Get previous id

Hi folks,
Please help me on below. This is an example to my requirement. I need to get extra column 'PREV_ITEM_CD' which has the previous value of 'ITEM_CD' column
Thank you
with t as(
select 10 as id,1123 as item_cd,201301 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1124 as item_cd,201301 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1125 as item_cd,201301 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1126 as item_cd,201302 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1127 as item_cd,201302 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1128 as item_cd,201303 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1128 as item_cd,201303 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1129 as item_cd,201304 as month_id from dual union all
select 10 as id,1130 as item_cd,201304 as month_id from dual
select * from t
10 1123 201301
10 1124 201301
10 1125 201301
10 1126 201302
10 1126 201302
10 1128 201303
10 1131 201303
10 1129 201304
10 1129 201304
i need to get output -one more column as item_cd_prev as below (please assume 1122 will be previous value)
10 1123 1122  201301
10 1124 1122  201301
10 1125 1122  201301
10 1126 1125  201302
10 1126 1125  201302
10 1128 1126  201303
10 1131 1128  201303
10 1129 1131  201304
10 1129 1131  201304

How do you get the results you want?  Is month_id always an integer?  What role (if any) does the id column play in this problem?  Are the results you posted really what you want from the given sample data?  (The value 1131 does not appear in the WITH clause, but it does appear in the output.)
Depending on your answers:
WITH got_month_high_item_cd AS
    SELECT  id, item_cd, month_id
    ,       MAX (item_cd) OVER ( PARTITION BY  month_id
                                  ,            id  -- Maybe
                               )   AS month_high_item_cd
    FROM    t
--  WHERE ...      -- If you need any filtering, put it here
SELECT    id, item_cd
,         NVL ( LAST_VALUE (month_high_item_cd)
                     OVER ( PARTITION BY  id     -- Maybe
                            ORDER BY      month_id
                            RANGE BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING
                                  AND     1         PRECEDING
              , 1122
              )  AS item_cd_prev_month
,         month_id
FROM      got_month_high_item_cd
ORDER BY  id -- Maybe
,         month_id
,         item_cd
Output from the sample data you posted (without 1131):
        10       1123               1122     201301
        10       1124               1122     201301
        10       1125               1122     201301
        10       1126               1125     201302
        10       1127               1125     201302
        10       1128               1127     201303
        10       1128               1127     201303
        10       1129               1128     201304
        10       1130               1128     201304

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    No, not separate functions, but you can tweak next_day to get what you want:
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    does anybody know a BAPI call to get previous Employment informations of an employee?
    Employer, City, Job type, work contract?

    check the below link i think u can find the bapi required for u r application
    Try Bapi BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA. The table in which this data is stored are named PA****. Replace the **** with number of the infotype. Thus infotype 0001, organizational assignment, can be found in table PA0001.
    Good luck!

  • Get previous bill date using SQL

    I am table which holds records for bill generation. I have column name gene_bill_date which is date field and it holds a value the date on which the particular bill was generated.
    Now I am trying to get previous bill date, not the current bill date. I can to Max(gene_bill_date) to get current bill date, but how do I get previous bill date?

    Sorry, it's unclear what you're asking.
    You didn't post any sample data, so I'll use the scott.emp table to illustrate. Let's say we're interested in deptno=30 only, just to reduce the output from 14 rows to 6.
    If, for every row, you need to know the most recent gene_bill_date before the one on that row, you can do something like this:
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    MARTIN     28-Sep-1981 08-Sep-1981
    JAMES      03-Dec-1981 28-Sep-1981Are you only interested in the 2 most recent dates in the whole result set?
    If so, do a Top-N Query , like this:
    WITH     got_r_num     AS
         SELECT     ename
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    FROM     got_r_num
    WHERE     r_num     <= 2
    ENAME      HIREDATE         R_NUM
    JAMES      03-Dec-1981          1
    MARTIN     28-Sep-1981          2 
    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, post a little sample data (CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements, relevant columns only), and also post the results you want from that data.
    Explain, using specific examples, how you get those results from that data.
    Always say which version of Oracle you're using.

