GL assignment for account assigned PR

I have got one PR for raw material generated through MRP with account assignment "E" and system is automatically populating RM inventory GL in account assignment tab.Whereas my requirement is to have separate GL.Where can i assign the same

Hello Pankaj
Thanks for your valuable inputs,I want to determine sales inventory account but system is picking regular raw material account.Can you please guide me how to determine sale inventory account

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  • Extension of input fileds in Sales order for account assignment

    Dear Gurus,
    Can anyone tell me how to extend input fields like Statistical order(COBL-AUFNR)  and cost center(COBL-KOSTL) in sales order for accounting assignment and these fields have to be ready for manual entries. The order types are ZHGA and ZHV.
    Which program has to be modified and how it can be modified?
    Thanks a lot for help and advice.
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    Dear Rajendra,
    There is a manual change for tax classification for material master in va02 initially it was blank now it is changed to ' 0 ' is any way influencing....?
    Definitely material Tax classification will influence to determine the Tax code.
    -->So Make sure that customer and material master having proper tax classification indicator.
    -->Have you Update the price after changing the tax classification in the sales going to item dat -->condition tab then click on Update push button bottom of the conditions screen.
    -->Once again the check the condition record maintanence also for your MWST access sequence.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Multiple G/Ls for account assigned Purchase orders

    Hi all,
    We are having a service order dependent PO wherein the account assignment category is service order and is automatically generated..
    Now when we are going GR(MIGO), system is posting to only one G/L which is linked to the service order. I have created one more condition in the PO (handling charges) and it should go to a different G/L. How do I configure this. Please treat this as most urgent.
    Whatever is configured in automatic posting (OBYC, OMWB ) etc. is not applicable for  account assigned PO. What to do?
    Thanx in advance,

    Check SPRO>Materials Management>External Service Management>Valuation &Account Determination>Choose Account determination Wizard and check all settings for your company code, plant and purchase organization.
    *assign points if useful

  • Acct determination for Account-assigned purchase order with keys not define

    I'm trying to post an IDOC of type BBPIV through XI to an R/3 system.
    The posted idoc in R/3 is in status 51 (Application document not posted) with the error message "Acct determination for Account-assigned purchase order with keys not defined in chart of acts WP2P"
    As per my understanding this is something related to FI.
    Long text of the error is "The system cannot generate an automatic posting because there is no account determination defined for Account-assigned purchase order with keys   in chart of accounts WP2P.
    Correct the account determination for Account-assigned purchase order"
    Please help me how to solve this.

    This looks like its a MM posting / transaction.
    You need to go to OBYC and maintain the account assignment. If you provide the business scenario (GR into Stock, Subcontracting, etc.) for the process, I may be able to help.
    VKOA is for SD account assignment and I don't believe you can use that here.

  • Goods Receipt for Account assigned PO

    Is it possible to store the goods in an account assigned Purchase Order. PO is assigned with account assignement 'F' production order. The purpose here is to recieve the goods for some days in stock and then consume. Is it possible or is there any alternative to achieve it.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Amit,
    This is not possible to mainatin the stock for account assigned Purchase Order.
    For this You have to create the Normal PO (Without Acct Assignment) to mainatain stock ,then after that you maintain the Reservation to reserve all the qty for roduction Order.
    Issue qty to production order for consumption whenever you required.
    Rewards if Helpful
    Sanjay L

  • Goods Receipt for Account-assigned Purchase Orders

      We want to make Goods Receipt for Account-assigned Purchase Orders. When we try, SAP gives the error 'Account determination for entry PCOA KBS 0001 not possible'. According to SAP online help, account assignment is adopted from the purchase orders for the transaction/event 'KBS' and we cannot assign transaction key 'KBS' to an account using transaction OBYC. How do you make it work? Any solution pointers will be appreciated and rewarded.

    create an implicit enhancement point in function module CKMV_AC_DOCUMENT_CREATE.

  • No entry for account key 1002 in HRA transaction key in Account assignment

    Dear sap-gurus,
    the following problem occured. When posting a document (s-modelling), system displayed an error that there is no entry for account key 1002 in HRA transcation key in SPRO Account assignment.
    The document's size is very big, it considers many lime items in it.  May be this happened because of this?
    In F1 for SPRO Account assignment we have:
    In this step, you assign a document split account to an account key. This is a clearing acount (Transaction HRA) in Accounting.
    For various reasons, payroll data that is formatted for posting to accounting must be split into several documents per posting run. In Human Resources (HR), key 1001 is used for the breakdown of documents. A breakdown occurs if:
    There are several company codes
    There are different posting dates
    There are postings to G/L accounts, customer accounts, vendor accounts
    This is specified in the step Create Posting Variants (for example, document breakdown for expenses and payables)
    The document split account that is stored under the key 1001 is also used to clear the balance within a G/L account document for each business area.
    An additional split may be required depending on the size of the document in Financial Accounting. In this case, the clearing account specified under account key 1002 in transaction HRA, is used as the document split account.
    Further notes
    To avoid problems in current operations, it is advisable to set up a document split account even if a document breakdown is not necessary. In this way, you can avoid having to set up the system at short notice if changes are made to the settings or if there is an increased number of postings, or if cross-company code transactions occur.
    We have an entry 1001 and a clearing account for postings between several company codes. What are we supposed to do? How to avoid this error and post the documents to FI? Please, help!
    Best regards,

    How did you resolve this issue? Any inputs anyone.

  • MR11 - GRIR clearing for account assigned PO.

