GL Custom Reports not displaying source and line item Data after Upgrade

I am having this issue even though General Ledger Journal Entry Summarization is set to "No Summarization" and in SLA the Line Type is set in detail for Transfer to GL. Have you come accross a specfic example like this? Can you please guide me to what the problem may be?
None of the GL reports is showing the Source and Line Item details.

I am having this issue even though General Ledger Journal Entry Summarization is set to "No Summarization" and in SLA the Line Type is set in detail for Transfer to GL. Have you come accross a specfic example like this? Can you please guide me to what the problem may be?
None of the GL reports is showing the Source and Line Item details.Have you verified the queries of those reports after the upgrade? And, when you say upgrade, do you mean from 11i to R12?
Did you set the application context properly?
How to set the Organization Context in R12? [ID 437119.1]
Oracle Applications Multiple Organizations Access Control for Custom Code [ID 420787.1]
SQL Queries and Multi-Org Architecture in Release 12 [ID 462383.1]
Setting APPS Context is mandatory step while loading data using public APIs [ID 473615.1]

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  • Report to Display Vendor Open Line Items

    is there a report out there to display Vendor Open Line Items only for Asset Puchases??
    Thank you

    Dear Expert,
    In FBL1N we can find the line items according to your requirement through the "Dynamic Selections" select the Particular vendor or Vendor Group for selecting a total group and , Document , Document Type select the AA Document type and Select the Open items Radio button and also you can select Open at key date enter the date up to which you want to view., And Execute.
    Shankar K B

  • Not displaying Actual cost Line Items for Order

    Hi Gurus,
    Recently we did patching from SPC6 to SPC8. After patching we noticed that could not able to see displaying Actual cost Line Items for Order from work order.
    System is not throughing error message when I double cline on line item at Plan/Actual Comparison screen in work order cost tab.
    We can able to see the same from KB01 with out any problem. I have attached the details.
    Could any one suggest me please. Appreciate your thoughts

    Hi Paul,
    I have implemented this note and get it sorted out.
    Thank you for support.

  • Displaying header and line items

    i) i have a fieldname i.e text and its value to display in the bodypage  (body)..
    i want to display the text and its value only if the value is there.. otherwise it should not be displayed and a blank line also should not appear
    in smartforms we can handle that in conditions in the corresponding node, how we do the same in adobe forms?
    ii) suppose i have header and line items and for each header item i want to display the line items, both r in 2 tables how can we handle this

    Hi Shekar,
    The following solutions useful if you are using printbased forms.
    1. To display the field if the value is there.
    ->In the Context you can define the condtion on the filed.
    ->You can write a script on the subform superior to the field
    [code]      if ( $.field.rawValue == <value> ) then
                $.field.presence = “hidden”
          endif [/code]
    2. Header and item table
    In the SFP context drag the header table from interface.drag the item table from interface on the DATA in the header table. it will placed at the end of the header table. Now select the item table select where clause in the properties ( at the bottom of the screen ).there you create a line for condition using create button. drag the field from header table field ( say header-matnr ) on the right side and then drag the same field from the item table ( say item-matnr) in the left side.This will filter the item records relevent for header record.
    refer the message
    Re: Adobe IF Attachments

  • According to PO number and Line item data should come once but its repeatin

    I am calculating IR Quantity and IR value......
    for a PO  if there are four same  line items i wanted them once but they are displaying for each and every line item
    If my po is 2003000151 and line item 0010 if both are same then i wanted ir quantity 500
    but its displaying like this
      PO                 item   IR
    2003000151   0010 500
    2003000151   0010 500
    2003000151   0010 500
    2003000151   0010 500
    I need like this
    2003000151   0010 500
    2003000151   0010
    2003000151   0010
    2003000151   0010
    If po number and line item are same IR quantity should be displayed only once..
    What should be done if it should not repeat in each and every line item if both PO and line item are same

