Get Current Selected Cell Value in an af:table

Using JDeveloper
I currently have a requirement where i need to call a server method and pass the value of the current selected Cell value in my af:table.
The reason why i can't just make use of the currentSelectedRow is because i have a set of Columns (NumericValue1,NumericValue12,...NumericValue1n) and my server method can't really tell which cell i picked.
So far, what i did is that i utilized F. Nimphius's article about using contextMenu and passing a clientAttribute.
Re: How to pass parameter to inline popup when mouse over
I'm hoping to do the same thing but without raising a popup on right click. So basically, i'm hoping to select an outputText in the table and this value will be stored in a pageFlowScopeBean.
Has anybody encountered something similar?

Hi Barbara,
You're aproach sounds intersting.
So you mean to say, i'll create a component which has a bindings to my pageDefinition which needs to have it's clientComponent attribute set to true i believe so that my javascript can find this component.
Then, i'll write a javascript that handles the focus event which then stores the clientAttribute value and stores that in the hidden component mentioned earlier. I'm guessing that once i set the newValue to the hidden component, it should be posted to the pageDef bindings upon hitting server side calls.
I'll try this out and give an update on it.

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    My datagrid will trigger griditemEditorSessionSave event if users finish the editing, but I don't know how to get the new cell value.
    protected function dg_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(event:GridItemEditorEvent):void
         //I can only get the columnIndex but not the value
    <s:DataGrid id="dg" editable="true" x="5" y="3" width="734" height="153"
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    You can get the value of every cell  using UI API but using datasources is a better aproach.
    Using UI API you need to know the event you want to catch. Example: Catching click event in itemcode column and getting the value (C#):Ki
          if ((pVal.EventType == BoEventTypes.et_CLICK) &&  //CLICK EVENT
              (pVal.ItemUID == "38")  &&                                       //MATRIX-> ITEM 38
              (pVal.ColUID == "1") &&                                           //ITEMCODE COLUMN
              (!pVal.InnerEvent) &&                                
                    Form form = null;
                        form = kernel.Application.Forms.Item(pVal.FormUID);
                        Matrix mtx = (form.Items.Item(pVal.ItemUID).Specific as Matrix);  //MATRIX OBJECT
                        string itemCode = (mtx.Columns.Item("1").Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific as EditText).Value.Trim();  //itemcode = VALUE OF CELL. COLUMN "1": ITEMCODE COLUMN. CURRENT ROW: pVal.Row
                    catch (Exception ex)
                        kernel.Application.MessageBox("Error " + ex.Message, 0, "", "", "");
                         if (form != null)
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    How can i get the selected node value if I build the tree programatically.
    I am using the following code in selectionListener but it is throwing error.
    RichTreeTable treeTable = (RichTreeTable)getQaReasontreeTable();
    CollectionModel _tableModel =
    RowKeySet _selectedRowData = treeTable.getSelectedRowKeys();
    Iterator rksIterator = _selectedRowData.iterator();
    String selectedQaCode ="";
    while (rksIterator.hasNext()) {
    List key = (List);
    JUCtrlHierBinding treeTableBinding =
    JUCtrlHierNodeBinding nodeBinding =
    String nodeStuctureDefname =
    selectedQaCode = selectedQaCode + nodeBinding.getAttribute(0);
    where I am using following link to create a tree with java code.
    Please help me in resolving this issue.

    you should also move
    JUCtrlHierBinding treeTableBinding =
    out of the while loop as this is not necessary to be repeated for each key in the set

  • How to get Input-Ready Cell  Value of Input Ready Query?

    How to get input ready cell value in fox formula?
    for example :
    In Input-Ready Query,
    C_Code Month        Psale(input ready)
    1000          05.2012       800
    now i want Psale 800 in fox formua before value save in cube,
    is it possible?

    as I understand your requirement: you want to execute a planning function before 'save'. This possible, cf. note 1356805
    for more details.

  • Function that returns currently selected cell address or column

    Is there a function that returns the address (or just the column) of the currently selected cell? Simply put, something like =selectedcolumn.
    Background: I want to display help text in a cell, and I want that help text to change according to which cell (actually, which column) the user has selected. I have put the help texts in a hidden row. They take up too much space to be displayed all the time. I want one cell to contain the help text of the column of the currently selected cell.
    Trying to not use Filemaker for this project if possible
    Thanks for any help /Matt

    The Numbers method, using comments as Barry showed, is probably the best method.  An alternate method which is more complex would be to use an Applescript running in the background.  The Applescript can scan in the background for which cell/column is currently selected and write that cell/column address into a cell in your table. A formula in your table (most likely a lookup formula) can use that address to serve up the correct help text in a diffrerent cell in the table or in another table.
    Some problems with this methodare
    The script is not part of the document. It is a separate entity.
    The script must be started manually. It will not automatically start when the Numbers document is opened.
    If the Numbers document is to be used on other Macs, each would also need the script installed.

