Getting error Not enough memory to compete this operation.

Hello ,
I am Getting error that not enough memory to perform this operation.
Here in attachment I have attach that screen shot.
When I press OK button then I got error -2147417851 occurred at exception error the server.
And again When press OK then Attached is open which is actually flatten form the Kinesthesia tool kit for Kinect .
And third attachment is main vi.
Could you please guide me how to solve this error And why this error is occurred.
Thank you very much.
not enogh memory.png ‏254 KB
Untitled ‏24 KB
simple robot detect object and move ‏19 KB

the out of memory error is not an error wich comes out of a VI itself, the error occurs at an particular VI but most likely isn't caused alone by this VI.
Plus the error isn't trackable without the whole setup, so having the camera and the robot itself in your case.
However I can give you a couple of pointers, where you can start taking a look at it and work at it:
The error is most likely caused by your multiple bitmaps, wich stress out the memory
Use the LabVIEW 64bit edition, because it is designed for vision applications, you need the extra amount of memory wich can be addressed by a 64bit application
Take a look at the VI in wich the error occurs, look at the memory usage and try to go through it step by step, the purpose of this is, to see where the memory usage gets out of hand
Best Regards,

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    Hi, I  develop the device which reads the data on TCP(I use​.zip)
     from crio and then displays them on  7 waveform chart ( 5 chart with 150000 history length and 2 with 600 - 1 minute of  measurements) and 2 xy graph. After 10 minutes of work there is an error “not enough memory to complete this operation”. On the WIndows Task manger I have seen that there is a filling RAM approximately from 45 % up to 72 % then the mistake jumps out. But I do not know why. Help please.  Labview 8.6Windows Vista3 GB RAMP.S. Forgive for bad English.
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    Hi Mike,
    Mike23 wrote:
    Hi, I  develop the device which reads the data on TCP(I use​.zip)
     from crio and then displays them on  7 waveform chart ( 5 chart with 150000 history length and 2 with 600 - 1 minute of  measurements) and 2 xy graph. After 10 minutes of work there is an error “not enough memory to complete this operation”. On the WIndows Task manger I have seen that there is a filling RAM approximately from 45 % up to 72 % then the mistake jumps out. But I do not know why. Help please.  Labview 8.6Windows Vista3 GB RAMP.S. Forgive for bad English.
    It's likely that instead of trying to plot 5 charts with 150000 data-points, you're trying to plot 150000charts with 5 data-points!  Try right-clicking on the chart - do you see "Transpose Array" property? If it's checked, UNcheck it (if UNchecked, check it!)
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  • PDF error - not enough memory to complete this operation.

    A friend with I think LION has this error when they hit print and then save as PDF on a single 1 page doc.
    PDF :  SORRY - not enough memory to complete this operation....
    Any ideas how to fix this?

    not sure - this is the default funtion in osx - when you hit cmd print - then lower left "SAVE AS PDF"
    hope that helps...
    Q is there a way to reset the default app?

  • ERROR "not enough memory to complete this operation" Cuando intento escribir un .WAV

    Este error me sale cuando intento ejecutar un VI en el cual quiero leer y escribir un archivo .wav. lo mas importante es que no puedo cortar la señal tengo q leerla en su totalidad para despues hacer una comparacion con otra señal patron, adjunto el vi y los archivos  a cargar. el archivo de audio mas grande va en el path 1 y el mas pequeño en el path 2.
    gracias por su ayuda
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    He modificado el VI un poco para que lea los archivos uno despues del otro, y tambien he puesto un limite para que el programa no lea mas de 100000 puntos por cadena que contiene el archivo. Si hay mas solo va leer el principio.
    Puedes intentar aumentar el limite y ver cuando recives el error con la memoria. Como gordos son los archivos?
    Espero que te ayude
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  • Error: "not enough memory to complete this operation" when building EXE + LLB in LabVIEW 2009

    Just upgraded to LabVIEW 2009 last week and can't build anymore.
    I am building and EXE with support files in LLB.
    PC Specs:
    -P4 3GHz
      -4GB RAM
    -Windows XP PRO SP2 
    - Windows is already enabled to use up to 3GB of virtual memory for applications. 
    - Performed a mass compile on all vi's.
    Not sure what else to try and will appreciate any suggestions.

