Getting error in file transfer from one system to another system

Hi All
One of my client (User) wants to transfer his file from  SAP R/3 System SAP XI system. He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System). When user execute the  program he is getting error "File Transfer Failed due to Network chk with Admin"
I checked with Network team but they said it is okay from their side. We also check for authorization but there is no issue regarding authorization.
Name of File Path of Aplication Server, XI destinaion and XI directory entered by user is correct.
We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
Please help me to resolve this problem. I any detail require I will provide the same.

Guruprasad Wrote:
He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System).
We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
Firstly, no one in the community can answer on how a custom transcation code and a program associated with it behaves.
If there are no authorization issues in the system, you have to look at the exact error message. Look if your XI system is allowed to receive files from the SAP system.
Unfortunately, you should do some more home work before putting your question here. If everything is fine and configured correctly, then the issue might be with the program.

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    In which version you are.
    If you in 7.0 then have you checked in DTP.
    Just logooff from your server, and again relog, and try to load once again.
    Let us know status ....

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    If you are asking about file transfer use ODI FTP tool to do it. If you are asking about file transformation..
    You can not do file transformation directly in ODI like we do in any other ETL tool like data stage or Ab Initio.. File transformation in ODI can be done using staging database in an interface(i.e ELT way).
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    Add these print statements (and others you think might help) to help you see what's going on: public ArrayList getUnsold()
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    The best way is to transfer the items from old to new reconciliation account.
    Please use the following entries to transfer.
    1. Dr Vendor a/c(Old recon a/c)
        Cr Vendor clearing a/c
    After nullifying the balance in old recon account, here chage recon in the master.
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        Cr Vendor a/c(New recon a/c)
    F101 only post the adjustment entry at period end and reverse the same entry in next period. So, transferring the items is the best method. If you have volume of data, then create a LSMW for this.
    Murali. N

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    When I open the fcp files from this new Lacie they all go offline, and when I try to reconnect them they don't go online. On the other hand, when I open fcp project files from my old lacie the files open but after a long time & after a lot of clicking & when the circling of the little circle stops. Sometimes, the little circle doesn't stop at all unless I force quit. I must have done something wrong transferring the files. What could it be, and how can I fix the problem? I would be grateful to you to help me to solve this problem step by step. faruk

    Hi Andy
    I am sorry I keep coming back, but I believe I am getting very close to solving this mysterious aspect of fcp's with your help & encouragement.
    1. When both lacies of the same name are connected to 800 ports I get to my projects online regardless which of the 2 paths I take: Macintosh HD/users/....or Big lacie/powerbook Backup/Macintosh HD/users. Therefore, question of media reconnection doesn't seem to apply here.
    2. When small lacie is connected & the big one not, I still get to my projects online no matter which the two paths I take. Here also Media connection doesn't seem to apply either.
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    When I select a clip or the sequence in the browser I get file Attribute Mismach which says:
    Some attributes of one or more of the files you have chosen do not match the attributes of the original. This may cause problems within the sequences that are dependent on them, the attributes that differed are as follows: -Media start and End. Would you like to connect them again?
    When I click continue it says; one or more files did not have enough media to recconect some clips. Some edited clip items have had their out point adjusted.
    b. "I did move around clips & folders from one project to another, but that's it. But the fact is that inside FCP folder I created in big lacie I do see all media files you have mentioned & the box is ticked already.
    c. But when I click Macintosh HD in the the first column where all FCP files are installed I get the following:
    Second column: capture scratch, audio render files, & render files
    Third Column: Only Capture Scratch opens & I get the same three folders
    Fourth column: Again, only Capture Scratch opens, but opens strangely to one of my projects Maps & when I click the project, it opens to a fourth column as the same three in the Second Column.
    Fifth Column: Strangely again Olnly Scratch Disk opens to the next column with the same three folders & the same process continue to two more columns & then stops opening. What did do wrong. should I delete files in the big lacie & start all over again, painful as it is? Have best weekend. faruk

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    I am writing a simple program to transfer files and folders from one directory to another
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    I want to know how to move them to C:\receive\ directory.
    Can someone please tell me which class I should use and which method?
    I need to complete this urgently.
    Deeply appreciate it.

    not very difficult. You should use the File class and the "renameTo" method.
      File origin = new File("c:\\lost\\myFile.zer");
      File dest = new File("c:\\found\\myFile.zer");
      origin.renameTo(dest);Of course you have to take care that the file doesn't exists previously, etc. But i think that all you need is in the File class.
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi expert
    i am transfer material from one plant to another , for the same i have  created a vendor in that i have assigned supplying plant, and in the Purchase order, i am need to use inventoried tax code.
    For the same i have done transfer with 351 and i did migo , but i didnt get  FI document for 101 movement
    If it is development, how do we acheive this.
    Let me know if you need more details on this. Appreciate your possible solutions to this.

