Gift app with activation code

why when I gifting app with activation code not appear in other party and I need to do license transfer to user?So diffcult. So how he would activate the app.<br><br>Also I gift some one BerryBuzz and when he try to unlock the app with activation code &quot;that I recive from the developer email&quot; which need me to enter the site in order to transfer the licene from my PIN to gift party<br>

It seems that no sloution

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  • Why am I not receiving e-mails with activation code for e-print ?

    why am I not receiving e-mails with activation code for e-print ???? Have requested resends of e-mail several times -- but nothing as yet 

    Hi yvonnek49,
    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand that when trying to activate the HP ePrint app that you haven’t received the activation code.
    Which email address are you using to activate the app, your personal email or the printer’s ePrint email address?  If you have been using the printer’s ePrint email address, please try again with your personal email address.  If you have been using your personal email address, please check your junk/spam folders to see if it was redirected there.  It can take up to 24 hours to receive the email.  
    Please click on the Thumbs Up on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.
    I work on behalf of HP

  • TS1292 Gift app says redeem code already used? What to do

    What should I do to redeem a gift app for iPad.  Email says redeem code already used.

    danielcallen wrote:
    I Transferred the Digital Copy of my DVD to iTunes.
    Later had to reinstal my Laptop, and when I try to put the Digital Copy on my iTunes now, it says Redeem code already used, what can I do?
    I found this site: and I explained what had happened, and gave my old Codes, and then they e-mailed me a while later with new Redeem codes!!!
    They work perfectly and it's brilliant!

  • HT5188 Installing apps with VPP codes through Configurator

    How does one add an VPP App to a new iPad within Configurator?  I have followed the included help files that come with Configurator and they are useless.  It states that I should hit the plus sign in  Configurator to add an App- once done, then I can go add the VPP xls file.  Big problem there.  Let's take Pages for example.  The school I work for purchased 20 VPP codes for Pages.  Initially I simply emailed the codes to the teachers who were giving a few iPads a test-drive.  Codes worked great... except now, when I try to use this Configurator utility to setup new iPads with Apps already on there, it will only allow me to add Apps that were actually purchased with my own personal iTunes account (none of the VPP purchased apps show up in the folder of apps).  iTunes shows me that I have Pages installed on my iPad, but using the "Transfer Purchases" command did not make Pages (or any of the other VPP code purchased apps) available to sync over to new machines.  It acts rather like a catch 22 to my mind.  If you bought the app with your personal account, why would you have VPP codes for it?  Any clues out there?  Thanks so much!

    Note this comment in the configurator help.  Seems like an issue to me!  I'm going to have to do a test and determine if I'll have an issue with free apps.
    Important: Apps installed using Apple Configurator are tied to the device they were
    installed on, not to a specific Apple ID. To update apps deployed using Apple Configurator,
    you must reconnect to the same Mac from which the apps were installed. Additionally,
    you can’t redownload these apps via iTunes in the Cloud. Therefore, it’s recommended
    that Apple Configurator be used to install App Store apps on supervised or assigned
    devices only.

  • Creative Cloud- Renewing License with Activation Code

    Creative Cloud is telling me that my license needs to be renewed. I renewed it a week ago. I have  MacBook Pro and I have redeemed my activation code for creative cloud already, but nothing seems to recognize that. Not the application on my commuter or the website. I tried to redeem my redemption code but the message that pops up says "Ooop! that redemption code has already been activated!" Which is clearly not the case.

    Hi Jaz,
    Please refer to the help document below to fix this issue:
    Creative Cloud Help | "Renew your subscription" window appears when you launch a Creative Cloud application
    You may also refer to the threads below where this issue has been addressed:
    Renew Subscription Error Creative Cloud
    Re: "Renew your Subscription"

  • Download Lightroom 5 with activation code

    I purchased a CD version of Lightroom 5 and was told I could download the software since I do not have a CD drive.  I have an activation code but can not find where to download the software.  Help?

    Photoshop Lightroom forum.

  • "Installation of apps with redemption codes requires a supervised device"...since version 1.2

    I have been happily using the Prepare panel in Apple Configurator to install apps for months, but now I can no longer do that.  This change came with configurator 1.2:
    Now there's no way to install apps on my Prepared devices, and no way to retrieve the redeem codes so that I can Supervise them.  Anyone find a solution to this?

    I have the same problem but it totaly crash my Ipod I have try to restore but that did not help at all. My display is all mess up and the ipod keep locking up. now apple is telling me to send my ipod back to them

  • [iPhone SDK] Trial App with Activation Key?