    This issue as well as a few others have been fixed in the LabVIEW 2009 f2 patch that was released today.  For more information, check out the following Knowledgebase for the list of resolved issues as well as download instructions.
    David_L | Certified LabVIEW Architect
    LabVIEW Tools Network | LabVIEW Tools Network Developer Center

  • Cannot load large CSV files in SignalExpress("Not enough memory to complete this operation" error)

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here and just  have browsed
    some of the related topics here regarding my problem but could not seem
    to find anything to help me fix this problem so I decided to post this.
    I currently have a saved waveform from an oscilloscope that is quite
    big in size(around 700MB, CSV file format) and I want to view this on
    my PC using SignalExpress. Unfortunately when I try to load the file
    using "Load/Save Signals -> Load From ASCII", I always get the "Not
    enough memory to complete this operation" error. How can we view and
    analyze large waveform files in SignalExpress? Is there a workaround on
    P.S.>I'm very new to Signal Express and haven't modified any settings on it. 

    Hi Louie,
    Are you encountering a read-only message when you tried to save the boot.ini file? If so, you can try this method: right-click on My Computer >> Select "Properties", and go to the "Advanced" tab. Select "Settings", and on the next screen, there is a button called Edit. If you click on Edit you should be able to modify the "/3GB" tag in boot.ini. Are you able to change it in this manner? After reboot, you can reload the file to see if it helps.
    To open a file in SignalExpress, a contiguous chunk of memory is required. If SignalExpress cannot find a contiguous memory chunk that is large enough to hold this file, then an error will be generated. This can happen when fragmentation occurs in memory, and fragmentation (memory management) is managed by Windows, so unfortunately this is a limitation that we have.
    As an alternative, have you looked at NI DIAdem before? It is a software tool that allows users to manage and analyze large volumes of data, and has some unique memory management method that lets it open and work on large amounts of data. There is an evaluation version which is available for download; you can try it out and see if it is suitable for your application. 
    Best regards,
    Clipboard01.jpg ‏181 KB

  • Not enough memory to complete this operation

    hi everybody
    i've seen a lot of posts under this heading but could not be able to find out regarding my problem
    when i am trying to open host vi from a project explorer window , after loading about 8500 dependencies (sorry if use wrong word), its starts giving error "not enough memory to complete this operation"
    plz tell me what type of memory is this message telling about?

    How many VIs are in your entire project? Did this problem just start? Are you upgrading to a new version of LV? Can you open smaller pieces of the entire application?
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  • Error on running LV application-not enough memory to complete this operation

    Developed an application for multi plot graph.
    The graph is having around 25 plots and and its fetching many records from the database for the pltting purpose.
    This LV application is a module of a VB real time application which is running always on the PC.
    Now when the user tries to plot the graph...some times he is getting an error message as the following
    "not enough memory to complete this operation"
    What are the reasons for such an error message and how do i eliminate this error?

    LabVIEW cannot allocate the memory needed to complete the task at hand.
    Prevent data copies of large datasets.
    Reduce the amount of data in your graphs. (Not all point can be seen as individual points, if the scale is from 0-1000 you can plot 1000 points, but with the scale 0-1000000 you can also have 1000 point instead of 1000000 and see almost no difference.
    Using whatever version of LV the customer requires. (LV5.1-LV2012) (

  • "Not Enough Memory to Complete this Operation" Error using notifiers in LabVIEW

    I get the (windows?) error message "Not Enough Memory to Complete this Operation" when using notifiers to send a flattened byte string as a response from one VI back to my calling VI. I do get my data and everything works out perfectly between the two VIs, but I do get this annoying error message that requires a user interface action. Why?

    Well, I'm thinking you may have stumbled across a LV issue.  I can get it to crash a lot faster than that when I clear your plot history in the top chart.  It definitely seems as though LV has a huge memory leak on charts having their history cleared.  With your 500,000 data point history, I lose about 170MB of memory every time I clear the chart history.
    When I run your VI, the first time you plot data, I see a 170MB jump in memory, which I am assuming is the chart allocating its chart buffer.  But, then I continue to see more memory being used as more data is collected (if you don't use your default 1 sample a sec rate, you can see this happen much faster - I am using 5k sample rate and 5k samples).  Eventually, even without clearing the chart history, this will cause the system to crash.
    I did a quick test and dumped the waveform and just used doubles and plotted that.  Memory usage is drastically better, as I see no memory leak during standard acquisition (I still see the memory leak when the chart is cleared however).
    You may have to rewrite to not use the waveform and signal for your chart and just use DBLs.

