GL Account balance report - Date wise report reqd(Eg: 05.03.08 to 20.03.08)

Dear Friends,
This is with regard to GL account wise balance/trial balance report based on dates (From...To format).
We have tried all standard GL reports especially account balances and trial balance reports and all reports are showing period wise reports eventhough we put posting dates in the dynamic selection screen.
We also checked in SAP Notes and Expert Forum and none of the details are matching with our requirement.
As we are in production client (in ECC 6.0 version) and doing year end procedure, it would be helpful if you could let me know whether there is any transaction code/report/program available in SAP to meet the
above requirement.

Hi Dwarak,
All reports balance report are based on posting period. This information is stored in a total table by posting period. These reports are not looking to the posting documents.
When you have BW or special ledger you can create a table with day totals

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  • Requirement of  General Ledger Trial Balance Detail Report Date wise

    Thanks for your reply
    We have to requirement of General Ledger Trial Balance Detail Report Date wise.
    Please help for that.

    Take sum(Accounted_dr) - Sum(Accounted_Cr) till the Accounting Date..... from GL_BALANCES
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  • Stock Report Date Wise

    Dear All
            I am devlop new Stock Report Date wise
    my output follows
    Material    Plant   Storagelocaton   Saleorder OPenning stock     Closing Stock     Total
    Which Table stored that details?
    how will calculated?
    Thanks and Regards

    i think the following tables
    will be helpful for the report:-
    hope this will help
    good luck

  • Can we access report date wise?

    hi all
    can we access report date wise if yes then plz guide me?
    i made two text items,one for start date and second one for end date in form.if i issue date in these two text items like this
    start date: 01/08/2009 End date: 08/08/2009 and after pressing the when_button_pressed and it give me the report up to giving date,is it possible?
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    hi sir
    sir i got an error in the following code
    here is the error:" to many declaration of 'To_char' match this call"
    my table name is date1
    and table structure is
    and i used this where query WHERE COLUMN BETWEEN TO_DATE(:P_START, 'DD.MM.YYYY') AND TO_DATE(:P_END, 'DD.MM.YYYY') in the form where caluse
    i am using u r codes for displaying report which one you posted yesterday

  • Delivery Date-Wise Report

    Dear all
    Can I have a Delivery Date wise report for Purchase Order.
    (T.Code) and what the paramenters that I have to input.

    You can get it in the ME series 2L,2M ,2N etc by giving the delivery date range but the delivery dates will not be displayed in the report. To see the PO wise delievry date see the table EKET.

  • Trail balance Posting date wise .

    Hello all,
    My Cleint want trail balance Date wise reporting.
    We had done go live on 27.11.2011
    They want a reporting of that date .
    I am trying in F.01 ,
    In special evaluation there is option of
    Alternative period selection here I am giving date : 27.11.2011
    but there are giving whole month reporting.
    As include posting of 28-30 th nov.
    PLs reply is too Immediatte

    Date Wise Financial Statements
    Hi Sharif,
    Greetings for the Day,
    I have a very small doubt in this.
    While creating the BASIC SET in GS01: say CALLED.... here we are giving FROM VALUE as 50000 - CALLED UP CAPITAL NOT PAID.
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    Is this 50000, which we give here or the one we have to pick from GL (FS00) ??
    Since, this calledup capital I cannot find in my GL (FS00).
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  • Branch Wise Reporting /Region Wise Reporting

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    We have 1   Company Code
                  7   Regions
                  24 Branches
    The client wanted to see the Region wise Reports & Branch Wise reporting as their current software is providing the same.So they are required Region wise Reports & Branch Wise reporting.
    Question 1:In SAP is there any possibilities to see Region wise Reports & Branch Wise reporting?Please give me the process & flow of reporting with T-codes.
    Question 2:Can we see Region wise Reports & Branch Wise reporting if we use Profit center Accounting?
    Question 3:Please Give me clear suggestion for this Requirement..
    Thanks in advance
    Sap Guru

    Try using COPA. You can do that in a flash!

  • Balance by date wise

    We can see the Gl bal in FS10N by periodwise.
    But what is the sollution to see the balance by date wise (From Date-To Date)?

