Gl account problem in bex reports

hi experts,
In my purchases data GL account is prefixed with chart of account ex: XX00/345672.
But in  my report in bex client donot want to see the chart of account prefixed to GL account, so i need to show 345672 only with out prefix XX00/.
Please guid me how to achieve this

There are 2 ways to do this,
1. If report is already there in production and assigned in portal then user have a knowledge of drill downs and properties then he can go to properties of GL Account and display as not compounded.
2. If you need to permanent solution then keep char of accounts object in above GL account in Rows better to keep first object as chat of accounts in rows because in future if user wants drill down and across that case also it works fine. You need to made Chat of accounts display properties as 'No DISPLAY'.

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  • Keyfigure dsiplay problem in BEx Report

    Hello Experts,
    In my BEx report i need to display keyfigure values as a whole numbers instead of fraction.I have selected 0 in decimal place of keyfigure properties but the problem is if I have a decimal it gets truncated instead of round figure.  Eg. for value 153.65 report shows 153 but I need to display as 154.

    To be more specific suppose u r having a key fig say KF having the value 153.65.
    Don't set any decimal place for the KF. Just go to the properties and hide it
    Now create a new formula and set the decimal places to 0 in the properties and use the following formula.
    ( FRAC ( 'KF' ) < 0.5 ) * FLOOR ( 'KF' ) +
    ( FRAC ( 'KF') >= 0.5 ) * CEIL ('KF')
    Hope this helps

  • Cumulation problem in BEX REPORT?

    i am generating reporting FISCAL PERIOD WISE. the values of standard price(OPRICE_STD), moving average price(0PRICE_AVG) values are basically coming from R/3 directly.
    0fiscper    Company period            std price           mov avg price
    2009001     20090101                      40                         50
    2009001     20090102                      40                         50
    2009001     20090103                      40                         50
    2009001     20090104                      40                         50
    no, when i run the report by fiscal period the values are showing 160 instead of 40, and 200 instead of 50 respectively.
    when u drill down the values are 40,50 only for the company period wise. but how to display overall result as 40 for std price, and 50 for mov avg price in the bex report. that means how to do it in bex query designer.

    thanks one and all , that problem has been resolved.
    i have created structure for material types( Ingredients, packaging materials in rows)
    when i execute the query by fiscal period the values which are showing is very high in the final result.
    when i drill down by material and keyfigure(formula) values are not matching with the final result.
    and if we execute by material wise rather than period wise the values are perfect.
    pl tell me the solutio
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  • Problem Running BEX report from SAP.

    Hi All,
    We are getting the below error message when we are executing BEX report from SAP.
    "Analyzer requires version 140. The currently installed version is 066
    Message no. RSR_LAUNCH_EXCEL107."
    when i run the report for first time it is displaying correctly but, when i run it for second time (first one is already opened) then i get the above message.
    Please let me know is there any setting or oss note related to this issue.

    Where is it happened? in Tx RRMXP, RRMX or when you execute Bex Analyzer?
    Probe with this notes: 1086904, 1152929.
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  • Tricky problem in Bex report

    Hi, experts,
        In our Bex reports, If I set the figure format(scaling and decimal) with "change query (local view ..)", then customized layout(add drill down, keep filter ..). It's works fine.
        But, If I do customized layout firstly, then go to "change query (local view ..)", the format change can not work any more   It's so strange, just cause different sequence.
        Some end user will follow wrong sequence, how can I explain this. is it bug in BW?
    Thanks in advance.

    my Version is: 3.50   patch level  3020.10.618
    For example,
    column is Act, Plan
    Row is company
    free characteristic is profit center.
    if you position on "ACT" and right click mouse and select "filter and drilldown according to" -- "Profit center"
    then open the "change query (local view)" , you will see Act located on "free characteristic". in this case, I can not set the scaling factor for "ACT"