  • Not enough memory to complete this operation windows 8

    Hi All,
    I have a problem whith a built executable where at random intervals I get a windows dialogue saying "Not enough Memory to complete this operation"
    I have searched through the forums and although there are similar posts I have not been able to get rid of this message by trying several things.  My project is a cRIO which connects and disconnects using the STM messenger service.  The HOST computer is a Producer consumer design pattern, the crio is a producer consumer with the producer being incoming TCP IP messages essentially.  The windows 8 machine shows no signs of running out of memory.  There is plenty available (8GB) and during normal execution the program is only using roughly 200MB and is stable.
    Some of the things I have tried from reading similar threads but have had no luck.
    Put a delay in TCP Send function from the cRIO (1mS).
    Disabled all writing to files for polled data / results.
    Run in windows 7 and XP compatibility mode and as administrator.
    Move whole executable into my Documents after suspecting file permissions.
    Made whole of install directory full access permissions.
    Disabled firewall and uninstalled anti Virus as its not connected to T'internet.
    Monitored cached data and disk writes using perfmon.
    Monitored Threads and seem stable.
    This build was also tested on a windows 7 machine and has been run overnight with no problems.  the executable also runs on my development machine with no problems.  The windows 8 machine has no NI max installed (Just the RT engine), the windows 7 does along with VISA drivers etc.
    When the "Not Enough...." Dialogue appears the exe hangs untill the prompt is removed.  Once the dialogue is removed the TCP Queue then catches up with Queued data so I know that there are no queues increasing in size (It has happily stored all polled data from an overnight run and then dequeues all this information to the front panel no problem)..
    Build PC:
    Windows 7 (64 bit) - LabVIEW 2013 (32 bit) full development.
    Target PC (with error message)
    Windows 8 (64 bit) - LabVIEW 2013 RTE (Installed from an installer built on machine above using recommended settings)
    Other Test Target (With no problems)
    Windows 7 64 bit - LabVIEW 2013 RTE, MAX and VISA Installed.
    Is there any way to debug this some more??  Where might I find this information in the windows event logs / perfmon etc??
    Many Thanks in advance
    10 years+ LabVIEW experience.
    LabVIEW 2012

    Hi craigc,
    Good job with the current troubleshooting status!
    A couple of things though:
    • Have you tried building the application on the same Windows 8 machine? Does it have the same issue then?
    • Did you try increasing the Virtual Memory usage? Even though this should not haveany  influence if you are using a 64bit machine, it might still be worth a try. There's a tutorial how to do it on Windows 7 here and it should not be very different from Windows 8.
    • You have mentioned that you used perfmon. What exactly did you measure and what results did you log? 
    • Do the pop-ups show up in complete random manner or is there a pattern?
    • What about increasing the delay in TCP Send? I assume you have followed the latter suggestion from this forum post?
    Mark N
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments UK & Ireland

  • Building an Executable - Not Enough Memory to complete this operation

    I am trying to build an executable from my project, it is quite a large program.  During the build, within the 'initializing build' phase, I get the error message 'not enough memory to complete this operation'.  I have a decent PC running XP and 4GB ram. LabVIEW is using about 1.2GB of ram when the problem occurs.
    This is an application that I've been working on for some time and I have experienced similiar problems before.  To get round it I have added the /3GB switch to the boot.ini file.  However that is no longer working, it complains of a problem loading a dll which seems to have only started happening since moving to LV2012.
    Does anybody have any experience with solving this problem please? It is a bit of a showstopper for me at the moment.
    Thank you,

    Hi Martin,
    Adding the 3GB switch is a solution which should still work on your system. 
    I'm a little confused, is the system still complaining about not having enough memory? Or is it just the dll problem?
    And is the error message occuring during the build, or when trying to run the .exe?
    The dll in question is associated with DAQmx. 
    If it is a runtime problem rather than a build problem, it may be that you haven't included the DAQmx driver on the target machine, in which case the answer lies in this document:
    If I've misunderstood, please clarify the exact issue which is currently occuring, and we can continue to troubleshoot.
    Ian S
    Applications Engineer CLD
    National Instruments UK&Ireland

  • "Not enough memory to complete this operation" with Shared Variable

    I have a sizeable cluster (over a megabyte on disk) that I'd like to send over a shared variable.  When I try to set the data type of the shared variable as the cluster I get the message "Not enough memory to complete this operation" (see attached image) and the LabVIEW dialog goes into its edit-mode state.  Has anyone seen this before?
    Robert C. Mortensen
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
    Not enough memory.PNG ‏22 KB

    Duplicate Post.