    For the stock transfer within two plants in the same company code, Accounting document gets generated on doing goods issue.
    Supplying Plant Stock/Account BSX gets credited
    Receiving Plant Stock BSX gets debit.
    After that its stock in transit for the receiving plant and by doing goods receipt you are just taking goods in so the accoun ting document does not get generated again while doing GRN.
    If it is Company Code, it will be  sale & purchase concept  where in  vendor & customer master are created in respective plant and the accounting entries for that scenario will be
    At the supplying plant
    Stock Account Credited
    Cost of Goods sold Acc Debited
    At Receiving plant
    Stock Account Debited
    GR/IR Clearing Acc Credited
    You can also go through following link
    Re: STO -FI document is not generate from the GRN

  • Excise for assets during transfer from one plant to another plant

    Hi SAP gurus,
    Pls note i have an issue during tranfer of asset from one plant to another.When i tranfer asset from one plant to another , in my suppling plant i create an Excise invoice where EXCISE RECOVERY ACCOUNT (debit) is getting hit instead of CENVAT PAYABLE ACCOUNT ( debit).
    What may be the issue ?
    And in same ways during inward of the goods - MIGO at the receiving plant CENVAT CLEARING ACCOUNT (credit)  gets hit.
    Now both Excise recovery account & cenvat clearing account are not gettiing nullified.
    The Process is as given below.Should i change any step or do i have to configure something
    **Master Data**
    1.     Material code (UNBW) should be available in both plants with Sales views -MM01                    
    2.     Stock should be available otherwise upload the stock with 501 movements (UNBW). No impact on FI u2013 MB1C
    3.     Excise details maintained in both plants for the Material code as Asset u2013 J1ID
    Business Process:
    1.     Transfer the Credit of UNBW asset to the current financial year if not updated u2013 J2I8.
    2.     Create STO PO - for UNBW Material Code with Item category U and Document type ZSTO (Mention the Price which is the base for Tax calculation. This needs to be decided by UCAM. Normally it is the  first initial actual Price at which the asset was procured ) u2013 ME21N
    3.     Do outbound delivery -  VL10B
    4.     Do Vl02n PGI ( stock is reduced and NO FI Document, stock in transit in Receiving Plant)
    5.     Do VF01 with ZSTO billing type. Verify the Price and Tax details( NO FI Doc)
    6.     Do J1iin with reference to Billing doc, Excise values flows from Billing document and Excise  invoice is created. Now FI Document will be created
    FI documents have the below entries:
    BED account credited u2013
    E Cess account credited u2013
    S Hecess   account creditedu2013
    Excise duty recovered  debited +
    7.     Do MIGO in receiving plant with reference to PO/Delivery note and by referencing the Excise Invoice and Date, Post it. Stock will be updated in receiving plant. NO FI document. Excise Entries appear in receiving plant
    On hold Account + (50% of total duty)
    BED  + (50% of BED)
    Ecess + (50% of Ecess
    SHEcess + (50% of SHEcess)
    Cenvat Clearing  credited u2013
    8.     Transfer Credit in the next financial year  -J2I8 ( refer this separate business  process
    Pls guide

    Hello Nandu,
    Please check the G/Ls assigned against CAGI and CAGR in "Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transactions"  and "Specify G/Ls Accounts per Excise Transactions" configuration for Tax on Goods Movement > India.
    The combination should help you arrive at the right G/L accounts.

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    Copy \Music\iTunes\iTunes library.xml file to the desktop on the new computer.
    Open iTunes on the new computer then File > Library > Import playlist and select the iTunes library.xml you copied.

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    found this information:
    but does not seem to work for me.
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    try this script:
    iTunes Track CPR v1.3 
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    You will have to create external operating system command in SM69 to use with SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE. Pass the command name that you create in sm69 to this FM .
    You would need authorization objects S_LOG_COM, S_RZL_ADM to be able to successfuly use this FM.

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