    i am having internal table of it_ekko.
    in that i am having some data of PO no, Line Item,IR value and IR qty......
    i am having data like below.
    PO                        Line Item   IR Value    IR QTY 
    200310051          0010         1500           4500
    200310051          0010        1500           4500
    200310052         0010           0                   0
    200310052          0010       0               0
    now where ever IR value and IR qty is present i wanted that to display only once against that PO and line item
    i wanted like below
    PO                        Line Item   IR Value    IR QTY 
    200310051          0010         1500           4500
    200310051          0010            0              0
    200310052         0010             0                0
    200310052          0010            0               0
    Field names for IR value and IR Qty are Menge2 and dmbtr2.
    How to do that.........
    I cant use
    Delete adjacent duplicates of it_ekko by ebeln = wa_ekko-ebeln and
                                                                          ebelp = wa_ekko-ebelp.
    because i wanted that po and same line items , how many times it is like that only.....
    in it_ekko table i only wanted to delete duplicates of menge2 and dmbtr2.
    Pls suggest the code

  • FAGLL03 report not filtering G/L line items based on vendor entered in free selection

    Hello SAPians,
    I have a requirement to add Vendor field in the free(dynamic) selection of the standard report FAGLL03 so that G/L line items are displayed(filtered) based on the vendor values given.
    I followed the SAP note 945932 to create the vendor field by adding the ZZLIFNR in the custom include  of the table FLAGFLEXA followed by the configuration of custom fields in SPRO tcode. Post that I tested the report by giving one particular vendor number and came to know that no line items were displayed.
    Upon debugging the program I came to know that , while selecting the data from the Inner join of BSIS and FLAGFLEXA tables, vendor number on FLAGFLEXA forms the part of WHERE clause and eventually no records are selected since all the existing records wont be having vendor number maintained in FLAGFLEXA table.
    However I asked the functional guy to post the new line items under the assumption that it might update ZZLIFNR field in FLAGFLEXA. But our assumption turned out to be wrong. At this point I seek advice from your experience on the following points.
    1) My understanding that failing of inner join condition is the root cause for data being not fetched in the output. Is it correct?
    2) When we add new custom field in FLAGFLEXA(ZZLIFNR in my case), how the data needs to be populated for that particular field from       functional/technical perspective? Does the custom scenarios in SPRO are related to this in anyway?
    3) How do we need to handle the old records existing in the system with respect to the updation of new field(column) added?
    Any inputs in this regard is very much appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Dennis,
    thanks for the tip, your assumption is right, it's regarding 0FIGL_V40 in BI 7.0. Could you please be more detailed, which BW 3.x InfoSource do you mean? Or what exactly has to be done?
    The "objects" under this InfoCube are - transformation, datasource (0FI_GL_40) and InfoPackage, that's it. When I check InfoCube Type/Namespace - it is based on Data Transfer Process for DirectAccess, but the checkbox With InfoSource 3.x is not checked..
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  • Custom fields not display in SRM5.5 Basic Data Frame

    Hello Everybody,
          I am working on SRM5.5 Server which i have to add two custom fields in Basic Data Frame..
         No field is display in basic data frame After I added those fields in INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF_SC and INCL_EEW_PD_ITEM_CSF.
        I added these fields by help of 672960 OSS notes..
       Add also when i execute the program BBP_DYNPROS_GENERATE where I entered the program name as SAPLBBP_PDH_CUF and execute but non of them is working fine..
      Is there anything else do i need to display custom fields in basic data frame??
    I have one more question..
      When you logon through SAPGUI and goto BBPSC01 t.code where you see lots of fields in basic data frame such as unloading point and all.. But those all fields does not display when you logon through WebURL..
      I checked is there any BAdi such CUF or Screenvarient or some Badi has been actived but non of the Badi has been implemented..
      To display all the fields which are display in GUI Mode also should display in URL..
      To bring this functionality , What do i need to do?
      I appreciate if you answer these questions..