    Hi Folks,
    I have a doubt on MR11 Account Maintenance for account assigned  C - Sales order PO and GR non Valuated.
    In this system is not allowing to Post AccM. document as the GR posting is not hitting GRIR clearing account and the same is happening after posting IR too.
    So please clarify whether my understanding is correct or not.  If possible please give the detailed explanation about the Accm for account assigned PO's.
    Thanks to you all
    Pratap J

    Please refer below link...

  • DKACB-XERGO Assignment to a profitability segment has no effect for account

    I have a batch input (FB01) in error for this message:
    Assignment to a profitability segment has no effect for account XXXXXXXXXX
    This account is not to opened as cost element...and this is correct.
    If I process batch input in foreground, I notice that field 'Profit. Segment'
    (DKACB-XERGO) is flagged.
    How Can I unflag this field?
    Where 'Profit. Segment' is customized?

    I am wondering what is behind the batch input or what process is used  to do that. For e.g, when I tried entering FB01 transaction with a pure G/L account (it has no cost element) and  clicked on the profitability segment icon, I got the same message what you got.
    So could it be possible that batch input goes through the 'Detail screen for profitability segment' though it may not be required?

  • Accual report for account assigned PO's

    Pl. let me know if there is any month end accrual report for
    account assinged PO's.
    or any PO's accrual report  indicating total ordered value vs line wise invoiced value ,
    should be able to download.
    account assignement cat.- K

    Hi charlie
    I tried your first suggestion,
    system ask for me to
    enter one account assignment object.
    we do not want toenter account assignment object.
    in many Case , GR will be madethen IR or in some
    case no GR directly IR will be made.
    pl. advise

  • GL assignment for Account key in Pricing

    Where we will assign the GL account for Account key maintained against condition type in Pricing Procedure.

    There is not any direct assigment of GL account and condition type.
    When we define or maintain the procediue we assign the account key to condition type.And GL account is assign to accout key for eg ERL.In T COde VKOA.
    Hope this will help you.

  • PO Release for Account assignment category is K(Cost centre)

    HI Experts
       I need to set up release procedure for PO when account assignment categeory which is being maintained at Item level so suggest suitable method

    Yes i know PO Release is maintained at Header level but i need to prepare a functional Spec
    and i need to configure PO release for Account assignment category i think some user exits
    to be used please suggest how to proceed
    Srinivasan Kannan

  • For Account assigned PO - pricing procedure key accounts are not triggering

    For account assigned PO's only the account which I am assigning at the time of PO only hitting, and the other accounts are not hitting which should hit through my pricing procedure for the planned delivery costs condition types

    Hi Archu
    First check the pricing procedure and check for planned delivery cost or may be Fright and the Transction event key(GBB or FR!) assigned for that condditon. Now go to OBYC check for that Transction event key so that which GL account and general modifier is assigned also check for KBS(Account assigned PO) in OBYC.

  • Value Blank/space is invalid for account assignment element fund

    I created an invoice with several items linked to funds reservation.
    when the invoice has 2 line items, the payment run is executed without problem.
    when the invoice has more than 3 line items, the payment run is executed with error.
    The message error (message number F6804) is "value blank/space is invalid for account assignment element fund".
    I dont know where i should enter a valid value for fund.
    Thanks for your kind help!

    Hi Chiachen,
    The problem occurred because the functional area is not inherited from the Purchase order during MIRO posting. As a result, error message F6841 is issued.
    There are 2 main programs for the FM derivation:
    1. Function Module FM_DERIVE_ACCOUNT_FROM_COBL
    2. Program LFMCOBLF06
    The latest notes which affects these 2 programs are 1244381 and 1247982.
    Kindly implement these notes using SNOTE.
    During this process, it should also bring in all the other pre-requisite notes. Do not worry if the
    symptoms described in the notes do not match yours. What's more important is to bring the coding in your system up to date. Please retest MIRO after the notes are applied. Let me know the results.
    Check also the notes 17941 and 982511.
    I hope it helps
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa Barth.

  • Error Message F6804 Value Blank/Space invalid for account assignment elemen

    Dear Experts,
    We have a problem in Travel Management,
    I have created a trip for paid by company expenses only and entered cost distribution (fund, funds center and WBS) in the trip.
    When I transfer a trip to FI through transaction PRRW throughing error message "F6804 Value Blank/Space invalid for account assignment element for fund and FI313 No funds center entered/ derived in Item".
    The paid by com. expenses receipts of wage types credited with - positive amount in 2nd symbolic account offsetting entry and flagged W/CO also the symbolic code linked to linked  to Temprary clearing GL it is BS GL .
    I checked all the existing threads messages but I did not get solution.
    the problem comes up from our upgradation, 6 months back we upgraded to ECC 6.
    We don't have any problems in our old 4.7 system still it is working fine.
    I created OSS but still they did not solved and they are refering all passed notes.
    could any one give the solution to come out from this problem?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Satya,
    Basically the error is because of Funds Management which you have activated. Please check the note 1268001, 701291, 558295 & 936658 but i dont know will this be helpful or not.
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  • Posting rules exist for account key

    Hi ,
    I got the message while creating PO AND WHEN I try to enter Tax code and Tax Jurisdiction i am getting the following error message :
    No posting rules exist for account key
    Message no. FF714
    No posting rules have been defined for the account key in the tax table in table T007B.
    Change the tax table, enter an account key already defined for the transaction in question or define the posting rules for a new account key in table T007B.
    can any one give me solution to solve this issue !!!
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Senthil
    Based on your explanation I can understand that the Configuration settings for Automatic Account Determination is not done perfectly for the Account Ket vs GL Account. Do cneck this process carefully because here we define the posting rule, posting keys for the determined account key and later assign the same to the GL Account.
    Murali Kanth Natti

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