Gnome 3.16 - Nautilus does not remember recent servers

I'm using Gnome 3.16 (clean install) and there is a bug in Nautilus when using "Connect to server" option. Nautilus doesn't remember recent servers anymore. Is there a workaround for this?

Gerd093 wrote:
found the solution:
alternative (resets all settings) delete ~/.mozilla/firefox
Argh! No need to be so harsh! Instead, 1) click on the hamburger menu, 2) click on the interrogation sign at the bottom, 3) select "Troubleshooting information" (or equivalent in your locale), 4) click on the big button on the top right called "Refresh Firefox" (or whatever it is in your locale). You won't lose your bookmarks.
You will lose your installed extensions, write them down before refreshing in case that you are not storing them in Firefox Sync; (which installs them automatically when you log in again).

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  • Nautilus does not show Tracker search results

    I recently installed tracker and had it index my files. After indexing had finished, I tried tracker-search and tracker-needle, both of which returned the files I was looking for. But in Nautilus, searching via CTRL+F still only returns files whose filenames are matching my query. Nautilus does not seem to integrate Tracker search results properly, as it should according to this forum thread. Tagging files via the tracker-tags plugin in Nautilus works just fine. Re-installing nautilus did not change anything.
    Any ideas what could be the problem here?

    Hmm, I think it is supposed to use tracker if installed. At least nautilus has a build option called enable-tracker which is set to auto by default (I also compiled it with enable-tracker=yes but nothing changed). Also, "wonder" said in the thread quoted above that nautilus would use tracker and find only as fallback.
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  • Save for Web does not remember quality settings

    I just about PSE8 today and Im on a mac with Leopard.
    PSE does not remember the quality settings when "save for web".
    The quality is 0 every time Im saving. Even if I change to 100 it does not remember it.
    Can you help please? Im far from being an expert here.

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    However in my library-folder/preferences folder I found 5 folders or files which are connected to adobe.
    "write and read" is activated on all and Im the main user on this mac.
    There is even one file called "Adobe PSE für Web speichern 6.0 Vor" so pretty much like "save for web". On this one I can write and read as well.
    On Windows, there is a preferences file that is stored in the proper location for such files:
    C:\Users\Ellis\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Save For Web PSE\4.0\Adobe Save For Web PSE 4.0 Prefs
    PSE has no problem writing that file.  This sounds similar to the file you found.
    However, there is another file that Save For Web tries to write:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 6.0\Settings\Recently Used Optimizations.irs
    It is this file that is located improperly, in Program Files, which is supposed to be only for read-only executables (.exe), dynamic link libraries (.dll), and other read-only assets live.  Programs normally don't have write permissions for these folders, so Save For Web fails to save its preferences.  Perhaps there is something similar on the Mac.  (I'm not an OS X expert, so I can't help with the Mac conventions of where things are kept.)

  • Firefox does not remember sign in information

    When I enter sign information (username, and password) firefox does not remember either. Therefore I have to renter the information each time I go to the site

    Websites remembering you and automatically log you in is stored in a cookie.
    * Create an allow cookie exception (Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: Exceptions) to keep such a cookie, especially for secure websites and if cookies expire when Firefox is closed.
    Make sure that you do not run Firefox in Private Browsing mode.
    * In [[Private Browsing]] mode all cookies are session cookies that expire if that session is ended, so websites won't remember you.
    * Do not use [[Clear Recent History]] to clear the "Cookies" and the "Site Preferences"
    Clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, and passwords.

  • Firefox 7.0.1 does not remember/fill in username and password in Mac version although on Windows it works, so it's not the website preventing password being saved. what is up and how can this be fixed ?

    There are several sites where I now have to type in my username and password each time I return, such as (I'm a teacher and use this for grading). Friefox used to be able to remember this for that site and it still works at my office where I have a windows machine. Not working on my Mac OS 10.6.8 and it is really annoying to have to retype every single time; it's not a financial site or anything so why can't the Firefox browser remember and re enter my info?
    And no, turnitin does not currently support Firefox 7 but it is only up to firefox 4 and up until now firefox at least worked to remember passwords.
    I looked at and I have checked all the recommended browser settings and am not set to private browsing; the sites where this happens are not set in exceptions to remembering, and they are not set to be cleared automatically
    So, what's up and why doesn't Firefox remember passwords and usernames any longer?