    Is there a concept of 'Trial' in these iPhone Apps? Ideally I'd like Trial functionality for my app but then allow users to buy the Full app from AppStore.
    How would I go about doing this? Or will I need to develop two apps, one trial and one full? Thanks

    Seems like a no brainer, for sure. But you can't right now.
    Best bet is to link to a QuickTime video. I've seen some people with a free/paid version as well in the Store.
    I don't think Apple quite understands this business, but hopefully they will catch on.

  • Cant gift apps with money in account

    Well i have 38.71$ in my account by use gift cards. I want to give my friend some apps but when i choose "Gift this apps", it tell me to enter cards or paypal. Since i have money in my account, why cant i use it as my payment method? Its really inconvenient if i cant use my money to give apps to my friend.

    Sorry, but you cannot use a credit balance to purchase other gifts. Why that is the case Apple has never said. You must use a credit card or PayPal account.

  • User registration with activation code

    Good day folks :)
    I've been lurking around these forums for a long time and learning a lot, but it seems I've encountered a problem I can't yet find a suitable solution to.
    I'm a student and I'm rather new to apex. There are things I've been able to do (even use some jQuery... The names 'Patrick' 'Dan' and 'Tom' immediately come to mind so thank you!) with the help of this forum but some things are really out of my reach. To get to the point, I have an application where I'd like to register users but first they need to click a link of some sort they'd receive by email that activates their account.
    There are three types of user - 'ADM' (an administrator) 'AUT' (as in author) and 'STU' (as in student). Students should be able to register their accounts directly, and that's where the trouble lies.
    Before I describe the process, the structure of my 'users' table is like this:
         "ADD1" VARCHAR2(300),
         "ADD2" VARCHAR2(300),
         "ADD3" VARCHAR2(300),
         "BIO" VARCHAR2(1000),
         "PHONE1" VARCHAR2(30),
         "PHONE2" VARCHAR2(30),
         "PHOTO" BLOB,
    before insert on "USERS"
    for each row
    if :NEW."USERID" is null then
    select "USERS_SEQ".nextval into :NEW."USERID" from dual;
    end if;
    As you can see, there is one column of particular interest here, and that is the ACTIVE column. It simply contains a single character that can be any of the following: 'Y' for active user, 'B' for banned user and 'N' for inactive account. When a student registers, the ACTIVE column defaults to N, and they may not do any user actions until their account is activated. When they click on this link that supposedly activates their account, their status is changed to Y. When an administrator bans them, of course their status changes to B, and they may no longer access the site.
    The process should flow like this:
    1. User registers an account
    2. The application confirms registration and emails them an activation link
    3. The user views that email and clicks on the link; their account is activated.
    What I'm having trouble with is not particularly emailing someone as I've found a tutorial to do that, but instead I would like to know how to generate a link that changes the value in that column when clicked from an external location (like someone's email inbox). The greatest catch is this: My application is not hosted online, it is on my local machine. So the location of apex is at the localhost:8081/link. I'm not sure how to perform either action.
    Any help at all is greatly appreciated - I lost many hours researching on this issue already.

    Sorry, I did not understand this " how do I cloak that URL so the user will not know what data is being sent to the application? Such as an encrypted URL perhaps?"
    User knows nothing in my opinion, he does not see anything till he gets email
    even if he knows your custom_hash function, if he is not regisetred, he gets nothing
    It does not matter where it is hosted.
    You need only to setup email smtp server in your workspace.
    So, if your provider allows such things, put smtp host in internal workspace, and that is
    I use the following process to send email when user press Submit on Submit process:
    l_subject VARCHAR2(32000);
    l_body    VARCHAR2(32000);
    l_link    VARCHAR2(32000);
    n number;
    l_link := :HTTP_ADDRESS
       param_name       => 'SCRIPT_NAME')||
       :P18_FIRST_NAME := :P18_COMPANY_NAME;
       :P18_LAST_NAME := null;
    END IF;
       l_subject:= htmldb_lang.message('REGISTRATION_SUBJECT_FI',
       l_body :=   htmldb_lang.message('REGISTRATION_BODY_FI',
                      to_char(sysdate,'DD.MM.YYYY - HH24:MI:SS'),
       l_subject:= htmldb_lang.message('REGISTRATION_SUBJECT_EN',:HTTP_ADDRESS);
       l_body :=   htmldb_lang.message('REGISTRATION_BODY_EN',
                      to_char(sysdate,'DD.MM.YYYY - HH24:MI:SS'),
    END IF;
        p_to => trim(:P18_EMAIL),
        p_from => :CSE_EMAIL_ADDRESS,
        p_body => l_body,
        p_subj => l_subject
    n := HTMLDB_PLSQL_JOB.submit_process
    p_sql => '
    HTMLDB_MAIL.PUSH_QUEUE(''localhost'', 25);
    p_when => sysdate,
    p_status => 'SUBMITTED'
    END;SEND_MAIL is basically Apex mail proc but more flexible
    Sorry for hardcoded values, this is just sample and fore demo purposes only, I did not (and do not) put much effort in it
    custom_hash is standard Apex well known function
    create or replace function custom_hash (p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2)
    return varchar2
      l_password varchar2(4000);
      l_salt varchar2(4000) := 'EVQELZY27PVLWPHMRN8B0CRRMAXBR8';
    l_password := utl_raw.cast_to_raw(dbms_obfuscation_toolkit.md5
      (input_string => p_password || substr(l_salt,10,13) || p_username ||
        substr(l_salt, 4,10)));
    return l_password;
    end;When email arrives, user clicks a link that i generated above, then he is redirected to page alias CONFIRM
    As you can see items CONF_ID,USERNAME are populated, one with hash value another with username.
    In CONFIRM page there is process that calculates the hash again out of username and compares to CONF_ID.
    If it agrees, then fine, if not, then sorry.
    There are other usual things: no double confirmation, no random navigation of someone to that page and etc
    Hope this helps
    Edited by: oleg.lihvoinen on Feb 9, 2010 1:55 PM

