GL display for inventory account which are not defined as line item display

Hi All,
We have inventory gl accounts which are auto post accounts , these accounts get posted when grn is done. these accounts are not defined as line item display accounts, but if we execute the T code: FS10 we get the gl balance display and not line item display.
Our requirement is that we should be able to view the line item display matching the GL account balance in that GL account.
Can we get the report in MM module line items wise display.
Prashant P. Zinge

You should use RFSEPA01 program via execute SE38 transaction.
This program activate line item for each account. Activation means, this program generate line items to BSIS table. So that after this program running, you can see line items in FBL3N.

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  • Table for GL account which is not posted.

         Could any one help me out to find the table for fetching the GL information which is not Posted yet.
    Thanks & Regards,
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    If you do not select the line item display in the master data, from FS10N you cannot go to drill down to see the line items.
    Please make sure you have seeing the right account in FS10N and FBL3N
    Please search the forum for RFSEPA01 program for differences between FS10N and FBL3N

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  • Business area field blank during line items display

    In our system  vat input tax gl n cenvat clg a/c gl enries r not showing business area wise... when i check the line items of  these  general ledgers  the business area field is blank...the problem is tha how i can identify the data for different business area...?when i m doing entries by miro in these gl  business area  field is showing blank...n when i m doing entries by other these gl line items r showing by business area wise...what the solution for this problem?documnt splitting is also activated in our system....
    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha Sharma

    1. Identify the document type being used for the posting. For example KZ or ZP
    2. Identify the transaction type and business variant being used for the document type found in step 1 from SPRO node " Classify Document Types for Document splitting" (SIMG_GLT0_T8G12). Most likely it would be
    3. Identify the document splitting method being used in your implementation from SPRO node "Activate Document Splitting" (SIMG_FAGL_ACTIV_SPLI) . Most likely to be 0000000012 or 0000000012
    4. Go to the SPRO node "Define Document Splitting Rule" (FISL_PS_GBEB_SPLT_DC) and locate the header item with Splitting Method, Business Transaction and Transaction Variant identifies in step 1,2 and 3.
    5. Add item category which contains your tax accounts , into the "Item categories to be edited" list for the header selected in step 4.
    6. Add "Base item categories "03000 - Vendor" for item category identified in step 4.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to create a report for open sales orde documents which are not invoiced

    Hi Experts this is urgent,
    +pls give the Logic for document flow+
    My requirement is create a report for sales orders which are not invoiced  using the following table.
    VBAK : sales order header
    VBAP : sales order item
    VBFA : sales document flow
    VBUK for processing status
    KOMV for duties value and sales order value
    LIKP : delivery not header
    LIPS :delivery note item
    For information : In the header level the processing Status is indicated in the table VBUK field LFSTK for one sales order number. A,B , C are the possible entries.
    Case A : When a sales order is invoiced we can display information on the header status :
    Overall status : Completed  and display a invoice number in the document flow. When the items of the sales orders are invoiced the process status is the following :  Overall status       Completed            
    Delivery status      Fully delivered      
    Case B : An open sales order not delivered and not invoiced will have overall status : Open on the header and item level and will not have subsequent documents.
    Case C :
    When the items for the sales order are delivered but not invoiced the status will be u201Cfully deliveredu201D
    And the subsequent documents will be delivery notes and good issue if the delivery note is issued.
    With regards
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    Hello Ravi,
    U neednot develop any report..
    there is std report with txn V.02
    or copy this and make necessary changes.
    Reward, if helpful.

  • Line item display for Segment Clearing GL account

    In my scenario, document splitting is activated and zero balance is set for profit centre and segment.  I have assigned a GL account for automatic posting for segment clearance for posting.  I have posted few transactions and the document shows the posting happened to this Segment Clearing account.  However, when I want to view the line items posted in this account, system does not show the line items eventhough this GL is set up with line item display.

    Thanks for the reply.  But using this tcode also, it is not possible to display the line items.  I reproduce the message issued by the system while I am trying to view the line items of this particular account:
    "Error message issued because line item display cannot read data for an account in a ledger if line items exist partially in the entry view together with clearing items for which there are no line items. In such cases, only the data with line items would be selected."

