Getting file list

i'm having some problems getting the list of files into a vector, all the images are .jpg stored in a directory called ads under the classes directory, where all the .class files are stored. here is what i have so far:
    File directory = new File("/ads");
    File[] ads = directory.listFiles();
    if(ads!=null) {
         for(int i = 0; i < ads.length; i++) {
              System.out.println("Files are: " + ads);
else {
     System.out.println("Empty directory");
i have images in the ads directory but i always prints out empty directory, i am using sdk 1.4.

In Windows, preceeding the directory name with a "/" means go to the root directory. Say you are on the "C" drive it would look for a directory named "C:/ads". Not sure how it works on Unix.
File directory = new File("ads");
This will look for a directory "ads" in the current directory.

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    Does anyone have experience with this issue when connecting to a Linux FTP Web Server running a FTP Site?
    "Connection Error - Failure to get file list from server. An entry with the same key already exists."
    I cannot access the root directory of the ftp file server using Web Matrix 3. The site is .php based, and
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    Thanks in advance,

    Turns out that the program leaves metadata in your app data folder that is not removed upon uninstallation of the software.
    This is incorporated to communicate with a file that uploaded into the ftp directory when publishing pages.


    Hello all,
    In the PREPARE, phase UPLOAD_REQUEST, received error 'CANNOT GET FILE LIST OF '..EPS\in.. folder.
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    4 ETQ399 Directory 'd:\usr\BZ3put\eps' not found.
    4 ETQ399 Skipping copy of OCS packages.
    2 ETQ730 Starting upload of all package files in "
    4 ETQ010 Date & Time: 20081126150339 
    4 ETQ230 Starting RFC Login to: System = "BZ3", GwHost = "ustwa356", GwService = "sapgw60"
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    4 ETQ233 Calling function module "SPDA_PREPARE_PATCH" by RFC
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    Hope anyone can help, thanks in advance.
    Thanks and regards

    I tried to load the packages via SPAM, and got the following - does it mean I have corrupted EPS/in?
    Could not create file list
    Message no. PS 012
    A list of the required files could not be created as an error occurred.
    File mask:
    Error code: 17
    Definition of error codes:
    03 RFC system failure
    04 RFC communication failure
    11 invalid EPS subdirectory
    12 sapgparam failed
    13 build directory failed
    14 no authorization
    17 read directory failed
    18 read attributes failed
    22 too many read errors
    23 empty directory list
    System Response
    The operation was terminated.
    Eliminate the cause of the error and repeat the operation.

  • Java does not get file list from shared folder in another server.

    I'm using java,
    Command below does not get file list.
    File file = new File("\\\\\\SapMII");
    File[] files = file.listFiles();
    SapMII folder is Everyone full Control permission.
    How can i solve this problem?

    Could you please post replies in a more helpful way? Just informing me that it was an NPE doesn't really tell me anything. Post the stacktrace (Exception#printStackTrace()). And the listFile() methods API has this to say:
    Returns null if this abstract pathname does not denote a directory, or if an I/O error occurs.I'm able to run this sample code easily:
    public class TestFileList {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              File file = new File("\\\\\\shared");
              File [] files = file.listFiles();
              for(File currentFile: files )

  • How can I get file list for a given directory?

    How can I get file list for a given directory? Is there a function?

    Hi friend,
    Try this sample report. It displays all files in a directory.
    While executing give some directory name in input. ex:  C:\
    Mention file type in filter parameter. ex: *.DOC
    REPORT ztests.
    DATA : file_table LIKE TABLE OF sdokpath WITH HEADER LINE .
    DATA : dir_table LIKE TABLE OF sdokpath WITH HEADER LINE .
    PARAMETERS:p_dir(50) TYPE c.
        directory  = p_dir
        filter     = '*.DOC'
        file_table = file_table
        dir_table  = dir_table
        cntl_error = 1
        OTHERS     = 2.
    LOOP AT file_table .
      WRITE:/ file_table-pathname.
    Might be helpful...
    Edited by: Guest77 on Feb 11, 2009 5:30 AM