  • Problem in Bex report Status of Data based on multiprovider

    Hi Bi Expert,
    I am facing probelm in my bex reprot having field "Status of data"
    Report is based on multiprovider which using 3 cubes.
    Out of this three cube report showing data with cube havnig oldest date data load.
    How can I get latest one request data into my report .
    I am not using bex web template so dont give solution related to it already gone through that thread.
    using bw 3.5 version

    Hi again,
    in the table RSICCONT you find which request is in which data target. When you define the user exit variable on 0REQID, you have to go in this table and read the request with cubes names in your multi provider. In a second step you sort the request after cubes and time tamp and take the first n (depending on how many cubes you have in MP). Keep in mind: when you apply READ statement, read after Cube name

  • Aggregation Problem on BEx Report

    I have a query that I want to display key figs that will aggregate.
    For example:
    char -> 0DF_PREQ
    char -> 0DF_PREQITM
    char -> 0pur_group
    char -> pr_rlsdt
    char -> zprrlsta
    key_fig -> 0netprice
    cal_key_fig-> z_mike_test
    cal_key_fig -> ckf_mike_test
    z_mike_test is defined as:
    general calculation: abs(date1 - date2)
    aggregation: std
    aggregation reference_char: 'none'
    calcuate after aggregation - checked
    cal_key_fig is defined as:
    general calculation: z_mike_test > 40
    aggregation: std
    aggregation reference_char: 0DF_PREQ
    When I run it I get 8 rows. The days are calculating properly, and my counter displays 1 in the ckf_mike_test column for 6 of the 8 records so I'm all happy. 0DF_PREQ is unique for 6  occurrences (i.e. one 0DF_PREQ has 3 0DF_PREQITM)
    However, when I take out 0DF_PREQ I get 7 rows and my counter displays 1 in the ckf_mike_test column for 5 rows. What I expected to happen is for one row to have a 2 in it, i.e. there should have been an aggregation still by 0DF_PREQ.
    What am I doing wrong?

    When I remove PReq# I get
    Item# PurGrp    Buyr    POP Date   PR Date   Stat Date  Price  Days Counter 
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 05/03/2011 10/12/2011 10/12/2011     27.96     51     1
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 05/03/2011 10/21/2011 10/26/2011     27.96     37     0
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 10/10/2011 10/10/2011 10/26/2011     27.96     37     0
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 10/12/2011 10/12/2011 10/12/2011     27.96     51     1
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 10/13/2011 10/13/2011 10/13/2011     55.92     50     1
    20     XYZ   Doe, John 10/13/2011 10/13/2011 10/13/2011     27.96     50     1
    30     XYZ   Doe, John 10/13/2011 10/13/2011 10/13/2011     27.96     50     1
    I'm thinking this record:
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 10/13/2011 10/13/2011 10/13/2011     55.92     50     1
    should be
    10     XYZ   Doe, John 10/13/2011 10/13/2011 10/13/2011     55.92     50     2 <-

  • Need to add extra field in BEX report

    Hi  Experts ,
    I have a problem in bex report.
    scenario is like this--
    APD will generate the BPS Daily report on Branch, Group, Area, Region and total company levels and then exports  into a flat files stored in appserver
    and i got the requirement to change the layout of the report. The client wants to need the one field extra ie. 'REPORTS RUN DATE '
    and i am stuck here how to add this field in my report ..
    Please help me  ASAP.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Enhance your APD and in the target add field REPORTS RUN DATE .
    Fill this using ABAP routine which populates the sy-datum in this field.