  • My TCP/IP connection return randomly a "Not enough memory to complete this operation"

    I have a program running a data acquisition loop on a PC. (PIII 700, 128 Meg RAM). This program send all the data reads from the system to a UI in another PC via a TCP/IP connection.
    Everything works fine.. but, sometime, I receive a message "not enough memory to complete this operation". This is ramdom and cannot always be reproduce. I run often days without this problem and he show up 2 or three times the next day.
    The memory usage in the system is constant and the number of handles used is also constant. I am using LV run-time version 5.1.1. I cannot upgrade to 6.X for many reasons.
    Can somebody has any idea of the cause of this message. I only see one message like thi
    s in the previous post and it doesn't looks like been solved.

    Hi Dave,
    I cannot give you any source for the error message. My homemade error manager give me an error 2 after this message box in my TCP/IP command server in... pointing to a vi where I call only TCP write, TCP read and a encryption decoding (a loop appllying logical operation on all the bytes of the message to generate a magic number.)
    This error, has we discuss in a previous e-mail we exchange can be only a side effect. I don't know. I have not test my program on Win 9X. I don't have any license of the OS in the buiding. Even if than solve the problem, I can trust 9X OS. Probably the same for you if your application is critical.
    I wonder if you can provide the kind of instrumentation you are interacting with. My list is the following:
    VXI card HP 1413, (VISA layer and configuration DLL from HP)
    VXI card HP 1415, (VISA layer and configuration DLL from HP) [disable]
    GPIB/ENET100 (VISA) [diseable]
    PCI Ballard ARINC card (Ballard DLL) [disable]
    ENET connection with the TCP/IP layer... not the socket one.
    I am running from a VXIpc-872 from NI in a NI VXI chassis. I have try to different VXI controller (with different CPU speed) and also with an HP chassis. Same result. [Diseable] mean the code is not called. I run with the minimal system I can support 1 VXI Card and 1 SCP and still the same problem happen.
    Does you, Melissa G and Eric Dalaire (on the other thread) have the same type of hardware?
    If my assumption is good, the AI Continious Scan is probably using DMA? Do they? I also use DMA in my VXI access. Do you use DMA too Dave?

  • 24 GB of RAM but still "not enough memory to complete this operation"

    Hello Everyone
    I have an application running on Windows 7, 24 GB RAM, 64 bit computer. I am using Labview 2011, 32 bit and trying to acquire images from a camera. Although I have 24 GB of RAM but while acquiring, the physical memory usage goes upto 8 GB and after that I receive the "not enough memory to complete this operation" message. Any help on how it can be corrected.

    We are developing an application with Labview 2011, 32 bit, to accuire images at 100fps. Aplication will run in another computer with more than 8GB of RAM (probably 32GB), without having Labview installed, it will only run the exe file. So our questions are:
    we will found also the 8GB limitation?
    If so, the solution could be to buil the application with LV 2011 64bit?
    aditional information will be apreciated.

  • Aparición pop-up "Not enough memory to complete this operation" con mismo vi en un PC si y en otro no.

    Hola, tengo un problema durante la ejecución de un VI. Cuando ejecuto este VI en mi PC puedo tomar hasta 800.000 muestras sin ningún problema, pero cuando ejecuto el VI en el PC donde tiene que trabajar normalmente aparece el mensaje "Not enough memory to complete this operation". Este mensaje aparece indistintamente cuando por ejemplo ha tomado 14000 muestras como cuando ha tomado 30000. En principio los dos PC tienen similares características, por lo tanto no acabo de entender porque en uno de ellos aparece este problema. Por lo que he leído es por un problema de falta de memoria, pero nose si puede haber otra razón. El VI toma muestras de un adquisidor de datos Agilent y de un enfriador criostatico Haake, va guardando estos datos en varios ficheros y a su vez los grafica en varias gráficas.
    ¿Cuál puede ser la razón por la cual en dos ordenadores, en principio con las mismas caracteristicas, en uno aparece este problema y en otro no?
    ¿Puedo solucionar de alguna forma esto para que pueda trabajar en el PC que actualmente aparece el problema?
    Muchas gracias.

    Não importa quanto de memória o PC possui, mas o quanto ela está fragmentada. Quando você aloca um array na memória a área deve ser contígua e se não for possível ele irá avisar a falta de memória.
    Tente alocar toda a memória que necessita no começo da execução e não redimensionar o array no meio da execução.
    Tente utilizar buffers menores. Se estiver convertendo os dados para texto, como CSV, divida o array em pedaços menores, converta  e escreva em arquivo pedaço a pedaço.
    Espero ajudar.

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