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    How can I highlight current / Selected Cell in Calender ?
    Im using calender with link as like in Denes application:
    But I cannot highlight the clicked/selected cell.

    Any clue ? ..

  • How to get option select single Values in select options

    Hello All,
    I have a requirement where, in select-options i should avoid the range selection and should have only select single values option. User wanted to give the list of 10000 materials by using copy and paste as we have in normal abap with pase clip board option.
    Please let me know if you need any further clarification. your quick response would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply, I have already done this but when you add values to it at a time 1000 material information we can not add.
    so you go to selection screen and you have only one input box with arrowe button. click on the arrow and then you will get the screen where it will ask you to add five records and that to ranges.
    but if you click the same arrow in normal selection screen of SAP you get 4 tabs in which first tab will be select single values.
    and there by using copy from notepad option we can add how many entries we want.
    Let me know if you need any further clarification to understant the requirement.

  • How to get the selection parameter values to Posting logic method

    How can i  read the selection parameter values at " posting logic" method, which are given in  " Select Option function module"?

    max bianchi wrote:
    > The selection-screen data are stored in ABAP memory, so it need to clear it .
    > Now how set ID parameter can depend on SAP release, anyway in ECC 6 this should work:
    >           INT_MODE(2) TYPE N,
    >           KIND(1)     TYPE C,
    >         END OF MEMKEY.
    > But in this way it'll clea whole you wnat do it?
    > Max
    @Max : The above hack seem to work fine unless you assign a  'DEFAULT' value to the selection fields.
    @OP   : Here is an other work around,  however, this approach needs an additional effort to create
        new PF-STATUS('MYLIST') and assign a function code of your choice to the function keys in the standard toolbar and handle them in the 'AT USER-COMMAND'   event as shown below. Let us know if you have/find any issues with this.
      p_test TYPE char5 DEFAULT '123'.
      CASE syst-ucomm.
        WHEN 'MBACK'.
          SUBMIT zytest WITH p_test = '' VIA SELECTION-SCREEN.

  • Get Current Selected RoundRect Corner Radius

    Alright, been working on this stuff for hourssss now, so I felt that after this much searching and messing about it would be worth it to ask this question.
    So I have a rounded rectangle vector mask path here:
    Is there any way at all to get the corner radius of that rounded rectangle which is (40) and then assign that to a variable? If there isn't an easy way to do it, the next best guess would be to take the first pathitem distance from the top and subtract the 8th pathitem distance from top of canvas from that essentially getting the border radius just from the change in distance between those two points from the top of the canvas. I have an example shown below:
    This code gets the x,y values of all points in the document, can I limit it to just the points on that layer vector mask? And then subtract one from the other and assign that to a variable?
    #target photoshop
    var doc = app.activeDocument;
    var ppList = doc.pathItems[0].subPathItems[0].pathPoints;
    for ( var i =0; i < ppList.length; i++ )
          $.write('Path Point '+i)
          $.writeln(' X:'+ppList[i].anchor[0]+' Y:'+ppList[i].anchor[1])

    Then it should not be hard to identify the PathPoints that for the straight parts and then evaluate the coordinates.
    What’s giving you problems?

  • Cannot replicate the ring cells' value list on a table

    I am trying to create a variable-size table/matrix of ring cells. The default value list is "0 (x)" and "1(P)", for binary purpose, specified in cell (1,1). When I insert a new row and/or colum on the table, It looks like the inserted cells does not inherit the specified value list "0 (x)" and "1(P)" from cell (1,1).
    I have also tried the following options, but none of them works.
    (1) change the Table Mode (Edit Table -> Control Settings -> Table Mode) to either "row" or "column" from "grid"
    (2) use the parameter "VAL_USE_MASTER_CELL_TYPE" instead of ring type
    (3) search the forum but not clue found
    Please also see the attached snapshot files, which show how the settings are set.
    (1) "snapshots_02_ring_list.jgp": specify the ring value list of cell(1,1)
    (2) "snapshots_03_edit_default_cell_values.jpg": I tried also to specify the default cell values in Control Settings (Edit Table -> Control Settings -> Edit Default Cell Values -> Ring/Combo Box Attributes), but the button "Value List" is greyed out.
    (3) "snapshot_04_cells.jpg": the created/inserted cells do not have the value lists
    Here is the code piece for your information:
    // insert a few rows
    InsertTableRows(panel,PANEL_TABLE_CHKBRD, (iNumOfRowNow+1),iNumOfRowChange, VAL_USE_MASTER_CELL_TYPE);
    // draw the cells
    // set the active row
    SetCtrlAttribute(panel, PANEL_TABLE_CHKBRD,ATTR_FIRST_VISIBLE_ROW, iNumOfRowNew);
    snapshot_02_ring_list.jpg ‏134 KB
    snapshot_03_edit_default_cell_values.jpg ‏159 KB
    snapshot_04_cells.jpg ‏16 KB