  • ALV fields which are not referenced to data dictionary table fields

    I am using function module reuse_alv_popup_to_select.
    How do I display fields in ALV which are not referenced to
    data dictionary table fields.
    I am showing 4 columns in alv out of which first column is checkbox
    and remaining 3 columns are from data dictionary and it works fine.
    Now I need to add one more column which is of type checkbox.
    I have added this field in my ITAB as flag(1) type C.
    When I add this flag field in the field catalog, I get exception.

    Hey guys,
    Finally I got rid of such a stupid problem.
    There were no problem in the code.
    while assigning fieldname to field catalog I had given fieldname
    in lowercase.
    I changed it to uppercase and problem got solved.

  • Offsetting Account in line item display - FBL1N or FBL3N

    How can I bring in the offsetting account name into the line item reports FBL1N or FBL3N? 
    I have applied OSS note 112312 using the SAP function LINE_ITEMS_GET_GKONT but this only brings in the account # and account type.  I would also like the account name.  I'm assuming I need to somehow change structure RFPOSXEXT  but don't know where to get the name field (I think it's GKONT_KTXT but not sure).
    I appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    A Document is a proof of a business transaction.
    A document contains Header and Line Items.
    There will be minimum 2 line items and a maximum of upto 999.
    Line Items display which account is debited and from which account it is credited.
    while creating a G/L account , in the control data tab , there will be line item display check box. if you dont select the check box , you will not be able to see the line items ie you will not see which are debited and which are credited. you will see only the balance available in the accounts ie account balance.
    you must select the line item display check box to display the line items.
    selling items (materials) from sales and those line items will be displayed in G/L account or some thing else -? This is posting documents via Accounting Interface(from SD) , this results in Line Items in FI Document.
    If you want to summarize FI Documents, read not 36353 and note the links to related notes.
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  • No line item display in FAGLL03 & FBL3N GL line Item reports

    Dear All,
    I have parked the customer invoices with normal customer recon account and with special GL indicators. The system do not display parked lines for Special GL indicators. How can i display the line item display information in FAGLL03 and in FBL3n report.
    Following settings have already been made are;
    1. Fs00 = line item display check is on.
    2. In initial screen for FAGLL03 & FBL3N Selection: Parked Items Parked items are displayed and checked.
    The  only information for parked special gl line items is get through FBL5N report only.
    Kindly suggest in there any way that we can get report from GL line Item reports???

    Some how client do not want the functionality

  • Difference in GL Balance display and GL line item display

    Dear All,
    Can any one help me why the difference between GL display and GL line items display?
    Thanks in advance

    You can do the following:
    1. carryout gl balance carryforward from previous to current year : Use t.code:F.16
             You can cross check the fs10n balance with FBL3N balance from previous years.  Assume these balance are matching for previous year 2007 and 2008, you have this problem only in 2009, then you can carryforward this balance from 2008 to 2009 once again. Some times users may post some adjustment entries as per the auditors recommendations. If this balance is not matching from 2007 itself, then first carryforward the balances to 2008 then 2009.  You can run this transaction no of times.
    2. check the master data of gl account through t.code:FS04, whether any changes has been done to line item display field?
               If you find any changes to line item display field then run the program "RFSEPA01" to get all the line items.
    3.If your issue was not resolved even after the above two activities, then let me know the  sap version you r working.
    all the best

  • Profit center line item Display

    Dear SAP Guru,
      When i post advance payment to vendor ,  in this case in g/l line item advance payment g/l show the Profit center , but when i check in t.code : KE5Z ( Profit center actual line item )  thr. advance payment g/l a/c does not diaply as i postees profit center .
    need solution urgently ..
    Regards ,

