GL Account Balance Display

Hi All,
We transferred all the GL account balances to the new fiscal year 2008 by way of running year end program.
Now our auditor wants to see the GL account balance on 31 .12. 2007 as well as on 01.01.2008. The users have also posted some transactions from 01 Jan onwards.
Now my concern is how to get all the GL account balances on 01 Jan 2008.
Because when we run the GL account balances report for the period 01, it shows all the values including the posted transactions during this period. But our auditor wants the General Ledger Account balances on the beginning of the year 01.01.2008.
I request you to all, please give your valuable reply.
Thanks with regards,

Hi Padma
Thank you for your information and as I know that when you use the T.code: FS10N, you can get the account balance for the selected GL accounts only. This is not my requirement.
How do we see the balance as on date DD/MM/YYYY. Because our Auditor wants to see the account balance as on 31-12-2007 and at the same time 01-01-2008.
How do I ge the report for this purpose.
Please let me know.
Thanks with regards,

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  • Profit Center wise G/L Account balance Display

    I m unable to find Standard Report Profit Center wise G/L Account balance Display (for ref.: FS10N)...
    when i m creating it's Z report, facing some problems like period showing 16 instead of 9 and other's...
    please let me know what can i do...

    Profit Center wise G/L Account balance Display
    Tcode:S_PL0_86000030 - G/L Account Balances (New)

  • Similar report for Account Balance display which could be scheduled in the background

    Hi SAP gurus,
    As we know to display GL Account Balance Display we have std report "FAGL_ACCOUNT_BALANCE" But we can not run this in background as it is ALV report.
    So I would like to know a similar report which could be scheduled in the background.
    Thanks in advance

    As division is not header field of invoice it is not available in accounting document header as well. Thus it will not be available in any standard reports showning items per account. I'm affraid you need to develop your own report or try to extend existing using user-/customer-exits.
    You can find more information in OSS note 13131.

  • FS10 (GL Account Balance Display) and FS10N(GL Account Balance Display)

    Hi All,
    when we are using FS10 and we are using layout u2018/VELASCOu2019, then in assignment field we get Customer Number.
    when we are using FS10N and we are using layout u2018/VELASCOu2019, then in assignment field we get NOT GETTING Customer Number, but reference number or document number.
    please can suggest why it is working differently.
    Thanks and Regards

    I see that you are using FS10 and FS10N which is for GL account balance display and you are mentioning about Customer Number not being populated in this. I assume you are referring to the drill down line item report since account balance output has not option for changing layout.
    In general coming to the GL line item report and customer number, this field is displayed in the report if the table BSEG is filled for this field. So summarizing, if there is no entry in table BSEG for this Line item there cannot be entry in FBL3N. What you are referring to would be a 'offsetting account' logic. Please check the note 112312 about the 'offsetting account' logic.
    But in your case I see that you are referring to Customer Number being displayed in assignment field, so I guess you are using sort key in master data to fill Customer number.The sort key in the master data of the G/L account fills field BSEG-HZUON.
    Refer note 334466 and 676338 for good info about how zuonr is filled and Please refer to the notes 215798,  984305. They will describe you how to put a special field into the line item display.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind Regards

  • Account Balance - Display Unreconciled Transaction

    SAP B1 2005B PL40
    Click on the arrow of the account balance of COA screen, SAP standard report "Account Balance" will be popped up. After checked the option "Display unreconciled trans. only", the reconciled transactions were shown also.
    Please advise.

    One of my client face the similar kind of problem, was sorted out by SAP
    would be a better option to log a support ticket,

  • GL Account Balance Display Problem

    Hi SAP Gurus
    I am having the problem with the GL Account display.
    When I use the T.Code:FS10N to display the balance of the particular GL Account
    the total shows  one balance and if I go through Line item, it shows different amount.
    I request you to kindly reply to me why this difference occurs and due to what reason?
    Thanks with regards,

    Dear Bala,
    You can check the data (GL Account Balance) in database table GLT0 or write a query or report with logical datbase SDF and structures SKC1A / SKC1C
    Try to analyse if the the difference is in differnet currencies or different business areas.
    What report are you using for line item.
    RFSUSA00, RFSOPO00, or RFSSLD00.
    Also, visit the following thread:
    Problem regarding difference in FS10N and FBL3N
    Hope this will help.

  • Account balance display

    Does anyone know how to check your balance? I recieved an email telling me that my purchase had been delivered so do I just take Skype's word for it? I've been all through the account section but there's no sign of my balance. Has this simple feature been removed to 'improve our Skype experience'?

    Hi, Matt40, and welcome to the Community,
    In the new Windows 6.22 version, I found my account balance by clicking on my account name that appears above my contact list in that big blue box.
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  • GL account balance display(tcodes) in ECC6.0

    Hi friends,
    what trasaction codes helpful for validating GL account balances(debit,credit,balance, cumulative balances) in ECC6.0 as BW consultant brought P&L and Balance sheet figs.

    Hi friends,
    I'm using fs10n, for some of the P&L components(manufactring expeses) for 2 or 3 periods, mismathcing occurs at debit & balances level(fs10n figs vs DSO data).
    Does anyone faces problem like fs10n giving wrong results? where as extractor(rsa3: 0fi_gl_4) debit & balances are different from fs10n results.
    which one is best way, extracted data(gl balances) in DSO be validated against extractor data or fs10n/FAGLB03 data?