  • FTP Get File List Action Block, It's double listing files!  ver 11.5

    Hi guys.. I have a good one!   I have an FTP Get File List action block in my BLS transaction.  Occasionally, it double lists the files in its output.   For testing I put a repeater with a logevent output where I log the filename, date, and size.  Heres what I saw for my action block output.
    2009-02-13 00:38:00,963  [UserEvent] : File Name: DMM_Export_0010056.txt, File Date 2009-02-13T00:36:00, File Size 339
    2009-02-13 00:38:00,963  [UserEvent] : File Name: DMM_Export_0010056.txt, File Date 2009-02-13T00:36:00, File Size 339
    This is xMII  version 11.5.6 b73  with java 1.4.2_07
    I have a workaround by putting in a distinct action block, after the filelist, but anybody have an idea why this might happen?   My theory is that something might be occuring if the file is being written to while we try to process it, but not sure. 
    I've been building BLS parsers since 2003, (Remember those fun times with Jeremy?)   I've never seen this happen.

    My example is a sample log file before the distinct action.  The general log shows nothing other than the subsequent transaction errors I get as a result of running the same error twice (Tcode return from BAPI calls etc)
    Here is something else interesting..  my userlog file is acting funny, like its trying to write on top of itself.  could it be the transaction is actually running twice or parts of it? 
    For example look at the following log entries
    This is how my log file entry for a production confirmation should look
    2009-02-13 00:38:06,854 [LHScheduler-Int10_NestingWOProdConf] INFO   UserLog - [UserEvent] :
    However sometimes... its looking like this...
    2009-02-13 2009-02-13 00:38:11,854 [LHScheduler-Int10_NestingWOProdConf] INFO   UserLog - [UserEvent] :
    Like it started writing to the log, then started again.
    The problem we are having is that we have JCO calls to SAP in this transaction that does goods movement, we get locking / block errors back from our  saying that we (our sap account) is already updating the information.   Sometimes the information would be posted twice!  You can see how this has become a HUGE issue posting data to a LIVE system twice.
    This is happening on 2 xMII servers.

  • Why I just get file list?

    hi,I compiled j2ee tutorial example hello3,I deploy it by asant and config it by deploytool,when connect from IE(http://localhost:8080/hello3),I just get a file list,when I click the greeting.jsp,I get the web content displayed,everything likes fine.I just want know why I got file list(I got same situation with other example).
    thanks advance!

    You can make a screenshot picture of each page of the list right from Preview, via
    File menu>Grab>Selection
    drag over the list and let go.
    The resulting tiff file snapshot on the desktop (and itself now open in Preview) is readable and printable, but since it is an image, it is not editable or copyable as text.
    If you really need editable text , and if you also have an OCR program that might have come free with a scanner, then.. (ugh..)
    (Yes, it's not only a kludge, but a really BAD one! There's got to be a better way.. )

  • Get file list from URL/web directory

    Hey guys,
    I have created a script for After Effects that can download multiple images from URLs that are given in an array. Now ideally what I want, is to get all the filenames of the files in a certain browsable web directory to be put in an array.
    Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Does someone have the knowledge here to help me out?
    Thanks in advance,

    This is more difficult to do than it seems. Since the files are on a remote web server, you need to find some way to get the server to divulge its local file structure, which is not something most servers will do. The absolute best way is to have control over the web server and run some server-side code (PHP, node.js, whatever) to generate the file list on the server side and then fetch it with your client/extension/script. Other than that it's almost impossible to get a 3rd party server to divulge its file structure as far as I know, mainly for security reasons. So the #1 question is: do you have control over the server/website that you're trying to fetch from or not?

  • Get file list in a directory

    How can i get the files liste in a directory from forms ? I want to know all the files in c:\my_dir\

    Thanks but my form must run on different environement and dir will not return the same output to my_file.txt ! Is there any other "cleaner" way to do the job ?
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dino ([email protected]):
    U can use Host command. I.e.
    Host ('dir c:\my_dir > my_file.txt');
    and then u can read this ascii file.
    Hope this helps.
    Bye Dino<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

  • Get File List From webserver!

    hello !
    I want to get the list of files residing in webserver.Actually these files r image files and i want to show thumbnails of these images to the user for selection. Please Help..

    Unless the webserver is poorly secured and allows directory browsing you're not going to get it.

  • Get file list of directory files from URL ?