    Hi Milind,
    Posting to profit center, by default,  is a statistical posting that go to profit center via assignment to CO objects or Master Data. Please check, whether your profit center already assign to one of CO objects such as Cost center. Or you can also the the assignment profit centers via 1KE4 - Assignment Monitor.
    If you already  assigned the profit center to CO objects and still  not shown in line item display, it can be caused be several reasons:
    1. Check the field status of your GL account ( the advance payment) via FS00 on tab "Create/Bank/Interest". Double click the "field status group" then on "display field status group overview" select the "additional account assignment", then check on profit center, is it as "optional entry" or "Suppress". If suppress, maybe that cause of your problem. on the other side, it set to "optional entry" you need to check the field status of you posting key.
    2. Posting key GL account Dr is 40. then go to customizing:
    Financial Accounting>Financial Accounting Global Settings>Document>Line Item>Controls-->Define Posting Keys
    Execute the define posting key, then go to PK 40. Double click the PK40, then on the top side click "Maintain Field status". Then select the "additional account assignment", check the field status of profit center.
    Hope this can resolve your problem. Please check it out

  • Exchange rate diff. accts are not defined for account 16145110currency INR

    Dear SAP Gurrus,
    I am facing a problem while making  payment against invoice, receiving payment against invoice, clearing advance payment and  advance receipts through T-code F-53, F-28, F-44 and F-32.  System is allowing me to select the invoices against which I want to do the clearing but when I go for simulation I am getting the following error -
    ' Exchange rate diff. accts are not defined for account 16145110currency INR'.
    When I click on the error message the performance assistant gives methe following details:
    Exchange rate diff.accts are not defined for account 16145110 currency INR
    Message no. F5062
    The accounts for posting the exchange rate differences could not be determined. For the specified G/L account and the specified currency key, no corresponding exchange rate difference accounts were determined.
    System Response
    The system cannot generate the exchange rate difference posting.
    By pressing ENTER, you achieve that the document is reset to a status without automatic posting. In another window, you can complete the default settings for exchange rate differences and post the document afterwards.
    My client is local. Even the local currency is set to 'INR'. There is no foreign currency involced while making invoices, payment and receitps.  Eventhough the system is giving me error.  As a result I am not able to clear open items. Please give me some feasible solution so that I can clear the open items.
    Thanks in advance
    Shreyas Wani

    As you said, you are not maintaining any Exchange rate differences, It may not be required a Exch rate Diffrences account.
    Please check whether you have created any Group / Parrallel curencies etc in co.code level.
    Please go through the notes 209580 / 89531, hope it helps you.

  • Not to display the document which are not due at the time of making the pay

    My user dont want to display the document which are not in due at the time of making the payment through F-53.
    For example:
    Vendor Code: 1001 has the open item as below:
    Due Date - 29.09.2009 Amount 50000
    Due Date - 30.09.2009 Amount 10000
    Due Date - 15.10.2009 Amount 40000 (due date is in future)
    Now my user want to make the payment for the above vendor through T-Code: F-53 / F-58, while clicking the process Open item the syste, shows all the document (which inclues the future due date document).
    My user dont want to display the document which is in future due date because by wrongly he should not make the payment for the future due dated document.
    Kindly provide me the solution how to disable the document which are not in due.

    You can try the following -
    Execute transaction code O7F4, and maintain the field FAEDT. Then execute F-53 and check if the option to enter net due date appears in the additional selection or not.
    Please revert.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Exchange rate diff.accts are not defined for account 13100100 currency INR

    We are facing issues with doing BRS and getting the following message,
    Exchange rate diff.accts are not defined for account 13100100 currency INR
    We have tried all possible steps mentioned on SCN,please note the acoount mentioned above does not have the open item management.
    Assigned GL accounts on transaction DSA-Difference arising on G/L acct clearing.

    Hi ,
    THis question has been Asked and answered lot of time .
    Can you Please go to OB09 and define your GL account to solve this problem
    Many Thanks

  • Programs which are not being executed for a specific period

    We are planning to do the application upgrade in few months,with respect to that we would like to find out what all programs/transactions(standard or custom) which are not being executed for a specific period.What is the way to find this?

    Hi Sam,
    You can use st03 and defice theprograme name and period to sotp the activity.

Maybe you are looking for

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