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    Dear Friends,
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    30.00 NULL
    20131112 3
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    20131113 2
    40.00 30.00
    20131113 3
    45.00 34.00
    20131114 2
    50.00 40.00
    I dont have the second record for 2013-11-14, because in this date I just have value for unit 2.
    The final output should include the record:
    20131114 3
    0 45.00
    The Statment I have is:
    [SK_DAY] [int] NOT NULL,
    [SK_UNIT] [int] NOT NULL,
    [VALUE] [decimal](18, 2) NULL,
    [SK_DAY] ASC,
    ) ON [PRIMARY]
    Thank you!!!

    Thank you Kalman,
    But my problem is not with date! Fortunately I have dates for all days.
    The problem is for dimension tables like UNITS that I dont have values for all days, and when I try to get the previous value for previous day and each unit I dont have records. 
    Could you help me??
    Thank you!!

  • I have a first gen ipod touch, is there a way to get previous versions of apps like spotify?

    I have heard that you can get previous versions of apps somewhere.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I believe it is running either ios 3 or 4...

    Not for a 1G. It works for 2G (IOs 4.2.1) and later only
    'Last Compatible' Version of Apps for Users Running Legacy Versions of iOS - Mac Rumors

  • How to get previous days execution time?

    Hello All,
    I have below 3 tables in my Oracle Database --
    1) Table jobs
    Job ID  Job Name
    1      ABC
    2      PQR
    3      XYZ
    2) Table Job_Tasks
    Task_ID   TASK_NAME  Job_ID 
      T1              T_ABC            1
      T2              T_ABE            1
      T3             T_ABD            1
      T4             T_PQS            2
      T5             T_PQT            2
      T6             T_PQU            2
      T7             T_XYA            3
      T8             T_XYZZ           3
      T9             T_XYYA           3
    3) Job_LOG_Table
    1111              1        ABC    06/09/2013 11:00     06/09/2013 13:00   COMPL
    1234              1        ABC    07/09/2013 11:30     07/09/2013 13:30   COMPL
    1235              1        ABC    08/09/2013 11:30     08/09/2013 13:30   COMPL
    1244              1        ABC    09/09/2013 11:00     09/09/2013 13:00   COMPL
    1354              1        ABC    10/09/2013 11:30      10/09/2013 13:30   RUNNING
    Question Is --
       I would like to display the job status from yesterday and from time 20:00 onwards.. ie. it should display the job_SEQ 1354. ( start_time >= (sysdate-1)||'20:00:00') and  also want to disaply previous days execution time for same job (ie. for 9th Sep).
      As I am displaying the jobs from yesterday 20:00 hour onwards.. I am unable to get previous execution time for the same job.
    I tried with Analylitical function LAG  but it's showing PREV_START_TIME.and PREV_END_TIME as BLANK.
    Could you please help me to resolve the issue?
    Thank you in advance.

    As suggessted by Mike,  below is the modification I have done in my sql and I think it's working now....
    I will check for more volume of data and confirm.  --
    select original_sql as
    select w.job_id,
      jobs w,
      job_log_table r
    select job_id,job_name,
    (select start_time from job_log_table j where j.job_id=os.job_id and j.start_time>=sysdate-2 and rownum <2) prev_start_time,
    from Original_sql os
    os.start_time>=to_date(to_char(sysdate-1,'DD/MM/YYYY') || ' 20:00:00','Dd/MM/YYYYHH24:MI:Ss')
    as of now, I am getting the below result --
    job_id,  job_name  prev_start_time,      prev_end_time,            curr_start_time,           curr_end_time,           status 
           1           ABC  09/09/2013 11:30   09/09/2013 13:00      10/09/2013 11:30          10/09/2013 13:30          RUNNING
    Thank you !

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    At the moment we're both using old CS4 Indesign to avoid the downsaving of files. Somebody said being with CC you can get previous versions too. Is this the case or is there another way around this please?

    No and no. Your client needs to upgrade if you do not want to use IDML. CS5.5 was never part of CC, so it's not available. CC started out with CS6.

  • HT201441 I don't have owner's phone number, how to get  previous owner's Apple ID(email address) and send him a email let him remove the device from the account.

    I don't have owner's phone number, how to get  previous owner's Apple ID(email address) and send him a email let him remove the device from the account

    There is no way for anyone on this forum to assist you.  Apple will also not assist you.  If you purchased the device thru ebay, file a claim.  If you purchased it some other way, I'm sorry.  there is nothing anyone can do to help you.

Maybe you are looking for

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