    Hi Disha,
    We are trying to add custom fields to the Shopping Cart Header. We are using SRM 5.0. We added the fields to the structures "INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF_SC" & "INCL_EEW_PD_HEADER_CSF".  We are able to see the custom fields. But the issue is , we are able to see the custom fields in the Shopping Cart one step shop scenario. Whereas when we run the wizard which is a 3 step scenario, we are not able to see the custom fields.
    Technically speaking, the custom fields are visible for the ITS BBPSC01 & BBPSC03 , where as these custom fields are not visible for the ITS BBPSC02.
    Please let me know, if we need to append the fields to some other structure to be able to see them in the Shopping cart wizard also.
    I will be gald to provide any kind of info.
    Thanks in advance...

  • F-44 not displaying all the line items.

       I am having some problem with Transaction code F-44. The problem is as follows -- I have posted a vendor invoice using FB60 the cleared it using FB05(POST WITH CLEARING). Now when i am going to F-44 to clear vendor items, then it is not displaying me the Original invoice. It is just displaying the clearing document which got generated using FB05.
    Anybody suggest how to see all the document in F-44 as i have to clear the same.
    Thanks and regards.

    If the invoice is fully cleared then F-44 should not display this invoice. If you partially clear the invoice use RESIDUAL method, then the system split the original invoice and show you the remaining part that was not cleared. You can see the original invoice always by sort and summarize by reference which usally served for keeping the vendor original invoice.
    Hope this answer your question.

  • IPhone will not synch contacts and calendar with Outlook after upgrade to 4

    I have been using an ACT! database on a PC for years, synching to Outlook with CompanionLink, and synching my iPhone to Outlook. After upgrading my iPhone to 4.0, I can no longer synch my contacts and calendar from Outlook. It "goes through the motions," appearing to be synching. But in the end, nothing changes. I have reloaded iTunes. The problem is between Outlook and the phone (the synch from ACT! to Outlook is fine).

    I'm having the same issue. Upgraded my 3G to OS4 which wiped out my contacts from the phone. I also use CompanionLink (Express) to sync ATC with Outlook and iTunes and the phone. Have spent hours/days on the phone with second level Apple tech support to no avail. CompanionLink IS syncing with Outlook but Outlook isn't syncing with the phone. Have tried syncing to Outlook directly (without CompanionLink) but no good result. Tried syncing through MobilMe. Can sync all Outlook contacts from my computer to through MobileMe but does not sync with the phone. Tech support suggested trying to sync fewer contacts at a time as their might be a problem with the contacts file. DID manage to get 4000 of my 5600 contacts back in but can't get any more in. Previously had NO problem syncin all contacts directly and through CompanionLink. VERY frustrating.
    Also, I use Outlook Express for email. Since installing MobileMe I get an error message saying that Outlook isn't my default mail handler and I need to change the settings to make it the default mail handler. I DO NOT have "sync mail" checked as I'm not trying to sync my email accounts...only contacts and calendars. Made Outlook the default mail handler which stops the error message but still can't sync the contacts and I want to keep Outlook Express for email.

  • SCCM 2012 R2 Computer reports not displaying users and domain information for some systems.

    I have a recently deployed SCCM 2012 R2 server which has been running well so far.
    I have, however, noticed in the reporting (example: "Computers in a specific site" report) that some computers are not showing information like "User domain" and "User Name" (for about 500 of the 1500 computers).
    If I go to a collection, select such a computer and right click to properties and go to the general tab I can see that the below fields are blank:
    Last Logon User Domain
    Last Logon User Name
    All other fields are populated similarly for both affected and non-affected agents. Agent versions are the same as well. Hardware/Software inventory appears to be completing on all systems.
    Has anyone else seen this type of behavior and found a solution? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
    Edit: Most agents have been installed for close to 2 months.
    Hardware inventory: Daily
    Software inventory: Weekly

    Those two values are populated by the Heartbeat agent and if no user is logged on when the heartbeat is sent, then the value is blank so I would say this would be as expected.
    If you want to know which user has been using a computer you should have a look at the assett Intelliengence reports with console usage, then you can see who has been using a computer most frequently.
    -- My System Center blog -- Twitter