    GIven a URL directory, I would like to get a list of all the files in that URL directory:
    url = new URL("http//");
    c = url.getContent();
    // Suppose there is a file
    // How do I get a list from c?
    Essentially, I want something equivalent to the File "list" method
    file = new File("H:/tmp");
    list = file.list()
    Thanks in advanced.


  • Get file list from directory(t.code: AL11).

    Hi Frnds,
    i need to get the list of file for particular directory from t.code AL11,
    is there any Function Module to display the list of File from  the directory in executable program,
    i have directory like '/home/im3/hrintf/processed/..... ' and now i need to get the list of file from that directory,
    the list is available in t.code AL11( standard program :RSWATCH0 ).
    pls suggest me with relevant FM or relevant logic.
    Thank you.
    Ramesh M

       use this code i have checked its working fine
          w_itab type table of  EPSFILI,
          w_dirnam type  EPSF-EPSDIRNAM.
          w_dirnam = 'C:\usr\sap\E6S\DVEBMGS00\work'.
        dir_name                     = w_dirnam
    *   FILE_MASK                    = ' '
    *   DIR_NAME                     =
    *   FILE_COUNTER                 =
    *   ERROR_COUNTER                =
        dir_list                     = w_itab
    *   INVALID_EPS_SUBDIR           = 1
    *   SAPGPARAM_FAILED             = 2
    *   BUILD_DIRECTORY_FAILED       = 3
    *   NO_AUTHORIZATION             = 4
    *   READ_DIRECTORY_FAILED        = 5
    *   TOO_MANY_READ_ERRORS         = 6
    *   EMPTY_DIRECTORY_LIST         = 7
    *   OTHERS                       = 8
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    write: 'test'.
    Viquar Iqbal

  • FTP_COMMAND in order to get files list at FTP address

    Hi all.
    I want to get a list of files exist at a specific FTP address.
    For that I'm using FTP_CONNECT (OK) and after I want to execute FTP_COMMAND with parameter command = 'ls' in order to recievce the files list in output table data[].
    I keep on getting an exception 3 (data_error).
    Anyone can help please ?

    I know by experience the ABAP programmers learn most based on examples.
    In every SAP system you have the following FTP example programs, analyze the source code and check how function modules like FTP_CONNECT and FTP_COMMAND work :
    RSFTP002                         Execute FTP Command
    RSFTP003                         FTP put / get Test
    RSFTP004                         FTP Copy
    RSFTP007                         Test FB:FTP_SERVER_TO_R3 / FTP_R3_TO_SERVER
    RSFTP008                         Test FB:FTP_CLIENT_TO_R3 / FTP_R3_TO_CLIENT
    RSFTP009                         Test FTP put with Verify
    RSFTP011                         FTP Copy

  • Class to Get File List from Application Server

    Hi all
    I've to obtain the file list of a directory from application server, I can use a FM too but It's possible the lenght of file name is upper then 40 characters so I can't use FM EPS_GET_DIRECTORY_LISTING.
    Edited by: Aristoteles92 on Apr 20, 2010 3:27 PM

    Try using the function  RZL_READ_DIR_LOCAL.  Here is an example program using this function.
    data: begin of itab occurs 0,
          rec(1000) type c,
          end of itab.
    data: wa(1000) type c.
    data: p_file type localfile.
    data: ifile type table of  salfldir with header line.
    parameters: p_path type salfile-longname
                        default '/usr/sap/TST/DVEBMGS01/data/'.
    call function 'RZL_READ_DIR_LOCAL'
              name           = p_path
              file_tbl       = ifile
              argument_error = 1
              not_found      = 2
              others         = 3.
    loop at ifile.
      format hotspot on.
      write:/ ifile-name.
      hide ifile-name.
      format hotspot off.
    at line-selection.
      concatenate p_path ifile-name into p_file.
      clear itab.  refresh itab.
      open dataset p_file for input in text mode.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
          read dataset p_file into wa.
          if sy-subrc <> 0.
          itab-rec = wa.
          append itab.
      close dataset p_file.
      loop at itab.
        write:/ itab.
    Rich Heilman

  • Get file list of Folder

    I'm just a beginner in KM, that's why have some simple questions.
    I want to get List of files in folder, like that list appear in "KM Content" in Administration.
    What code will solve my problem?

    about gettong the GUID from RID see my reply here: [|]
    The required lib you can find on portal filesystem here:
    Hope that helps,

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