  • How to remove the '#'symbols for infoobject movement types in bex reporting

    Hi All,
      I have a problem in Bex reporting. The problem is when ever executing the report  that time some of the characteristic values is shown in layout '#' Symbols. i want to remove the '#' valuse in report.
    is it possible please give me step by step procedure for how to remove the '#' Symbols in reporing layout.
    this is very urgent please help to me on this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Guna,
    To achieve this issue, we need to replace the value of ‘#’, we need to change the description while retrieving the data from tables. So we need to write some ABAP code in SE38. Go to RSA1 transaction and go to Info objects tab. Then go to context menu for ‘cProject Key Figures’ as shown below. Click on the ‘Object Overview’ to get the overview of all the info objects. Here you can see the field names which are used to know the table names.
    In SE11, type the table name in ‘Database Table’ field. Now press ‘F4’, then you will get the next screen to select one of the P/Q/S/T tables.
    Now click on the button rounded in the below screen to view the data in the table.
    Now click the execute button or press ‘F8’ to view the records.
    Now go to Tcode: SE38. Create a source code and give some program name for that source code. To write code, you need access key. Contact your BASIS for this.
    Now write the below code for that particular table in which you want to change the value ‘#’ to description ‘Blank’. In the below source code, we are updating particular table, setting the field as ‘Blank’ where it is null or no value. Here the field will automatically get updated to ‘#’ if there is no value or null.
    update /BIC/PXXXXX set /BIC/ZXXXX = 'Blank' where /BIC/ZXXXXX is null or /BIC/ZXXXX = ''.
    if sy-subrc eq 0.
    write 'successful'.
    commit work.
    write 'unsuccessful'.
    If this # is because of the missing master data than,
    right click that IO -> maintain master
    you will see first row as a blank.
    whatever value you maintain in this row that will come in the report for all Not assigned # values of the master data in the report.
    maintain it according to your requirement, save and activate the master data
    Hope this helps u...

  • Bex Report Designer is not previewing changes in QA

    Hi All,
    Please help... i am getting an unusual problem with bex report designer. I have created a bex report using report designer. This was then transported in to QA. In QA i opened my created report using report designer and clicked the print version button to preview the report in PDF format. This all worked correclty, however i noticed a spelling mistake in one of the custom text fields i am using.
    So i put the report in a transport in dev, made the changes in dev and previewed in dev. Everything is ok here and i can see the change i made.
    After this i transported the report to QA and when i open the report in report designer to preview the data i can see in design mode that the custom text field does HAVE the change i made so it is correct. The problem i am getting is though when i preview to see in PDF format the image i get is of the old preview with the spelling mistake.
    SInce i have made more changes and i can see the changes in DEV and in QA in design mode but when i preview it shows me the old image from the 1st preview.
    Please can anyone shed any light into this issue.
    Kind regards

    Refreshed the JAVA server resolved issue

  • Error while opening BEx reports

    Hello Gurus,
    I got a problem with BEx reports. When I tried to open the BI reports in BEx Analyzer, its giving the following error.
    "Characteristic 0TCKAKYFNM does not exist. Check authorizations"
    I got this problem only with the Production server. All the rpeorts worked fine in DEV and QA servers.
    When checked, there is no infoobject named "0TCKAKYFNM" exists in the system.
    Also we have checked with Basis people for any authorization object with the name 0TCKAKYFNM but of no use.
    We are using BI7.0
    Any suggestions will be of great use.

    Hi Kumar,
    Check the 0TCAKYFNM objcet properties - i.e Display the Char and goto Tab - Business Explorer.
    If the Authorization relevant filed is checked then by default your object can be used to provide data level authorizations.
    If this object is included in your infoprovider then you need to provide the values or '*' in the analysis authorization object.
    If you r not using any authhorizations, then plz uncheck the 'authorization relevant' checkbox in the object properties.