  • Line item data is not saving while creating a Sales order using Interactive

    Hi all,
    I am creating a sales order Using Interactive forms. In the form i am having Header data and line item data.I had created two structures one for Header data and one for Line item data. For entering  the LINE ITEM DATA i had created a Dynamic table with Buttons ADD ROW and DELETE ROW.
    User will Add the Row or Delete the Row based on the requirement.
    My issue is When ever the user clicks the SUBMIT button after entering the header data and 3 line items data , Sales order has been created with only first line item and the remaining two line items are not created.
    My Interactive form is like below
                             ITEM_NO      MATERIAL          PLANT          QTY        COND_TYPE            COND_VALUE
    My  code for the method ONACTIONCLICK is like below
    method ONACTIONCLICK .
          Node_Adobe       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Node_Zsaleheader       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Elem_Zsaleheader       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element,
          Stru_Zsaleheader       type If_Main=>Element_Zsaleheader,
          Node_Zsaleitem       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Elem_Zsaleitem       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element,
          Stru_Zsaleitem       type If_Main=>Element_Zsaleitem.
      data: header_data type BAPISDHEAD.
      data: item_wa type BAPIITEMIN.
      data: item_data type table of BAPIITEMIN.
      data: partner_wa type BAPIPARTNR.
      data: partner_data type table of BAPIPARTNR.
      data: sales_order type BAPIVBELN-VBELN.
      data: Errorlog type BAPIRETURN1.
    navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ADOBE> via lead selection
      Node_Adobe = wd_Context->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Adobe ).
    navigate from <ADOBE> to <Zsaleheader> via lead selection
      Node_Zsaleheader = Node_Adobe->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Zsaleheader ).
      Node_Zsaleitem = Node_Adobe->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Zsaleitem ).
    get element via lead selection
      Elem_Zsaleheader = Node_Zsaleheader->get_Element(  ).
      Elem_Zsaleitem = Node_Zsaleitem->get_Element(  ).
    get all declared attributes
          Static_Attributes = Stru_Zsaleheader ).
      header_data-DOC_TYPE = Stru_Zsaleheader-DOC_TYPE.
      header_data-SALES_ORG = Stru_Zsaleheader-SALES_ORG.
      header_data-DISTR_CHAN   = Stru_Zsaleheader-DISTR_CHAN.
      header_data-DIVISION = Stru_Zsaleheader-DIVISION.
      header_data-PURCH_NO = Stru_Zsaleheader-PURCH_NO.
      partner_wa-PARTN_ROLE   = Stru_Zsaleheader-PARTN_ROLE.
      partner_wa-PARTN_NUMB = Stru_Zsaleheader-PARTN_NUMB.
       append partner_wa to partner_data.
          Static_Attributes = Stru_Zsaleitem ).
      item_wa-ITM_NUMBER = Stru_Zsaleitem-ITM_NUMBER.
      item_wa-MATERIAL   = Stru_Zsaleitem-MATERIAL.
      item_wa-PLANT = Stru_Zsaleitem-PLANT.
      item_wa-REQ_QTY = Stru_Zsaleitem-REQ_QTY.
      item_wa-COND_TYPE   = Stru_Zsaleitem-COND_TYPE.
      item_wa-COND_VALUE = Stru_Zsaleitem-COND_VALUE.
      append item_wa to item_data.
        ORDER_HEADER_IN           = header_data
      WITHOUT_COMMIT            = ' '
      CONVERT_PARVW_AUART       = ' '
       SALESDOCUMENT             = sales_order
      SOLD_TO_PARTY             =
      SHIP_TO_PARTY             =
      BILLING_PARTY             =
       RETURN                    = errorlog
        ORDER_ITEMS_IN            = item_data
        ORDER_PARTNERS            = partner_data
      ORDER_ITEMS_OUT           =
      ORDER_CFGS_REF            =
      ORDER_CFGS_INST           =
      ORDER_CFGS_PART_OF        =
      ORDER_CFGS_VALUE          =
      ORDER_CCARD               =
      ORDER_CFGS_BLOB           =
      ORDER_SCHEDULE_EX         =
    Thanks in advance

    The item data is not read because, the dynamically added rows should also reflect back to the Web Dynpro context. When the user clicks on Add Row, use the Onsubmit event to add a empty line to internal table and then bind it to the context. And if the user removes a row, remove a row from internal table and bind it back to the context.
    You may refer this article.