    You cannot inherit the ring values of a cell. This is why the Value List button is dimmed when you edit the default cell values of a column in the UI Editor.
    You can use the InsertTableCellRingItem function to programmatically create the value list of any new cells that you add to the table. Or the InsertTableCellRangeRingItem function, if you want to do the same thing for multiple cells at once.
    By the way, for items that can be inherited (i.e. cell attributes, as Wolfgang put it), inheritance does not happen from one cell to another. Depending on the table mode, inheritance happens from a column's default cell to new cells under that column, or from a row's default cell to new cells on that row, or from the table's default cell to all new cells.

  • Get Apex Select List value

    I've used APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY in one of my dynamically built report.
    OBJ_SQL we get from a table which contains a query. The query is different for each of the selection made in another region. Probably a select list with different countries and clicking on each country, the below dynamic report should be built. Each country will be having different columns. So we store all the countries and respective queries in a table. The report should appear as :
    Add is a link.
    Select is a select list with Employee Names.
    Some Other columns from the query corresponding to the country.
    My requirement is Whenever I click on Add link for any row, the different columns in each row should be inserted into a table. I tried using a javascript call to a function passing all the values like #COL2#,#COL3# etc. But for the select list, though I select SCOTT, the whole string (all employees are concatenated) is being sent.
    Is there a way we can pass only the selected value to the javascript function? How can we achieve this? Please help.
    The select list gets displayed perfectly.

    Somebody help me please.
    I have to get value from APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY - column on a report.
    ( 1, '%', 'SELECT DISTINCT CODE c,
    MODE m
    FROM T2
    WHERE ROLE = ' || ROLE
    FROM T1
    SEX = 'M' ;
    I was trying to use javascript :
    for (var i = 0; i < selectlist_name.options.length; i++)
    if (selectlist_name.options[ i ].selected)
    but I don't know what is the name of this APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST_FROM_QUERY and what "selectlist_name" must be there.

  • Oracle Forms: getting currently selected item in List

    I've noticed that the method isItemSelected in the oracle.oats.scripting.modules.formsFT.common.api.elements.List class doesn't appear to work. In the drop down lists that I've tested, it always returns true for any item that is in the list (ie the same as isItemInList returns).
    Is there any way to figure out what item is selected in a drop down list in Oracle Forms?

    I am also trying the same for a Select field in a Web application. .selectOptionByText works for input but to get a value from a select box. .getSelectedValue() is not working and also .getSelectedText() is also not working. Not able to get a value at runtime from a select field. Also how to retrive all the options present in a select field in a web application.
    Alex can you help on this.

  • Can I use a cell value to reference a table on another sheet?

    I'm not sure if this is possible and I have had no luck with searches, here is what I am attempting to do...
    On my first sheet I have a number of tables, each holding information on a service. Each table is named to match the service name.
    On another sheet I have a list of clients that use these services, with the service name (to match the table name on the first sheet) in a cell in the client's row.
    I would like to pull data from one of the cells on the Service table to include it in a concatenate formula in the clients row.
    I was hoping to be able to use the value of the cell with the service name in it as part of the formula to reference the service sheet...
    For example:
    Is this possible, or is there a way I can work around the auto corrections that numbers keeps applying?

    you can construct the text of a cell reference as a string by concatenating information then use the function indirect() to turn the string into a reference.
    so you would do something like:
    this is assuming that "something"&Services::B2::C6&"something"  results in a string that would be a valid reference.

  • How to get metadata option list values derived from a table/view using SOAP

    I am writing an ASP.NET application that replicates some of the features of the SCS search interface. I have looked at the GET_DOC_METADATA_INFO service and its SOAP output. It has a few missing pieces of information, like the option list values for a field if that fields values are derived from a separate table/view. Some of the fields I am dealing with also make use of Dynamic Control Lists (DCL). Is there a way to get the DCL info using SOAP? I did notice that the dOptionListKey element contains the name of the view from which the option list values will be derived. However, I cannot find a service that takes the view name as a parameter to return the option list values. I have looked in the services reference manual, but I have not had any luck finding what I am looking for.
    - Tyson
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    What error you are getting? You code seems to be ok. I have tested below code and working fine
    XPathNavigator rTable = MainDataSource.CreateNavigator();
    String ddlSectionSelectedValue = Convert.ToString(rTable.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:ddlSection", NamespaceManager).Value);
    One think you can check that keep dropdown value display name and id same.
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