    Now up to Firefox 8 and the problem persists. Cannot go to the page and login as I used to do -- Firefox does not remember my username or password.
    Still works on Windows, and with other browsers... It would be great if a fix is available.

  • My dad has dementia - does not remember his password. His hard drive has been erased. We need to reload Mountain Lion and can't figure out how to do it.

    My dad has dementia - does not remember his password. His hard drive has been erased. We need to reload Mountain Lion and can't figure out how to do it. Internet recovery asks for his Apple ID and password. He has no idea. I have an Apple ID but have never bought anything through the iTunes store so it won't accept my Apple ID. I don't know if his computer is under warranty. He does not remember if he has Applecare. I tried reinstalling Leopard -- the computer originally came with Leopard -- but the computer screen goes grey and a message comes up saying I need to restart. He wants to give this computer to me since it's useless to him. What do I do to get a system on it again?

    You will need to reformat the hard drive to go back to Snow Leopard or Leopard.
    Does he have a Snow Leopard Disk? He should, as there is no way to go from Leopard to Mountain Lion without it. If you can find the Snow Leopard Disk, I'd at least start with that.
    You will need to use Disk Utility in the installer to format the hard drive and get rid of the recovery partition.
    Boot from the installer disk by holding down the C key on restart. When it boots, Open Disk Utility (Utilities menu, at least in Snow Leopard).
    Select the Hard drive and then click the Partition tab.
    Select 1 Partition from the partition menu.
    Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the format.
    Name the drive (Macintosh HD is the standard).
    Click Apply to partition the drive.
    When it is done, quit Disk Utility and install the OS.

  • My iphone 5 does not remember the password of my home network. Well this is ot the case with my ipad. The wifi gets disconnected every 2 minutes. Its not any problem with my wifi router as my ipad and other devices work fine. So how do i fix this problem?

    Well my iphone 5 does not remember my home network. This is not a problem with the wifi router as the ipad works absolutely fine. The wifi loses it connection in just 2 minutes. So could you please fix this problem.

    Not unless the modem is causing a problem.
    What you want to do is get it to work reliably over Ethernet first, then tackle wifi. Power off the modem. On your macbook, delete the Ethernet configuration and the Wifi configuration. Power up the modem, then connect the mac via Ethernet. Create the new Ethernet configuration and see if you can connect.

  • Reader 9.3.2 does not remember last page visited for scanned pdfs

    Using an old school PPC Mac, OSX 10.4.11.  Reader 9.3.2 does not remember last page visited for scanned pdfs. It only remembers the last page visited for searchable pdfs, but not for scanned.  I have the box checked in "Preferences: Restore last view settings..."  I cannot upgrade Reader on this system, or my OS, so I'm stuck using what I have for now. I have to read huge documents for my work, that will include hand written notes in the margin and other marks on the page. The documents are hundreds of pages long, so it's a bit frustrating that it can't remember the page number for this type.
    Are there any fixes for this? Something else I can try?

    I tried to find the download for 9.5.5, but my OS is not in the list. I'm on a non-intel PPC mac. I tried finding that version on the web, but most of the links lead me back to Adobe, where it doesn't seem to want to be found. It obviously exists somewhere, but Adobe isn't making it easy to access!

  • Adobe form created in LiveCycle does not remember user input

    Adobe form created in LiveCycle does not remember user input when the file has been re-opened after it has been saved.
    "Check box" that has been selected and who have registered Action script (may be that it should be disabled), seems to be reset when the file is re-opened, although it apparently is checked.
    Are there settings or script that can prevent this?

    Hi there,
    usually if the values are not kept in form after saving and re-opening the form, it would be because of your code... or because it is not Reader Extended PDF...
    If your code has a function which is to return a value to your field without it to be working based on your Design, it will reset any data..(variables)
    Which means...
    e.g.: You have an array/var/JSONobject which you populate varying on the data entered in the design, as long as you are in the actual form, without closing and re-opening the form, it will keep all values inside that array / variables / JSONobject. But, once the form closed and re-opened, if you have a function that returns a value to your field, whatever the field, from any variable in the script it will return nothing because every variables are reset. To avoid such a thing, you must repopulate all variables that were assigned previously before closing the PDF Form. To do so, I recommend to have a page(hidden) which contains every important values according to that function and you must repopulate those variables according to the values in the keepVar page...
    If you do not have any function that returns a value to a field based on your variables, this is not the solution you are looking for and I am not aware of the reason why it behaves like this... Maybe more information on the behaviour of your form would help locate the issue...
    Hope this help

