Getting a coherent behaviour between two extensions of a bundle

I have two extensions in my bundle. The first (A) needs the second (B) OPEN in order to get datas. I have fixed the problem of communication with CSXSEvents.  When the A is open, the B must be open too. But the B must evoluate by herself if the A is closed.
The only solution i have found to get a coherent behaviour is to do "requestOpenExtension(B)"  on the following Event (com.adobe.indesign.Event.AFTER_SELECTION_CHANGED) of A.
Obviously, even if I close those  two extensions and then, I change the selection, the extension B appears again.
How can i  fix the problem? i have thought to close definitely the extension A on closing event of extension B but i'm not familiar with StateChangeEvent events and i'm not sure if it's the right solution. How can I close définitely an extension?
Thanks for help .

A solution which has worked for me in the past is to communicate via CSXS events - your first extension would register a listener for certain event types, and your second extension would dispatch events with that same type. Something like:
// Extension A:
CSXSInterface.getInstance().addEventListener(B_TO_A_EVENT, myEventHandler);
// Extension B:
CSXSInterface.getInstance().dispatchEvent(B_TO_A_EVENT, myCSXSEvent);
If you need two way communication then you can additionally add an event listener in Extension B and dispatch from Extension A.
Hope that helps!

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    VMs have nothing to do with it, as long as there's network communication between the servers.
    As I said, there must be a service or application listening on that port for it to respond. For example, try this:
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            L_S_RANGE-HIGH =  ''.
            L_S_RANGE-SIGN = 'I'.
            L_S_RANGE-OPT = 'BT'.
    which i am using for Filter the fiscal period, after this when i tried to restrict on this "ZC_PVR" vairable and  set the offset like
    zc_pvr 1 to zc-pvr3 under value of ranges, but i am facing an error saying the " variable may be deleted or used incorreclty",
    could u plz suggest

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    Please check function module DURATION_DETERMINE.
    - April King

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    AFAIK - You cannot do it in groovy.
    You can achieve the same using the transient variable approach.
    Create a VORowImpl Class for VO, and in the getter method of the transient variable - do the necessary logic and return the string as required in your use-case.

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    PS..- I have already look for in this forum but I didn't get any info to solve my doubts. If I mistaken please let me know

    getServletContext().getContext() may return null in 'security conscious' servers. Apparently this is your case, therefore you wouldn't be able to use it to store global data...
    As for sharing sessions directly between different web apps, the servlet spec (since 2.2 at least) explicitely prohibits it.
    The link provided by tolmank about pseudo-sessions should address your issue, since it will allow you to distribute your session data on your different webapps.
    Some other alternatives would be :
    -store the session data in the DB (slow)
    -use java serialization
    -use RMI
    -use JNDI
    -if you're using Tomcat, you can implement single-signon accross multiple apps using cookies :

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    POP accounts can be set up to leave mail on the server. Thus this mail could be accessed from several different computers.
    I used Eudora a while ago, and set up 2 accounts, one left email on the server, and one did not. I would normally check mail from the one that left it on the server (accounts like this on several macs). When I was ready to download the mail, then I would check it from the other account that existed on only one of the macs.
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    In Cross Site maintainence we, have to work out mainly on Database Activation Coordination Mode(DAC) which avoids the split brain syndrome.
    below URL's gives you clear vision on how we can do that and what it is for.
    Gowtham T

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    Hi Liu,
    in the XML-output of the objects, you have every field.
    You have to set SAPbobsCOM.BoXmlExportTypes.xet_AllNodes
    for the fields to be displayed as in SQL-Server.
    xet_ExportImportMode shows different names for the fields

  • Modal-like behaviour between two Jframes

    Let�s say my app has 2 JFrames. The main JFrame is already loaded and from it, there is a menuitem that loads and shows the 2nd JFrame. I�d like to know how can I disable the main JFrame until the users requests to do so, clicking on some button or alike on the 2n JFrame.
    I have tried to do .getContenPane().setEnabled(false) on the main JFrame before loading the 2n one, but it seems not wo work.
    I have also considered going across all components inside the main JFrame, using getContentPane().getComponents() an on the returing array, do a setEnabled(false). But this seems quite a dirty way to accomplish it.
    Any idea? JFrame does not offer a setModal() method? It�s kinda sick...
    (No , I don�t want to make the 2nd JFrame into a JDialog that I know offers the setModal() method)....

    I have tried to do .getContenPane().setEnabled(false) on the main JFrame
    before loading the 2n one, but it seems not wo work.seems to work OK in this
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    class Testing
      public void buildGUI()
        JButton btn = new JButton("Show Other Frame");
        JPanel p = new JPanel(new GridBagLayout());
        p.add(btn,new GridBagConstraints());
        final JFrame f1 = new JFrame("f1");
        btn.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
          public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
            final JFrame f2 = new JFrame("f2");
            f2.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){
              public void windowClosing(WindowEvent we){
      public static void main(String[] args)
        SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable(){
          public void run(){
            new Testing().buildGUI();

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    Go to Solution.

    pinkman wrote:
    Good day everyone, I just want to ask how to get the percentage difference between two binary matrices. This is for comparing two images converted to matrices in LabView. Thank you. 
    You probably converted it to a 2D array (A matrix in LabVIEW has a special meaning).
    "Binary" is not very well defined (unless you are looking for the number of bits that are different). What is the datatype? Was it a color image or a greyscale image? Are both arrays the same size?
    How do you define "percentage difference"? Which one of the two is the 100% reference?
    Do you want a new 2D array where each element is the difference of the second array compared to the first (or vice versa), expressed in percentages?
    Do you want to know what percentage of array elements are different between the two arrays?
    Do you want to know the average difference between all array elements?
    All possible interpretations can be easily solved with very little code, but you need to explain in more detail what you actually want?
    Here is a simple solution for case #2, for example (assuming the array have the same size, and we only want a rought estimate, rounded down to the nearest integer percent):
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
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