GL Account balance as of a particular date

Is there a report in SAP that gives GL account balances as of a particular date.

    I am working on FI report, where i need to calculate the G/L account closing balance on a daily basis, which will be used as the opening balance for the next day, please help me out with some sample report or logic to claculate the closing balance day wise.
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  • Ref no. not shown in account balance

    Dear Experts,
    There is minor problem i am facing. When i click  the account balance of business partners , the data added in a Cust ref no. of A/R invoice named ref2 is not being shown; although i have entered text in that box. I am using SAP business one 8.8. In some cases it shows, in some cases it does not.
    Kindly help
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    Hi Rahul,
    Checked it.. It is ref 2.. Cust Ref no. in A/R invoice. and ref 2 column of the account balance..
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  • Account Balance not showing correctly

    Suppose , i have posted an invoice  of Rs.200 against a customer and after some times i recieved payment from this customer of Rs.200 So,  accout balance of this customer should be zero.. But when i see the account balance from business partner master data , it should me Rs.-400 in accout balance field but when i navigate through orange arrow in to accoutn balance details , there i get  zero in balance due field?? ie. it is showing coorectly in details of account ballance but in the business partner master data it is not showing correctly??

    hi divya,
    Check SAP Note 904002 - Customer account balance is displayed with negative sign
    Customer Balance is displayed with minus.
    Other terms
    Customer balance, Supplier Balance, Credit Balance, Debit Balance, Display Credit Balance with Negative Sign, Company Details, System Initialisation, business partner, accounts, SAP Business One
    Reason and Prerequisites
    Customer balance is displayed in negative though you expect it to be positive.
    Under Administration->System Initialisation->Company Details and the 'Basic Initialisation' tab you will find the setting 'Display Credit Balance with Negative Sign'. This setting decides how Customer and Supplier balances will be displayed.
    When creating a company it is important to know that this setting is irreversible once transactions have been made in the company.
    When this box IS checked the following applies:
    Customer balances will be displayed as Positive.
    Supplier balances will be displayed as Negative.
    When this box IS NOT checked the following applies:
    Customer balances will be displayed as Negative.
    Supplier balances will be displayed as Positive.
    This setting also influences the entry of opening balances for the G/L accounts. Depending on this setting, the opening balances must be entered as positive or negative numbers.
    By default this box is checked when a new company is created.
    Header Data
    Release Status: Released for Customer
    Released on: 02.12.2005  10:42:10
    Master Language: English
    Priority: Recommendations/additional info
    Category: Consulting
    Primary Component: SBO-ADM-INI-DET Company Details
    Secondary Components: SBO-BP Business Partners
    Affected Releases
    Hope it solves problem.

  • GL balance reupload as of a particular date

    We need to zero all GL balances upto a certain date (31.03.2007). A certain number of entries have been done before this date but they are not complete. Hence the account balances are not correct. It is a lot of effort to do all those entries. Similarly it is not possible to pass reverse entries to make the balances zero.
    Initialize the records so that we can do a fresh upload of balances on a particular date and do entries after that date.
    Can anyone help with this? What would be a good way of doing this?

        I am working on FI report, where i need to calculate the G/L account closing balance on a daily basis, which will be used as the opening balance for the next day, please help me out with some sample report or logic to claculate the closing balance day wise.
    u can mail me to :[email protected]

  • GL Account balance report - Date wise report reqd(Eg: 05.03.08 to 20.03.08)

    Dear Friends,
    This is with regard to GL account wise balance/trial balance report based on dates (From...To format).
    We have tried all standard GL reports especially account balances and trial balance reports and all reports are showing period wise reports eventhough we put posting dates in the dynamic selection screen.
    We also checked in SAP Notes and Expert Forum and none of the details are matching with our requirement.
    As we are in production client (in ECC 6.0 version) and doing year end procedure, it would be helpful if you could let me know whether there is any transaction code/report/program available in SAP to meet the
    above requirement.

    Hi Dwarak,
    All reports balance report are based on posting period. This information is stored in a total table by posting period. These reports are not looking to the posting documents.
    When you have BW or special ledger you can create a table with day totals

  • How to see the customer balance as on particular date wise

    hello expert,
    i want to see the customer balance as on particular date wise.  i have already search the given standard t code. is there any option to see the report. please advice me.
    Thanks and regards
    Moderator: Search SDN

    Please try reports S_ALR_87012168/S_ALR_87012174.

  • Account balance out of date

    Has anyone else had account balance out of date error before!  I lost almost 7 dollars off of a new Itunes gift card after redemption!