  • MW64,  cs6 bridge when I move or copy files the  context menu does not retain  recent folder destinations after I close the program

    W64,  cs6 bridge when I move or copy files the  context menu does not retain  recent folder destinations after I close the program. The context options that show are the ones from original install. The workspace I set up is also gone. I have every explorer box and cleaner checked to save recent. Had to disable nivedia desktop software because of weird display conflict. Have Dell pro support and they cannot fix. Any ideas to help me with this would be appreciated.

    Self-solved!  I work in column view in Finder so get there in a Finder window with folders and files appearing.
    There really is no problem, just select an ITEM in the COLUMN before right-clicking!
    The "old" context menu will appear. If you click in the white space in that column (or anywhere in a Finder window) and then place the cursor over a folder or file WITHOUT selecting it and right-click you will bring up the secondary context menu - Open, Copy, Duplicate, View Options and a greyed out Labels option. No "Move to Trash".

  • After reopening Firefox does not remember which desktop was used for each window. Can you help, please.

    I'm using two displays and several desktops on my Mac (OS X 10.9.4).
    When I need to restart Firefox, it remembers to open windows from last session in correct display, but does not remember which desktop was used for each window. So when the application starts, it opens all windows on a desktop which is currently active instead of reopening them on desktops used during the last session. How to fix the issue?

    Hi Nerva,
    Thank you for your question, there is a add on I have been recommended to custom set up of opening windows in new monitors. It's called [ Monitor Master].
    However, in regards to the session remembering which monitor the window was open in, in the profile folder there is a file that stores window positions and dimensions. It is called localstore.rdf.
    Please stay tuned for more investigation, as there are definitely bugs on file for similar issues. Pinpointing it is the hard part.

  • My Location/Search Bar has no memory. It does not remember what I type in.

    My Location/Search Bar has no memory. It does not remember what I type in it when I am doing Google Searches. I have had this problem for over a week now.

    I guess I would call it the "" Web Site. It is the horizontal bar/box in the middle of the screen (not at the top). Whenever I would do a Google Search, whatever name I typed in that box would stay there until I manually deleted it. Now, nothing stays in that box. Can you figure out why?

  • When I start ver 4 the first time 10 to 15 blank windows open and does not remember pin tabs?

    When I open version 4 the first time, 10 to 15 blank windows open up. it does not remember any pinned tabs or go to my home page.

    Make sure that you not run Firefox in [[Private Browsing]] mode.
    In Private Browsing mode some menu items are disabled (grayed) and some features like visited links and others are disabled and not working.
    You are in Private Browsing mode if you see "Tools > Stop Private Browsing".
    See [[Private Browsing]] and
    You enter Private Browsing mode if you select: Tools > Options > Privacy > History: Firefox will: "Never Remember History"
    To see all History settings, choose: Tools > Options > Privacy, choose the setting '''Firefox will: Use custom settings for history'''
    UnCheck: [[ ] "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session"
    Another possibility is that there is a problem with the file [ sessionstore.js] in the [ Profile Folder]
    Delete the files sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak and any existing files sessionstore-##.js with a number in the left part of the name like sessionstore-1.js .

  • LR3 does not remember last filter setting

    When accessing image folders in the Library module, LR3 does not remember the filter settings that were in used during the last visit. This was a great feature in 2.*. Is there any way to restore this desirable behavior?

    Excellent. I don't mind them dumbing things down for the "where did my files go?" crowd,so long as they leave us the option to do things the faster way.

  • Camileo S10 Camera does not remember the image-stabilizer setting

    Hello Forum reader,
    Is it normal that my Camileo S10 Camera does not remember the image-stabilizer setting?
    I mostly use the 720px setting and stablilizer on, but after the camera is turned off the stabilizer is off again.
    Greetzz.. Ben

    This might be possible.
    I remember that the focus does not work if the stabilization has been enabled
    So maybe its an intention of the manufacturer that the stabilizer would be disabled again.

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