  • RFC connection Error While run BEx Report

    Hi All
    I got BI 7.0 and create new user with roles only access: TR: RRMX to see only BEx Reporting... I create basically new customize role and put only one transcation code RRMX and assigned to user...
    When goto BEx designer I got that error
    rfc error received user has no rfc authorization for function group syst.
    I am not sure what kind of authrouzation user need to only view BEx Reporting...
    But when I put SAP_ALL in that profile same user, thats works fine, but I don't want to give SAP_ALL to user...
    2nd question same look like BEx Analyzer the side bar when I click open nothing happend and it writedown like German language..
    Please advised

    Hi Alls
    I am Angeline again, I resolved that problem and want to shair with you guys....
    1.     Tr: PFCG and click on Maintain roles
    2.     Role Name: Z_RUN_QUERIES
    3.     Click on Authorization Tab Saved Entry
    4.     In Edit mode Select the template: S_RS_RREPU and adopt reference (Business Content)
    5.     Expand u2018Business Explorer u2013 Componentsu2019
    6.     Selected: u201CType of a reporting component Calculated key figure, query restricted
    7.     key figure u2013 template structure and click on Edit
    8.     Un-Check REP Query
    9.     Generate the Profile
    10.     Create Transport number
    11.     click on user TAB and define user name in it
    12.     click User compare and complete compare and saved the entry
    13.     TR: SU01 in User click on Roles and define Z_RUN_QUERIES and profile

  • Problem in BEx analyzer output in BI dev and BI Quality

    Hi All
    I am facing a problem in BEx analyzer output in BI Dev and BI Quality server where the query is make on BI infoset.
    When i am executing the query in BI dev server then it is giving the output result but when i tried to executing the BI query in BI quality server the i got 'No available data found result'.
    I have also checked the same selection input result in infoprovider for infoset and output is getting for the same.
    Please suggest for regarding solution.
    thanks & regards,
    Gourav Sekhri

    check whether you have loaded data in to quality server if no, please load data for all the target involved in info set.  If data loaded check all the target 'request for reporting available 'or not.
    Also check whether data is showing in infoset or not.. if data availble there change your selection critiria accordingly.
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  • BEx Report Performance with selection-screen input

    Hello Gurus,
    My Bex report is working fine when the report had run with out PLANT filter in the selection-screen but when report had run with plant in the selection-screen , report running for forever.
    Please let me know what I need to do improve the performance.

    Hi Saleem, Just a few thoughts;
    1. Check the M-table in RSD1 for 0PLANT. In Table View edit any blank or null values. Run the same restrictions you apply in the query at Info provider level > Display Data. If there's any lapse; you can judge where exactly the problem lies.
    2. If you are using Infocube & that your master is >20% fact; you can declare the Info object as 'Line Item Dimension'.
    3. Create Variants. Esp. if you are running the query for same set of data. Try Variable Preselection: You can restrict both the values + varaiables in the filter level. When you execute the values will be visibly pre-selected in selection screen.
    4. As discussed in previous messages, running a SQL trace using RSRT may prove useful.

  • Bex Report Performance

    Dear Friends,
    I would like to know is the complex authorizations can also cause the Bex report performance.
    One of my scenerio is like there are two users A & B
    A is having relevant authorizations for reporting, Drill down etc which are required.
    B is having SAP All authorization.
    When the same report has been executed by both users on the same system.
    the data retrieved by user B(SAP_ALL authorization) is quite faster than User A.
    Its like ther diffference of about 10 minutes.
    There are some exsclude selections in report.
    So my conclusion is like the complex authorizations do also hampers the query performance.
    Please confirm & share your views.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Vivek Tripathi

    Hi Vivek
         Can you help us understand what was the exact problem and how you resolved it / solution at Extraction / Modeling / Reporting end.
         I have a quite similiar issue with my report i have Header + Item report on Infoset
    u2022     Header report takes seconds and item report takes minutes
    u2022     The same report executed with exact parameter has inconsistent performance results meaning one time it takes 1 minutes next time same report same user and same authorization takes 5 minutes.
        Any help on this would be really greatfull. Suspecting is not an issue with the report at all , as no changes happened between the pre and post check.
    _Additional Information : _
    We Create Secondary -Bitmap index every week end i do not see that is one of the route cause.
    Except that we have our regular daily loads that are running for master data loads and transaction data loads in series.
       Thanks in Advance.
    Much Regards
    Jagadish Thirumalachetty.
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