    Mine is doing the same thing, half an hour ago I redeemed 30$ in iTunes gift cards and now I'm trying to buy music and it keeps saying, credit balance out of date

  • Trial Balance as on particular Date

    Please tell me the T.Code For Trial Balance as on particular Date.
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    As per your message it seems your client gone live production on 01.01.2009.  The legacy balances might have uploaded with posting date 01.01.2009 with document type US. After uploading you are trying to see the opening trial balance.
    In SAP date wise trial balance concept is not there.  We have so many reports for trial balance for periodical basis not date specific.  I have checked the dynamic selections option, for document type.  Even if we found the document type option in dynamic selections, there we can give document type US and period 01/2009.

  • Accounting Balance of Secondary Higher Education Cess on selected Date

    We are in the process of the developing CENVAT Register.
    We are using ECC 5.0 & CIN activated.
    For closing accounting balances on the selected date, we are identified one table called "J_2IACCBAL". However this table does not have the entries for Secondary & Higher Education Cess.
    Please suggest any other table where we can able to get the closing balances of secondary & higher education cess.

    Dear Sai,
    Thanks for immediate response, however our requirement is to know the closing un-utilized balance lying in Secondary & Higher Education Cess. We have verified the J_1Ipart2 is giving the transactional data.
    Please suggest any other finding

  • G/L Account Balance Interest Scale

    hi Gurus,
    I done the G/l Balance Interest Calculation( Configuration and Settings )
    Example :  Loan Account xxxxx this account Open Item Select and Interest Indicator y1,  & Frequency is 1 month is given.
    1. F-02 Posting     Bank A/c  Dr   10000
                               Loan A/c Cr     10000
    next then Go to Fbl3n xxxx loan a/c is open item balance 10000
    2. F.52 G/L account Bal Interest Scale
    Interest tobe Calculated  some amount 1month  Rs 400
    Batch input session run Ok ,( No Errors )
    Interest not Posted to a Particular G/L Account
    ALL Setting Fulfill in Interst Calculation ( Balance )
    Advance Thanks

    Hi John,
    The tables you need are going to be JDT1 (journal lines), OJDT (journal header) and possibly OACT (account master). The contents of these tables should be sufficient to calculate the balance as at a certain date. For details of the columns in each table, you could use the Query Generator or consult the database help file (which is available if you have installed the SDK).
    A basic SQL query would be something like this:
    SELECT T2.AcctCode as AcctCode, T2.AcctName, sum(T0.Debit - T0.Credit) FROM JDT1 T0  INNER JOIN OJDT T1 ON T0.TransId = T1.TransId INNER JOIN OACT T2 ON T0.Account = T2.AcctCode WHERE T1.RefDate <= 'YYYY-MM-DD' and T2.AcctCode = '_Sys00000000019' group by T2.AcctCode, T2.AcctName
    where YYYY-MM-DD is the date you want the balance at and _Sys00000000019 is a made up account number I used as an example.
    Hope this helps,

  • GL Account Balance Query Issue

      I'm trying to extract GL Balances in the following format
    Company Segment(Segment2)  ||   Account Number(Segment1) ||  Cost Center Segment4 ||  Account Descr ||  Actual Flag || Account Type || Activity || Activity in Period || Currency || Period End date || Account Balance
    Here's my query :
    SELECT     gcc.segment4  "Company Segment",
               gcc.segment1  "Account",
               gcc.segment2  "Cost Center",
               a1.description "Account Description",
             --  a2.description Company_Description,
               Decode(gcc.account_type,'A','Asset','E','Expense','L','Liability','O','Equity','R','Revenue') "Account Type",
               Decode(gcc.enabled_flag,'Y','TRUE','FALSE')  "Active Account",
               Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE') "Activity in Period",
               bal.actual_flag  " Actual Flag",
               bal.currency_code  "Account Currency",
               per.end_date  "Period End Date",
               SUM(( NVL(bal.PERIOD_NET_DR,0) + NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_DR,0))) - SUM(NVL(bal.PERIOD_NET_CR,0)+NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_CR,0)) -
                         SUM( NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_DR,0) - NVL(bal.BEGIN_BALANCE_CR,0))   "Account Balance"
    FROM        apps.fnd_flex_values_vl a1,      --- For Account Segment
                apps.fnd_flex_values_vl a2,              -- For Cost Center
                apps.gl_code_combinations gcc,
                apps.gl_balances bal,
                apps.gl_periods per
    WHERE       a1.flex_value = gcc.segment1 
    AND         a2.flex_value = gcc.segment2
    and         a1.flex_value_set_id = 111111        -- Value set id for Account
    ---and         a2.flex_value_set_id = 222222    -- Value set id for Cost Center
    and         gcc.code_combination_id = bal.code_combination_id
    and          bal.period_name = per.period_name
    and         gcc.segment1 in ('777777')      --- Sample Account for testing only
    --and         gcc.segment2 in (222222)
    and         per.period_set_name ='GL_CALENDAR'
    and         bal.period_name ='SEP-13'
    and         bal.actual_flag='A'
    group by    gcc.segment4,
               --            Decode(gcc.account_type,'A','Asset','E','Expense','L','Liability','O','Equity','R','Revenue'),
                Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE'),
                order by gcc.segment1,gcc.segment2
    1) If I  comment value set id 222222(Cost Center), then I'm getting 15 Records ,If I uncomment that I'm getting 10 records?Is there anything wrong with my queryAs I'm not displaying descriptions for cost center and company do I need to join fnd_flex_values_vl again or not ? 2) To check activity in particular period in this case for SEP-13,I'm using the following clause : Decode(abs(bal.Period_net_dr - bal.Period_net_cr),0,'FALSE','TRUE') Do I need to check ABS values also ro not?