  • Protecting software licenses with Activation codes, limiting users

    Hi all.
    I'm trying to find a solution for preventing clients that buy an application so install it above the limit in contract that it was bought original.
    Some clients buy our Oracle Application and for reasons that we cannot control they install more copies and have more users using it then what is in the contract.
    I'm looking for solutions that can limit either the number of clients connected on that application at any given time, or can limit how many terminals will be connected on it at any given time.
    Can I limit it by the number of users or by the number of terminals or both?
    How are others taking control on not so nice clients that buy a 10 users version but end up using for 20 or 30 users without paying the upgrade for the application?
    Thank you

    The only comment I would make to Adobe on this matter is as follows:
    Whatever licensing scheme you come up with, keep it simple so it actually works.
    Fully disclose the details of your protection schemes to the customer before purchase.
    Sure, we're small fish, but Adobe lost all interest that we may have had in using PDFs for web data-input when we very quickly demonstrated to ourselves (using the absolutely-most-current versions of Acrobat and Reader) that the technology was completely un-reliable when Reader was used, and it was unreliable because of errors in the license-control routines.  Furthermore, these were issues that we had been given no cause to expect.
    The "rights" that Adobe seemed to be trying to enforce here also make no business sense:  either you have sold me the "right" to create fillable PDF forms for web-form use, within the "ordinary" context of Acrobat/Reader, for as many such form-files as I may care to make, or you have not sold me anything at all.  Sure, we all understand the Gillette Principle ("give 'em the handle, sell 'em the blades"), but at the end of the day the customer has to come away with a clean-shaven face.  That is what the customer is paying money to get, and if your efforts to obtain revenue defeat its "fitness to a particular purpose," then you are doing something very wrong.

  • How do i reinstall elements 11 with activation code

    unable to find link to enter code

    If you have only installed once before you could try this link. SEE VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION as you need to be logged in to the server before starting the download. l

  • I cann't active my developer account with activation code

    We have received your purchase information and will email you shortly to verify additional details.
    what's the problem?
    I have already waited for 5 days,just give me this?

    you mean i need wait another 5 business day?
    thank u reply

  • Activation Code - Elements 6 Upgrade

    I am getting an invalid serial number when I try to login to upgrade my Photoshop Elements 6 to the more recent version.  I am on Mac OS 10.10.1.  I see from past posts there have been issues previously with activation codes on Mac.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Are you talking about a redemption code or a serial number?

  • HT5188 Can I use a 'gifted' app code with AC?

    I have an unused redemption code for an app that was gifted to me (the code was sent to me by a school administrator). Can I manually add this to Apple Configurator so that I can manage this app on our school iPads? I don't believe it was purchased through VPP, so it's not on a spread sheet that I can import to AC. It's a very expensive communication device app, so I need to be able to move the app between iPads as our students move through the school system. Thanks.

    By default, whenever you connect a supervised device to Apple Configurator, any apps which were installed on that device by a user will be deleted.
    With Apple Configurator v1.1 or later, you can change this setting in Preferences, under the Apple Configurator menu.
    So, if you install the app as a "user" using whatever apple id you would normally use to install a standalone app, you can change the preferences setting in .1.1.  You would not use Configurator to install the app but add it manually  to the device being used by the student or group of students in question.  Given that you only have one code you could not legally place it on multiple devices anyway so there is no point in  loading it through Configurator.

Maybe you are looking for