with Lotus Notes 7 via PC Suite, the General Phone field type didnt get sync accross to my Lotus Notes 7 Address book. Can someone let me know how I can resolve this problem? At the moment whenever i enter phone number through my mobile phone, i have to change the type to office/mobile in order to successfully sync with Lotus Notes 7. I noticed Lotus Notes 7 Address book doesnt have the General Phone field type hence data will be missing during sync.
    Here is the Operating Platform
    Windows XP Professional SP 2
    PC Suite
    Lotus Notes 7.0
    Hand Phone MODEL: 6500S
    Connection: Bluetooth

    Just to confirm I am having the same problem (sorry not much help!). The 'Telephone' field in the E51 maps to 'Other Telephone' in Outlook 2007 and then 'disappears' when synched with my Revo. I have had to cut and paste the 'Telephone' field to the 'Telephone (home)' field on all my phone contacts and that has kept it under control.
    If when adding a new contact in the E51, the default field was 'Telephone (home)' then I would be happy. It does not seem possible to change the entry default? At the moment it means having to remember to add this field every time I need to add a new contact's home phone number. The 'mobile' field works fine.

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