  • Where is my account balance displayed?

    Apple tells me I have credit in my account, and I can get to my Account Information, but I don't see any way to find out how many dollars credit I have.

    It will be shown in the upper-right of the iTunes Store window in iTunes, next to your account name, whenever iTunes is logged into your account.

  • Balance Display are different for the same GL account in FS10N & FAGLB03

    It was noted that the GL account Balance Display are different for the same GL account in FS10N & FAGLB03.
    Please advice what would have cause the matter.
    Thank you,

    Hi Vani,
    Think you are using version 6.0.
    I had observed that TCode FAGLB03, displayes balances for particular Ledger (0L) leading by default.
    While in FS10N there is no option for selecting ledger.
    Try FAGLB03 with all ledgers one by one.
    Add the total and then try to matc wiht FS10N.
    Assign points of Good.

  • Document currency (Transaction currency) wise G/L account balance report.

    Dear All,
    Is there any report available in FI for Document currency (Transaction currency) wise G/L account balance display.
    Something similar to S_ALR_87012277; which gives currency-wise balance display?
    Thank you for help.

    Hi Mike
    Thank you for your quick responce.
    I don't have access to this S_PLO_........ tcode; Ours is ECC 5.0 installation.
    Is any other report available.
    Thank you

  • Display account balances for vendor PO's and GRPO's

    In the BP Master, there is a display for customers of the account balance, open orders, deliveries, and opportunities.  But for vendors there is only an account balance.  There should be a similar display for open PO's and GRPO's.

    Hello Marcia,
    Maybe you can have a try with Drag&Relate function then use Filter to just include Open PO/GRPO only, the total amount will be displayed at the bottom of Drag&Relate result window.
    Howeve this is not as convenient as the open balance field directly showed on BP Master Data field.
    Canna Mu

  • Error in "Display G/L account balances" Fiori app

    Hi experts,
    I am getting below error while configuring the "Display G/L account balances" SAP Fiori app in our demo landscape. I am getting the similar error for all other 6 Finance apps that I am trying to configure.
    Cannot call "Service"
    GW error log says that this is an authorization error
    The app was configured according to the standard SAP Fiori app configuration process, all services have been activated, roles have been created and assigned correctly to my user etc.
    Here is also a su53 screenshot from backend SAP system
    Below are the system details:
    Gateway - SAP NW 7.4 SP10, UI for sFIN UIAPFI70 release 200(latest), SAP_UI SP11(latest)
    Backend - SAP ECC 6.0 EhP 7 SP07, SAP_FIN 720(latest)
    Do you have any pointers or ideas? Any help will be much appreciated!

    How did you activate the Gateway service? (FAC*ENTITIES)
    There seems to be some problems with Service registration. (/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE)
    In addition there seems to be problem with RFC authorization.

  • Displaying Remarks field to GL Account Balance window

    Hi There
    Is it possible to add an additional column to the Account Balance window to display the Remarks field from the origin document, ie, ODLN,Comments or OVPM, Comments.  The Journal Remarks already are displayed but is limited to 50 characters.
    Using 2007A SP01 PL10 - without crystal reports

    Hi Tracey
    Yes u can add a udf to the Accounts balance window while creating udf give the character length to 100 so that u can have 100 characters to enter and u shuld enter the remarks of odln /ovpm remaks manully in this udfautomatically it will not populate .
    i think this will solve ur prob

  • Trial Balance displayed in GL Account currency

    Dear experts,
    I am working with a client implementing an SAP All-in-one Best Practice UAE version.
    The Client asks to have a Trial Balance of the GL accounts with 3 currencies view.
    1st view column:  Account Currency
    2nd view column: Local Currency
    3rd view column: Group Currency
    I tried the T.Code: S_PLO_86000030 ... and when i tried to put the currency type (80) -- which is the ledger currency and which is what the client asked for ...However the system is not allowing me to do so and generating an error msg "Enter a correct currency type:
                                     --  Message no. GH102
             Diagnoses       -- You want to see data for a currency type that is not kept in the ledger concerned.
    Sys. Response       -- The program cannot be run.
              Procedure      -- Check your entries for the currency type and ledger. Also check the valuation (legal,management,
                                        corporate group) of this ledger in Customizing.
    And i am only able to choose from the currency types: 10 -- Company code currency
                                                                                    30 -- Group currency
    So can anyone advise me and help me in this issue ????
    Your reply is well appreciated.
    For more info. and additional explanation plz let me know.
    Nabil Fares

    the currencies r found there as 1st currency Local Currency LBP and 2nd currency: group currency USD for all company codes in the parent. T.code OB22 .. they are found ... there is still the 3rd currency empty or available .. but yhe ledger currency that i want in the report which is Currency code 80 is not found from the report of the Account Balances using the T.code S_PL0_86000030 - G/L Account Balances (New)
    I want the report to generate the balance in the Account Currencies and not in ( 10 - Local currency or 30 - group currency ). using the T.code OB22 i only have the options (10,30,40,50,60 --- Company code currency, Group Cur, Hard cur, Index based cur. and global company cur .. respectively) ... So how can i got the result of my Balance in the Account currency which is Ledger currency type 80 ???
    Thanks in advance ....

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