    You can use Document Journal (FI => GL => Information System) for this purpose.
    However, you need to give each day.

  • Windows are weired in Reports- Data Dictionary Reports- PL/SQL- .......

    When I go to Reports->Data Dictionary Reports-> PL/SQL->Search Source Code I get a window where I can not enter anything and moreover nothing is clearly visible.
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    The parameters default to NULL (the NULL check box is ticked) - to be able to enter a value, you need to first uncheck the NULL check box. You get the same thing with bind variables when running statements in the SQL Worksheet.
    I think it would be much better if typing anything into the parameter value field automatically deselected the NULL, but it doesn't do that.

  • T-Codes to See Branch wise Reports/Regional Wise Reports

    Can anybody provide me the T-Codes to See Branch wise Reports/Regional Wise Reports and also kindly provide me the t-codes for the below
    Financial reporting
    a)Income Statement by Region Yearly and Monthly comparision
    b)Income Statement monthly with previous year current Month.
    c)Income Statement by Branch
    d)Income Statement Branch level comparion with same month Previous year
    Sap Guru

    Try using COPA. You can do that in a flash!

  • Date wise reports

    hi gurus,
    Is it possible to see date wise stock of a material? I mean is it
    possible to have a material ledger kind of thing in SAP.
    thanks in advance

    Dear Lakshmi reddy,
    Goto the T.code:MB5B - Stocks for Posting date
    It show the report FROM date to TO date i.e., for perticular month, year
    If u want the date wise stock i.e., within the month 1,2,3,.......31
    We have to go development report(user exit).
    U approch ur ABAPer and explain ur requirement indetail to resolve the issue.
    With regards,

  • Production report date wise

    actually i want daily cost of finish goods within that seperate the completed qty cost & rejected qty cost
    & also the raw material cost which i issue for that finish wise.

    please check the link :
    Re: Date Wise Production Report

  • How to show GL Account Balance amount in Ledger Report.

    We need to show General Ledger balance based transaction wise how we can show GL Account Balance where it will store which table and which below query is there here only I need to add balance after Total please guide me.
    select T0.transid,T0.number,T2.seriesname,T0.refdate,T0.baseref,T1.account,T1.shortname,T3.acctname,,T1.debit, as Total,T3.CurrTotal,T0.ref1,T0.ref2,T1.ref3line,T0.memo,T1.paymentref, T1.ProfitCode, T1.OcrCode2, T1.OcrCode3,
                          T1.OcrCode4, T1.OcrCode5,T1.U_Naration as RowNarration,T0.U_naration as DocumentNarration from OJDT T0
    inner join jdt1 T1 on T0.transid=T1.transid
    inner join nnm1 T2 on T2.series=T0.series
    inner join oact T3 on T3.acctcode=T1.account
    where T3.acctcode='1030101003'

    hi sampath,
    I giving u fair idea how to show g/l account balance
    There is a field in JDT1 - journal entry rows - JDT1.DebCred which is indicator when g/l account
    is debited / credited,it is filled with value D or C.
    You can add Case syntax in existing query with condition  JDT1.DebCred = 'D' then
    JDT1.Debit + Opening/Closing balance and if JDT1.DebCred = 'C' then
    JDT1.Credit - Opening/Closing balance.
    It requires much time & effort to build this query.
    Edited by: Jeyakanthan A on May 14, 2009 3:54 PM

  • Vendor account balance business area wise

    Please guide me for taking vendor account balances business area wise

    Hi Sarath,
    Goto FBL1N enter your vendor codes company code and posting dates in dynamic selections select your respective business area.

  • Define Reports For Branch Reporting/Region Wise Reports

    Is there any possibilities to define our own reports for Branch Wise/Region Wise Reporting?
    Kindly give me suggestion if possible with the process to create.
    Sap Guru

    You can define your own customized reports for Branch Wise/Region Wise Reporting.
    This is the work of a technical person ie. ABAPer.
    You have to give him tables names,fields for defining reports.
    Alternatively, you can use SAP BW to define your customized reports.
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.

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