  • Fbl1n and fbl5n display at time line item wise name for vendor and customer

    Could you tell me how can I include Customer or Vendor names for each line items in transaction FBL5N and FBL1N, please? Customer Accounts are displayed well, but in several cases we also need the name of the certain Customer or Vendor account names. This would be important for consolidation of customer accounts of the same customers.
    It is possible to include in these reports the u201EName1u201D, but they are empty in all cases. Could you tell me how it is possible to correct this problem, please?

    hi YSR,
    See if you want to have the Vendor/ Customer name or number to be displayed when you execute it. I mean on the Vendor/Customer Line Item Display.
    THEN follow the below steps........
    After executing the FBL1N or FBL5N Click CTRL+F8 or Change Layout.  From the Pop screen select the Vendor from the Right side of the screen and then drag to the Left side of the screen, then click on Copy as.
    Then Save the Layout or CTRL F12, save the layout with the new name that you want.
    When you want this Layout as the default each and every time then u have to do 1 more step....
    After executing the same layout go the
    MENU> Settings>Layout-->Administration...
    there you select the layout that u have created and then set that layout as the Default settings Check mark on DS.
    So that each and every time when u execute it the same layout will be displayed with the fields that u have selected....
    Hope this will solve ur issue......

  • Audit Log Report not display and error is "Report Contents No data"

    Dear All,
    i have reuired the audit log report but when i am click the Site Action->Site Setting->Audit log reports->Run a custom report-> select the day and option and click ok the i have received the error
    Please help me please check below screen shot

    Can you please confirm that you have configured events to audit?
    audit settings for a site collection
    Here is step by step how to configure audit setting.

  • S_ALR_87012247 - Customer Balances and Line Items in Local Currency

    Hi All,
    This report S_ALR_87012247 - Customer Balances and Line Items in Local Currency  is not displaying line items for customers in ECC6. Is there any configuration required to get the line items? Please help

    If you see this report S_ALR_87009950, you will get
    Opening Balance at the start of fiscal year
    Debits and Credit during the reporting period
    and the Cumulative Balance.
    Please note the above report will not give you line item details.
    S_ALR_87012247 report is specifically for poland, in the description it is mentioned that the line items will be displayed, unfortunately, for other countries, there are no line items visible. Therefore, you may explore the possibility of copying this report and changing the code in order to bring the line items along with the totals.

  • Report not display in report viewer

    i try to show ssrsc reports in web page using report viewer
    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ReportViewer2.ProcessingMode = Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ProcessingMode.Remote;
    ReportViewer2.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = new Uri("http://lenovo-pc/ReportServer");
    ReportViewer2.ServerReport.ReportPath = "/Report Project1/Report1";
    where is the probelm... and why report not display?

    In SSRS, the issue is occurred when the credential of the datasource is configured with “Prompt for credentials”. Please check if you configured the credential with "Stored Credential" of the datasource. You can refer to the following steps:
    Click the black arrow of the report, select Security option.
    Click Data Sources in the left pane.
    1) If it is a "A custom data source”, please check the item "Credentials stored securely in the report server", and type the valid username and password. If the user is a Windows Account, you need to check item "Use as Windows credentials when connecting
    to the data source".
    2) If it is a "A shared data source", please remember the path, and then open the data source from the Report Manager.  Make sure the credential type is "Credentials stored securely in the report server".
    Alisa Tang
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

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