      You can do this with WD dynamic programming.
      You can do with domodifyview badi for accounting component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_DO_ACC.
      You need to handle both views 'V_DO_ACCOUNTING' and  'V_DO_ACCOUNT_DETAIL' in the domodifyview badi implementation.
    I am sending the sample  code. How to attach the custom search help dynamically.
      DATA lo_nd_comp_context    TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
      DATA lo_nd_acc_context     TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
      DATA lo_nd_info_acc        TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info.
      DATA lv_value_help_mode    TYPE i.
      DATA lv_value_help         TYPE string.
      " Read Context
      lo_nd_comp_context = wd_context->get_child_node( name = 'COMP_CONTEXT' ).
      " get node info object of accounting node
      IF lo_nd_acc_context IS BOUND.
        lo_nd_info_acc = lo_nd_acc_context->get_node_info( ).
      " continue only if node info is supplied
      IF lo_nd_info_acc IS BOUND.
        " get current search help info
            name            = 'G_L_ACCT'
            value_help_mode = lv_value_help_mode
            value_help      = lv_value_help
    " Below this will add the custom search help from SRM .
              name            = 'G_L_ACCT'
              value_help_mode = 'BUS2121'
              value_help      = 'Z_F4-Your search help'   " you own search help.
    Devi prasad

  • GL Account Balance

    Hi all,
    Is it possible to retrieve the GL Account balances at a particular date by use of a user query?

    Hi Jitin,
    The information I want to display is as follows:
                                  __TODAY_          MTD             YTD_
    Sales (Branch A)
    Sales (Branch B)
    Stock (Branch A)
    Stock (Branch B)
    The management wants to see the above information without having to use the TB or Balance Sheet. Thanks

  • Difference in GL account balance & Balance showing in Trial Balance

    Actually we found that in  balance of a Gl account in FBL3N and balance in FS10N as well as in F.08 ( Trial Balance ) not matched with each other.
    Can anybody suggest how can it be possible.
    I have checked there are two documents which are affecting the Gl account balance in FBL3N but not affecting the same in Trial Balance due that there are diffference in Amount showing in Trial Balance and Amount showing in Gl account.
    Pls suggest the reason.

    Hi Sandeep,
    After running the T/Code F.08 i.e. for Trial Balance if there is a difference then run the T/Code F.03 - GL Account Summary. This report will show you the GL's because of which there is a difference in the Trial balance.
    Also if you find particular GL who is showing the differences in the Line Items"  (i.e. FBL3N report) and in GL Balance (May be FS10N - Master Data) then see the Master data of that GL in T/Code - FS00 - to find out the changes done in that GL . One of the change could be "Line Item Display". If we disselect this option then transactions get posted but will not get reflected in FBL3N (Line item display) . Final Amount (of FBL3N) will not match with the GL Balance (FS10N or Master Record)
    We are also facing same problem. Finding the solution (ABAP Program) to identify the entries made in between the disselection & again selection  of "Line Item Display".
    If you know the solution pls. share
    Assign the points if useful
    Shridhar Sawant

  • Vendor Account Balance

    I want to know how to pull out account balance for a vendor as on a particular date

    Use General Ledger report
    Put tick mark in BP TAB and give the nessary from date & To Date it will show the account balance.
    Financial->Financial Reports->General Ledger Report
    *close the thread if issue solved.
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  • Need to extract AR account balances in

    I have a requirement to extract AR balances as on a particular GL date. The version of EBS is
    Required fields:
    Period End date
    AR Account Balance
    Can anyone provide an SQL query having the tables that will give these details from AR.

    To expand a bit further, typically the code_combination_id (CCID) is stored on any tables where an account is required. The descriptions are shown on the form and reports. If you update the descriptions, there is no history kept on the old description, and only the new one will show.
    I hope this helps as well.

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